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Fall Trend to Try Now: Utility Vests

August 5, 2023

Vests of all kinds are trending for fall 2023. But I think a utility vest might be one of the best to try because it’s interesting, adds a definitively casual vibe and can be quite slimming, too. Let’s take a closer look at this fall trend to try.

Utility everything is really trending, so adding a utility vest is a fun way to cover two trends in one!

Utility Vest
utility vest (TTS) // t-shirt // jeans // shoes // earrings // simple necklace // coin necklace // bracelet // similar sunglasses // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off at Nordgreen)

I’ve opted to wear my super soft, blue utility vest with light wash jeans and a simple white t-shirt. I wore nude slingback flats for a slightly elevated look, but sneakers would certainly work nicely…and maybe even better. What do you think?

Utility Vest

My utility vest is also available in other colors, and this color and one other are marked down and you get an extra 25% off temporarily. The utility vest has both snap and zipper function as well as a drawstring inside to cinch the waist to your liking. I think it’s such a nice length and weight, perfect for early fall transitional looks.

jeans // shoes

My jeans are by Paige, one of my favorite brands for premium denim. They fit and feel so great. But I’ve ordered so many pairs of jeans recently that I didn’t remember that these are actually supposed to be ankle length jeans. So I will probably cut them off to hit right at my ankle or just above the ankle bone. But I don’t know. They actually work pretty nicely as full length jeans on me. What do you think? Help a friend out here!

white T-Shirt

My white t-shirt is a simple one from Kohl’s. Such a closet staple!

earrings // simple necklace // coin necklace // bracelet // similar sunglasses // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off at Nordgreen)

I completed this on trend look with jewelry from Gorjana, a go-to for youthful styles.

utility vest
utility vest (TTS) // t-shirt // jeans // shoes // earrings // simple necklace // coin necklace // bracelet // similar sunglasses // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off at Nordgreen)

I would definitely wear this outfit as we begin to transition into fall next month. And it’s especially a good one for a day outing or little road trip. But yeah, I’m thinking my white leather sneakers might have been the better choice.

utility vest
utility vest (TTS) // t-shirt // jeans // shoes // earrings // simple necklace // coin necklace // bracelet // similar sunglasses // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off at Nordgreen)

Still, this outfit would work nicely for a casual work outfit, too, especially if jeans are appropriate for your job. I’m really loving the vest trend and the utility trend. So a utility vest is such a fun way to check two boxes at once.

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20 thoughts on “Fall Trend to Try Now: Utility Vests

    1. Thanks for helping me out, Caron. I’m leaning that direction. Plus, they work really well with booties this length. If it was the beginning of spring or summer I’d probably cut them to ankle length. But since we’re heading into fall and booties, I think this length might work really well.

  1. Just bought the utility vest. Great casual completer piece for running errands and such. Enjoy your posts and videos! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I actually like the jeans that length on you. It’s very flattering! Are those shoes comfortable? Will they be comfortable to wear in a work setting all day?

  3. I love the utility vests. I wore one on our European summer cruise for most of our excursions and haven’t seen any for a while. It’s a great easy piece to stash maps, lip gloss and Euros. I ordered both the one you modeled plus the light green and will decide which to keep when they arrive . We’re leaving again in September and the lovely soft green may win out for our fall travels…

  4. I do like the sling back Shoes with Outfit for a elevated look, tbough tennis shoes would be great too. Tennis shoes would make the look very casual. Maybe too casual for me. I think you should leave the jeans the length they are, then you could wear them later with boots Sometimes we can have too many Ankle jeans and pants. Great BFMD. I too believe we should be in a church of our choice to be in fellowship with other Christians and to get the teachings of the Pastor. To stay in the word. The Bible does say we should not forsake assembly.

  5. Hi Kay! Saturday was a great day for me, busy with my daughter, grandchildren -twins aged 5 Bay and Ben. I baked cookies but using gf flours they were good but quite crumbly in little hands.
    I like your jeans in the full length; based on the cut of the leg; id say that would be best. Typically I wear ankle jeans too, but wear a bit darker wash. I’m short at 5 ft 3.
    Hoping you can rest and relax tomorrow!

  6. I think the jeans look great as is, especially if you wear sneakers with them. I’d go for a shorter hem only if I wore with boots. I love the idea of vests, but at 5′ 2.5″, this would be way too large on me. I like the cute, dressier lavender vest you wore the other day. Maybe it’s just me, but I think this vest would look better with high-rise jeans or, at least, worn closed. As it is, you have two different waist areas: the higher vest waist and the lower jean waist. They compete with one another.

  7. Kay,
    Keep the jeans as they are. They look nice on you.

    Just wondering, what size are you wearing in the vest? I want to order it. I can’t decide between the blue or the green. Decisions, decisions.

  8. The jeans look great as is. Sneakers might be a better choice. The vest I’m not so sure of. Maybe tied/ cinched at the waist?