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Sweet Shades of Spring & Summer

May 21, 2020

Welcome to Dressed for My Day, sweet gal! I’m so pleased to share with you today’s outfit. It’s one of my favorites that I’ve put together in a while. Yes, I’m still styling the sage green utility trousers I featured in Monday and Tuesday’s posts, but this time I’ve taken a decidedly feminine approach. And I’m topping these cool green pants with the sweet shades of spring and summer.

Sweet Shades of Spring & Summer
Secret Stretch Casual Utility Slim Pants in sage (TTS – wearing regular 8 or Chico’s 1) // textured 3/4 sleeve cardigan in chalk rose (TTS – wearing M) // one-button linen blend blazer in tan (TTS – wearing 8) // Viv Wedge Sandal in barley nubuck leather (TTS) // taupe leather tote // sunglasses (economical option)

I crushed on this chalk rose textured 3/4 sleeve cardigan the minute I saw it. I love wearing buttoned cardigans as tops, and I felt like the closely placed buttons on this 100% cotton sweater would make it an ideal candidate. Plus, don’t you just love this soft rose shade? I think it works beautifully with my sage green utility pants. But it would also nicely top those same pants in opal.


Of course you could also wear a camisole or t-shirt under this textured 3/4 sleeve cardigan. It runs true to size; I’m wearing my usual medium. And it’s roomy and stretchy enough that I could definitely wear it over a lightweight top.

The cardigan is currently 50% off (or 60% off for All Rewards Loyalty members + Free Shipping + Free Returns).

Because the cardigan is running low in size availability (it does come in other colors, too), I’m sharing a couple of other rose colored top options in the shopping widget below.

textured 3/4 sleeve cardigan

If you haven’t yet read the first two posts in which I introduced these Secret Stretch Casual Utility Slim pants from Chico’s, let me just catch you up to speed real quick. These pants, as intimated in their name, have a nice amount of stretch in them, but they still read like cotton pants. They’re lightweight, easy to wear and available in camel and opal as well. You’ll also find these pants come in tall and petite lengths, but I’m wearing a regular size 8 (or Chico’s 1).

Oh, and these pants are 30% off right now. Maybe more once you get them in your shopping cart.


While you could certainly pull this look together with a denim jacket, I opted to bring a little class to the act with my 1901 One-Button Linen Blend Blazer. Mine is tan, but it’s also available in white. I loved wearing my white and pink linen blazers last year, so I didn’t hesitate to add this tan jacket to my lineup for this spring and summer. Plus, it’s 40% off! The blazer runs true to size; I’m wearing an 8 comfortably.

Eileen Fisher Viv Wedge Sandal

After pairing these sweet shades of summer, I wanted to keep everything else soft and neutral. In fact, that brings up one of my personal style goals for this season. I had decided that I wanted to invest in a few soft taupe accessories to wear with my favorite spring and summer clothes. I think soft taupe is such a lovely choice for warm weather shoes, handbags, belts and even jackets and cardigans.

I recently purchased this Halogen long cardigan in tan cobblestone (shown below), and it would be a pretty topper for these pants if you didn’t want to bother with a blazer. The Halogen long cardigan is currently 40% off, runs true to size and is available in other colors, too. It’s a lightweight, semi-sheer linen blend cardigan that would be perfect to keep on your office chair, too.

Halogen long cardigan (TTS, available in other colors)

I actually wore this outfit all day the day we shot these photos. James and I ventured down to the Ohio River and walked back and forth across the Roebling Suspension Bridge. And that’s the day I knew I needed to highly recommend these Eileen Fisher Viv Wedge Sandals to you gals. For all the walking we did, they proved to be supportive, comfortable and oh so soft on my feet.


Now don’t you go looking to closely at my feet! It’s Covid-19 season, don’t you know! Just fasten your eyes on these soft nubuck leather sandals because they’re worth more than a glance. The crisscross straps really do provide stellar support and you would never know the heels are 2″ high. The soles are soft and cushioning. Yep, these are pricey shoes, but right now they’re 40% off, making them a sweet buy for the value. (Right now these are the top-selling item here at Dressed for My Day, by the way.)

If you don’t wear heels, you might want to check out other Eileen Fisher sandals that are on sale in similar styles and colors.

None of my jewelry is available any longer. But I kept it all simple and pared down. And my taupe leather tote was the obvious choice to keep the look cool and soft. I’m loving this lush leather tote. It’s roomy and stands up on its own.

final photo

I hope you enjoyed today’s outfit. I love these soft shades of summer. Isn’t it interesting how different these pants look with soft rose and tan in contrast to the shades of blue and black in the previous looks? And I have one more look to share with you tomorrow.

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How are you doing in these close quarters? Hahaha! My bet is we’ve all had our moments when we wanted to escape these people – the ones we truly love, but we’ve been around more than usual these days. My husband actually still goes to the office every day, but I know many of you have been working from home for the first time and your spouses may have, too. That can make for some interesting dynamics! I’ve been there.

But whether you are aching for a little space or you’re still grooving along in an amiable rhythm, we all know what it feels like to be in discord with other people at times. Let’s remember today that there’s more at stake than just our personal feelings. When we treat the closest of kin, our co-workers, our roommates or our church family with kindness, grace and respect, we show the world around us a glimpse of our Savior. And God is pleased with our unity. Hang in there and keep it sweet, sister!

May the God of endurance and encouragement grant you to live in such harmony with one another, in accord with Christ Jesus, that together you may with one voice glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. ~ Romans 15:5-6

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10 thoughts on “Sweet Shades of Spring & Summer

  1. Another great outfit Kay! I love wearing coral, peach, and soft pink with my muted camo joggers. I really like your sandals, but it looks like they don’t have arch support, which is a must for me. I envision you wearing them with so many outfits! Yes, we have been to the hair salon. My stylist has her own little shop and is working really hard to keep it disinfected. Larry and I could not even go in the shop at the same time. He had an emergency dental appointment last week; I have my cleaning appointment next week, so it will be interesting to experience first hand the protocol they have to follow. Enjoy your day!

  2. Beautiful outfit Kay! I really like those sandals, but they are higher than I generally wear. Another winner of an outfit head-to-toe.
    It is hard to be thrown together day-after-day. Giving and receiving grace makes all the difference.
    Enjoy your day!

  3. I have an appointment in a week for my hair. My stylist has her own place, so I will be the only one there. I will be wearing a mask for sure. It was either decide to get my hair colored or go gray (really that was not a choice; I cannot go gray. My coloring is just not made for gray hair.)
    Love the color combination in your outfit. I already have some items with variations of these colors, so I can put together an outfit!
    Thank you for all your outfits and most importantly your advice on how to put together an outfit and how to wear different closet items. So helpful for someone like me who does not have a fashion sense (that gene went from my mother to my daughter; skipped me.)

    1. I have always had trouble putting an outfit together and especially adding a third piece. You are helping me think through an outfit. Thanks for the inspiration. FYI, I splurged on the Eileen Fisher sandals last year when I was working at Nordstrom and they were well worth it. So comfortable.

  4. This color palette is so pretty. I really love the shoes with this outfit too! I watched your youtube video this week about how to shop your closet to mimic a look. I loved the video -I learned a lot, and you made it seem pretty easy. Thanks for the detail and care you put into your videos. They are really well done.

  5. Beautiful colors together. I would never think to wear this shade of pink with green. I think this is my favorite outfit this year. I love moving into the softer shades. im curios to see where you go with taupe.