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Favorite Spring Purchases Combine in Chic, Casual Look

March 4, 2020

Happy hump day! Today I’m meeting up with old friends from the first church James pastored fulltime here in Georgia. I can’t wait to spend time catching up with these sweet ladies. And I’ll actually be wearing these favorite spring fashion purchases combined in this chic, casual look.

Fun Casual Pants from Chcio's

Secret Stretch Casual Utility Slim Ankle Pants

Last week I shared cropped chinos in a similar burnished, golden brown, but my bet is more of my readers will gravitate towards this casual utility slim pant from Chico’s. And I have to admit, as much as I love those trending crop chinos, I feel very at ease and comfortable in this more familiar silhouette.

Fun Casual Pants from Chcio's

I’m wearing my usual size 1 (or 8M) in these secret stretch utility pants. Indeed, they have nice bi-way stretch throughout, but still feel and look like classic utility ankle pants. They also come in sage leaf (a pale, mossy green) and new opal (a soft, creamy white). You can cuff them at the ankles or extend them full length, as I’ve chosen to do.

pink cotton sweater

In fact, I’ve seen pants in this trending shade in most every shop I’ve visited recently. I especially like this color of pants paired with a white or black oversized shirt, such as this one I ordered from Chico’s at the same time I ordered the pants. The short sleeve poplin shirt is on back order, and it comes in white as well.

Sale Alert

Unfortunately the secret stretch utility pants are not on sale currently, but Chico’s is giving us a deal on many of their other popular styles of pants, as well as tees and shirts. You can buy two pairs of select pant and shirt styles for $49 each or two popular spring tees for $29 each.

Soft Pink V-Neck Cotton Sweater

soft v-neck cotton sweater

But I think these secret stretch utility pants also pair beautifully with this lightweight pink soft cotton v-neck sweater from Everlane. I’m wearing a medium in the sweater, but I also ordered a black one in a small and it fits a little better. It comes in heather grey and blue melange as well.

The sweater is ultra soft, lightweight and thin enough to wear all spring and summer, in the right situations. It has a slightly cropped, boxy fit. While you do have to be a little careful about cropped tops, as long as you wear it with high rise pants you should be fine.

Captain Lace-Up Thursday Boots

I’m beyond excited to share with you my new Captain lace-up boots from Thursday Boot Company. I actually had to get on a waiting list to order these boots, and they are worth the wait. And they appear to be fully stocked right now.

Thursday Captain Boots

I decided during the winter sometime that I really wanted to add a pair of nice quality, leather lace-up boots to my wardrobe as a sort of building block. I love the old world look of these boots and plan to wear them frequently instead of wearing half a dozen other pairs of boots in different colors. And I think the Old English color is especially versatile, pairing equally with black and brown. For instance, I wore these boots with my black pants to church on Sunday.

Per the instructions on the Thursday Boots Company website, I did order the Captain boots 1/2 size up. They’re slightly roomy, but I’m able to wear them all day without any break-in time. They feel extremely comfortable and look, feel and even smell like the high quality, hand crafted leather boots they’re purported to be. I’m in love.

Thursday boots

My Thursday Company boots are an investment, but not one I made lightly. I’m very much paring down my wardrobe, and these beautiful, high quality boots will be foundational for years to come. You’ll be seeing them frequently three seasons of the year.

Kendra Scott Necklace & Kate Spade Earrings


I can’t remember if I’ve shared this necklace duo yet. I picked it up at Kendra Scott for 50% off for my birthday bonus. The Elisa Multistrand Pendant Necklace is available at Nordstrom in three colors of metal with different stones. Or you can customize the two strand necklace, as I did, at Kendra Scott.

Remember, layered dainty necklaces are trending again. And this style of jewelry looks very youthful, fresh and contemporary. My pave stud earrings are sold out in the black I’m wearing at Nordstrom, but available in other pretty colors of stones. Or you can find my jet black earrings at Kate Spade.

Denim Jacket & Leather Tote

casual pants from Chico's

I finished off this casual chic outfit with my favorite denim jacket and my leather tote. All of these pieces are versatile and will be mixed and matched in countless ways in my wardrobe this spring and summer, and even into the fall. In fact, I’m wearing this same outfit today, but with my black trench instead of my denim jacket. (It’s raining!)

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Blessed for My Day

I have a confession to make. Sometimes I tell God what to do. Fortunately, He pays me no mind. Ha! Do you dare boss around the Almighty, too? At the time, I don’t think I’m bossing Him around, mind you. I’d say I’m just praying. I’m asking God to do this and that. And isn’t that what praying is all about?

Actually, I’ve learned over the years that I fare better when I approach prayer a little differently. Instead of suggesting how God could go about solving my problems or meeting my needs, I’m learning to simply share my anxieties and concerns, pour out my heart and then tell God I trust Him to work in His way and His timing. After all, His ways are so much better than mine.

“For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways,” declares the Lord. “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, So are My ways higher than your ways And My thoughts than your thoughts.” ~ Isaiah 55:8-9

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14 thoughts on “Favorite Spring Purchases Combine in Chic, Casual Look

  1. Good morning Kay! Love you outfit selection and jewelry for today! Thanks for sharing ? PS your photographer is also very talented !!!

  2. You definitely need your trench coat today, don’t you! The thunder woke me around 7:30. Down in this part of Georgia they are saying the thunderstorms will hang around through most of tomorrow, then we actually get to have another sunny weekend, which is a rarity. You look so nice in this outfit, Kay! I enjoy carrying my tote style handbags, but at times they feel so heavy even though I don’t put more in them. Is it just me or do you have that issue? It may be that mine are not high end totes. Cooper is so handsome! I bet your parents are enjoying loving on him, if he stays still long enough. Have another great day with your friends!

    1. Hi Ginger, yes, I’ve been wearing my trench coat every day of this trip. Ha! I think it’s supposed to stop raining tonight. And we are so ready!! Oh my word. Thanks for dropping in and sharing.

    1. Yeah, I had to think long and hard about them, too. Definitely size up a half size if you get them. They’re quite roomy on me, but not to the point that my feet slip in them at all. I really love them.

  3. The outfit looks good on you. I particularly like the pant and will probably end up buying the color…it’s growing on me. I had a pair of boots like that probably 30 years ago when they were in style, though not nearly as high quality. However, they just seem a little too masculine to me now, at 61. I hope you enjoy your time with friends and family this week.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing, Patt. Indeed, I’m finding these color of pants in every store I stop into. Another reader commented that they look more appropriate for fall, but the fabric is decidedly warm weather fabric, very light weight. And I think it’s so fresh and different to style these darker shades for spring and summer. Thanks for reading!

  4. I have to say that is not one of your better outfits. Something seems off. I don’t think the pink looks good with that pant color Of course that’s just my opinion. I always love to see your outfits because we have a similar style. . I love the sweater though. I had boots like that 30 years ago as well. I remember lacing them up. Hope you have safe trip.

    1. Hi Karen. I’m sorry you didn’t like the outfit. I do love it though. I find that it’s very contemporary to wear colors like these together. But absolutely we all have different tastes in such things. Thanks so much for reading and sharing your thoughts.

  5. Having trouble leaving reply. Love the jacket with the beautiful pink sweater, those boots look like they could take you a long way before your feet would get tired, I like them and the color.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing Eve. They really are extremely comfortable boots. I know they’re not exactly springy, but here in Ohio we’re definitely still wearing boots. And I know I’ll get a lot of wear out of them in the cooler months. Thanks so much for dropping in.

  6. Hi Kay
    I Personally think those boots are just totally too manly looking, and I just can not get use to that color of pants, maybe for fall, with a pretty sweater, definitely not spring or summer. But the sweater and jewelry are a winner.
    Enjoy your visit and that adorable little Cooper!

    1. Hi Kimberly, Thanks so much for reading and sharing your thoughts. Absolutely, we all have different preferences. I’m glad you enjoyed the post.