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Fashion Colors of Spring/Summer 2023

February 6, 2023

Say a happy hello to the fashion colors of Spring/Summer 2023! We may not be quite ready for thinner shirts or sandals yet, but we can warm up to the colors we’ll be seeing everywhere this spring and summer. What fun! In fact, that’s exactly how I would describe this beautiful array of colors: vibrant, cheerful and fun.

Because brands are in the very earliest stage of rolling out their spring lines, the colors we’re previewing today may not be available yet in much volume, if at all. But we’ve found a good representation of the six colors I’m most excited about anyhow. And I’m sharing a downloadable chart with all the Pantone 2023 Spring and Summer Fashion Forecast colors for my email subscribers in the Printable Library (use the code in your daily/weekly emails).

The Pantone Color Institute is recognized as a respected authority in the fashion and interior design industries. Each year they provide a slate of colors that they predict to be popular in Spring/Summer and then in Fall/Winter. This list is based on the fashions shown on the catwalks in the New York fashion week in the preceding year.

Pantone 2023 SpringSummer Colors - Horizontal
source: Pantone

Keep in mind that these colors are not exact representations of what we’ll be seeing in the stores necessarily. They simply represent the range of hues which might show up in the stores you shop.

Pantone also suggests that these colors generally reflect the shifts in our culture, and this year they have presented a collection of rich, contrasting colors that express individualism, adventure, joy, optimism and wholesomeness. How do these colors strike you when you first look at them? Do they seem to express the best of current culture?

You can tap or click on any of the graphics in today’s blog post and save them to your phone or device for future reference, but I also have a download for email subscriber in the Printable Library (use the code in your daily/weekly emails).

My Initial Reaction to the Spring/Summer 2023 Colors

I think we can look forward to seeing a lot of color in clothes this spring and summer. I’m always happy to see a little color as we transition into spring. But I admit to being all the more hungry for cheerful hues this year.

And I think it’s interesting that we’re seeing such a wide range of colors. It doesn’t look like one color is dominating, but there are lots of choices. We see more than one red or pink, blue, green and orange. But all of the colors seem to be rich, saturated and deeply pigmented. Only the core classics, which are usually more neutrals, seem soft and mellow.

Five Spring/Summer 2023 Colors Very Wearable for Women Over 50

Now obviously you can wear any of these colors (or others!) that you enjoy and feel like you look your best in. But traditionally I select four or five colors from the season’s palette that I think are most wearable by women over 50 and share examples of those in this annual post. Take that for what it’s worth: absolutely nothing! But it’s a fun way to focus on a few of the colors without getting overwhelmed by all of them.

Spring/Summer 2023 Pantone Color – Beetroot Purple

Could we think of a worse name? Ha! I love the color even if I’m not a fan of the name Pantone gave it. Really, this is that Barbiecore pink with a touch more purple in it. It’s bright, vivacious, impactful and very feminine. So yes, I think it’s fair to say the Barbiecore trend will continue through summer at least.

2023 Pantone - Beetroot Purple
cheek/lip tint // sweater // zip-up top // golf skirt // sandals // flats // dress // belt // sunnies // pants

I purchased a couple of neon pink sweaters this winter, but I’m leaning more into the deeper and slightly more subdued of this beetroot purple as we head into spring. Pink is one of my signature colors usually, and I definitely plan to incorporate some of this hue into my wardrobe. What about you? I think it will look especially lovely in tops, shoes, swimwear, lipstick and nail polish.

For each of the style boards, I’ve created a shopping widget with the items represented. These may or may not be items you’re interested in. My assistant simply looked for a variety of good examples of each of my chose colors.

Retailers are calling this color happy hour pink, fuchsia and, interestingly enough, beetroot and beetroot purple.

Spring/Summer 2023 Pantone Color – Blue Perennial

Now here is an extremely wearable color for most women. And indeed, I’m already seeing a lot of the deep blue in stores. Because this blue perennial is so close to the color of blue denim, I’d envision wearing it more with white jeans or pants, flax colored linen and even other soft neutrals. It will look stunning in shoes, handbags, tops, dresses and scarves. And jackets in this hue will really work well with your other pieces. Watch for this color to play the role of background to other vibrant prints, too.

2023 Pantone - Blue Perennial
tee // shirtdress // floral blouse // cinched waist pants // heels // skirt // blazer // tote // sunnies // earrings

I think blue perennial would be lovely in a tonal or head to toe outfit. This color will be slenderizing and work well with most skin colors and tones. And it’s beautiful with grey or silver hair.

Retailers are calling this color night sky, vintage blue, soft denim, true indigo and just plain blue.

Spring/Summer 2023 Pantone Color – Classic Green

Now here’s a color that’s no stranger. We saw a very similar green trending last spring and summer. So if you filled your closet with it, you’re in luck! 🍀Classic green is such a cheerful and fitting color to wear as the seasons change to the warmer months. Don’t you think?

2023 Pantone - Classic Green
ruffle top // tennis bag // vest // earrings // pants // striped tee // skirt // scarf // pouch // shoes

I expect to continue to see classic green prevail in tops, pants, skirts, dresses and…well, everything! I see retailers using the names vibrant clover, kelly green and classic green. I enjoy wearing this lively color with navy, black, white and ivory.

Spring/Summer 2023 Pantone Color – Crystal Rose

Soft, muted crystal rose will look lovely on many over 50 women simply because it is a mild and feminine color. Look for it in tops, dresses, accessories and cosmetics.

023 Pantone - Crystal Rose
blazer // trousers // pullover // sweater // tank // purse // sneakers // dress // necklace // flats

Wear crystal rose tonally head to toe or pair it with white, ivory, denim, black, grey or navy. Look for this color to be identified by retailers by names like coral, rose smoke, rose wash, pink lady, sunrise pink and aurora pink. It’s not that different from blushes we’ve seen trending the past two years, so pull those pieces that you’ve already invested in out of your closet and prepare to wear them with style.

Spring/Summer 2023 Pantone Color – Macchiato

I fell in love with brown this fall and winter, and I’m happy to report we’re seeing it into the spring and summer. Macchiato is just a softer, slightly more subtle version of the coffee bean brown we’ve enjoyed during the cooler months.

2023 Pantone - Macchiato
sweater // suede jacket // pants // nail polish // loafers // sunnies // earrings // purse // dress // hoodie

You can enjoy wearing macchiato in accessories, jackets, pants and tops. Look for it to have names like caramel, caramel macchiato, Havana tan and coffee. But don’t worry that you need to wear this exact shade of brown to be in style. I think the cue is to continue to enjoy wearing the brown in your closet, but the lighter shades will simply look more seasonally appropriate.

Spring/Summer 2023 Pantone Color – Skylight

Skylight is a soft, icy grey/blue that will look beautiful with grey or silver hair. Expect to see it in solids and prints. You can wear it in shirts, dresses, shoes, jewelry, nail polish and scarves.

2023 Pantone - Skylight
clip // leggings // flannel // dress // necklace // wrap // shirt // shoes // sweater // purse

I’m seeing this shade with names like blue horizon and blue mist.

Are you excited to add a little color to your wardrobe this spring? Will you be wearing any of my six favorites? Or do you have other favorites in the Pantone Spring/Summer 2023 list that you gravitate to? I’d love to hear your thoughts today.

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11 thoughts on “Fashion Colors of Spring/Summer 2023

  1. I have been looking at the Pantone seasonal colors for several years now, and always love to see the new seasons. I think it was in one of your posts where you mentioned having a palette of 5 or so colors in your wardrobe. So that got me to thinking of arranging my closet by color instead of by item. Lo and behold I could easily narrow it down to 7 colors. This does make shopping easier, because I know the colors I just don’t wear. My colors translate easily into the Pantone colors and I love them all and they go together so well. They are: White, Pink (blush-fuschia), Purple (lavender – eggplant), Blue (navy, denim, lt. blue) Olive, Gray, Black. I’m going to to clean out some items today. Love your blog.

  2. I love all the colors you have chosen as some you will incorporate. I will also do this. Do not have silver hair. I still color a medium dark brown of my natural color. Hope these look good on me with my natural hair color I will pull out my blush pink items, light blue and browns I still have in my closet. Want to incorporate the perennial blue and green I have been thinking of adding to my closet. Did not know if it would be around for another season, so have not yet, but I love the color. Will buy an item or two.

  3. Very informative blog today!! As I look at these colors, I tend to notice how muted they seem to be, as opposed to being a “bright/clear color”. And I’m probably not wording that in proper fashion lingo! But I’m not generally a fan of bright colors, so this muted, dusky palette is more to my liking! It’s sunny here in TN today—— now THAT’s a BRIGHT I can get into!! So your dangled carrot of the promise of Spring is welcoming!! Have a great week!

  4. Hi Kay! I think my undertone is warm so accordingly I think I cannot wear the Classic green or that bold pink Beetroot purple that I like? Am I correct? I have always promblem discerning cool and warm colors.
    Thank you

  5. Love your BFMD today. We seem to always be more concerned about everyone else and allow them to ding at our core much too often. I definitely need to stand back and evaluate my boundaries. Love all the Panetone colors! So uplifting! I’m hosting an outdoor Barbie bash for some friends and family this summer so I’m already exhausting my pinks and bright greens in party serveware and decorations, haha. We’ll have a silly and fun time before heading off to see the nostalgic movie. Barbie was our #1 fashionista after all👄💄 So sad that pink Talbots dress is sold out in my size, and at such a good price. 😔
    Thanks for all these lovely suggestions!

  6. I am excited about the orange color. I wear a lot of jeans and find the two colors go so well together. I have been noticing on others and wanting to add this co,or to my wardrobe. With it being an in color I found some! I just bought a orange sweater, shirt and coat. I really like the coat matching top look. I am not sticking to my chosen color palette though as I have never owned orange. So hopefully I will be brave and make outfits with what’s in my closet!
    I love all the boards and talk of colors! Thanks. I can already tell some are not good colors for me. And that’s something I learned here! Thanks. Being purposeful on what I add to wardrobe is my goal so I don’t have a shirt that looks good on hanger but doesn’t go with anything else in my closet! Is also great advice. So I am going to challenge myself with these new orange pieces to make multiple outfits!
    I so appreciate all the advice you give. It helps me learn, feel more confident, pretty and comfortable.

    1. Thanks for sharing. I love orange. I don’t wear a lot of it, but I think it’s so cheerful. And you’re right; it looks great with blue denim. 😊