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My 20 Favorite Purchases of 2020

January 7, 2021

Welcome to Dressed for My Day! On this seventh day of 2021 I’m sharing another post in my retrospective series on 2020. I’ve shared My 20 most popular blog posts of the year, the top 20 reader favorites of the year and my 20 favorite outfits of 2020. While I hope you enjoy these “looking back” posts, they’re really most beneficial to me. And today’s especially is a little personal as I look back over the purchases I made with my hard-earned money in 2020 and evaluate which have proven to be wise and worthy.

My 20 Favorite Purchases of 2020

Many of these items are investment pieces that I hope to wear for several years or more. To make my list, however, they have to be earning their way in my wardrobe based on an ever decreasing cost per wear. In other words, these are not just nice to look at; these pieces are constantly on repeat, at least in their appropriate season.

So yeah. Be prepared for the fact that most of these are not the least expensive things I’ve purchased. Honestly, I’ve found that the cheapest things rarely satisfy (or last!) for long. However, you can bet I purchased 99% of these items when they were deeply discounted or I was able to use frequent buyer points to help defray the cost. And that makes these purchases all the sweeter!

Let’s get started!

Wardrobe Essentials

Moonlight Luxe Comfort Layer Long Sleeve T-Shirt

I promise this list will get more exciting. Ha! But I wanted to begin with the essentials that are getting the most wear and proving to be wise investments. Right now I’m wearing one of the three layering t-shirts I purchased almost every day. I have the white, black and grey. I love that they are thin and fit close to the body, but also provide just the right amount of warmth.

Layering T-Shirt

I honestly can’t even feel these layering tees when I’m wearing them. They just do what they’re supposed to do without feeling binding or annoying.

AG Mari High Waist Ankle Slim Straight Leg Jeans

I’ve decided that, while, like most everyone else, I became somewhat addicted to wearing skinny jeans in recent years, the straight leg silhouette really is the best jean cut for me. So I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that I like the shift in trends. But that meant I needed to try on LOTS of straight leg jeans before I found the ones that fit best, looked best and felt the best. I found them in these AG Mari High Waist Ankle Slim Straight Leg Jeans.

Column of Denim with a Pop of Pink
See the original post.

And in looking for a photo of my favorite jeans, I realized that I haven’t even featured them on the blog. Ha! Evidently I showed them in this video and in some How I Really Dressed for My Day posts.

How I Dressed for Thursday

These AG Mari High Waist Ankle Slim Straight Leg Jeans are indeed pricey, but I purchased them when they were marked down. And I’m not exaggerating when I say I must have tried on 40 other pairs before I came across these. I do wish they didn’t have the fading on the thighs. But because they’re so comfortable and the silhouette works so well on my long but chunky calf legs, I chose to purchase them anyhow. And I haven’t been sorry. These are the jeans I reach for when I want to look nice but also be very comfortable. I wear a size 30.

Everlane the Super Straight Black Jeans

Likewise, my Everlane the Super Straight Black Jeans are my favorite black jeans for the same reasons. These jeans are definitely different from the AG jeans because they have less stretch. But they fit well and feel comfortable. I’m on the hunt for a pair of dressier looking black jeans. But honestly, I don’t need dressy black jeans for anything but blog posts. So I’ve worn these Everlane the Super Straight Black Jeans A LOT.

Red Sweater and Jeans
See the original post.

These Super Straight Black Jeans are also a more relaxed fit than the AG jeans. And while I know some of my readers don’t like the relaxed fit jeans, I love them. I think the trick is finding a relaxed fit that truly does fit. Of course, fit is always key, but even more so with oversized pieces of any kind.

Simple Fall Outfit with Wool Blend Ruana
See the original post.

Unfortunately the Super Straight Black Jeans are selling out in a lot of sizes. I wear a 30 and those are sold out. But they do still have sizes left, and these are currently marked down to less than $40.

What I Wore on Our Weekend Outing
See the original post.

Eileen Fisher Linen Pants

elegant & effortless summer neutrals
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I had never worn linen pants before this summer. But 2020 was definitely the summer of linen for me. I splurged and bought these Eileen Fisher linen pants and never once looked back with regret. I did get them on probably a 25% discount at Dillard’s. But even then they were pricey. Still, I wore them so often (and have them ready to go this summer, too!) that the price per wear is proving to be low.

See the original post.

Of course these linen pants are no longer available. But you can bet I’ll be wearing them again this summer and sharing purchasing options. Tip: You generally need to size down in Eileen Fisher. I also enjoyed my other Eileen Fisher linen pants in marigold yellow and the white ones I purchased from Chico’s.

aqua pendant necklace
See the original post.

J.Jill Linen Easy Shirt

Another favorite linen purchase was my J.Jill Linen Easy Shirt. I didn’t buy it until the end of the summer, but I know I’ll be wearing (and styling) it more this next summer. And bonus, it’s still available! They’re selling it a regular price, but today it’s 30% off with code RENEW21.

J.Jill Shorts
See the original post.

While often I size down in tops and dresses at J.Jill, I bought my true to size medium in this Linen Easy Shirt for a more relaxed fit. I wanted to be able to easily wear it over tanks or even tees. The Linen Easy Shirt also comes in a pretty pale aqua and sand bar and white stripe.

Secret Stretch Casual Utility Slim Pants from Chico’s

I ended up with all three colors of these Utility Slim Pants, but I probably wore the sage leaf green the most. These pants are great for three seasons in most climates and had the perfect amount of stretch. I wore them at home and out and about. Well, of course we didn’t get out and about much in 2020!

green and navy
See the original post.

These Utility Slim Pants are basically sold out and evidently only still available in petites. But Chico’s generally offers similar pants each spring and summer.

textured 3/4 sleeve cardigan
See the original post.

Fleece Lined Pants

Well surely you knew the fleece lined pants from Talbots would make my list. Ha! And these warm but polished looking winter pants are marked down to under $30 today. Wowsa!

Black and Ivory
See the original post.

I wear my TTS 8, but some of my petite readers have told me the petites run a little large. Mine are roomy (as in I can get them on and off without ever unbuttoning or unzipping them!), but I like the comfortable fit.

See the original post.

Frame Silk Blouse

I purchased my Frame Silk Blouse on sale, but it was still an investment. And of course I don’t wear silk blouses daily. So I’ve still only worn it half a dozen times. But I think the cut is feminine and classic enough to stay in my closet for years. So I’m including it in the list.

Silk Blouse
Silk Blouse

I’m linking to other Frame Silk Blouses simply because I do think they do silk beautifully. So when you can find it on sale, it’s worth considering. This sable colored Frame silk blouse is just like mine, but in a different color. And this one is similar in the same ivory. By the way, I’m wearing a large in this shirt because the web site suggested sizing up.

Vince Camuto Sleeveless Leopard Print Blouse

I was going to put this under a different heading rather than wardrobe essentials. But then I realized that really a leopard print blouse is a closet essential for my personal style essence. Maybe it is for yours, too. And this Vince Camuto Sleeveless Leopard Print Blouse checks all the boxes for a versatile, sleeveless shell to wear under cardigans and jackets or by itself.

Vince Camuto Leopard Print Blouse
See the original post.

I’ve styled this Leopard Print Blouse so many times on the blog. But I’ve also worn it a good bit in real life. And I know it will stay in my closet until it simply wears out.

Chic Spring Outfit Topped 2 Ways
See the original post.

The funny thing is I’ve taken a bit of {ugly} heat on YouTube about this blouse. Evidently some people think leopard print makes a woman look old or even infers that she’s a cougar. What?!? But I beg to differ. I think when you find a pretty leopard print shell like this one, you absolutely can wear it so many ways and look youthful and modern.

5 Mistakes Making You Look Older (1)
See the video.

This Vince Camuto Sleeveless Leopard Print Blouse is still available and seemingly well stocked. I did size down to a small as suggested.

Shoes & Handbags

I purchased several pairs of shoes and a couple of shoulder bags this year that I’m counting as winners.

Paul Green Diana Kilted Fringe Pointy Toe Loafers

I purchased these Paul Green loafers in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale because my stylist put them in my fitting room and when I tried them on, oh…my…word! These are hands down THE most comfortable shoes I have ever put on my feet. Not only do they have a soft cushioned sole, but the tops of these shoes are soft, too.

See the original post.

I’ve only shared these Paul Green loafers once on the blog (other than How I Really Dressed for My Day posts), but in real life I wear them whenever I can. I even create outfits around these shoes so that I can wear them. And recently I purchased these similar black Paul Green Dazzle Loafers when they went on sale.

Work from Home Monday Outfit
See the original post.

There’s no doubt about it. Even on sale, these Paul Green loafers are an investment. But if you’re on your feet a lot or you have problem feet, you really need to check them out. Here’s a link to the full selection of Paul Green Shoes at Nordstrom, too. These Paul Green loafers are now marked way down at Nordstrom Rack.

Ponte Pants Outfit
See the original post.

Black Blondo Rachelle Waterproof Booties

Generally if I’m not wearing my Paul Green loafers then I’m wearing these Black Blondo Rachelle Waterproof Booties. Ha! These are my winter weather comfort shoes.

Ready for Anything Daytrip Outfit
See the original post.

I’ve worn them on many of mine and James’ explore Ohio excursions this winter. But I also wear them running errands or going out to eat…or even for walks around our nature preserve.

Tips for Staying Fit Through the Holidays
See the original post.

Of course, I love the fact that these stylish hiking/combat hybrid boots are waterproof. That way I’ve been able to wear them in rain and snow.

Waterproof Boots
See the original post.

But I also enjoy wearing these sturdy boots on sunny days. They keep my feet warm, work well with many of my casual outfits and wear beautifully. I like that they have an inner zipper for easy on and off. These Black Blondo Rachelle Waterproof Booties are still available in most sizes and are currently marked down.

Skirt and Sweater
See the original post.

Thursday Boot Company Old English Captain Boots

I purchased my Thursday Boot Company Old English Captain Boots early in the year, but have definitely worn them more this fall than I did last spring. They’re really year round boots, but of course they work best for me with more fallish or winter outfits.

Thursday Captain Boots
See the original post.

I know these boots are not everyone’s cup of tea, but I love the old world charm of them. And I think the key to styling more masculine looking footwear like these is simply to also wear a very feminine element or two in your outfit. Of course, I didn’t even do that in the next outfit. Ha! But I think this look resonates with me simply because it is a little edgy. And the boots really play a part in creating that vibe.

Casual Thanksgiving Day Outfit Idea
See the original post.

Thursday Boots are pricey, but they’re also handcrafted with fine leather and superb detailing. These are not meant to be hasty purchases. They’re meant to be an investment that you keep in your wardrobe for years and wear with enthusiasm. I’m wearing the Old English stain, but my Captain boots come in ten other shades as well. And Thursday Boot Company makes other boot styles as well, for men and women.

Autumn Day Trip Outfit
See the original post.

Linea Paolo Felicia Wedge Sneakers

I almost left these Linea Paolo Felicia Wedge Sneakers off the list simply because I thought I’d had them longer. I’ve worn these sleek, modern sneakers so much that I feel like I’ve had them for years.

See the original post.

These Wedge Sneakers work equally well with jeans or joggers. They are both versatile and uber comfortable. And right now they’re still available and marked down up to 60%.

Favorite Travel Outfit Two Ways
See the original post.

But you’ll also find other colors and textures of these Linea Paolo wedge sneakers here.

Everlane Taupe Tote

My Everlane Taupe Tote is no longer available, but it would be silly not to include it in my top 20 purchases list for 2020. I carried this bag so much, especially in the spring and summer.

See the original post.

Despite the fact that the Everlane Taupe Tote is no longer available, you can know that Everlane does produce beautiful leather bags. And I expect them to come out with something similar to this one again. In fact, right now I don’t see any leather bags on their website. I imagine they allowed their inventory to wipe out during the holidays and will come out with new items soon. Since this Taupe Tote is still on the website, they may plan to replenish inventory.

modern accessories
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The other lesson to be learned from this favorite purchase of 2020 is that having a tote in this soft neutral is smart, especially for spring and summer. But I’ve still reached for it some in fall and even winter.

Red Webbed Strap Crossbody Bag from Talbots

Honestly, I’m even surprised to see this Red Webbed Strap Crossbody Bag from Talbots on my top 20 list. I bought it quite accidentally. I planned to use a different red handbag in my most recent Talbots collaboration and ordered it but it didn’t come in in time. So I rushed to Talbots and purchased this Red Crossbody Bag, intending to return it after the photoshoot.

Holiday Looks in Neutrals
See the original post.

But I liked the quality of the bag and the size so much that I decided to keep it. I’m carrying this bag almost every day now. Yeah, it’s one of those that I find myself creating outfits around, too. Red is one of my signature colors, so I love having a red bag in my arsenal.

similar red cashmere sweater
See the original post.

The Webbed Strap Crossbody Bag is still available and marked waaaay down. It comes in black and indigo blue, too. I will tell you that one frustrating feature of the bag is that the webbed stripe shoulder strap (not shown in my photos) does not remove from the bag. So when I use the leather strap I have to just tuck the other strap down in the bag. It really doesn’t bother me as much as I thought it might. But consider that before ordering. The leather strap does come off.


I bought several pieces of jewelry in 2020 that I enjoyed and plan to have in my jewelry box for a while.

Customized Elisa Multi Strand Necklace

I’m pretty sure I purchased the Customized Elisa Multi Strand Necklace last year. I sure have worn it a lot in 2020 and into this year. Because I was able to choose the stone, it’s very versatile in my wardrobe. The inset in mine is black drusy.

Chic Spring Outfit Topped 2 Ways
See the original post.

You can choose from so many insets for this necklace, making it work for your wardrobe. I think it’s such a nice length to fill a v-neck. And I love that the multi strand takes the guess work out of layering, which is such a modern jewelry trend. Price per wear, this necklace has definitely been a worthy investment. I’d much rather spend $58 on a necklace I wear on repeat than $10 on something that breaks easily or doesn’t offer as much versatility.

Gold Presleigh Love Knot Y Necklace

When fall rolled around and I realized I didn’t have the necklaces I wanted to wear with sweaters, I purchased one in gold and one in silver. The Presleigh Love Knot Y Necklace has proven to be a versatile piece in my jewelry box.

Pink Coat with Blue Jeans Stripe Tee and Red Cardigan
See the video.

Evidently I haven’t even shown it in a blog post, only videos. But I really wear the Presleigh Love Knot Y Necklace a lot in real life.

How I Really Dressed for My Day Wednesday
See the original post.

Tegan Y Necklace in Bright Silver

I also added the Tegan Y Necklace to my wardrobe this fall. I needed something in silver because, while you don’t have to, I like to wear silver jewelry when an outfit has a lot of silver hardware in it.

See the original post.

Ooh! That only leaves me four more spaces on my top 20 purchases in 2020 list! I’m going to have to weed out some favorites. Please know that if you purchased something I’m not showing in this list, that does not mean I didn’t or don’t still love the item. I’m just trying to narrow this down to 20.

Fitbit Charge 4 Yours & Mine Bundle

First off, I didn’t actually buy my Fitbit. James purchased this Fitbit Charge 4 Yours & Mine Bundle for our joint Christmas present. Also, it’s not really jewelry I guess, but it does wear like it. At any rate, this Fitbit Charge 4 is partly to blame for me getting today’s post up late. It compels me to get up and move every hour so that I get in my 250 steps per hour. Ha!

Fitbits are motivating us to move
See the original post.

But we are absolutely loving the prompting of this activity tracker as well as the accountability. So yeah, I couldn’t leave the Fitbit Charge 4 Yours & Mine Bundle off my favorites list. We are living by this thing. James had one several years ago and it truly kept him motivated to stay fit for several years. When it died (after a reasonable lifespan) he just didn’t replace it. But he should have. And I should have gotten one earlier, too. You can buy the single Fitbit here. And I have these bands to wear with mine.


Bernardo Packable ECOplume Hooded Puffer Coat

I wear my Bernardo Packable ECOplume Hooded Puffer Coat on repeat. While I do still wear my carbon colored Cole Haan Hooded Down & Feather Jacket from last year, I find this black coat to be super versatile.

See the Original Post.

This Packable Puffer Coat is so soft and comfortable. But it does its job and keeps me oh so warm, too. It’s a great coat to purchase if you are travelling to a cooler climate because it packs down so easily. I did size up to a large. The coat is available and 40% off.

Honorable “un”Mentionables

Enbliss bralette from Soma

Finally, this list would not be complete without my favorite part of my typical Sunday afternoon uniform, the Enbliss bralette from Soma. And right now this comfortable bralette is BOGO 50%.

Enbliss bralette from Soma

The Enbliss bralette from Soma comes in no fewer than 24 colors. I love wearing it when I wear comfy loungewear but still want a little support and comfort. It’s also great to wear with your sleepwear when you have houseguests.

What I Wear Sunday Afternoon
See the original post.

Well, that’s a wrap! Wooh! I’m getting this post out late. But I’m going ahead and posting because tomorrow I want to get back on track with How I Really Dressed for My Day. I’m providing a shopping widget with links to most of the items (but not quite all) on my 20 Favorite Purchases of 2020 list. Let me know if you have any questions. I can definitely answer them because these are the things I purchased this past year that I’ve already worn or used a lot and I’m loving.

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links I potentially earn a commission on your purchases, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting my work here by shopping my links.

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Blessed for My Day

Sometimes I whine to the Lord. Oh, yes I do. But it doesn’t take long for Him to redirect my prayer. If I focus on His character and how He has worked in my life over the years, I soon remember that He indeed has been sufficient. And He has blessed me so.

I find that anytime my heart grows restless or resentful, anxious or angry, it’s usually because I’m focusing on my circumstances rather than my sovereign and good God. But when I reflect on His character and put my trust back in Him, my heart settles and feels at peace again. Indeed, I’m filled with a joy that is beyond compare. Do you need to redirect your heart today?

There are many who say, “Who will show us some good?
    Lift up the light of your face upon us, O Lord!”
 You have put more joy in my heart
    than they have when their grain and wine abound.

In peace I will both lie down and sleep;
    for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety. ~ Psalm 4:6-7

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xoxo, Kay
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26 thoughts on “My 20 Favorite Purchases of 2020

  1. I can identify so much with you in your post Blessed for My Day! We must keep our eyes on the Lord! We have been on lock down since the first week in Feb. We don’t see this being over for many more months. Even with the vaccine physicians are saying we will still need to take daily precautions! All we can do is pray!

  2. Hi Kay— I have been following you for only a few months and enjoy your posts. One thing I think influencers are missing is that, in my area at least, the northwest , fewer women, of every age, are carrying purses. Part of this is because of COVID and concern with bring germs home, but I think also it is a fashion change. Something to ponder…

  3. It was interesting to see which clothing items were your favorite. I was surprised that they weren’t my favorite ones.
    I have bought a few items that you have shown on your blog. Recently the outfits that I have copied or bought have been the Fair Isle Sweater, chambray denim shirt with red cable sweater, Talbots blue classic cotton shirt with the beagles and the blue flyaway cardigan and earlier the pink bonnie bows sweater with the black gingham ankle pants.
    Thanks for the ideas! Curious to see what items you didnt like!

  4. ?Happy 33rd Anniversary?

    Love those black jeans, I keep saying I need to get me a pair, very versatile.

    James does take amazing photos and all the lighting is always spot on.


  5. I really like the looking back and thinking about choices. As I start this new year, I too am looking back to to learn from last year and move into the new year with intent and maybe a little wiser from living one more year. I think it’s great that you had so many purchases that you are pleased with! I too want to be spending my money wisely and not wasting it. I know sometimes there is a learning curve so I need to account for that. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, it helps me learn.

  6. I really liked all the pants (and even ordered a pair) except for the Everlane black jeans. The relaxed fit doesn’t look very flattering! Thank you for all the hard work you do giving us outfit inspiration!

    1. Hahaha! Well I guess that’s just a difference of opinion. The relaxed fit takes a while for the eye to adjust to if you’re used to or more drawn to a slimmer fit, for sure. And fortunately there are plenty of options for us all. Thanks for sharing and for shopping through my posts. ?

  7. I think the straight leg jean is more flattering on most women than skinny jeans even though many bloggers are continuing to style the skinny jeans. However, I do think a good fit in the straight leg is important to avoid looking baggy. Thank you for all your hard work in presenting different styles and options. Thank you for your encouragement in BFMD.

  8. Hello Kay,

    Love the looks, especially the sleeveless leopard print, that’s just up my alley!

    I have a question that maybe you can help me with. When ever I wear a necklace or any kind it always tangles in the hair on the back of my neck! I’ve even tried shaving my neckline, but still the only way I can wear any necklace seems to be when I wear my hair up.

    Any suggestions?

    1. Huh. I really don’t know what to suggest other than shaving the hair on the back of your neck, which you’ve already tried. Would necklaces that don’t have a traditional clasp on the back work better? Like my knotted necklace doesn’t have a clasp: So maybe that’s something to look for? But if necklaces really don’t feel good I’d skip them and wear pretty earrings instead. ?

  9. Oh my Kay, I really needed the Blessed for My Day. How timely! I’m going through some difficult days and needed the reminder that my focus is misplaced, thus a lot of anxiety and praying for peace. This is an answer to my prayer!

  10. Does the pupper coat have sleeve you can wear a sweater with?? Or are they slim fitting sleeves for a tee shirt?

    1. I’m able to wear multiple layers including sweaters under my coat. But I did size up from my usual medium to a large. It’s very roomy and comfortable.

  11. I am really considering buying the silk blouse you are wearing in this post. Have seen you wear it before and you
    said in this post you are wearing a Large. I too usually always wear a medium, once in a while a small, according to
    the manufacturer. On the Nordstrom web site it said that the blouse runs true to size. So now I am confused if I
    should go with my regular size of medium or order in a large. It is a big dollar item even on sale and do not want to
    order both sizes, like I do some times and send back the other. What is your suggestions on this?
    Thanks, Sherry

    1. Hi Sherry. I checked the Frame website for their sizing and they size this way: 00=xs 0= xs/s 2=s 4=s/m 6=m 8=m/L 10=L and so forth. I think I went with the Large because I usually wear a medium but I can have problems with sleeve fit and shoulders and sometimes wear a 10. So, since their size guide indicates an 8 can wear a medium or large, ordered the L. It fits me nicely. But if you lean toward the smaller size of a medium that would probably work well for you. I hope that helps.

  12. Great post! I purchased the leopard blouse during the Nsale after reading your recommendation. It’s beautiful and I sized down as recommended. But it’s so….blousy…. I haven’t figured out the best way to style it. With my large chest and the “blousy ” blouse, I feel like I’m wearing a tent! Hopefully one day soon, I’ll actually have somewhere to go and that will give me incentive to figure it out.

    1. Hi Ann. Thanks for reading. You’ll probably be best served wearing it under a cardigan or jacket. A little tuck in the front could help. If you don’t want to tuck it in the front you actually could tuck it in the back to secure it a little and minimize the blousy effect. And is you’re wearing a jacket or cardigan over it no one will even know you’ve tucked it in in the back. ?