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Leather Moto Jacket & Jeans Outfit – or “What I Bought with My Nordy Notes”

November 30, 2020

I’ve become quite a loyal Nordstrom shopper. I used to think the Seattle based department store was just for the rich, and I would only duck into one at a mall to use their nice restroom and then hastily exit back into more familiar territory. But in the past few years I’ve discovered that Nordstrom truly offers quality merchandise in a full range of prices, plus they have customer service and policies that outrank all others. As a result of shopping Nordstrom regularly I accumulated a lot of Nordy Notes, their customer loyalty rewards. So today I thought I’d share with you what I bought with my Nordy Notes recently.

What I Bought with My Nordy Notes
high rise skinny jeans (also in curvy fit) // similar cashmere turtleneck sweater (different cut, same color) // Allsaints Dalby leather jacket in oxblood brown (more economical option) // similar booties or here// Tegan slider necklace at Nordstrom or at Kendra Scott // teardrop earrings // leather hobo bag // reversible belt

While I want to share with you how this outfit came together – because I think it’s the bomb! – let’s go ahead and focus on my Nordy Notes purchase first. I definitely purchase more as a fashion blogger than I would otherwise, so yes, I accumulated quite a few Nordy Notes to buy this Allsaints Dalby leather biker jacket, but I also intentionally saved up my Notes over a full year to make a sizable purchase.

I’d been looking for a leather moto jacket that fit me properly for about three years when I finally landed on this oxblood jacket with bold silver hardware. I love the slim fit, the functional hardware (the lapel actually snaps open to the jacket), the supple leather and the rich brown color. I especially struggled to find a moto jacket that would fit me in my upper arms, but this Allsaints jacket checked that box, too.

What I Bought with My Nordy Notes

Nordstrom’s Nordy Club is a free customer loyalty program open to anyone. Registered members can earn 1 point per dollar spent, but if you have a Nordstrom credit card you earn 3 points per dollar you spend. Nordstrom also frequently offers bonus events in which you can earn up to 10 points per dollar spent, and at different levels you get a certain allotment of bonus days on which you alone earn double points on all expenditures. So you really can rack up the Nordy Notes if you shop strategically at Nordstrom, all the while staying in your lane by sticking to your budget and your personal wardrobe strategy.

Leather moto jacket
Allsaints Dalby leather biker jacket

I believe in smart shopping. My goal is to build (over time) a wardrobe that works beautifully for me and that I enjoy wearing, while staying within my budget. I think it’s wise to choose a few stores that offer styles that resonate with me as well as customer perks that work for me to shop loyally. That way my purchases go a little further as I accumulate customer rewards that eventually help me buy those big ticket items I want but can’t necessarily afford at regular price.

I actually ordered this jacket at full price originally, charging every penny. But I only did that so I could try it on for fit. Then I contacted Nordstrom’s excellent customer service to get a refund and use my Nordy Notes to repurchase the jacket. Just days later the jacket went on sale and I was able to get a price adjustment. Score!!!

Leather Moto Jacket

Okay, enough about my Nordy Notes purchase. But I just wanted you to know how deep an impact a good loyalty program can make in completing a wardrobe you love. Let me know if you have any questions about Nordstrom or their Nordy Club, but you can also get all the information and sign up here.

Unfortunately my exact Allsaints leather oxblood moto jacket is almost sold out and only available in a few (very small!) sizes. It is still on deep sale, however. Also, you might want to check out other Allsaints leather jackets that are discounted for Cyber Monday here. I expect them to return to full price Wednesday (or sell out). And if you don’t have the Nordy Notes handy and the prices of those are prohibitive, you’ll find a fuller price range of leather jackets here.

Moto Jacket

There really are options in every price range. But I do expect these prices to go up across the board tomorrow.

jeans and jacket

By the way, everything else I’m wearing is deeply discounted for Cyber Monday as well. My cashmere turtleneck is from last year, but you’ll find the same heathered winterberry color in a cashmere cowlneck at Talbots for 50% and other color options in their regular cashmere turtlenecks, too.

But cashmere is going fast at Talbots. Today everything is 50% off, plus you get $50 off every $200 spent. Amazing! And you’ll get free shipping. Hurry! These deals end at midnight.


I accessorized my outfit with silver jewelry. I’m wearing the Kendra Scott Tegan slider necklace (at Nordstrom) in bright silver, but it also comes in gold. Or you can get it in silver, gold and rose gold at Kendra Scott. Today only the necklace is 30% off at either retailer. I’m wearing my Halogen brushed silver teardrop earrings. They’re also available in brushed gold.

Leather Moto Jacket
high rise skinny jeans (also in curvy fit) // similar cashmere turtleneck sweater (different cut, same color) // Allsaints Dalby leather jacket in oxblood brown (more economical option) // similar booties or here// Tegan slider necklace at Nordstrom or at Kendra Scott // teardrop earrings // leather hobo bag // reversible belt

My jeans are from Ann Taylor, and they’re also offering 50% off everything PLUS free shipping. Use code CYBER. While my exact booties are no longer available, I’ve found loads of comparable booties to include in the shopping widget below. And all of them are deeply discounted for Cyber Monday.

Thanks so much for stopping in today. Be sure to check out my Cyber Week Sales page for all the updated sales information. I’m amazed at how many of the great sales offered over the weekend have gotten even better today. Retailers have definitely upped the ante by throwing in free shipping but also additional incentives for cyber shoppers.

Check out my Cyber Week Sales page HERE!!!

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By the way, today’s post was not sponsored by Nordstrom. Even if it was I’d share my true opinion, of course. But I genuinely love the quality and customer service at Nordstrom, and I just wanted you to know about my Nordy Notes purchase.

Blessed for My Day

This morning my Advent devotional in my First 5 app was on Mary’s Magnificant. This is the prayer of praise Mary spoke when she visited Elizabeth before the births of John and Jesus. This passage is one of my favorites from the Christmas story, but it’s often overlooked in the telling of the nativity.

I love that Mary chose to magnify the Lord. She made a decision to make Him large while minimizing the circumstances of her life. She also chose to make Him bigger than herself. Of course, God is already larger than life, whether we make Him so or not. But oh how it helps us to keep things in perspective when we choose to magnify the Lord while we humble ourselves and dwell less on the circumstances around us. Today I’m meditating on Luke 1:46-49. I invite you to join me.

And Mary said, “My soul magnifies the Lord,
And my spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior.
For He has had regard for the humble state of His bond-servant;
For behold, from now on all generations will call me blessed.
For the Mighty One has done great things for me;
And holy is His name.” ~ Luke 1:46-49

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12 thoughts on “Leather Moto Jacket & Jeans Outfit – or “What I Bought with My Nordy Notes”

  1. Hi Kay. My thoughts regarding Nordstroms was exactly the same as yours. Over the past couple of years I have become familiar with their brands. Their customer service is the best and who doesn’t love free shipping, both ways. The first item I purchased in a Nordstrom store was a David Yurman bracelet with a pearl on each end. My concern was what happens if the pearl drops off the bracelet. I have a pearl ring that has happened to several times. The Nordstrom sales person didn’t miss a beat and said. ‘You bring it back to us and we will fix it.’ That sold me on shopping at Nordstroms and those Nordy notes are oh so nice. Happy Holidays.

    1. You bet. It really spoke to me this morning. I wrote the scripture out on an index card and plan on thinking over it throughout the day. ?

  2. Kay, I am in 100% agreement with your remarks about Nordstrom. I am so happy that I finally started online shopping with them a few years ago, as well as getting a Nordstrom credit club. Their customer service is top notch! Your outfit is really great. I love the necklace! And it seems that the oxblood color is quite popular this year, and so versatile. I’m glad that the few days off from work rejuvenated you. Make it a great day!

    1. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, Ginger. Yes, my necklace has become a fast favorite – very versatile especially for wearing with winter sweaters.

  3. Kay
    Great outfit. Very flattering. The info on Nordstrom’s was so good to know. Thank you.
    Always enjoy the Bible verses you post. What a great way to start the day in the Word.

  4. Thank you for this Nordstrom presentation. I will look into becoming a customer! I haven’t been to a clothing store since 2019! It doesn’t seem possible! But the ‘Nordy Notes’ is a great idea to save for a major winter purchase. You look lovely in the outfit!

    A Colorado Viewer

    1. Thanks so much Pat. I really do love Nordstrom for the reasons I stated. It just makes sense to have a few stores where you are a loyal customer and reap the benefits. ❤️

  5. I love the outfit. Would you mind sharing the size of the jacket you bought. You and I are almost the same size and returns are difficult here in Canada. Thanks so much….you always look terrific

    1. Hi Sue. My jacket is a size 10. I love that these come in number sizes and not just SML. It’s roomy enough for me to wear a single sweater or blouse comfortably, but I probably won’t layer under it. Of course you want a moto jacket like this to have a slim fit, so I wouldn’t forfeit that slender fit for too much room.