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5 Ways to Wear a Colorful Coat

December 13, 2020

Have you ever spotted a beautiful colored coat and been instantly drawn to it, but then resisted buying it because it didn’t seem practical? I have. But I’ve learned that if you have built a wardrobe of classic but lovely wardrobe essentials in your chosen neutrals and signature colors, you can easily wear a colorful coat multiple ways. Today I’m sharing 5 ways to wear a gorgeous heather rose coat from J.Crew. Plus I have a bonus outfit, so that’s really 6 unique looks.

5 Ways to Wear a Colorful Coat

I’ve teamed up with fellow 50+ blogger Beth Djalali for today’s video and post. We’re both styling the same pink coat. Be sure to visit Beth’s video and blog post after you spend a few minutes here. I’ll have a link at the bottom of this post.

If you’re new to Dressed for My Day, welcome! I’m so glad you’re here. Each Wednesday I upload videos on my YouTube channel and then I provide pinnable images and shoppable looks here, along with additional styling tips. Today I’m sharing 5 (+1 bonus) ways to wear a pretty pink coat.

Why a Colorful Coat?

During the cooler months, your outerwear is often the first thing people see. And in some cases, your coat and accessories may be all some people ever see of your outfit. So I definitely suggest choosing your coat carefully. You might want to check out my recent Winter Coat Guide 2020-2021 for the six coats I thing every woman should consider adding to her wardrobe.

Don’t be afraid to choose a colorful or even plaid coat. If you build a wardrobe carefully with only 2-4 neutrals and 3-5 signature colors of your choice, you can absolutely add a colorful coat and wear it frequently and stylishly. Let me show you how!

If for any reason the video player doesn’t load below, you can watch the video here.

I hope you enjoyed the video. Let me know if you have any questions about fit or style choices.

The Outfits I Created – Pinnable Images and Shoppable Looks

Here are the six outfits I created along with styling tips. I’ve linked directly to the items I’ve worn as well as alternatives when appropriate.

First, the Coat

The coat I’m wearing throughout the video is this heather rose Daphne topcoat in Italian boiled wool. Unfortunately there are limited sizes left. But I’m sharing several other beautiful colorful coats in the shopping widget. All of the links on this blog post are affiliate links. If you shop through them and purchase something, I potentially earn a commission, but at no cost to you. Thank you for supporting the work I do here by shopping my links. I am grateful.

Next, the Looks from the Video

Outfit #1 – Black & Grey

My grey cashmere sweater is no longer available, but I’ve linked to similar ones. But these black slim fit trousers? They are available and they’re my very favorite black pants ever. You’ll find this black faux fur headband along with other colors here. It’s a great way to elevate your outfit…while staying a little warmer!

Pink Coat with Black and Grey
Shop the Look here or below.

Style tip: Create a canvas of black and grey head to toe in order to show off your beautiful colorful coat. Use wardrobe essentials such as your classic black pants and a soft cashmere sweater. But you can create a similar look with a black skirt and tights topped with a chunky grey pullover.

Outfit #2 – Navy

While my windowpane plaid pants are several years old, I was surprised to find several similar pairs to include in the shopping widget below. My navy turtleneck is slightly heathered, making it look rich and yummy.

Pink Coat with a Column of Navy
Shop the Look here or below.

Style Tip: Keep an eye out for accessories such as scarves, hats and gloves that will pair nicely with your colorful coat and your wardrobe. The right accessories can even pull together pieces of your wardrobe that you don’t normally wear together.

Outfit #3 – Column of Denim & Cashmere Sweater

Here’s yet another reason every woman needs a classic chambray or denim shirt in her wardrobe. Any colored or plaid coat you have will work wonderfully over a chambray shirt. I think you can probably see my dazzling earrings better in the photos below than you could in the video. They are so fun! Unfortunately they seem to be sold out. But you’ll find their all clear counterparts here and some similar colorful gems here.

Column of Denim with a Pop of Pink
Shop the link here or below.

Style tip: Remember, treat animal print like a neutral. So even if you already have other dynamic colors in your outfit, you can add a pop of leopard or other animal print and the look will still be balanced and pulled together.

Outfit #4 – Blue Jeans, Striped Tee & Red Cardigan

Unfortunately my cardigan is sold out in red. And there must have been a rush on red cardigans because I’m even having a hard time finding any alternatives to link to. Ha! But if you’re really brave, you could absolutely pull off this look with a red pullover sweater like this turtleneck or this crewneck. But definitely check out this fun red crossbody bag. It’s a surprise fave!

But remember, the key to this look is this amazing plaid scarf. It’s 50% off and get an additional 12% off with code WRAPITUP.

Pink Coat with Blue Jeans Stripe Tee and Red Cardigan

Style Tip: Add a splash of contrasting color in your handbag. It will look intentional and oh so fashion forward.

Soft Grey & Ivory Snowflakes with Camel Accents

This snowflake sweater is super soft and really quite lightweight. I added an ivory turtleneck for warmth, and I like the way it echoes the ivory snowflakes. My oh so soft neck warmer is on sale this weekend for a limited time.

Soft Grey with Ivory Snowflakes and Camel Accents

Style Tip: Don’t be afraid to pair grey and camel. Remember, they’re both neutrals. So just like you can pair grey and black or brown and ivory, you absolutely can wear camel and grey together. You’ll just want to make it look intentional by echoing the theme throughout your look if possible.

Style Tip: When selecting the shoes to wear with your outfit, choose footwear in the same intensity as the rest of your outfit. That’s more important than the color.

Bonus Outfit – Fun Look with Lots of Colors

The key to this final look is wearing several colors and not trying to match anything. Most of this outfit is from Anthropologie and this weekend clothing is 40% off. That is so rare.

My Thursday Captain Boots won’t be in the shopping widget below. I love these handcrafted leather lace-up boots. I suggest sizing up 1/2 size as noted on the website. Mine are in Old English, by the way.

Colorful Look with Pink coat

Style Tip: When combining multiple colors to create one cohesive outfit, look for colors in the same intensity. That way one color doesn’t grab all the attention. It creates a more pulled together look.

Do you have a colorful coat in your closet? Pull it out and give it some love! Or if you’ve been on the fence about adding a colorful coat to your outerwear wardrobe, maybe now you’ll see how it can work beautifully with your outfits. Remember, this is the piece of clothing that many people will first see this winter. Make it stunning!

Don’t forget to watch Beth’s video and visit her blog, too. You’ll find Beth’s YouTube video here and her blog post here.

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25 thoughts on “5 Ways to Wear a Colorful Coat

  1. I love this post showing how to wear colour very effectively. I’m not a pink person at all but your outfits easily can be replicated with my beloved blue. The BfMD is wonderful, too. Thanks for all the you do, Kay.

    1. Absolutely. Yes, wearing any color can be a little tricky but all these outfits would work well with your blue coat. Thanks for watching. ?

  2. Love the way you styled this beautiful coat! All the outfits look great on you! I love the color and all the accessories look great with it.

  3. Happy Sunday Kay….

    Such a cute top coat! Love the pink color and how you styled it giving so many options!

    Love the neck collar piece (forgot already what you called it as I never heard of this name).
    Anyhoo it’s adorable.


  4. I love the ideas you shared with your beautiful pink coat. I have a colorful purple coat I purchased last year at my
    favorite local boutique and I just wore it to church a couple weeks ago. I just purchased a red coat last week.
    I have always wanted a red coat and I have been thinking about since you featured red coats in your Hallmark Movies
    blog. Can’t wait to wear it. I purchased the snowflake sweater you showed yesterday and then again today.
    Glad I did. So cute!

  5. So beautiful, Kay! So many outfits enhanced with that beautiful pink coat. I usually shy away from colored coats. I think that a colored coat just won’t get enough wear to justify buying one. But, you have certainly proved me completely wrong. I am glad that you did. Also, I like the style of the coat; it is classic and versatile.
    What a wonderful post and video! I have been following Beth Djahli also. It’s interesting to have you both partner up as you did. Thanks for the great information and BFMD.
    P.S. We may be getting a nor’easter here sometime next week. (Here is northeastern PA.) We will be dressing in very warm clothes. ?

    1. Oh my yes! Bundle up! I’m very grateful to Beth for collaborating with me today. She’s such a class act. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Suzanne. ?

  6. Beautiful pink coat, Kay. I have been following Beth for a number of years but just discovered your blog just a couple of months ago. So I was surprised and pleased to see Beth reference your blog today. . It’s nice that I recognize many of the locations for your photoshoots!

    1. Cool! Are you from the Cincinnati area? I’m very grateful to Beth for teaming up with me today. We have two more collaborations lined up too. ?

  7. This is the first time I have visited your blog. I will be returning.
    I bought a chartreuse colored coat a few years back. I have only worn it a few times to church. I love the coat but just didn’t know how to wear it . You have inspired me to get that coat out of the back of the closet and start wearing it .

  8. Kay, the video was adorable and inspired me to wear my red coat today!
    I had an Ellen Tracy pink coat 30 years ago that looked very much the color of your pink coat! I loved the coat and felt “happy” when I wore it! I am going to check out your pink coat!! Thanks for all your great posts and inspiration!

    1. Happy! That’s exactly what it makes me. I think my pink coat is sold out but I love the lavender color and they seem to have those in stock. ?

  9. I love the coat and all the ideas BUT I also love your new haircut! Love the layers. Honestly, I’ve been missing the curls but this is so cute too! It will just be my husband Dan and I alone this Christmas. I’m sad but I know that it’s the best thing for all in our big family. But it’s hard when so many are still having their big old fashioned Christmas. Thank heavens for FaceTime!

    1. Yes! Definitely get on FaceTime or Zoom or whatever to meet up with family. I’m planning on getting on there with some girl friends soon too.