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Elegant & Effortless Summer Neutrals

June 23, 2020

Welcome to Dressed for My Day! I’m so excited to share with you some summer style inspiration today. But let’s chat a little bit about personal style while our eyes take in these elegant and effortless summer neutrals. I wonder if you too may be going through a bit of a style evolution.

Elegant & Effortless Summer Neutrals
Organic Linen Ankle Straight Leg Pant // white embroidered shirt // similar gold sandals // straw clutch // white enamel bangle // necklace no longer available (beautiful substitute) // earrings

Just yesterday a new Dressed for My Day reader mentioned that she has been going through a bit of a style transition and needs some help navigating her way. I can totally relate. My life has changed significantly since my children grew up and left the nest. But some of those changes weren’t reflected accurately in my wardrobe until the recent pandemic. Who knew a pandemic could cause such a shift in fashion?

elegant & effortless summer neutrals

But indeed, the recent (and still ongoing) pandemic and subsequent stay-at-home orders prompted fashion brands to scramble for more athleisure, lounge and comfort clothing to offer homebound shoppers. As we hunkered down at home with nowhere to go, we not only craved comfortable clothes, but we realized there’s no need to wear anything else.

elegant & effortless summer neutrals

It became commonplace for people working at home to dress up from the waist up while wearing sweats or yoga pants or leggings or even pajamas below. After all, their co-workers could only see their top halves on conference calls. And elastic waist bands are much more comfortable than buckles and belts and snaps and zippers.

elegant & effortless summer neutrals

While I was already working from home – and have been for years upon years – I found myself insisting upon more comfort and ease in my clothing, too. I didn’t forsake style, mind you. I just like pretty clothes. So I have no desire to throw on mismatched pieces and call it a day. But I did begin to reach for clothes that move more freely with me, breathe better and simply feel more casual and less fussy.

elegant & effortless summer neutrals

But it wasn’t until the stay-at-home orders began to be lifted that I realized I have no desire to return to some of the clothes I once wore. That’s not to say that I’ve given up structure or belts or blazers entirely. Woah Bessy! It just means that I’ve realized that I can create beautiful, stylish outfits that are also comfortable and fuss-free…and I like them. And I like me in them.

elegant & effortless summer neutrals

What about you? Has this pandemic changed your personal style in any way? Temporarily or even permanently? Has it made you more aware of your preferences? Or maybe it’s even freed you from some style inhibitions or rules that you were clinging to…for who knows why? Or maybe you’re looking forward to returning to more structured clothing, dressier pieces, more professional outfits.

elegant & effortless summer neutrals

I think we’ve yet to see all the lasting results of this pandemic on our culture. I have a feeling we’ll forevermore shop from home more, relate to people a little differently, practice hygiene a little more fastidiously, value community all the more but practice it in new ways and work from home more. And I just wouldn’t be surprised if this pandemic doesn’t have lasting effects on our fashion sense, too.

At least for me, I know I’ll continue to want to look beautiful and pulled together in my clothes. But I’ll also be factoring in comfort more than before. It’s finally dawned on me that I don’t have to put on anything that feels stiff or tight or fussy. I don’t go anywhere that requires that at all. That’s not to say that everything I wear will have an elastic waist band. That wouldn’t be good for my waist size. Ha! It just means my personal style essence has shifted a little towards a more relaxed vibe.

elegant & effortless summer neutrals

What about you? I’d love to hear from you today! Meanwhile, if you have any questions about the elegant and effortless summer neutrals I’ve shared in the photos today, just let me know in the comments. I’ve already shared the top before (and the navy version of it just yesterday!). And I got the linen pants at Dillard’s when they were half price. Unfortunately, they are no longer marked down. But I’ve gathered similar items in the shopping widget below so you’d have some to check out.

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Blessed for My Day

Did you tell yourself a lie yesterday? Come on, think about it a minute. Did you ever tell yourself something like…”you can’t do this”…or “no one notices you anyhow”…or “you’re a failure”…or “you’re such a disappointment?” I think most of us tend to tell ourselves a lie every now and then, especially when our emotions get the best of us.

That’s why we need a daily dose of truth to level those lies. But it’s not enough just to read the truth in God’s Word. We must choose to believe it. We must allow the truths of the Bible to replace and dismantle the lies of the enemy. Consider the lies you most frequently tell yourself. Find the truth about that in the Bible. Write it out. And the next time you hear that lie in your head, you choose instead to cling to the truth.

He who walks with integrity, and works righteousness, And speaks truth in his heart. ~ Psalm 15:2

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38 thoughts on “Elegant & Effortless Summer Neutrals

  1. While this is beautiful, elegant and relaxed looking on you…it will never be my style. I’m 5’2” and I do wear mostly casual styles but more structured. My petite frame could not wear this. And, I’m not a fan of the look. The pandemic has not changed my style or my desire to change. I still dress for the day (not sloppy casual but nice and pulled together casual) and I put on make-up. I do it for me! I feel better and am prepared for whatever the day brings.I’ve just never had a desire to wear athletic clothes or draped clothing. I hope you don’t convert totally to this look because I think you had perfect, beautiful style and I could wear so much of what you’ve shared with us.

  2. I retired 3 years ago so the pandemic has not changed my way of dressing. I still wear makeup each day because it makes me feel better and do my hair. I still dress nicely even if I am just running to Walmart. However, I have purchased more shorts this season, to wear at home only, because they are so much cooler than even cropped pants. I also purchased some sleeveless tops because they are cooler, even though my arms could use a workout! With age, comes liberation and I dress to please myself. Love your blog Kay. Have a great day!

  3. I have gone through my wardrobe as a lot of us have during lockdown, weeding out the ill fitting things I no longer like . (We are still locked down in UK Wales) .
    Your blog has inspired me to try out different styles and achieve a more put together look while I’ve enjoyed the casual styling for a time when we are dressing more for ourselves at home. There has been time to try out different make up looks too . It’s important not to stagnate . Thank you .

  4. My style has gravitated to being more relaxed in the last several years, but in the last few months maybe even a little more. I still enjoy wearing my structured pieces but would love to see ideas on how to style relaxed clothing so that it doesn’t look too relaxed. The look you are showing here is one that I will try with what is in my closet. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

    1. Yes, that’s exactly my goal. Relaxed, comfortable clothing that still looks beautiful and pulled together. Thanks for chiming in. ?

  5. I’m on my third year of retirement and my style has evolved. A helpful exercise was to create a circle graph on what activities I actually do during the day. From exercise to housework to gardening to events out with friends to hosting to church, etc. The exercise helped me in many ways; the circle graph showed that I was buying clothes for a very small part of my circle! Your reflections on the shift in fashion during the pandemic is spot on. By not leaving the house, I focused on tasks inside and out and did not wear my “going out” clothes as often. I missed them! I appreciate that you are always making us think, providing us with examples of outfits, and teaching us about finding our own style. You are a treasure in the blogosphere!

    1. I love the idea of the circle graph Betsy. It’s so important that we consider our true lifestyle and not just the one we lead “in our heads!” Ha! Thanks so much for sharing. ?

  6. I’m in my seventh year of retirement: I do dress-up sometimes but I mostly wear casual clothes. I’ve always been somewhat casual. I echo what Betsey Cornell wrote about your blog. You are a treasure, you are always providing us with examples of ways to wear outfits, and you teach us about finding our own style.
    That said. I like the easy and casual outfits that you put together. Today’s blog is a great example of my style. Casual but not sloppy, easy on the eyes, and comfortable. I don’t wear all elastic waistbands. I do like structured things too.
    Thanks for sharing BFMD. Your posts are encouraging and instructive.
    Have a blessed day!

  7. My style has definitely changed through the stay at home orders! I’m reaching for my neutrals and simpler pieces when I get dressed and avoiding others…your word “Fussy” nailed it! It has inspired me to pare down a bit and wear the clothes that I often passed over because they were simple. In the process, I’ve discovered that really is my preferred style..especially in our hot summers! It’s a refreshing change!

    1. Yes, that’s the bottom line. I think I’m done with fussy stuff. But I’ll definitely still be wearing blazers and other structured pieces. Just in more relaxed combinations…which is definitely in style. You gals are really helping me clarify this transition. ?

  8. The pandemic did not change what I wear. I’m an essential worker so I didn’t stop going to work. I’m practical about my wardrobe. I do like neutral but simple. I like to mix and match. I like the color of your outfit today but was wondering the pants look like I could easily wrinkle those during the day . love your messages and style.

    1. Yes the linen definitely wrinkles but that is to be expected. It’s just a characteristic of linen. But if that bother you definitely go a different direction. It’s so important that we feel good in what we wear. Thanks so much for sharing! ?

  9. Hi Kay! I really like the beautiful outfit you have on in today’s post. What I’m wearing at home during the pandemic has changed, but in a different way from most. While I dress very casual, but put together due to our retired lifestyle and us living in a very rural area (the closest good box stores of any kind are 45 min. away), I have been wearing more of my better tops and pants/shorts that I normally wear when we have doctors appointments. Not knowing when we would be able to be out & about more, I wanted to enjoy my summer pieces before they get packed up for fall. Due to scar tissue in my belly button area and arthritis in my spine, wearing structured pants regularly just doesn’t work for me. I definitely prefer bottoms with a pull on design. And I prefer tops that hide the unwanted rolls and thickness.
    Your blog is a true blessing and a bright spot to my days! Make it a good day!

    1. I can totally get that. I’ve found myself dressing up for absolutely no reason too. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts.

  10. I love fashion and my preferred style gravitates toward structured, dressier outfits but my lifestyle doesn’t warrant that very often. With the pandemic, my lifestyle has been even more so since there hasn’t been the opportunity to go places that require a dressy outfit. For the past couple of years, I’m enjoying finding fashions that are dual purpose, both comfortable but alos pulled together classy. There are so many fun options to level up comfortable clothes to look stylish at home or to meet a friend for lunch out! I think a woman can look completely leveled up in yoga pants and fun top just by spending more time on her hair and makeup and adding a few simple accessories. And of course a smile and sweet attitude compliments anything we wear!

    1. Yes, that’s my quandary exactly. I gravitate to one style but lifestyle dictates a different style. And I think I’m finally willing to let reality win the day! Hehehe! ?

  11. Today’s outfit looks stunning on you! I can definitely see myself wearing it too. I’m 5’8 so it’s a good look for taller gals I think. Your words were so welcoming yesterday. Just what I needed. Thank you.

  12. I am in the “process “ of retiring by working three days a week. The pandemic has caused me to realize that I can work from home permanently. I no longer need the corporate wardrobe of the last decades. I really appreciate your guidance and examples of more casual outfits. I still gravitate to blazers and jackets but need to learn to build more casual outfits.
    Even more than your fashion guidance and advice, the Blessed For My Day part of your posts has been such an encouragement over the past weeks. May God bless you!

    1. Thanks so much for sharing, Linda. I’m glad you enjoy the blog. I still like blazers too but we’ll just wear them in more casual edgy ways. How’s that?!?

  13. Love the entire look. I have linen pants but always have trouble with a top. I am 5’2’’ and have a short torso, so tucking my shirt in does not look good on me although I would much prefer to do so on occasion. Any ideas on how I might wear a top?

    1. You can definitely still tuck and then let the shirt blouse over. I’m actually showing a video next week with 7 ways to wear these next Wednesday. And I think there are some good options in there for you. Thanks for sharing.

  14. I absolutely LOVE this look! I definitely gravitate towards comfort, and find myself loving the feel of cotton or linen. If I can move easily and not feel bound up by what I’m wearing, so much the better!

  15. I think this is a lovely classic look on you Kay. And, because you are tallish it looks casually elegant. I’m going to look in my closet for this look. ?

  16. I want more comfort, too. For example, I prefer soft blouses and knit blazers to stiffer ones when I do dress up. I enjoyed your last video so much and think you could do a great one on how to be comfortable while remaining chic!

    1. Hahaha! Yes, we’ll you’ll definitely see some comfortable looks coming in the upcoming videos. Thanks so much for sharing.

  17. The clothes you are wearing for Summer are just so pretty. I love lighter colors and cooler fabrics in summer but basically I wear this type of clothing year round. Only the color and fabric change. I can picture this in beige jeans and a white Vee neck sweater with tan boots. I guess it’s my style that doesn’t change.

  18. I have always been a classics girl with a love of stripes, gingham and plaid preppy style. I retired 6 years ago and definitely have a more relaxed style, with my day to day look centered around jeans.
    Today, I was so I aspired by your neutral look, that I went out and purchased a beige linen pant and white linen top. So pretty and cool looking, can’t wait to wear them!
    Thanks for the inspiration, love your blog and videos.