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Hi! I’m Kay Harms, a professional writer, speaker and mentor. I started Dressed for My Day to encourage myself and other 50+ women to care for and dress our bodies in a way that helps us influence our world positively and with grace.

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Maybe you, like me, sometimes feel like a young girl in a much older woman’s body. Maybe you feel like you can’t keep up with the changes in your body much less the constantly evolving fashion and beauty trends. Shoot! I didn’t really figure out how to style my hair until I was about 40, and then it began turning gray!

My mission here is to remind us that, while our bodies are indeed changing and our lives are taking some new turns, we are still powerful influencers in our homes, workplaces and communities. We have wisdom, grace, compassion, understanding and a helping hand to contribute.

At Dressed for My Day you’ll find:

  • Wardrobe tips to help you dress the body you have now
  • Beauty products that work for mature hair, skin and nails
  • Fitness tips for the “experienced” (and sometimes tired!) body
  • Stylish clothing for every kind of day and
  • Lots of encouragement to keep your style relevant and vibrant so you can influence your world gracefully

Ladies, we’re all influencers. Let’s make sure we raise the bar everywhere we are today – home, church, work, community – by bringing beauty and enthusiasm with us.

Let's get personal...

I’m a Christ follower, mom of two, wife of a pastor and a full time writer, speaker and Bible teacher. I have a journalism degree in public relations from the University of Georgia. In fact, I’m from Georgia originally and I still prefer my tea sweet, but I’ve moved around over the years in ministry, and we now live in Cincinnati, Ohio.

My kids, Daniel and Abigail, have grown and gone, but I enjoy visiting them as often as possible. And I’m really liking this empty nest phase of my marriage. My husband James and I are having a blast! In fact, he takes most of my photos here at Dressed for My Day.

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I hope you’ll join the thousands of women who gather here each week for style, beauty and fitness inspiration, along with a little biblical encouragement. I’d love for you to look around a while and get the lay of the land, as they say. Be sure to subscribe to my daily or weekly emails (you choose the frequency!) so you can have access to the subscriber printables and all the special information I share in those newsletters. Then be sure to check out my YouTube channel, too. That’s where you get to hear my Southern accent.

Finally, be sure to leave me a comment occasionally, even if just to say hello. I absolutely love hearing from my gracious readers.