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The 23 Most Popular Blog Posts at DFMD in 2023

January 1, 2024

Happy New Year! As we usher in 2024, I thought it might be a good day to look back and see the 23 most popular blog posts at Dressed for My Day in 2023. This is another one of those analytics that I run every year to see what is resonating with my readers, what draws in new women to DFMD and more. In fact, I’ll point out a few lessons learned as we count down to the number one most popular blog post in true countdown order.

23 most popular blog post at DFMD in 2023

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links I potentially earn a commission on your purchases, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting my work here by shopping my links.

We’re fast approaching my sixth year anniversary of blogging here at Dressed for My Day. And my purpose has not changed in all of those years. I still aim to encourage and equip women over 50 to get dressed for our unique days in a way that feels modern, fashionable and also authentic so that we can engage with those around us graciously and confidently. My methods are a little different every day, but that purpose statement drives every post and video I produce.

And while I’ve definitely put in a lot of hours of research over the past six years, I’m still no expert on fashion or style. But I do work to bring you up-to-date information balanced with a little feminine know-how and personal instinct. I try to be authentic in this space and let you know that I’m just a woman like you, doing my best. But I also strive to present what I’ve learned in a manner that is professional, appealing and gracious.

Ha! I don’t know why I even went down that little rabbit hole, except to say that while my purpose is the same and my background in fashion is modest, I do analyze my work here annually so that I can serve you, my sweet Dressed for My Day community a little better with each year. Thanks so much for hanging with me. I’m gearing up for our best year yet! But first, let’s see what resonated with women at Dressed for My Day in 2023.

#23 – a Fall 2023 Color Trend & How to Prepare

On July 18, two full months before fall, I published a Fall 2023 Color Trend & How to Prepare, sharing the trending color, Viva Magenta. I’ve loved wearing this vibrant red this fall and winter.

a Fall 2023 Color Trend & How to Prepare

But I did more than share how to style or wear Viva Magenta in this post. I also shared how to prepare your own wardrobe for any trending color that you may want to incorporate for a new season. This post featured clothes purchased in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I know many of my readers love shopping the sale, and I think many others enjoy following it even if they’re not ready to buy fall clothes because it’s such a good time to get the pulse of the upcoming trends.

#22 – Smart Tips for Clothes Shopping in Store

Smart Tips for Clothes Shopping in Store was a sponsored post by Talbots. And I have to say it was one of my favorite sponsored posts to write. Talbots always gives me lots of creative license to share their styles my way. But for this particular post they did want me to share about their in-store shopping service, Style by Appointment.

6 Helpful Tips for Clothes Shopping In Store with Talbots
Smart Tips for Clothes Shopping in Store

But I was thrilled that I was also able to share 6 smart tips that I really use when I’m shopping in store. You know, I really do most of my shopping online. It’s just safer for me, more intentional. I’m less prone to over-buy or impulse buy that way. So when I do shop in-store, I have to stay disciplined and focused. This blog post shared how I do that.

#21 – Fall Trend to Try Now: Utility Vests

You’ll notice that most any time I mention a “trend to try,” readers flock to read that post. I get it. I do, too! I want to be in the know. I think that’s why Fall Trend to Try Now: Utility Vests was number 21 on our list. And by the way, that may not sound like much of an accomplishment, but you have to remember I published about 250 blog posts last year. So we’re talking about the top 10%.

Fall Trend to Try Now: Utility Vests

#20 – Recent Daily Outfits Plus New Try-Ons

Most every Friday I share how I really dressed for my day. I know many readers love these posts, whereas others pass them up. I was a little surprised to see one of these daily outfit posts make the top 20.

Recent Daily Outfits Plus New Try-Ons

I have a feeling that this particular Recent Daily Outfits Plus New Try-Ons post was popular for a couple of reasons. One, it included a few new purchases I was trying on. But also this was sort of between seasons. I find we all struggle a little bit with how to dress when we’re shifting seasons and the weather isn’t quite cooperating.

#19 – What to Wear to a Funeral or Memorial Service

I had posted a blog post on what to wear to a memorial service once before and it had done really well in Google searches, so I had a feeling it was time to post another What to Wear to a Funeral or Memorial Service. Sure enough, not only did this post do well in the search engines, but readers left positive comments about how helpful it was.

What to wear to a Funeral or Memorial Service

None of us want to think about having to dress for such a somber occasion. But I think it’s much better to have thought through this before the event rather than feeling at a loss as to what to wear when the occasion presents itself. I actually feel pretty passionate about providing this sort of information in a professional and gracious tone. I have a feeling some women came upon this blog post when they were preparing to attend such a service and needed a little direction.

#18 – Talbots January 2023 Try-On Session

I didn’t do quite as many retailer try-on sessions this year as I have in years past. Let me know if this is something you’d like for me to do more of.

Talbots January 2023 Try-On
Talbots January 2023 Try-On Session

Interestingly it was right at a year ago when I published Talbots January 2023 Try-On Session, and you’ll notice later that the January collection at Talbots was a popular draw here at DFMD again.

#17 – How to Wear Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Jeans

Anytime silhouettes or lengths change in jeans we all scramble to learn how to wear them. I know the research I did for How to Wear Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Jeans was certainly helpful for me.

How to Wear Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Jeans Stylishly Over 50
How to Wear Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Jeans

#16 – What I Packed for a Week in London

I know I was searching the Internet for tips when I was planning for my London trip. And I have a feeling women have happened upon my blog post What I Packed for a Week in London when they’ve been searching for the same.

TRAVEL Capsule Wardrobe
What I Packed for a Week in London

Of course I think this was a pretty good packing list for any kind of similar trip. I managed to pack for an entire week in one carry-on suitcase and a tote.

#15 – Swimsuit Guide for Women Over 50

You might be surprised to learn that my Swimsuit Guide for Women Over 50 came out last February, on Valentine’s Day to be exact. I guess I’ll be rounding up new suits to recommend soon. With destination vacations to warmer climates, women are generally shopping for suits early in the year these days.

2023 Swimsuit Guide for Women Over 50

By the way, I still love the suit I wore in that post. And it’s still available in a nice array of color options. It fits true to size, provides full coverage but still looks fun and modern and very slenderizing.

#14 – 5 Wardrobe Essentials for Early Spring

You’ll notice, as we continue with this list, that wardrobe essential posts generally do well. I think we all want to know what the must-haves are so we can build a wardrobe that works for us.

5 Wardrobe Essentials for Early Spring

Interestingly, I think 5 Wardrobe Essentials for Early Spring is the only post in this entire list of 23 that doesn’t have a cover graphic with a title on it. That makes me think that the titled graphics are picking up traction on Google and on Pinterest, so I’ll probably start using them even more. This post came out just the day before the swimsuit guide, February 13th. So you can expect a similar post about the same time this year.

#13 – Modern Jeans + Button-Up Shirt: High & Low

I always mean to do more of these high and low price option posts, but, as in life, good intentions don’t always come to fruition. They’re a lot of work, since I have to scour the stores for comparable pieces in different price points. But I know they are valuable. Readers obviously gravitated to Modern Jeans + Button-Up Shirt: High & Low, so I need to do more of these.

Favorite Fall Outfit Formulas 1
Modern Jeans + Button-Up Shirt: High & Low

Let me know if this type of blog post is something you’d like to see more of. And if you have ideas of types of outfits I could work the high & low style boards with, let me know that, too.

#12 – My Favorite From the Talbots January Collection

This actually is not a blog post at all. It’s a Snapshot. Do you know about those? I have lots of Snapshots HERE. You can locate them through the top menu as well. I generally select the items featured in these, but I have my assistants put them together for me. They’re simply mini-blog posts with easy shoppability.

My Favorite From the Talbots January Collection

So like I mentioned above, this is the second time that Talbots’ January collection proved to be popular here. That’s a little intriguing to me. I have indeed tried on a few of the items from My Favorite From the Talbots January Collection now, and I’ve even placed a small order. Be sure to check out my Snapshots if you haven’t already. I generally provide them on topics or retailers. Let me know if you have a snapshot you’d like for me to create.

#11 – My Summer Wardrobe Essentials

Here’s another wardrobe essentials post. I’m looking forward to writing this one again! Ha! I’m just dreaming of warmer weather. But indeed I generally do just take the post from last year and rewrite it and update it. So sometimes you’ll notice comments from years past in the comment section. That’s just the best way to work it for search engine optimization. You don’t want to have competing post on your website, so you rewrite evergreen posts like this every year and then republish it. Make sense? Or maybe you could care less. Hahaha!

My Summer Wardrobe Essentials

By the way, that outfit in the header graphic above is definitely one of my favorites of the year. You can be looking for My 23 Favorites Outfits of 2023 post later this week.

#10 – Spring Style Inspiration with a Capsule Wardrobe

Now here’s something I’d like to draw your attention to. Last year I shared a Spring base layers post, a Spring capsule wardrobe (with tips for building your own) and a Spring wardrobe accessories post. Then one of my assistants and I put together style boards with the items featured in those posts for a Spring Style Inspiration with a Capsule Wardrobe post. It’s that Spring Style Inspiration post that has shown up at number 10 in our most popular posts list.

Spring Style Inspiration Boards from Dressed for My Day
Spring Style Inspiration with a Capsule Wardrobe

My question is would that sort of series be something you’d like to see again this spring? And maybe even for other seasons? It’s a lot of work, so I don’t want to do it if you don’t care for it. But hey, I’m all in if you liked it.

#9 – Fashion Colors of Spring/Summer 2023

This is not surprise. We all love to hear about the trending colors for the upcoming season. So Fashion Colors of Spring/Summer 2023 earned the number nine slot in our list of popular posts at DFMD in 2023.

Fashion Colors of Spring/Summer 2023

In fact, I’ve already starting researching the colors for the upcoming spring and summer 2024. This post was published last year in early February, so I’ll undoubtedly do the same this year. The struggle is finding examples of those colors in the stores that early. But they’ve already started showing up some. Stay tuned!

#8 – Spring Outfits Lookbook 2023

I personally love lookbooks because they provide me with so many great ideas in once place. Evidently my readers appreciate them, too. In fact, I’ll probably do one for winter soon. I think the Spring Outfits Lookbook 2023 shows up every year in the top posts because it has longer on the website than the fall lookbook.

My 50 Favorite Spring Outfits Lookbook 2023
Spring Outfits Lookbook 2023

I generally publish the lookbooks towards the latter half of the season, after I’ve finished taking most of the photos I’ve planned to take for that season and when you may be running dry on ideas and need a little inspiration.

#7 – Fashion Colors of Fall/Winter 2023

Again, here’s proof that we all enjoy learning about the new colors for a given season. And while I love sharing posts like Fashion Colors of Fall/Winter 2023, remember that keeping your personal wardrobe color palette pared back is the best thing you can do.

Fall 2023 Fashion Colors
Fashion Colors of Fall/Winter 2023

While I think it’s fun to wear some of the trending colors, I also recommend sticking with colors that you love to wear because you look good in them and they bring you joy.

#6 – Is Coastal Grandma Still in Style in 2023?

The coastal grandma style aesthetic has been a big topic for the past couple of years. Readers wanted to know if it was still on trend, so I answered with Is Coastal Grandma Still in Style in 2023?.

Is Coastal Grandma Still In Style in 2023?
Is Coastal Grandma Still in Style in 2023?

Remember, a lot of these posts are popular, not necessarily because my faithful readers enjoy them, but because people find them in search engines when they’re looking for answers. So these analytics are useful mainly for helping me know what attracts readers. But I need you to tell me what you really like, what posts resonate with you the most. That’s why comments are so helpful. I don’t always respond to all of your comments (unless you ask me a question), but I absolutely do read and value them.

#5 – Fall 2023 Shoe Trends

One thing I definitely learned this year is that “shoes” is a hot topic. Surprise, surprise! Not only did the blog post Fall 2023 Shoe Trends do well, but the video 10 Shoes Every Woman Needs in Her Wardrobe did exceedingly well, too. And the 7 Must-Have Shoes to Wear with Jeans This Fall has passed 100k views.

Fall Shoe Trends 2023 for women over 50
Fall 2023 Shoe Trends

Would you like to see a similar blog post for each season?

#4 – My Favorites from Talbots’ New Arrivals

Hmm. About now it’s beginning to dawn on me that my readers love shopping Talbots. Good thing! I do, too.

Talbots Favorites for September 2023
My Favorites from Talbots’ New Arrivals

I’m personally looking forward to Talbots’ spring collection. That usually comes out in later February.

#3 – How to Wear Socks with Pants Stylishly this Winter

When I lived in Arizona or even Texas this just wasn’t an issue. But since moving to Ohio I can understand why women want to know How to Wear Socks with Pants Stylishly this Winter. I get it!

How to Wear Sock with Pants this Winter
How to Wear Socks with Pants Stylishly this Winter

By the way, I’ve reiterated the message from that January, 2023, blog post in other posts and videos, but that blog post is the most comprehensive. And I still stand by everything I presented there. In fact, socks are “having a moment” this year. So it’s very on trend to wear contrasting socks that show. That’s good news for those of us in cold climates!

#2 – Mother of the Bride or Groom Dresses

I originally wrote Mother of the Bride or Groom Dresses five years ago, before either of my children were married. But after being the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom, I rewrote this post and published it in April, 2023.

Mother of the Bride and Groom Dresses and Style Tips
Mother of the Bride or Groom Dresses

It doesn’t surprise me that Mother of the Bride or Groom Dresses comes in at number two in our list of most popular blog posts in 2023. This is such a special time in a woman’s life, and we’re all looking for a little guidance during that unique season.

#1 – Instead of Shorts Wear These 11 Alternatives

And here’s another post I originally wrote several years ago and I update it every year. It’s no surprise that many women over 50 are looking for modern and youthful looking alternatives to shorts. That’s why I know I need to update Instead of Shorts Wear These 11 Alternatives every year around March or April.

Instead of Shorts Wear These 11 Alternatives
Instead of Shorts Wear These 11 Alternatives

So that’s a wrap! I hope you enjoyed this walk through my 23 most popular blog posts of 2023. Like I said, I learned a lot from the analytics. But I still elevate your comments above those analytics. So don’t ever hesitate to let me know if something especially resonates with you. And I’d love to hear if one of these or another post especially helped you out this year.

Please know, dear reader, that I highly value and appreciate you. Thank you for making it possible for me to do what I love. Bless you!

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Blessed for My Day

I am spending a little time looking back last week and this week. I think it’s healthy and wise to look back and analyze…for a little while. Then it’s time to face forward and move on. We don’t want to become women who are stuck in the past. Whether it’s clinging to the ways we’ve always done things, memories of good days or viewpoints in a heated argument, holding on to the past can be dangerous and unfruitful.

Instead, let’s be women who take stock of the past only for the purpose of moving forward with wisdom and lessons learned. Let’s trust that God has good things ahead for us. Let’s be curious, hopeful and eager. Let’s learn new things, try new ways, take different paths and anticipate new relationships. The God who made the past is paving a new way into tomorrow. Let’s take His hand and walk with Him gladly.

This is what the Lord says—
    he who made a way through the sea,
    a path through the mighty waters,
who drew out the chariots and horses,
    the army and reinforcements together,
and they lay there, never to rise again,
    extinguished, snuffed out like a wick:
“Forget the former things;
    do not dwell on the past.
See, I am doing a new thing!
    Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the wilderness
    and streams in the wasteland. ~ Isaiah 43:16-19

xoxo, Kay
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34 thoughts on “The 23 Most Popular Blog Posts at DFMD in 2023

  1. This recap of 2023 was one of the best post ever. It has been such a trip down memory lane for this past year reading your blog . I also shared it with friends, because I thought it was a great way to introduce them to your blog and they can really see what it is all about. I especially liked your blessing at the end, the wonderful verse from Isaiah, you chose to begin our year with, so much for all the work you do throughout the year to bring this blog to us

  2. Happy New Year Kay! I just want to thank you for all your hard work in putting together your blog posts and videos. I came across you about two years ago and look forward to your content every day. I have changed my wardrobe completely since watching. I shop differently and feel more put together. Most of all, I appreciate your elegant demeanor and graciousness. Thank you again.

  3. I loved following along on your travels-always looking for ideas on what/how to pack. Getting us up to date on trends and colors for the upcoming seasons is great, too, Kay! Your encouragement and example on how to wear the latest and greatest is super helpful. Thank you, Kay-looking forward to 2024 with you!

  4. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and research! I really enjoy your blog and all of the different things that you show. Please continue with doing capsule wardrobes and travel capsule suggestions for warm and cold areas….would love to travel somewhere this year. Your blessed for my day are so uplifting and inspirational!!! Happy 2024!

  5. First off Happy Anniversary to you both! Have a nice and blessed day. I like most of the post that you do and know you go to a lot of work to get the post ready to send to us. Thank you for all the time you spend doing this. My favorite things are many, so will do my top choices that I enjoy. Try on in the store, High low, Spring capsule, spring or Fall styles, and fashion colors for the season. Oh yes, my favorites from Talbots.

  6. Good morning and Happy New Year 🎊
    Just want to say that I look forward to your posts each and every day.
    My favorite ones are when you show us how you “really dress” for your day.
    While I do like to see many different types of outfits, my favorite are the casual everyday ones.
    I know many people will not agree with me, but, I do not like the style boards at all. I need to see the items actually on people not just photos of items that go together.

    Whatever you do I know you’ll bring us great content.
    I’ve come to rely on you for dressing each day.

  7. Happy New Year Kay! I really like how you interpret trends for the ladies in our demographic. Even classics need to be tweaked as they get reimagined in different cuts and fabrics that stand up to a busy, modern life style. I also like how you feature items at different price points so we can make informed purchases and still stick to our respective budgets. Finally, I enjoy seeing how you put outfits together so we can all learn how to style our individual pieces and accessories, get the most wear from them, and combine them harmoniously. Thanks so much for your hard work that lightens the load for us. Blessings!

  8. I enjoyed your recap and the BFMD, as usual. I start my day with my own scripture reading and then (usually, if not leaving the house early) with your blog or Video.
    Happy New Year and Happy Anniversary to you and James. Today Jan. 1, is our daughter and husband’s 10th Anniversary, so that was an interesting and enjoyable wedding day for us those many years ago.
    Thanks for the many hours you (and your assistant/s) put into the work you do for all of us ladies.
    God bless you in the coming year. —Janie

  9. Happy Anniversary, Kay! Thank you for your BFMD today. It is definitely one I need to set the tone for this year.
    Your try-ons, seasonal updates such as colors, styles and shoes, #NSale coverage, and coverage of my other favorite stores—Talbots, Chico’s, etc. I especially loved the scripture memorization group in 2022. Thank you for all you do. I know it’s a lot of hard work and we appreciate you.

  10. I loved this post and most likely will go down the rabbit hole reviewing many of them later today.
    I would appreciate more posts on affordable clothing- not cheap- but affordable. I love Talbots and so wish I could redo my entire wardrobe with their clothing, but I’m not rich! Haha So the high/ low posts more often would be helpful and I know they are a pain, but I would like to see one each season maybe?
    The scripture from Isaiah and your comments are right in today!

  11. I love the Top Posts review, Kay. The posts most helpful for me are seasonal trends, especially colors, and then specifics like jeans, shoes, etc. And I especially appreciate it when you show how to create a capsule or collection of coordinating pieces. It doesn’t matter if it’s a try-on session or from a variety of stores; seeing how different pieces work together helps me think about my own wardrobe items. I can plan what I need to purchase better.

  12. Happy New Year, Kay! Happy anniversary to you and your husband!

    I think I have been following you for about four years now or so. I enjoy your tips on how to make an outfit stylish-tucking in my shirt, wearing a belt, what shoes to wear, proportions…stuff like that. I like all your posts though. I like that there is a great variety. I also do love Talbots, but I like Madewell and J Crew too (probably because my daughters shop there). I like Frank and Eileen and wait for sales-they are pricey! (the linen shirt was too scratchy for me and I didn’t realize it was oversized. I gave it to my daughter.) I loved the swimsuit post-I travel to the beach and have a pool so I use alot of them. I don’t know why they wear out so fast. Anyway, thanks for all your help and I pray this will be a wonderful year for you as you enjoy your grandbaby!

  13. I really appreciate hearing about your journey with Fasterway. I feel like I am in a very similar place. Getting back on track with the start of this new year.

  14. Happy New Year Kay! I enjoy blessed for my day so much. You’re message is spot on. Like today about looking back. I also think of Lot’s wife who looked back. I think you’re such a a sweet lady. It comes across in how you write and on videos. One of your readers described what I like in the blog. I made a comment agreeing with her. I do like it that you show affordable clothing too like from Kohl’s. This year I am going to buy more quality over quantity. I end up donating so much every year. There’s nothing wrong with that but I need to shop smarter. I want more classic but modern pieces so I don’t get rid of it because some bloggers say it’s not on trend anymore. As I have gotten older I’m not as influenced anymore because I still hang on to some items regardless of what bloggers say. But there are many gullible women who listen to every word and waste their money. That’s what I like about your blog that you show a lot of classic pieces besides more trendy ones. May God bless you this coming year.

  15. Your trip planning for England was superb. I went to Cascais, Portugal in October and purchased an Away carry on bag (smaller than yours due to airline constraints). Using your tips I was able to pack a great capsule wardrobe. Always enjoy the Bible passage. Recommended your study for my women’s group this month. Thank you for being such a light!

      1. Susan – We absolutely loved Cascais! The people were great; city is beautiful; and enjoyed relaxing at Porto du Mare for Italian food.

  16. I find your content so relatable & helpful. I did like seeing featured clothes on other body types when you used your mom & daughter as models

  17. Hi Kay,

    The posts I find the most useful: the trending colors each season, the high/low posts, and the lists of seasonal wardrobe essentials.
    Thank you for everything you do here. 🙂

  18. Happy New Year Kay! And thank you for the Blessed for my Day part of the post… that really encouraged me today.

  19. Thank you for this post, Kay. Happy Anniversary to you and James, too! I love the “what I wore this week” posts and the BFMD. As a very wise WW2 veteran once said: “It is ok to look back, just don’t stare.”

  20. I have enjoyed looking at the top 23 post you’ve made. I love the one about what you were packing to wear to London. And you said in that post that you would be posting the following week pictures of your outfits while you were there. I can’t find that post. How would I search for that? I tried August 2023 and I didn’t see it there. I’ll be going with your friend Shelly to London and the Cotswolds in May and I’m already thinking about what I will be taking in a carry-on. I’ll definitely be taking the Talbots travel pants and probably that black-and-white T-shirt from Talbots that you took.

  21. Happy New Year! I’ve been following your weekly YouTube videos for a couple years but this is the First time to comment here on your blog. I most enjoy your videos on how to pull a look together for a polished look. My favorite video was when you featured a video on a classic pieces for a wardrobe and what made them, “classic”. In fact, I bought a couple of Veronica Beard Dickey Blazers after watching you featured them in one of your videos. I also bought several linen blazers from Talbots for after seeing you feature them last spring. I’d be interested in videos featuring looks for warm weather such as the “Coastal Grandma”. I enjoy cashmere for winter so I was excited to learn about Quice from you! I am least interested in jewelry, make-up and try on hauls. Thank you for you for valuing our feedback and presenting wonderful videos featuring fashion for women over 50! keep t!

  22. Kay, thank you for all the work you put into your blog to keep us looking current and put together for our daily lives.
    I’m restarting FWFL, too, and am determined to lose the few pounds that are annoying me but also to learn how to make this my lifestyle. All the best to you in your journey. I think you look great!
    Many things you’ve shared and taught over the years come back to my mind as I dress for each day or pack for a trip. Next week I’m heading to the cold east coast USA from Portugal to visit my parents for a week. Thinking how you would pack! 😉
    Happy Anniversary and blessings for 2024!

  23. I really like these type of blog posts, I find them very helpful. I.m a big Talbot’s shopper and went back and bought the Panama wash ankle jeans, they looked so good on you! Hope they look as good on me, lol.

  24. Happy New Year! I love your meditation on this post. I realized yesterday that I am caught in the past at work and not giving a few coworkers any room to be better (in my estimation). This year I appreciated mostly the practical posts of colors, hemlines for pants, and socks. Thank you for all your hard work on our behalf.

    1. I want to add how much I appreciate the concept of showing up for others. I didn’t dress in just any old thing, but now I think about what to wear in terms of respect for the people I will see or spend time with. I’ve found that deeply purposeful in my life even though others don’t know about it. I’m grateful for that although it isn’t specifically a 2023 thing.