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Style Formula: One & Done!

September 8, 2020

Welcome to Dressed for My Day! Today we’re continuing with our Oh So Pulled Together mini-series, where we’re learning how to create interesting and chic outfits consistently. Yesterday I began sharing seven style formulas that we can use so we’ll always look pulled together. You can check out Formula #1 here. But first let’s check out Formula #2, One & Done!

Style Formula #2 – One & Done!

I bet you already know this formula, but I’d be negligent to skip it. One & Done! is simply using one piece to create an outfit, adding only accessories to complete the look. This formula hinges on one dress or jumpsuit that has enough beautiful and/or interesting character to be a one garment show.

tiered 3/4 sleeve maxi dress // the Day Market tote in taupe // the 40 Hour Flat in taupe // denim jacket in sweet Jane // multi strand necklace (customized) // classic hoop earrings

The keys to successfully creating a One & Done outfit are:

  • Select a dress or jumpsuit that fits the occasion, so that it doesn’t have to be dressed up or down with additional pieces.
One & Done
  • Select a dress or jumpsuit in a color or colors that make you shine. You don’t want to be overwhelmed by the one piece.
  • Make sure the One & Done garment fits you the way it’s supposed to. Fit is key here. The J.Jill dress I’m sharing here is a loose-fitting tiered maxi dress. So it’s supposed to just hang and have a very blousy, casual fit. Still, I sized down to a small because I didn’t want to get lost in the dress.
tiered maxi dress
  • Your One & Done does not have to be a “power dress.” It can still be soft and feminine or very relaxed and casual. One & Done simply means that the one piece creates a total look on its own.
  • You absolutely can accessorize your One & Done with a bold piece of jewelry or two, or with a colorful scarf or striking shoes. But for a more pared down look that will never fail, choose beautiful neutral accessories and understated, but polished jewelry.
Denim jacket
  • Choose accessories that do not detract from the appeal of the One & Done piece. That means your handbag, shoes, jewelry and any outerwear needs to fit well, be in good condition, look modern and coordinate well with the dress or jumpsuit.

Tiered Maxi Dress from J.Jill

This tiered maxi dress features a pretty ditsy floral in the cooler shades of fall. I think we older gals need to be careful when choosing small floral prints because they can make us look like old grannies. Ha! (Think calico prints often used for quilting.) And you may think that about this one. But I think the modern, trending colors in this print make it quite suitable and flattering. Still, because this print could look a little old, I kept the look fresh by topping it with a youthful denim jacket rather than, say, a cardigan.

modern accessories

I also deliberately chose to accessorize with a modern selection of jewelry, shoes and handbag. While they’re not cutting edge or street vibe pieces, there’s nothing old and frumpy about my pointy toe flats, sleek leather tote or jewelry.

the 40-Hour Flats

More One & Done Looks

Let’s see if I can pull up a few other examples of One & Dones from the blog. I don’t always get this right, but I’ll show you a few times when I think I did.

In the first look, from earlier this summer, I did indeed accessorize with trendier and more substantial necklace, sandals and handbag. But I think the accessories accentuate the dress rather than detracting from it. That’s key.

quintessential summer dress
See the original post for full details.

Coincidentally, the next One & Done outfit, from mid spring, features the exact same accessories I wore in today’s post. Hahaha! That’s because these are indeed my most lovely neutral shoes and handbag that are also casual. And of course a denim jacket is just almost always a good idea, in my opinion.

Featuring 1901
See the original post for full details.

Since we’re moving towards fall, let’s consider a few more cool weather One & Done looks. I think a sweater dress is such a lovely option for the cooler months. Notice how I again let the dress take center stage by choosing neutral accessories. But in all of these cases my accessories are also beautiful and “clean.” They don’t detract from the look.

Sweater Dress for Christmas
See the original post for details.

Finally, here’s a holiday look featuring a bold pink dress. Since this was a party look, I did accessorize with a little more glitz and shine, but the dress still holds center stage.

Holiday Party Look on a Budget
See the original post for details.

Honestly, I don’t wear a lot of jumpsuits. And the few I’ve shone here on the blog have either been very summery pieces or they were plain black. And I don’t wear as many dresses as I used to either. But I do think it’s important to know the keys to pulling off a successful One & Done so that we’re ready when it’s time to wear a pretty dress.

Style and Etiquette Tips for the Mother of the Groom
See the original post for details.

Because I’d had a little practice creating successful One & Done looks, I knew I wanted to keep accessories elegant and minimal when I dressed for my son’s wedding.

See the original post for details.

The J.Jill Look

Okay, let’s wrap this post up with one final look at today’s outfit. If you’re a J.Jill Credit Cardholder, you can get 30% off your full price purchase PLUS your usual additional 5% off today. Non-cardholders can enjoy the 30% savings starting September 11.

J.Jill Dress
tiered 3/4 sleeve maxi dress // the Day Market tote in taupe // the 40 Hour Flat in taupe // denim jacket in sweet Jane // multi strand necklace (customized) // classic hoop earrings

By the way, I also love this pretty print shirt dress from J.Jill. It’s definitely a more modern silhouette. And the colors are equally beautiful. I’ve updated my J.Jill Favorites Page, too.

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7 thoughts on “Style Formula: One & Done!

  1. I like the way you accessorized all of the dresses. I also like that you showed so many options from more casual to very dressy. Each outfit looked great on you!
    Thanks for BFMD, Kay.
    Enjoy your day!

  2. Another great post Kay! Your tips make so much sense. It sounds like you and your daughter had a nice day together. I really like this BFMD! I hope that you have an awesome day!

  3. Hi Kay. The JJill dress is adorable and looks wonderful on you. I like Newk’s also. I have been to the ones in Auburn and Newnan many times. Not sure if there is a Chicken Salad Chick near you in the Atlanta area but their chicken salad is the best. I will be in Marietta this weekend. My son and his precious girl friend are getting engaged. He had planned the big proposal to take place on Marietta Square in the gazebo. However, she guessed what he was up to so he may change the venue. Her family lives in Marietta and we are planning a surprise Engagement party for them at her parent’s house. We are so excited. So bummed there will not be a GT vs UGA game this year. Such a great rivalry. Enjoy your time with your daughter and parents. Family is EVERYTHING! Have a great day.

  4. We are having such lovely weather here in Georgia a perfect day to stroll the Avenues West. I was there the day before, I would have been so delighted had I seen you there. PS You mentioned to me earlier where your parents live so I am just guessing this is where you shopped. ?

  5. I really liked the pictures you showed from other blocks. You looked really nice in each of them. I am not sure about the new dress you are in today. It still seems really big with no shape. I love the colors and the Jean jacket helps a lot.

  6. I agree with Fonda about today’s dress. I think perhaps it’s too long. Same dress only knee length would be adorable. The colors are pretty on you, but I just don’t care for the shoes with this outfit either. They look too matronly on you with a dress. I think they’d be cute with pants, and I do like the pointy toe.
    I feel bad giving you a less than perfect review. You are so wonderful! And kind, and I don’t mean to sound unkind.

  7. I like the dress and I have a similar one in beige background with red flowers. I wear it for singings and dinner after in fellowship hall. I love long dresses. No to short though. I just wear me and the dress plus shoes. No jewelry. Quick and loose for eating.?
    That green dress might be the most stunning outfit on you. You OWN that dress. Love the jean jacket with it.