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The 20 Most Popular DFMD Blog Posts of 2020

January 5, 2021

Now that we’re into January I definitely want to provide you with new content, but I also have a few more “year in review” posts I want to squeeze in. Not only do I hope these are interesting to you, but they provide me with much needed perspective as I steer Dressed for My Day into a new year. Especially as I put together the 20 most popular Dressed for My Day posts in 2020 I gained valuable information about what brings readers to my blog and what women in my target audience are most interested in.

Maybe I should have just shared my top 10 blog posts of the year, but it felt like a waste of a good round number not to share the top 20 of ’20. Plus, the deeper I dig, the more valuable insights I gain. But I promise to keep the commentary short. Basically, I’m just sharing the title, the lead photo from the post and any insights I gained from discovering that the post was a top 20 post. Of course, there will be links to the original posts so you can check them out if you missed them.

One more thing before we start. These are not actually the posts that received the most traffic at Dressed for My Day in 2020. I have a lot of older posts from 2018 and 2019 that still garner an amazing amount of traffic. I’ll list the top 10 trafficked posts in 2020 (from all three years) at the bottom of this post. But the top 20 I’m sharing here are the blog posts I created this year that received the most pageviews. So these are all 2020 posts.

I’m listing the top 20 most popular Dressed for My Day blog posts of 2020 in typical countdown order, starting with number 20.

#20 – 6 Ways to Wear Joggers this Fall

Well, hello 2020! Is it any surprise that a post on how to wear joggers would make the top 20 list in this year of staying home, working from home and showing up for meetings on Zoom? Hahaha!

See the post HERE.

Of course, I’m wearing a pair of the joggers I featured in this post right now as I type today’s post. Ha! So yeah, with stay-home orders that most of us have endured this year, wearing joggers has become a common fashion choice. I expect to see this trend continue, but I also suspect that many of us are tiring of wearing them so frequently and crave the opportunity to dress up a little more. For that reason, I think we’ll continue to see joggers made in a wide variety of fabrics, and we’ll continue to wear them as daywear and not just leisurewear. I think we’re going to see joggers in more linen, cotton and other lightweight fabrics.

Did you miss 6 Ways to Wear Joggers this Fall? You can check it out HERE.

#19 – Spring 2020 Color Trends & The 40+ Woman

In this Spring Trends Week 2020 post I shared the popular colors we had to look forward to wearing in 2020 as well as how the 40+ woman could best adopt them into her wardrobe.

Spring 2020 Colors and the 40+ Woman
See the post HERE.

One of the trends that I introduced in this post was a surge in neutrals. And indeed we’ve definitely gravitated to neutrals as we’ve looked for clothing that was both comfortable and homey, but also chic and sophisticated.

Did you read Spring 2020 Color Trends & The 40+ Woman? Catch it HERE.

#18 – Wear Now & Later: Leopard Print Blouse

I suspect that Wear Now & Later: Leopard Print Blouse saw a lot of traffic for three reasons.

See the post HERE.

First, it was a collaboration with Jo-Lynne Shane. Collaborations generally draw more pageviews, and Jo-Lynne especially throws a lot of readers my way. And I’m so grateful. Second, this post was during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and featured sale purchases. And finally it’s a leopard print blouse. I have no doubt that women search for information about how to style leopard print, and since my search engine optimization (SEO) was set up pretty well on this post, I undoubtedly drew some of that audience in.

Did you read Wear Now & Later: Leopard Print Blouse? Read it HERE.

#17 – 7 Style Formulas & How to Work Them Beautifully

This is one of my personal favorites. And while this is the only post of this mini-series that made the top 20 list, I have no doubt that if I kept digging I’d find more of them in the top 50 or so. I loved this mini series. It’s so practical.

7 Style Formulas and How to Work Them Beautifully
See the post HERE.

Of course, I wrote posts for each of the 7 style formulas I presented in this piece. But this wrap-up post shares all seven.

Did you read 7 Style Formulas & How to Work Them Beautifully? Discover the 7 style formulas HERE.

#16 – Winter Wardrobe Essentials 2020-2021

When I find a post this recent in the list I know it’s got traction and is continuing to bring in readers. In fact, all of my wardrobe essentials posts made the top 20 list I believe.

See the post here.

Of course, this post is actually very current right now. So if you haven’t yet checked out Winter Wardrobe Essentials 2020-2021, you’ll find it here.

#15 – Long Sleeve Leopard Tee & a Bold Splash of Red

There are only a few blog posts in the top 20 list that are outfit posts. And the others actually have information in the title that implies they offer style tips. So I think it’s that word “leopard” once again that draws readers to Long Sleeve Leopard Tee & a Bold Splash of Red.

Leopard Print Tee
See the post HERE.

I do love this outfit. And of course, it features THE number one selling item here at Dressed for My Day, as I shared in this post.

Did you catch Long Sleeve Leopard Tee & a Bold Splash of Red? Read the post HERE.

#14 – Talbots Fall Try-On Session

I know how many of my readers shop Talbots, so it didn’t surprise me at all that the Talbots Fall Try-On Session made the top 20 list.

See the post HERE.

Speaking of Talbots, right now they’re having their Red Hanger Sale. They’re offering an extra 60% off marked down dresses, jackets and skirts, and an extra 50% off all other markdowns. And they’ve added new wear-now styles to the sale just recently. Also Talbots credit cardholders get an extra 5% off if you use your credit card.

#13 – Let’s Talk Hair for Women Over 50

I had no idea when I wrote this post that readers would gravitate to it the way you did. Then again, many of us women have struggled with our hair throughout our lives only for the struggle to intensify when we hit 50.

Let's Talk Hair for Women Over 50
See the post here.

In Let’s Talk Hair for Women Over 50 I shared my struggle with hair loss, how my hair is cut and what I’m doing about going grey. You can read the post here.

#12 – 2 Fall Classics 4 Ways with Talbots

Again my readers proved to be devoted Talbots shoppers. Plus, I notice that readers appreciate seeing pieces styled in a variety of ways. I’ll be doing more posts offering multiple ways to style closet essentials this year.

2 Fall classics worn 4 ways with Talbots
2 Fall Classic 4 Ways with Talbots

What were the two classics I styled? The corduroy jeggings are basically sold out, but Talbots always has a denim or chambray shirt in their lineup.

#11 – The Modern Way to Wear Your Traditional Cardigans

I get negative comments almost daily about the traditional pink button up cardigan I wore in this viral video. But truly, you absolutely can still wear these classic toppers. They’re classic. Classic. No, they’re not THE most modern choice. But I contend they still look feminine, classy and timeless.

The Modern Way to Wear Your Traditional Cardigans

Anyhow in The Modern Way to Wear Your Traditional Cardigans I shared a simple style hack that can indeed make these old-school sweaters look a bit more on trend. If you haven’t read this post, check it out HERE.

#10 – Simple Spring Style

I have to wonder if the reason that Simple Spring Style landed at number 10 isn’t simply because readers were ready to see some spring styles. Ha! This popular post came out in early March as we were just thawing out from winter. Plus I did team up with some other bloggers for this post.

Simple Spring Style

I do love the outfit I share in Simple Spring Style. It was perfect for the stay-at-home time we were about to be experiencing, too. You can read the post HERE.

#9 – Video: My Early Fall Capsule Wardrobe

I teamed up with Robin of Faith and Flour for this video. She is just darling, and I hope to work with her again this spring. I have a feeling that’s when many of you met me. She certainly helped my YouTube Channel to start growing as she introduced her loyal viewers to it.

Early Fall Capsule Wardrobe
See the post HERE.

I also think there are a lot of women out there who enjoy working with capsule wardrobes. So maybe this post did well in the search engines as well. You can read the post and link to the video HERE.

#8 – How to Wear Wide Leg Crop Jeans this Spring & Summer

At this point, as we climb the chart to the most watched videos of 2020, you’ll notice that we begin to see the real draw to my blog (or any style blog, for that matter). The words how to wear.

How to Wear Wide Leg Crop Jeans
See the post here.

I’m not even sure I got this right. Wearing wide leg crop jeans is still challenging for me. While I’m fairly certain that the straight leg jean silhouette is here to stay for a while, I’m not quite as certain that this jean cut will endure. And I know for a fact that many of my readers do not like it. But part of my job is to try new trends and research how to wear them well, so that if you do want to wear them, you can do so with confidence and a little know-how.

So yes, you can bet you’ll continue to see posts like How to Wear Wide Leg Crop Jeans this Spring & Summer this next year. Let me know if there are particular trends, silhouettes or styles that you’d like to see similar posts about.

#7 – What to Wear Instead of Jeans This Winter

I’ve actually produced two videos and three posts on this topic this year. But the What to Wear Instead of Jeans This Winter is my post from last February, so it’s had time to gain a little more traction than the other two.

What to wear instead of Jeans this winter
See the post HERE.

Since then I’ve also posted two videos on this topic: What to Wear this Fall Instead of Jeans and What to Wear this Winter Instead of Jeans.

#6 – Fall 2020 Color Trends and How to Wear Them

We’re all interested in color trends for the upcoming season. Right? Evidently! But I also think this blog post drew readers because it offered tips for how to wear the trending colors.

Fall 2020 Color Trends
See the post HERE.

It might be fun to look back at Fall 2020 Color Trends and How to Wear Them to see if you’ve been wearing these colors.

#5 – How to Dress Like a Hallmark Christmas Movie Main Character

I honestly had no idea I’d find this post in the top 5 most viewed posts on Dressed for My Day. It only had a month and a half to rise to the top of the chart, so that alone is surprising. But I guess all those gals who Googled “Hallmark Christmas movie” in search of a light-hearted holiday movie found my post in the process. Ha!

How to Dress Like a Hallmark Christmas Movie Main Character

But I know that How to Dress Like a Hallmark Christmas Movie Main Character was popular with my regular readers, too. If you missed it, you can catch it here.

#4 – How to Wear Mostly Black without Looking Boring

I love, love, love wearing black. So I enjoyed putting this popular post together. My bet is I’ll write an updated version for spring and summer this year. I think many women enjoy wearing black and want to know how to wear it.

How to Wear Mostly Black Without Looking Boring
See the post HERE.

Plus, black instantly elevates a look if worn correctly. Would you like to see a similar post for spring? Summer? Each season? Let me know. You can read How to Wear Mostly Black without Looking Boring HERE.

#3 – How to Wear Straight Leg Ankle Jeans in Winter

I guess as long as jean silhouettes keep changing on us, posts like this will be popular. About the time we all got comfortable in our skinny jeans, they started fading out and other less familiar styles became the modern go-to. That’s not to say that skinny jeans are out. You did not read that here. You absolutely can still wear your skinny jeans and look current (with a few styling tweaks). But the straight leg silhouette is here to stay for a while and looks much more now.

How to Wear Straight Leg Ankle Jeans in Winter
See the post HERE.

How to Wear Straight Leg Ankle Jeans in Winter was written last January, just less than one year ago to the day. So it was my first effort to style this newer denim trend. I’ve learned a lot about the silhouette and how to pull it off since then. Maybe it’s time to take another stab at it. Would that be helpful to you?

Read the post HERE.

#2 – Spring Wardrobe Essentials

I think my readers are predominantly women who want to build lasting wardrobes that are functional and versatile. That’s why wardrobe essentials posts are big draws here at Dressed for My Day. And I’m glad. If you’re trying to build a wardrobe that works for you – in your current life season, for your personal style aesthetic and with clothes that are modern but also classic – you’re my kinda gal!

Spring 2020 Wardrobe Essentials List
Spring Wardrobe Essentials

That’s why posts like Spring Wardrobe Essentials and the 40+ Woman are big draws here. And you can count on me writing these posts every season. This post came out last February 18th and that’s about when you can expect to see this year’s version.

You can read Spring Wardrobe Essentials and the 40+ Woman HERE.

#1 – Fall 2020 Wardrobe Essentials

So it’s not surprise then that my Fall 2020 Wardrobe Essentials post was my most popular post of 2020. And it’s 2021 counterpart will probably be my most popular post next year. Honestly, I think it’s a sign that more and more women want to build workable wardrobes rather than just stuffing their closets with trendy pieces that don’t play well together.

Fall 2020 Wardrobe Essentials
See the post HERE.

Remember, wardrobe essentials are not the most glamorous pieces in your wardrobe. They’re the workhorses that you wear frequently because these basics show up in so many outfits. So it’s worth it to invest in quality pieces in most cases. If you’re currently trying to rebuild your wardrobe due to weight changes, retirement, a career change or other shifts in your life, I suggest you begin with the wardrobe essentials.

You can have access to my Wardrobe Essentials Check Lists for Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer if you subscribe to my daily or weekly emails. You can subscribe and have access to those and all my other freebies here.

The Top Ten Posts Visited in 2020

I mentioned at the top of the post that I’d shared the top 10 posts from all three years that have been visited this year. See if any of these posts are the ones that drew you here to begin with.

Thanks so much for stopping in today. I enjoyed putting this list together for you. But it also provided me with valuable information about what resonates with you, my valued readers. If there are other types of posts that didn’t show up in the top 20 that you enjoy, let me know. And tell me what you like about them or how they serve you.

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Blessed for My Day

What kind of legacy do you want to leave? Do you think about that? I can get caught up thinking of all sorts of nuances about how I’d like to be remembered. Who doesn’t want to be remembered as kind, loving, gentle or friendly? But then again, some of us probably want to be remembered as powerful leaders, persuasive influencers, effective teachers, wise counselors or fun conversationalists.

There’s nothing wrong with those attributes at all. But I think the words spoken of Noah comprise one of the most poignant legacies I’ve ever read. He did all that God commanded him. Noah wasn’t perfect. He really blew it shortly after bringing his family to safety through the ark God commanded him to build. But this we know, Noah obeyed God. That, dear friends, will one day prove to be the most important legacy any of us could leave.

Noah did this; he did all that God commanded him. ~ Genesis 6:22

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25 thoughts on “The 20 Most Popular DFMD Blog Posts of 2020

  1. Kay, this post shows just how much work and effort you put into your blog. It was interesting to see what resonates most with your readers. Thanks for sharing. I continue to be a regular follower.

  2. So many great posts Kay. You really do work hard on getting interesting content for us readers! Saying a prayer for Abby to get home safely. I know how sad it feels to see a child leave, my son is in California and I am in NY. The last time I saw him was last March, just before the lockdown started. ? I miss him terribly but we are both healthy and safe so that comforts me.

  3. Seeing this post with only the top 20, I think it’s incredible that you are coming up with helpful and new ideas DAILY!! You do work hard to bring us content that we can use to get dressed for our days in a way that is fun and fashionable. I appreciate the time you put into your blog and will continue to be a loyal follower. I also enjoy the “Blessed for My Day” content. It always gives me something to ponder in my walk with the Lord.

  4. Good morning, Kay! I prayed for your family this morning. The heart of a mother is really made of some amazing stretch, isn’t it?
    I also wanted to say that upon reading the post this morning, I found TWO that are new to me (I haven’t been here too long). I thought I had accessed all previous posts, but I am thrilled I get to read a few more as I walk today! Woohoo! Seriously, it has made my morning! One of these days, I will post pics of my outfits as well, with 60-80 year old hats paired with modern style, groovy old belts and scarves paired with current trends, etc. It’s my own brand of unique, but elegant ?. May God bless Abigail with safety, peace, and a new vision this year, and her parents with peace, contentment, and confidence in the God who holds her. Blessings to the Harms today!

  5. I am really enjoying all of your posts and videos. It really does look like fun but hard work! The devotions at the end are also a lovely way to start my day. I’m happy to hear that you are going to focus more on style ideas and less on individual products. I can’t afford to shop at the places you do, but I can take the ideas and use them wherever I shop. That’s a wonderful thing! Thanks for being a blessing during the challenges of 2020.

  6. Another faithful reader here in Texas! You absolutely bless my day with content and your ending blessing. Thanks so much for your hard work and using your talents to the glory of God! Keep shining bright!!

  7. Thank you Kay for all you do/did on your blog…..I look forward to it every morning.
    You bring us such amazing fashion. I would like to see more “affordable” clothing?.
    I also like when you post something different than fashion, it makes it fun, ie; your weekend trips with you and James, hair, makeup, etc.

    I’m saying a prayer for Abigail as she travels home for her safety.


  8. I said a special prayer for Abigail and know that God will wrap his loving arms around her and protect her during the drive back to GA. I enjoyed seeing your top 20 posts. I need to revisit the Wardrobe Essentials list for sure. Right now, I am not wanting to add one piece of clothing to my closet. I do want to weed out pieces that I don’t love and create more outfits with what I do have. I would definitely like to see ways to create spring looks wearing black, since it is not a good color for me to have close to my face. And I get a lot from your posts on numerous ways to stable a particular piece of clothing. Make yourself stay busy today and keep conversing with our Heavenly Father, so that he can help you turn your daughter over to Him.

  9. Saying goodbye to our children is always so hard. I get teary every time. With Covid it has been harder since we could not travel to see them (and spend our grandson’s first Christmas with them.) We were able to see them last summer to meet our new grandson, but even with our daily photo we are missing them so much. The positive for us is that we are moving in late spring/summer to be closer to them.
    I love following your blog; you give so much information (and so much of yourself). Even if I know an outfit won’t work for me, I still enjoy reading your posts. We (my husband and I) love that you and James are setting time to explore your surroundings. We plan on doing the same when we move. We have to make a point to take the time to find out about our new state.

  10. Thank you Kay for all your hard work! I have learned a lot from you this past year about fashion but I also gleaned so many spiritual insights from you! I look forward to your BFMD and today is especially meaningful! I want to be remembered for obeying all that God sets before me, the easy and the difficult. You have an awesome mission field through your blogging! I signed up for your Joseph study and am excited for it! While I was on your church’s website, I watched James sermon on Sunday. I enjoyed how he unpacked all the things we need to travel into this new year with Jesus! I was blessed by his message! Saying prayers for Abigail’s safety today as she travels home. Praying for you and James as well. Be Blessed!

  11. I have just recently discovered you and I truly love your content. It’s so refreshing to see fashion for 50 + women. It’s great to see a beautiful woman embrace her current age instead of trying to dress like a 20 year old!! We are beautiful in each stage of life we experience!!! Thank you for your positivity and hard work.

  12. This blog is such a blessing! It amazes me how you get so many interesting topics to research and to post. You certainly do your “ homework”.
    I pray for you and your family each day. I will pray for Abigail’s safe journey back to GA.
    Have a great day,

    1. Thanks so much for praying, Suzanne. Abby just called and she is at a standstill on 75 while they clean up from an overturned tractor trailer accident. She got off the highway about 30 minutes earlier to get gas and something to eat. And when she got back on she got in this standstill traffic. It sounds like the accident happened about 30 minutes ago. There’s no way to know for sure, but she may have been spared a terrible accident. ?

  13. Hi Kay. Perhaps in Jan/Feb you could talk about ways to style wool pants? We are growing increasingly casual in style, but when it’s really cold I need wool pant options. When it’s too cold for jeans or even cords I can’t wear fleece-lined or fleece all the time. I’m thinking many of us have them but aren’t wearing them at home. But they wear like iron and last forever, so I’ve started pulling mine out and trying to style them more casually. Would love help. Posted pictures of three different possible outfits on hangars in our FB group last week (deep royal blue wool jacket). Good discussion. But I’d love to see what you might do if you’re interested. You have such great styling ideas.

  14. Thanks for all the work you do each day to keep us up to date and stylish!
    I know it’s not something we really want to think about wearing in future… but the fact is I think face masks will be around for quite awhile. Working in a school (or any essential place) we need to keep them on all day. I have found that wearing a black mask while wearing a pretty pale pink sweater is glaring. No one sees the sweater. And then there’s the earring choice that masks dictate. I know we might all be over it, but I bet airline trips and shop visits are going to require masks for a long time. Can we just have some simple pointers for coordinating? You’d be a real innovator for this one 🙂

    1. You’re right, Mim. I’m sure we’ll be wearing them for quite a while yet, at least for specific occasions or places. So yes, I’ll work on that one for sure. Thanks for sharing this suggestion.

  15. Thank you so much for all your hard work!
    I recently did a “season” course at my church to find out which season I am. It was so fun but now I’m a bit paranoid that I’m wearing colors that really aren’t my colors. Have you ever done any posts about “your season” and how to dress wearing the right colors?
    Thank you and have a blessed day!

  16. One of the posts that really helped me that didn’t make the list was the one you talked about color intensity. I sure enjoy your blog and look forward to this new year. I really like how you talk through how to incorporate new fashion with current wardrobe and not just get a new wardrobe every year. I also like the variety you do!

  17. Dear Kay,

    You are so appreciated and valued, and such an important part of so many lives! Many of us wouldn’t think of purchasing clothing and other fashion items without consulting you!

    You’ve so kindly and generously shared your wisdom, and also asked for ideas. Here are a few thoughts: Is it possible to size up items “on the hanger” and thus make better choices up front by limiting options and being true to self? I think I need more cohesiveness in my choices, and I’m too often swayed by simply functionality at times. I’m trying to narrow and focus my style choices to achieve more consistency and greater enjoyment from my wardrobe.

    Two other thoughts: Where do you see women’s fashion and style going this next year, or any time period you wish to comment on? And do you think sustainability in fashion (you’ve addressed slow fashion in the past) will become more important, and if so, in what ways?

    Thank you, dear Kay!!

    1. Good food for thought, Julie. Thanks so much for sharing. I’ll definitely take these into consideration. And thank you for your kind words. ?