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Fall Daytrip Outfit – What I Wore

November 19, 2020

Since moving to Ohio about sixteen months ago, my husband and I have made it a point to get out and explore a little of the state (or the surrounding states) every second weekend. For the most part I let James do the planning and I just hop in the car ready for whatever he has in store for us. I like surprises, and he seems to enjoy mapping out our daytrips. So today I thought I’d just share with you what I wore on our most recent fall outing.

What I Wore on Our Weekend Outing

Saturday we headed up to Clifton to see and eat at the historic Clifton Mill. Then we meandered through a couple of other little towns, drove through some nearby universities, grabbed coffee at Beans-n-Cream in Cedarville and then ended up at Indian Mound Reserve. That’s where these photos were taken.

So keep in mind, as you look at these pictures, that this was the end of a full day and it was real life. Ha! My makeup held up, but it’s not as polished as it usually is for a photo shoot.

Daytrip Outfit

But I have to say, as we were looking through the humpteen billion photos James took that afternoon (because the lighting was good and he was enjoying it, not because I was making him!), my husband did comment that he needed to take me on daytrips more often. He noted that I look happier in these photos. And he’s right. Getting away for a day is good for the soul! And I highly recommend it.

Daytrip Outfit

When we go on these little daytrips, I want to look pulled together and attractive, but I also want to be comfortable and ready for come-what-may. It was pretty chilly Saturday, so I layered on the style much the way I shared in yesterday’s video, 7 Ways to Wear Jeans this Winter.

What I Wore on Our DayTrip

When I really want to be comfortable but also feel like I look my best, I choose my Everlane black super-straight jeans. These jeans are turning out to be that favorite pair that have a lived in feel but still keep their shape with wear. I love them because they’re in the trending relaxed style, but still look trim and flattering. Plus they have a high waist that sit just right. I’m wearing a size 30 in these.

Daytrip Outfit

I topped my jeans with a navy vintage cotton New York t-shirt (wearing a small) and a black and blue plaid flannel shirt (wearing a size 8). Since the flannel shirt featured both black and navy, I thought it would be fun to pair the navy t-shirt with the black jeans, a color combination we sometimes shy away from. But the key to pulling off any unusual color combination is simply to make it look intentional by adding multiple doses of both shades.

By the way, my black and blue plaid flannel shirt is 50% off. And J. Crew has many other great deals going on right now, too, including markdowns on select cashmere.


My wedge sneakers absolutely are comfortable enough to wear for a daytrip, but they also elevate my outfit so much more than my regular running shoes or even white leather sneakers would. Plus, they’re over 40% off right now. The wedge sneakers run true to size and they come in a multitude of other uppers.


I topped off the look with my indigo blue diamond quilted vest (wearing a medium). Unfortunately, this navy vest is going fast, but it’s still available in more sizes in some of the other colors. Remember, Talbots is offering 40% off your purchase right now, 50% off if you use your Talbots credit card for a purchase of $200 or more (before the discounts). I also could have worn my black puffer vest with this outfit.


I kept my jewelry minimal, but I do think that what I wore helped coordinate my look even more. I’m wearing my customized Elisa multi strand necklace. The inset on my necklace is the black drusy so it added another touch of black to my look. You can select from over 60 different insets for the customized Elisa multi strand necklace! Or you can purchase the ready made ones here. I wore my classic gold hoop earrings and my multi strand beaded bracelet.

Daytrip Outfit

I enjoyed wearing this casual but pulled together look. And James thought I looked pretty, too. I haven’t always taken compliments from him very well. But I’m getting better at it. LOL! I guess it’s about time. We’ve been married almost 33 years. And I enjoy spending time with him more now than ever.

What I Wore on Our Daytrip
Everlane black super-straight jeans (size up) // vintage cotton New York t-shirt (wearing a small) // black and blue plaid flannel shirt (wearing a size 8) // diamond quilted vest (wearing a medium) // wedge sneakers // black crew socks // customized Elisa multi strand necklace // classic gold hoop earrings // multi strand beaded bracelet

Thanks so much for stopping in today. I hope you got a little style inspiration from today’s post. I think it’s so important that we take the time and put in the effort to look our best during these strange days.

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16 thoughts on “Fall Daytrip Outfit – What I Wore

  1. Good Morning Kay…..I had lived in Cincinnati for all my first 25 years and never had been to any of the spots y’all went to…they look so beautiful. Then we moved and I haven’t stayed long enough when I come visit to venture out, oh well, such is life.

    You do look so relaxed and yourself in all the photos, so natural if I may say. James takes amazing photos and the scenery is amazing.

    Love the casual look and I need to find some black jeans.

    Would love to see a pic sometime of you and James together ?


    1. Hahaha! Yes I would love that too. I guess he likes being behind the camera more. But I’d really like for us to send out a photo Christmas card, so I’ll see what I can do. Thanks for reading. It really was a pretty area. We’ve lived in places and failed to see the sights too. So I guess we’re just determined not to let that happen this time. Plus I think this is the first time we’ve lived somewhere that is so different for both of us so we’re really enjoying exploring it together.

  2. That’s my hometown!! I worked at the Clifton Mill in high school. My parents still live in the area and my dad and his buddies (known as The Liar’s Club) meet at Beans-N-Cream every weekday morning for coffee. If you were there between 10:00 and 11:00, you probably saw them.

    1. Oh my! How cool is that??? No we were there on a Saturday afternoon for coffee. But that is so cool. Lovely area. ❤️ Thanks for letting me know. ?

  3. Good morning! Two of our kids went to Cedarville university and loved it! Clifton Mill was a popular spot for them to visit.
    I’m glad you and James take the day trips you enjoy. It must do you a world of good! If you ever get to Michigan I have a great spot for you to visit! South Haven in the summer is magical!

    1. Cool! We’ve heard great things about Cedarville. It looked like a lovely school. Yes, we definitely plan to explore Michigan too. I’ll have to put South Haven on the list for summer. Thanks so much for sharing. ?

  4. Love the BFMD! You do look so relaxed and pretty in the pictures. And the scenery is gorgeous. I like how you put the blue and black together. I have to keep working with myself to ignore how straight jeans bag some under my bum, so that I will enjoy wearing them more. I’m glad that you are getting better at accepting compliments from James. I value Larry’s compliments and comments about my appearance more than any others. I love that y’all are doing day trips to explore the area where you are living now. I know that you cherish the time together and the effort he puts into planning the outings. I hope that you are able to keep from taking a late day nap so that you sleep better tonight.

    1. Hahaha! Yes, no nap today. We’re scheduled to do photos at 4, so that will help me stay awake and alert. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate you! Have a lovely day.

  5. A friend once asked me if I realized every time I was given a compliment, I said something negative. He said all I needed to do was say thank you! A lesson that was hard for me, but I finally got it!

    1. Absolutely. I’m really good about that when others compliment me but for some odd reason I’ve always just struggled with accepting James’ compliments. And that’s completely on me! Not him. But I’m doing much better in recent years. ?

  6. I love a layered look. I think I will try this look in warmer colors. I just bought a great brown & white shirt. I am moving in that direction. Need to check to see if this vest comes in brown. It’s hard to find a pretty light brown in a vest. You look rested and healthy.

  7. Love the cozy yet ‘interesting’ layers, Kay. I love that J. Crew black/blue flannel shirt! Like Annette, two of OUR kids went to Cedarville so we know the area well. You MUST return to Clifton Mill at NIGHT once they put up their Christmas lights…thousands of them and it is a sight to behold!

    1. Yes, they were putting up the lights when we were there. I can tell it’s going to be amazing. We’ll definitely have to go back. Thanks so much for sharing. ?

  8. My husband and I are Cedarville grads and our oldest is there now. Such a pretty area and I agree, you must go back for the Christmas lights at Clifton Mill!
    Love your casual outfit and the beautiful photos.