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What I Packed for a Week in London

Building a Wardrobe
August 23, 2023

If all has gone as planned, I’m in London today. How fun! I’ve journeyed to London with my dear friend Candy, who I’ve known since 7th grade, and we are in a small group of women touring the city with Shelly of Walkabout tours. My plan is to take daily outfit photos as the week progresses, and I’ll share those next week (or get early access by following me in the LTK app and on Instagram!). But today I thought I’d share with you what I packed for my week in London…carry-on only!

TRAVEL Capsule Wardrobe

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We didn’t have to pack everything in a carry-on bag, but I really wanted to have as little luggage as possible. And, while it may surprise you, I honestly prefer wearing a small wardrobe, especially when I’m on vacation. So here’s what I packed for a week in London.

I started with my footwear

I put together my carry-on only capsule wardrobe by starting with my footwear. I wanted to carry only three pairs of shoes total if possible. Since we’re doing a lot of walking, I wanted them all to be comfortable. But I also wanted them to look nice enough for the vespers service at Westminster Abbey and the afternoon tea we had scheduled. I ended up also taking some bedroom slippers because the homeowner of the house we are staying in requested no shoes be worn in the house. I traveled in my On Cloud 5 sneakers, and carried along my Naot Whetu water resistant sandals and my Ally limited edition London Collection flats.

Then I selected my pants

Pants I'm Packing for London
Talbots travel pants // Doria utility pants (and here) // Eileen Fisher tapered pants // Paige antique black ankle jeans

After I decided on my shoes, I chose my pants for the week. I certainly could have included dresses or skirts, but I just really wanted to stick with pants for convenience sake. I wore my Talbots travel pants on the plane and packed my Doria utility pants (and here) (go with your lower size; I have the 29), my Eileen Fisher tapered pants (I purchased them in the #NSale) and my Paige antique black ankle jeans (also from the #NSale).

Next I selected the accessories

no-show socks // On Cloud 5 sneakers // trench coat // umbrella // belt // Naot Whetu water resistant sandals // sunglasses // Lagos necklace // bracelet // earrings // Allsaints scarf (similar option) // low profile socks // crossbody // grey tweed shoes (Use code KAYFLATS for savings on first pair of Ally flats)

I felt like choosing the right accessories was key to really enjoying the capsule wardrobe. So even before I’d really settled on the tops I would take, I decided to take my trench coat and this London-inspired Allsaints scarf (similar option). Call me a romantic, but I just wanted to wear a trench coat in London. That just seemed fitting. I’ll let you know how that turned out. And I purchased the Allsaints scarf in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. At first it jumped out at me because I was specifically looking for a large black and white scarf for this capsule wardrobe. But when I saw that it was a map of East London, well, that sealed the deal. It keeps selling out, so if it’s not available, this Allsaints scarf is similar (and gorgeous).

I limited my jewelry to what I could wear at one time, and everything works nicely with all the clothes I took. I just wore my Lagos necklace, bracelet and earrings.

I made sure to take options for home-base

Travel Capsule Wardrobe
Eileen Fisher ponte lantern pants // black tank // cashmere wrap // slippers // pajamas // tank

I like to have something comfy and cozy to wear when I’m at home-base on a trip. So I always carry along some kind of loungewear besides my pajamas. Especially since I would be at the home with other women, most of whom I don’t know, I wanted to have something I could wear that looks decent and feels comfortable. So I took along my Eileen Fisher ponte lantern pants and a cashmere wrap. And I carried a tank to wear with my pajamas as needed.

I really didn’t have any trouble packing everything for my trip into my Away carry-on suitcase and this medium Everywhere bag. I think the key was keeping my toiletries and other sundries small and limited. I did use two packing cubes, a small one and a large one, only to condense my undies and some of my street clothes.

Outfits Created with My Travel Capsule Wardrobe

Like I said, I’ll share how I really put these pieces into outfits next week. But I’ve put them together into style boards for you below. This turned out to be a helpful exercise for me before leaving on my trip, too. So I highly recommend making your own style boards (I used Canva) or at least detailed lists for possible outfits before you complete your packing for a similar trip. It really helps you to see how things can work together and where you may be missing an element or two.

Travel Day Outfit
no-show socks // On Cloud 5 sneakers // striped shirt // trench coat // black pants //Allsaints scarf (similar option) // belt // sunglasses // Lagos necklace // bracelet // earrings // crossbody // carry on suitcase // medium tote bag

That striped tee above is super soft and comfortable, perfect for travel. I also kept my cashmere wrap handy so that if I needed to wrap up in it on the plane I could.

Dinner Outfit
heart stripe tee // trench coat // black pants // belt //sunglasses // Lagos necklace // bracelet // earrings // crossbody // umbrella // low profile sock // grey tweed shoes (Use code KAYFLATS for savings on first pair of Ally flats)

I’ve created touring outfits and dinner outfits, but I could use these interchangeably depending on the day. I’m not sure I’ll be changing for dinner every day, but it’s nice to have some options.

Touring Outfit
heart stripe tee // trench coat // black pants // belt //sunglasses // Lagos necklace // bracelet // earrings // crossbody // umbrella // no-show socks // On Cloud 5 sneakers

My thinking is I’ll wear a pair of pants for dinner one night and then wear them for touring the next day. Then if I need to I can wash or at least air them out before wearing again. I’m also trying to swap out shoes each day. I’ve heard that’s better for your feet on trips like this. Note, I did bring socks to wear with my sneakers and flats, too.

Dinner Outfit
drawstring tank // straight leg jeans // Allsaints scarf (similar option) // crossbody // bracelet // earrings // low profile sock // grey tweed shoes (Use code KAYFLATS for savings on first pair of Ally flats)

Originally the weather predictions were for the low 70s and 60s. But the closer we got to the trip, the warmer the temperatures were looking. So I tried to pack light pieces I could layer as needed.

Touring Outfit
cashmere sweater vest // white cotton tee // black utility pants // sunglasses // Lagos necklace // bracelet // earrings // crossbody // Naot Whetu water resistant sandals

Someone asked last week why I chose to wear all black pants and didn’t mix things up with khaki or green. A few reasons. I love wearing black. I feel like me in it. And I wanted to love everything I wear. Second, it just made it easier for me to make sure that I could wear all pants with all shoes. I wanted complete versatility. And with all black pants I could know for certain that all tops go with all pants, too.

Touring OUtfit
short sleeve button up // black utility pants // trench coat // belt // sunglasses // Lagos necklace // bracelet // earrings // crossbody // low profile sock // grey tweed shoes (Use code KAYFLATS for savings on first pair of Ally flats)

I wanted to put the effort into packing well, and then I wanted to not have to think at all about my wardrobe once I got to London. Honestly, at first my wardrobe was ALL black and white. But when I realized I’d done that I intentionally added in some color.

Touring OUtfit
cashmere sweater // white cotton tee // black utility pants // sunglasses // Lagos necklace // bracelet // earrings // crossbody // no-show socks // On Cloud 5 sneakers

Again, since my pants are all black I could know for sure that all of the colors of my tops would work with all of my pants. But that’s just me. I don’t think this is a strategy that everyone has to use.

Dinner Outfit
cardigan // tank // straight leg jeans // Allsaints scarf (similar option) // bracelet // earrings // crossbody // low profile sock // grey tweed shoes (Use code KAYFLATS for savings on first pair of Ally flats)

As I’ve been preparing for this trip, I’ve been paying careful attention to other influencers who were packing for similar vacations. I knew from Susie Wright at So Susie that these retro sneakers were on trend in London, for instance. And I also learned from her the value of a versatile scarf and a trench coat on a trip to London. She’s traveled to London several times in the past year, and I’ve been paying attention.

Touring Outfit
trench coat // drawstring tank // black pants // Allsaints scarf (similar option) // crossbody //umbrella // bracelet // earrings // Naot Whetu water resistant sandals

I also watched Jo-Lynne Shane prepare for her trip to Italy last month. I’ve followed Jo-Lynne for almost as many years as she’s been blogging, so that was nothing new. But one of the main things I learned from her is to lean into your own travel style as you pack. She noted that she got a lot of travel advice as she prepared for her European trip, and most of it was good. But she said she decided it was best to sift through that advice and do only the things that resonated with her personal travel style.

Dinner OUtfit
button down // tank // cotton ankle pants // sunglasses // Lagos necklace // bracelet // earrings // crossbody // Naot Whetu water resistant sandals

So I really think I did that here. I knew that comfortable shoes were important to me, but so was looking nice. I’m not camping out. I’m in a major city, one that I’ve admired from a distance for years. And I wanted to feel like I looked my best as I stepped out into it each day. I also wanted my outfits to look like me. When I look back at the photos, I want to see me wearing things that look authentic to my style.

Touring Outfit
short sleeve button up // cotton ankle pants // sunglasses // Lagos necklace // bracelet // earrings // crossbody // Naot Whetu water resistant sandals

I’m really not a fashionista. I don’t need to look like a million bucks every day. But I do like to look pulled together and a little polished. So I wanted my travel capsule wardrobe to facilitate that. I’ll let you know how what I packed for London worked out for me!

Dinner Outfit
cardigan // tank // cotton ankle pants // sunglasses // Lagos necklace // bracelet // earrings // crossbody // low profile sock // grey tweed shoes (Use code KAYFLATS for savings on first pair of Ally flats)

I also wanted a little variety in my outfits. I wanted the ability to wear color…or not. I wanted shoes that dressed me up a bit and others that felt a little edgy and more relaxed.

Touring Outfit
button down // tank // black utility pants // sunglasses // Lagos necklace // bracelet // earrings // crossbody // Naot Whetu water resistant sandals

Well, that’s what I packed for a week in London. And those are the outfits I put together before I left on my trip. I’ll share more of how I actually wore them when I return home. Meanwhile, if you like to travel and would need to do your overseas exploring on your own, I suggest you check out Shelly and Walkabout. If you contact her, be sure to tell her I sent you! And she actually wrote a guest blog post here with tips for women traveling alone.

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13 thoughts on “What I Packed for a Week in London

  1. Love, loved the capsule travel wardrobe post.
    Hope you will do a post on what you carry in your cosmetic bag. I usually seem to carry the bathroom with me. Ha! ThT doesn’t work.ha!
    Also show us the cosmetic bag.
    Hope you’re having a wonderful time.
    Bev May

  2. Hi Kay hope you and your friend Candy are having an absolute Ball in London. Absolutely spot on with your tips on your travel capsule , you have to be ‘you’ . Im like you I pack small and light and with clothes I know work together tried and tested my colour of choice for bottoms that make me feel ‘Me’ is Navy and I always take a pale grey pair of pants as these neutrals go with everything just like your Black did . 15 years ago I used to pack an outfit for every day and every night with shoes bags and jewellery to go with everything , then the unthinkable happened my case went missing for several days aaaaargh 😱Horrors , but guess what it made me savvy I only had my travel outfit on no carry on bag ! And all I did was buy another pair of pants , 1 pair shorts and 2 tops and 2 pretty sun dresses and a wrap for night and 1 pair of shoes for night , and some pretty local wooden jewellery ( we were in Greece) , they sold toiletries and cosmetics woohoo ( I used to think no other country but UK did 😂. And guess what? I had a fabulous time didn’t have to worry about what outfits to wear , we had a ball and it totally freed me up , so much so that when they got my luggage back to me as we were only there a week , the only things I took out was my swimwear to use , and this gave me the confidence to just buy a carry on case for all holidays after that and just concentrate on having a good time on holiday Xx

  3. Enjoy every minute of this beautiful weather in London. Illinois has well over 100 for today and tomorrow. Your choices of clothing made total sense. I checked out your carry on suitcase and, and it seems to be a great size. Perhaps a little larger than mine. Enjoy

  4. Kay
    I absolutely loved your Packing for London blog. I wish I had this info when we went to London. I overpacked and did not wear many of the things I took with me. I do have 2 pairs of the Talbots travel pants and find them to be fantastic for traveling, Another problem I have when traveling even for a long weekend is cosmetics, hair and skin care. Sometimes I feel like I take more products than clothing!!! Any chance of a blog on packing cosmetics, etc? Enjoy your trip.

  5. Dear Kay,
    I hope you are having wonderful trip!
    I also want to know about your cosmetics, hair products, etc.
    I , too pack way too many products!

  6. Thanks so much for your capsule travel wardrobe post! I love your choices, and they are similar to my own. We just returned from a 10 day trip to British Columbia. I took one carryon and a tote that backpacks on my roller bag. Black pants only (one fitted pair of J.Crew pants purchased from your recommendation and one pair of black leggings that are old). I took a variety of colorful tops, most purchased on your recommendation, because I love color. I also took two dresses, one black linen Tommy Bahama and one black-and-white striped Talbots dress–both were your recommendations, so I have a LOT of new clothes thanks to you. I learned some years ago that I can get away with a lot less clothing when our luggage was lost on a trip to Italy and I had to wear my travel outfit for 5 days straight (this is a similar tale to another of your fans). I realized I do NOT have to wear something different every day! What a revelation! I do like to have at least 4 pairs of shoes/sandals, since no matter what I wear my feet start to hurt after about 2 hours. I’m 78, and still interested in looking stylish. You have been a huge inspiration to me!

  7. Did the Medium Everywhere bag fit under the seat on the plane easily? I was looking toward the Everywhere bag because I knew it would. Just curious.

    1. Yes, it did. And honestly I think both this bag and the smaller one are equally nice. They’re configured differently. But both will fit under the seat in front of you.

  8. Your outfits look classic and comfortable. You did a fabulous job for London. Can you tell us what you would have added or changed if the weather was cooler like in the 50s or low 60s? Also please list your toiletries that you took with you on your trip.

    Thank you so much for the post!! Enjoy London!!

    1. Hi Laurie. I don’t have a phone lanyard. You must have seen a lanyard attached to one of the listening devices for the audio tours we’ve done.

  9. We just got home from a two-week trip to London yesterday. I was so unsure about the weather that I overpacked!! My large suitcase was hard-to-handle in the airport, to say the least! Loved London and would do the whole trip again but with less clothes!! I took about 5 pair of black pants!!!

  10. I love posts like this probably because I travel for a living. I love what you packed but then I would bring half. I am someone who packs light! I think you did a great job- you looked pulled together, stylish and comfortable!