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Ready For Anything Daytrip Outfit

December 17, 2020

When we moved to Ohio about 17 months ago, my husband and I decided to commit to making monthly day trips to explore our new region of the country. Neither of us had ever visited this part of the country, much less lived here, so we had a lot of catching up to do. We absolutely love living in Cincinnati, and we are so eager to visit all the places around our new home. So we set aside every second Friday to explore. Today I’m sharing the ready for anything daytrip outfit I wore on our most recent outing.

Ready for Anything Daytrip Outfit

I’m calling it a ready for anything daytrip outfit because when we head out for our monthly excursions, I generally have no idea where we’re going. For years I did the bulk of planning and booking our family vacations, so I’m enjoying letting James plan these little day (and sometimes overnight) sightseeing journeys. And he seems to like planning them and then surprising me with the plans.

Some second Friday weekends we actually do get out and about on that Friday, but other times we fudge a little and get away on Saturday instead. We let the weather and our work demands determine the exact day, but we have been true to our goal of getting out at least once a month and exploring the area.

Ready for Anything Daytrip Outfit
white t-shirt (similar) // shale blue vintage cotton terry pullover // Athleta commuter pants // Blondo waterproof booties // Elisa Multi Strand Necklace // similar earrings // shoulderbag // puffer vest

By area, I generally mean the tri-state area of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, but we could venture beyond those parameters, too. And of course, some of those day outings we stay right here in Cincinnati and explore places like the Cincinnati Art Museum, the Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal, Findlay Market and the Mt. Airy Forest.

Ready for Anything Daytrip Outfit
white t-shirt (similar) // shale blue vintage cotton terry pullover // Athleta commuter pants // Blondo waterproof booties // Elisa Multi Strand Necklace // similar earrings // shoulderbag // puffer vest

And since I don’t do the planning I truly have to dress to be ready for anything. Sure, James lets me know if we’re hiking. But often our day trips include a variety of activities. In fact, for the last few day outings we’ve gotten into a bit of a rhythm of driving into a little town in the early afternoon, getting a bite to eat at a local favorite, exploring a park, grabbing a late afternoon coffee, walking or driving through the town a little more and then heading home. We’re generally home by seven or earlier.

Ready for Anything Daytrip Outfit
white t-shirt (similar) // shale blue vintage cotton terry pullover // Athleta commuter pants // Blondo waterproof booties // Elisa Multi Strand Necklace // similar earrings // shoulderbag // puffer vest

On this particular outing we drove into Tipp City, a charming little Hallmark-esque town just north of Dayton, Ohio. We ate a mid-afternoon lunch of warm soups and appetizers at Harrison’s Restaurant. Oh my, those Bleu Chips! It was a decadent platter of house-made potato chips with green onions, tomatoes and crisp bacon topped with a creamy bleu cheese sauce. Have. You. Ever???

Ready for Anything Daytrip Outfit
white t-shirt (similar) // shale blue vintage cotton terry pullover // Athleta commuter pants // Blondo waterproof booties // Elisa Multi Strand Necklace // similar earrings // shoulderbag // puffer vest

We sat at high top tables near a fire for our mid afternoon meal. The only other two parties I saw in the restaurant were women friends who appeared to be having drinks or desserts after a day of exploring the town. They were dressed in glittery holiday outfits, fun shoes and faux fur coats. Busy in gal pal conversation, I doubt they even saw me, but I felt comparably dressed in my sleek black Athleta commuter pants and Blondo leather lace-up booties. Plus, I knew I had a little hiking on my itinerary.

Be Ready for Anything Tip: Waterproof shoes are a smart option if you’re going to be outside, even if it’s not raining or snowing. Think puddles and streams! But you can keep your look elevated with edgy boots like these from Blondo.

Ready for Anything Daytrip Outfit

James had told me to plan for a mild hike on what he presumed to be a fairly easy cultivated path, so I was ready to hit the trail when we left Harrison’s. We drove out to Charleston Falls Preserve for a short hike through the winter-barren landscape, which is where we snapped most of these photos.

Be Ready for Anything Tip: As much as I love jeans, I frequently opt for non denim pants such as these Athleta commuter pants when I’m on a ready for anything daytrip. They’re moisture-wicking and durable. And the adventure-ready fabric resists nicks and tears on cold-weather explorations.

Ready for Anything Daytrip Outfit
white t-shirt (similar) // shale blue vintage cotton terry pullover // Athleta commuter pants // Blondo waterproof booties // Elisa Multi Strand Necklace // similar earrings // shoulderbag // puffer vest

Despite the chill in the air and bleak, wintery vistas, it proved to be a lovely little hike. The Charleston Falls, which happened to be a fairly light flow of water on this day, originates from small underground springs several miles to the east. And the fairly unique rock strata of the falls is similar to that of Niagara Falls.

I was glad I had layered on the warmth, peeling off and piling on tops throughout our little hike. I wore a white t-shirt (similar) under my shale blue vintage cotton terry pullover. Ha! Who are we fooling? J.Crew calls it that, but it’s a sweatshirt, ladies. A very, very soft sweatshirt in a really pretty color! And there are ten more pretty colors where this shale blue came from.

Ready for Anything Daytrip Outfit
white t-shirt (similar) // shale blue vintage cotton terry pullover // Athleta commuter pants // Blondo waterproof booties // Elisa Multi Strand Necklace // similar earrings // shoulderbag // puffer vest

Be Ready for Anything Tip: Wear layers that you can wear alone or layered on top of each other for all the climate changes you may experience.

We took our easy hike nice and slow, enjoying the opportunity to be outside and together. We saw families and couples doing the same. The sun was just starting to go down as we left the preserve.

James drove us back into town for the next stop he had planned. He had picked out the Grounds for Pleasure Coffee House for a late afternoon pick-me-up. But first he had seen this building mural on the Tipp City website and wanted to take a photo in front of it.

Ready for Anything Daytrip Outfit
white t-shirt (similar) // shale blue vintage cotton terry pullover // Athleta commuter pants // Blondo waterproof booties // Elisa Multi Strand Necklace // similar earrings // shoulderbag // puffer vest

We sipped holiday lattes and nibbled on something sweet at Grounds for Pleasure Coffee House. Our daughter called while we were there, so I took that call. But otherwise, James and I are pretty good about blocking out the rest of the world while we enjoy our couple time.

Grounds for Pleasure Coffee House

Be Ready for Anything Tip: Because I still want to look pulled together and pretty, I generally wear minimal but complementing jewelry when we travel. If I need to take it off, I can always secure it in one of the zipper pockets in my commuter pants.

James definitely prefers being behind the camera instead of in front of it. But I managed to get him to agree to a selfie for Instagram stories that day. Psst! Don’t tell him I put this photo in here. But you gals often ask for a photo of the two of us, and this is the best I can do for now. I’m so very proud of my man. And he does a super job planning these little daytrips for us.

me and james

After we finished our coffees, we took a leisurely stroll through the historic downtown of Tipp City. Christmas music was playing through loud speakers at each of the traffic lights, people were stepping into restaurants, bodegas and bars and meandering through antique stores. Everything was lit up beautifully. It felt quite festive. I felt like we had a explored a new part of the state and celebrated the holidays, too.

me and james

We’re living in strange times, making it hard to enjoy some of the things we normally enjoy at this time of year. But I encourage you to do what you can to enjoy the area in which you live, spend time with your spouse and celebrate Christmas. These little daytrips are precious to us.

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At that panicky moment we can either shrink back, turn around and retreat or we can wait for God to send a little affirmation. I’ve found that God is so faithful to send affirming words, a testimony of impact, an encouraging email or note in the mail just when I need it…if only I’ll give Him time and watch for it. Surely that must be how Mary and Joseph felt as their strange and unexpected visitors arrived to see their newborn miracle. What a blessing.

Might God want to use you to affirm someone today? How could you offer a word of encouragement, a testimony of how they’ve impacted you or just an affirming nod of approval? You could be the affirmation that keeps that person on the path of obedience.

And they went with haste and found Mary and Joseph, and the baby lying in a manger. And when they saw it, they made known the saying that had been told them concerning this child. And all who heard it wondered at what the shepherds told them.  ~ Luke 2:16-18

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41 thoughts on “Ready For Anything Daytrip Outfit

  1. Thank you Kay for sharing your day trip. I enjoyed reading about it and seeing all your pics. My husband and I are trying to plan a trip at least two Saturdays out of the month since I work 8 to 5 Monday through Friday. We live in North Carolina and go to the mountains quite often and over the last year or so we have been checking out antique stores. We do not buy very much. We just enjoy putzing around (as my husband calls it). We enjoy quaint towns as well. We have lunch and dinner on the way back. Before Covid hit we had been exploring Virginia and a couple other surrounding states that didn’t take us long to drive too and took the whole weekend. We love the live theater with musicals/plays and that is what I have really missed going too this year. That is a great photo of you and James. Please share other day trips. Have a great day.

    1. Monthly day trips together is a super idea. You two are the sweetest couple. I so enjoyed all you shared about this trip. You entice me to jump in the car and go explore your area! I’ve saved your email so once covid is over, we can do just that. Please continue to share details of upcoming trips.

  2. I have become my husband’s full-time caregiver, and the days here in NC are cold and gray. I enjoyed your post and imagined bundling up in those clothes, tying on those boots, and becoming the happy traveler. I appreciate you sharing your smiles and fun, and allowing me to walk beside you. Living vicariously through you brings me joy in the midst of an increasingly challenging time.

    1. Oh my. Bless you, Karen. I know this must be an extremely difficult season. I pray God fortify you for the task and keep your love vibrant throughout. I’m glad you enjoyed today’s post. ?

  3. Love love these photos Kay….I had grown up in the Cincinnati area (moved away when I was 27) and had never been to any of these places.

    Love seeing a pic of you and James……and he also takes Amazing photos of you❤️?

    Merry Christmas Kay,

    1. Thanks so much, Holly. He really has turned into a great photographer and I appreciate him so much. I’m glad you enjoyed our little day trip. ?

  4. I really like what you wore on your recent day trip. Thank you for sharing the adventure with us! The scenery is beautiful and it sounds like another great day. Larry and I enjoy doing exploring like that, however, the neuropathy and chemo side effects have stopped us from doing that. I am thankful for the memories we’ve made and that he is doing as well as he is. Things could be so much worse! We want to make sugar cookies, but we are sure we will get too. Tomorrow is his 74th birthday, so I will be making him his favorite, a cherry pie. Have a great day!

    1. Yum! I love cherry pie. And I bet you make a great one. Yes, life is a series of seasons, isn’t it? I’m glad the two of you enjoyed these sort of explorations when you could so you have no regrets now. Thanks so much for sharing Ginger.

  5. Enjoying your comments about Cincinnati area. My youngest son and his fiancée moved there in July. Quite a departure for my South Carolina boy. They haven’t done much sightseeing yet. Future D-I-L is Dr so has to be Covid careful.We went up Thanksgiving. Art Museum was closed. We did walk the Roebling Bridge and along the River front. Can’t wait to do more in this interesting city. I’m taking notes on the places you mention.
    Your style very much fits mine. Enjoy your posts

    1. Thanks so much for sharing, Belinda. I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog. I’m sure your son and his fiancé will come to love Cincinnati as it is a great mix of north and south. Tonight we’re going to the Light Show at Coney Island. It’s a drive thru event so very Covid friendly.

  6. Hi Kay, I just read your daily message. I love all the little shops in Tipp City although I haven’t been there in a few years to wander. I don’t live far from there. About 30 minutes away. I live up I-75 in a small town. A nice place to go on a day trip is Miller’s Bakery in Adams county. It’s about 1 1/2 hours east of Cincinnati. They have a bulk food store, a bakery and a furniture store all at the site. You can take Rt. 32 east from Cincinnati to St 41 south. In the town of Dunkinsville, turn right onto Wheatridge Rd. Follow it to the bakery. Close by is a small town of Harshaville where there’s a covered bridge you actually drive thru. We go camping in Adams county throughout the summer on family property and go on sightseeing day trips down there all most everyday. You have a great day!

  7. Good morning Kay! I hope you’ll let me provide you with a little affirmation, just in case you had questions whether your path with dressing and blessing is making an impact. I’m here to say your blog does! Every morning I start my daily devotions with your BFMD. I scroll right past all those beautiful outfits and words of fashion wisdom and dig into your meaty blessing. Your scripture choice focuses my devotion and prayers, and I’m learning and growing in Jesus! Of course, I love the outfits you put together, and as a 62 year old newly retired gal, they are just the style and price from which I’m looking for inspiration. So sweet gal, keep it up! Keep nudging us to grow on the inside and the outside. I think about telling you this EVERY morning! You are a blessing to me!

    1. Ahh, thanks so much for this, Betsy. I’m learning to stay in my lane. I’ve learned this year that my blog and YouTube channel are not for everyone but there is indeed a group of women out there with whom what I’m doing resonates. So that’s really quite a sweet spot. I’m glad you’re in that number. Blessings to you!

  8. Thanks for your sharing with us your little day time excursions. Hope me and my husband will be able to
    get out next spring and enjoy ourselves at the local restaurants and shops. I live in Minnesota and we have
    been shut down for the second time since the covid. Only take out and drive through. We live in such perilous
    times this year, but know God will get us through. God bless. Sherry

    1. Oh my. Indeed. I do realize that some places are under stricter and more confining distancing orders than we are and I know that makes it hard to do anything more than a stroll around the block. Take care. Stay well. And hopefully this spring it will be a new day!

  9. Today’s post brings back happy memories of our road trip from Texas to visit our granddaughter who attends college at Ashland University in Ashland, Ohio. Ashland is a charming town to explore, and Grandpa’s Cheesebarn is a must-see! Ha. From there, we had a beautiful drive through Amish country which I certainly recommend when you have two or three days to wander. I start my day on a positive note by reading your DFMD and BFMD posts while I drink my coffee. Then I check in on my friends in the Facebook group. Thank you for the inspiration and encouragement! Your long hours of hard work are truly appreciated!

  10. What a lovely idea, to get out and explore your new area! When covid hit our state I too made an intentional goal to get outside. My family did a hike every weekend together(March to august we stopped at hunting season). It is so lovely to get out and enjoy nature, breath fresh air, spend time with family, reflect on God the creator and the joy on my dogs face was wonderful. I too had to dress in layers. I do not think I looked as good as you, you sure do have an eye for things. Thanks for sharing it!

  11. Your story brightened my day. This is the outfit I’m in almost day in and out now. It’s cold here this morning so mine is fleeced lined and I sub a trench coat for the vest if I need to go out but it’s basically the same. Mine does have Hattisburg baseball written on the front with a tiger. What a fashionista I am lately. LOL

  12. I am enjoying all of the information on your day trip adventures. We are two hours away from Cincinnati and Dayton is just a little over an hour from us. Some of your destinations would make a nice day trip for us also. I am keeping notes.

  13. We are still locked down in the second wave so we aren’t to go far from home. I am blessed to have a walking trail just behind our yard so I can go there or head to cottage which is still allowed if we go alone. It is cold and snowy her in Manitoba Canada! A word about denim, it isn’t warm unless it’s lined and it wicks water and gets heavy if the bottoms get wet. My husband and I were scout leaders for years and always recommended against denim for hikes and camps. I love my jeans but when I hike I have other pants. The commuter pants look like a great option for your kind of day!

  14. We are getting ready to put our house on the market in the spring. I will be retiring in May; my husband retired last month and is now working on house projects. We are moving to a different part of the country (from New Hampshire to North Carolina) to be closer to our daughter, son-in-law, and new grandson. I have made a North Carolina Pinterest board for ideas to explore when we move. I know we will have to make it a plan to explore a new place every X times a month. We will be busy learning the area, having a house built, seeing our family. An exciting new stage in our lives. I love reading about your adventures.
    Very little baking this holiday season since we will not be with any family, no neighborhood cookie swaps, no Yankee Swap we usually host… I did bake some mini breads for the staff at the facility where my mom is living. I miss baking; it is a stress release for me.

    1. Hi Arna. How exciting. North Carolina is a great state to explore. Just beautiful. Yeah I really miss baking too. And it’s just not good for me and James for me to bake if we have no one to share it with. I may do one batch of fudge right before my daughter comes. Thanks so much for sharing. ?

  15. I lived down the street from Tipp City for years. It is a nice place. We have friends that live on the main road, outside the city. In fact, one day we were driving thru Tipp City, to go to a store and we saw our friend walking downtown. I lived in Ohio for 59 years. But Georgia is home now. And I love it. We have land out in the country. In a small city, no one who lives here has ever heard of. It’s great, I had neighbors for years. Now we have one neighbor and he doesn’t really bother us. I’m so much happier here with the weather. Ohio has cold dark winters. And we get some rain, but no snow. And the windchill hasn’t been in the single digits. My youngest daughter lives in Beavercreek. She moved to Georgia for a year, then moved back to Ohio. She didn’t know anyone here. My oldest daughter lives here. Or did, she’s a nurse who is doing traveling work. She and her family, five kids and her husband. Just left today to go to Baltimore to work at John Hopkins. I’m hoping all goes well for all of them. But if you and some of your readers could keep them in your prayers. She’s working with COVID patients. So I’m worrying about all of them. Her youngest is just one and her oldest is 15. I worry about any of them getting infected.

    1. Oh my. Pausing right now to pray for your daughter. Bless her. And Lord keep her family safe. Where do you live in Georgia. I’m from Powder Springs. ?

  16. Okay, that whole post brought a tears to my eyes! how I adore the fact that your husband is that sweet and takes you on those fun surprise excursions. My husband divorced me this year and in amongst covid it has been a very hard year to be alone. so I take joy and knowing that there are still kind and happily married couples thank you for sharing that and your pictures.

    1. Oh I’m so sorry to hear about your divorce. Yes, James is very generous to me and we really do enjoy each other’s company…most of the time. Ha! Our marriage has had its ups and downs. But I’m very grateful we made it through the years of raising kids and seem to be enjoying the empty nest so far. Thanks for sharing Charlcy. ?

  17. I’m new to your blog and just loving it! Thanks so much for sharing and please have a another wonderful weekend.


  18. Hi Kay!
    I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now and I’d like you to know you are a gift to me. My husband and I relocated to Middle fTN about 4 yrs. ago from Northern California!
    Ron works a very F/T job and I’m at home. I have made a few very lovely friends but I am lonely…and with COVID-19 well……
    I guess I just wanted to tell you I feel like I’ve found a safe place with you and all the ladies. Thanks so much!
    I really enjoyed the post on our hair as we move onward;)
    May I ask what you do physically to keep your shape (and mental health!)
    Merry Christmas and thank you Lord for Kay. Colleen