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Top 20 Reader Favorites of 2020

January 1, 2021

Happy New Year! Have we ever been happier to usher in a new year? Of course, we know that for the most part our circumstances today are pretty much the same as they were yesterday, whatever those may have been. But I think most of us are hoping for life to move in a brighter direction in 2021. I’m simply hoping and praying for an end to this pandemic and renewed socialization, travel and joyful interaction.

But before we move too far into the new year, I thought I’d share another recap post with you. Today I’m sharing the top 20 reader favorites of 2020 here at Dressed for My Day. These are the items I shared on the blog that readers purchased the most. Surprisingly, many of them are still available. See if you purchased any of these.

20 Reader Favorites of 2020

These are not exactly in order because that would require me to spend more time in my analytics than I want to. I’d have to cross reference several different affiliate networks I use, and I’d rather not spend my time doing that right now. But the 20 items I’m sharing with you are clear winners here at Dressed for My Day, resulting in overwhelming numbers of purchases.

So while they’re not in the exact order of popularity, they are somewhat in order. Therefore I will provide a countdown of sorts, beginning with the 20th most popular item purchased at Dressed for My Day in 2020 and ending in the number 1 most popular item. Let’s get started!

#20 – Black Fair Isle Sweater

Not only did I feature this Black Fair Isle Sweater in my post about holiday outfits in neutrals, but I also shared it in a How I Really Dressed for My Day post and wore it in this video.

Fair Isle Sweater
Black Fair Isle Sweater in misses and petite sizes // See the original post.

The good news is that this versatile and classic holiday sweater is still available in some misses sizes and most petite sizes. And it’s marked down and available for further reductions in price depending on how many purchases you make and whether or not you use your Talbots credit card.

#19 – Relaxed Fit Chinos

I have several pairs of these relaxed fit chinos from Talbots. I think they’re a great closet essential, especially for spring through fall.

Black & white Summer Outfit
relaxed fit chinos // See the original post.

Talbots has these relaxed fit chinos available right now. Some colors are on sale while others are full price. I especially like the dark slate, black, indigo navy and white.

#18 – V-Neck Summer Sweater

denim shorts
similar solid colored summer sweaters // See the original post.

This simple but colorful summer sweater made an appearance in yesterday’s post, too. It’s no longer available in the stripe, but you can find similar solid colored summer sweaters here.

#17 – Rachelle Lace-Up Boots

Of the top 20 most purchased items from Dressed for My Day, these Blondo Rachelle Waterproof booties are definitely in my person top 3. Maybe that’s because these are boots I’m currently wearing as opposed to a summer sweater I’ve already put away in my cedar chest. Ha! But I do love these booties for comfort and an edgy chic factor.

Ready for Anything Daytrip Outfit
Blondo Rachelle Waterproof booties // See the original post..

These booties run true to size and also come in a mushroom nubuck. But I find the black to be very versatile.

# 16 – Fleece Lined Pants

I know something’s going to be hot when even my mom buys it. Ha! And I happen to know she is loving these black fleece lined pants. Not only do they keep you warm, but I think they’re designed beautifully. They have nice lines, ample zipper pockets and a generous fit.

Fleece-Lined Pants
black fleece lined pants // See the original post.

I actually have on the navy fleece lined pants from last year right now, which Talbots didn’t carry this year. I wear them around the home, but I also have worn them to play golf in cool temps, tromp through the snow and sit around a fire pit with friends.

#15 – Embroidered Gauze Top

I purchased two of these feminine, filmy embroidered gauze tops myself. And I’d be hard pressed to say if I like the white or navy better.

embroidered gauze top
embroidered gauze top // See the original post.

Surprisingly these soft, embroidered gauze tops have been restocked in both the navy and white. And today’s they’re 30% off.

elegant & effortless summer neutrals
embroidered gauze top // See the original post.

While these embroidered gauze tops are a bit sheer, I didn’t feel like they needed a camisole underneath. They also run true to size for a blousy fit.

#14 – Tech Stretch Ankle Pants

I shared these Tech Stretch Ankle pants from Nic+Zoe in my video on what to wear while traveling. They’re designed to be thin, breathable and slender. They’re definitely more of a spring and summer pant. But I think I did wear them into early fall.

how to Travel in Style
Tech Stretch Ankle pants // See the original video.

It looks like the navy has been discontinued and this year they’re available in black and a pretty dove grey they’re calling tarnish. I find them to run true to size. I love the length of these Tech Stretch Ankle pants on my 5’8″ frame, but they’d work nicely if you’re taller, too. These are pricey, but watch for them to go on sale periodically.

#13 – Audrey Cashmere Sweaters

Perhaps it’s not surprising that many of the bestsellers are pieces I featured more than once here at Dressed for My Day. And many of them were featured in different colors. That’s the case with this Audrey cashmere sweater.

Bold & Sassy
Audrey cashmere sweater // See the original post.

I actually own at least half a dozen of these versatile 3/4 length sleeve cashmere sweaters. Talbots introduces them in fresh new colors every year for as long as I remember. But this pretty light rosewood heather (above) is definitely one of my all-time favorites. And it’s still stocked and marked down to almost half price today.

Accessorize to Maximize
Audrey cashmere sweater // See the original post.

The Audrey cashmere sweater runs true to size and is available in a number of pretty colors. I accumulated most of mine when I lived in Arizona because the 3/4 length sleeve makes them the perfect cashmere sweater for a warmer climate.

That brings us to our first non-fashion best seller from Dressed for My Day.

#12 – Hand Cream Gift Set

Many of the items on my Christmas Gift Guides were big sellers, but this hand cream gift set was the biggest. Hopefully you have friends and family members with soft, nice smelling hands today because of this hand cream gift set. Actually, I think I mentioned in this video gift guide that it’s a great set to buy and break up into multiple gifts with a pair of gloves.

Hand Cream Gift Set // See the gift guide video.

#11 – Color Block Shawl Wrap

Here’s another item that was featured in one of my YouTube videos. (Have you subscribed to my channel? I upload new videos each Wednesday, and usually they are fashion videos for women over 50.) I featured this Color Block Shawl Wrap in my video, What to Wear When Dining Outside this Fall and Winter.

Color Block Shawl Wrap // See the video.

That brings us to the top 10 best sellers here at Dressed for My Day in 2020!

#10 – Vince Camuto Leopard Print Blouse

I actually purchased this leopard print blouse earlier in the spring, but it was also included in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, so I featured it then, too. This blouse has also caused quite the stink! I get negative comments almost weekly about me wearing it in this video. Evidently some people think that wearing leopard print is out of style or makes you look old or frumpy. I completely disagree. Leopard print never goes out of style and it does not make an older woman look like a cougar. My goodness.

Blazer and black pants and leopard
leopard print blouse // See the video.

This blouse is still available at a reasonable price and in all sizes. It’s also available in a 3/4 length sleeve. I find either to be year-round closet essentials, working beautifully with suits (like above) or more casual pairings.

Drape Collar Knit Blazer
leopard print blouse // See the original post.

That leads us to a couple of other non-fashion best sellers.

#9 – the Life Principles Daily Bible

I have to say, I’m pretty pleased that the Life Principles Daily Bible made my top 10 sellers list. I started reading through mine today. Are you joining me?

5 Systems Life Principles Daily Bible
the Life Principles Daily Bible // See the original post.

I shared in this video, 5 Systems to Help You Achieve Your 2021 Goals, that I’m reading the Bible through again this year. I haven’t done that in several years.

#8 – Advanced Clinicals Retinol Cream

The Advanced Clinicals Retinol Cream has made my best sellers list for the past two years. I do love this cream and believe in its results. But I will confess that I’ve stopped using it quite as frequently until I get into the dermatologist in late March. I have what I suspect to be a little basal cell carcinoma on my face and I’m hesitant to use anything this strong until I have that diagnosed and taken care of.

My Morning Skincare Routine
Advanced Clinicals Retinol Cream // See the original post.

#7 – Nordic Fair Isle Crewneck Sweater

I don’t actually have nor have I ever shown this particular item on the blog. Ha! But I do have last year’s version of the Nordic Fair Isle crewneck sweater. And I’ve worn it quite a bit during the Christmas season.

How I Dressed for Thursday
last year’s Nordic Fair Isle crewneck sweater // See the original post.

This Nordic Fair Isle crewneck sweater pairs beautifully with blue jeans, black jeans or my fleece-lined pants, as well as dressier slacks or cords. I especially liked it with the straight leg jeans above. In fact this outfit almost made My Top 2020 Outfits post, but I had to draw the line somewhere.

#6 – Cotton Joggers

I think this is the one and only item in my top 20 sellers list that isn’t still available at all. Evidently you gals bought them out! Yes, my Wit & Wisdom Cotton stretch joggers were quite popular. And I did share them at least a couple of times here on the blog or in videos.

Casual Thanksgiving Day Outfit Idea
No longer available // comparable substitute by Wit & Wisdom // See the original post.

I also have a couple of pair of the Wit & Wisdom high waist cargo pants and know that they fit and feel very similar. They have some nice colors in these pants, and they’re well stocked and currently 40% off.

#5 – Safari Jacket

My twill safari jacket was my number 5 top seller. I did show it a couple of times at least on the blog and in at least one video, too. This is a great multi-purpose jacket for the fall. And I really enjoyed wearing it on a couple of mine and James’ Ohio day trips.

Autumn Day Trip Outfit
twill safari jacket // See the original post.

The twill safari jacket is still available in petite, misses, plus and petite plus sizes, both in my shiraz color and indigo blue. Plus it’s marked down and you get additional savings as you purchase more items.

#4 – Supima Cotton V-neck Tee

It’s no surprise that the Supima cotton v-neck tee from Banana Republic made the top sellers list. I plug this soft, versatile v-neck tee every chance I get. For me, it truly is the best multi-purpose t-shirt on the market…and I’ve tried a lot of them.

Fruit and Floral Crop Pants
Supima cotton v-neck tee // See the original post.

It’s funny. I had to go all the way back to early summer to find a photo of me wearing one of these tees, but I wear them year round. I think I wore one yesterday under a sweater. The Supima cotton v-neck tees come in black, grey and white, and they’re pretty well stocked right now.

black v-neck t-shirt
Supima cotton v-neck tee // See the original post.

I have a couple of these Supima cotton v-neck tees in medium and one in small, so I think it just depends on if you want a close-to-the-body fit or a roomier vibe. I love the soft hand of the Supima cotton fabric and the v-neck, which lays flat so nicely.

#3 – Drape Collar Blazer

I featured this drape collar blazer during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and also in my summer to fall transitional wardrobe video. Surprisingly, it’s still available in limited sizes.

Leopard Print Blouse Now and Later
Drape Collar Blazer (more options in shopping widget below) // See the original post.

They list these Drape Collar Blazers in various colors separately, so I’ve included other color options in the shopping widget below. The most stocked version is the camo print. And I think it would make a great addition to the wardrobe for spring and summer.

#2 – Slim Fit Utility Pants

I guess it’s not surprising that these are basically sold out. YOU bought them! These slim fit utility pants, offered in three versatile colors, were not even offered in the store. But I think my readers single-handedly bought them out online. Ha! They still have a few in plus sizes in petites.

slim utility pants
slim fit utility pants // See the full post.

If you live in a milder climate, you’re probably still styling these. I wore mine spring through fall, but I’ve put them away for now. But if you’re interested in something like these from Chcio’s, I’d suggest you check out their ponte five-pocket slim pants. No, they’re not the same fabric at all. But these ponte knit pants will achieve similar looks. They have a slim fit, but look comfortable and very versatile. Plus, they’re an amazing $29 today.

#1 – Leopard Print Long Sleeve Tee

I knew this tee was selling well, but I was a little surprised to discover that the leopard print long sleeve tee from Banana Republic was my number one seller. I guess the moral of the story is that Banana Republic knows how to do t-shirts.

Leopard Print Tee
leopard print long sleeve tee // See the original post.

And if you like leopard print as much as I do, this leopard print long sleeve tee really is a great purchase. It’s oh so soft, fits beautifully without being tight and is extremely versatile. I love it with denim and red like I’ve styled it above. But I could wear it just as easily with my red suit (that you saw in yesterday’s post).

Best news? My number 1 seller is still available in most sizes (xxs – xl), marked down to $20 and available for an extra 21% off today. Score!

Shop the Best Sellers

I’ve put together a shopping widget with all the top sellers that are still available. These links as well as the ones above are affiliate links. If you shop through them I potentially earn a commission, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you for shopping through my links. That is one of the main ways I earn an income to support what I do here.

Thank you so much for dropping in today. And by the way, thank you for shopping through Dressed for My Day. As I conclude my best sellers post for 2020, I am reminded that you enable me to do what I love. I do not take that for granted. I enjoy serving you with style tip posts and videos. But when you shop through my links you support my endeavors. That’s why your trust is important to me. I want you to know that I never recommend items lightly. Even when I share sponsored posts for which I’m compensated monetarily and in products, I only share my genuine opinions.

Again, thank you for shopping through Dressed for My Day. I appreciate you.

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Blessed for My Day

Today I began reading the Bible through. Of course I started in Genesis 1, and I also read a portion of the New Testament, a little of Psalms and a few Proverbs. This year, my Blessed for My Day thoughts will generally reflect what I’m reading in my daily Bible reading.

This morning I was reminded of the importance of worshiping God as our Creator. If we don’t believe He created us and the world around us, then we are prone to go our own way and do things according to our own whims. But when we acknowledge God as Creator, we also have to submit to His authority. Today is a good day to examine who calls the shots in our lives. Do we yield to our divine Creator? Or do we go our own way?

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. ~ Genesis 1:1

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16 thoughts on “Top 20 Reader Favorites of 2020

  1. Hi Kay,

    Happy New Year! I ordered and wear my leopard top by Vince all the time and agree that the print is ageless.

    I just ordered the Caslon camo jacket through your link and wondering if this print is s also ageless. I’m in my late 50’s. Also, I don’t wear white well, so wondering about tops to pair with the jacket. I could do black, olive or green, maybe teal blue and chambray.

    What do you think?

    Thank you so much!


  2. Really appreciate you Kay! I’m wondering if you have a suggestion for a light weight cami to go under gauze tops? Looking for something that isn’t the typical tight knit but more of a light weight lingerie piece that can easily be tucked in the front without looking bulky. Thank you so much for any help ?. Blessed 2021!!

    1. Hi Sheree, I think you might find what you’re looking for at Soma. I’m not linking to a specific one because they have several options and it sounds like you have some specific things you’re looking for. Don’t consider the Cool Nights camis. I sleep in those, but you’ll see several other nice options.

  3. Happy 2021! I enjoyed seeing what your top 20 items were. Yes, I am one of many readers that bought the Chico’s utility pants. I hope that you’ve had a great first day of a new year. It’s very wet in this part of GA and there have been possible tornadoes causing damage. Fortunately, we have not had a tornado here, but we’ve already had 3” of rain and it’s supposed to continue thru tomorrow into the evening. God bless!

    1. Wow! We woke up to rain, but it has cleared off and now we’re enjoying some unexpected sunshine. My daughter and I were able to take a long and enjoyable walk. Now we’re about to have some yummy bean and sausage soup and beer bread. It’s so nice having her here. Happy New Year!

  4. Thank you for the fun post. I have a couple of things in my closet (thank to you) that have been featured in the blog. I am also doing the Life principles daily bible. I would love to occasionally hear your thoughts….. Oh I ordered the BR leopard top today (for 15 bucks yay). I think it would look so cute with the Burgundy Wit and
    Wisdoms or the sage Chicos pants. You are dead on with your suggestions. Thank you.

    Happy New Year!

  5. Happy 2021, Kay! Thanks for another great post! All the products featured are versatile and classic so it’s easy to see why each is popular.
    Have a fun weekend! It’s wonderful that your daughter is able to have a visit with you and James.
    God bless you and your family,

  6. Happy 2021 ? Kay…..great post. I know you and James are enjoying your daughter being home. Many continued blessings to you and your family. ~Lisa~

  7. Hello Kay, I’m new to your blog and YouTube channel and I’m really enjoying your content! I’m not sure if you enjoy traveling/cruising, but I’d love to see something about cruise ship wardrobe ideas for on board the ship, and evening attire. Most of your ideas here are helpful for shore excursions for sure! Thank you for being such a positive influencer?!

    1. Hi Theresa. We love to travel and hope to take a Great Lakes cruise soon. I haven’t been on a tropical cruise (only a New England/Canada fall cruise). But I’m still all for doing some travel or cruise recommendations sometime. I’ll definitely add it to my list of ideas. Thanks for sharing. And welcome to DFMD. ?

  8. For those who think animal print, specifically leopard print is old lady or out of style, …top designers are still using it and it has been deemed by those in the know, as classic. The best way to wear it without looking ‘old lady’, is only one item at a time. Don’t wear it head to toe, which I’ve read is too overwhelming. Hope that tidbit helps.