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My Spring 2023 Wardrobe Accessories

Building a Wardrobe that Works
March 2, 2023

I’ve been rolling out my personal spring 2023 wardrobe this week, and today I’m sharing the accessories that will help me create great outfits from the clothes in my closet. As I share my own accessories I’ll also provide you with options to add to your own closet. And I’ll share a few of the spring 2023 trends we’re seeing in handbags, shoes, scarves and more. Let’s check out my spring 2023 wardrobe accessories.

Spring 2023 Wardrobe Accessories
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Accessorizing your outfits really is one of the primary keys to looking your very best. I guess sometimes I assume that goes without saying. But it’s definitely worth a reminder. I find that the easiest way to make sure that I always accessorize is to have a few go-to items to complete my outfits on a daily basis, as well as some special ones that I wear when I have a little more time to put things together.

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For the most part, I’m still wearing closed toe shoes in the spring. I make sure I have loafers, mules, sneakers and simple heels to wear with my outfits. But this year ballet flats are really on trend, so I’ve pulled mine to the forefront and making an attempt to wear them a little more.

Spring 2023 Shoes
white mules // ivory boots // cognac loafers // nude kitten heels // camel slide heels // pink mules // black ballet flat (use code SARAHFLINT-BAKAYH for $50 off your first pair of SF shoes) // black heels (use code SARAHFLINT-BAKAYH for $50 off) // ivory mules (more economical) // white leather sneakers // New Balance retro sneakers // black patent leather loafers // retro sneakers

I also made sure I have a pair of lighter colored booties to wear for really chilly spring days. Plus, ivory and white booties are very on trend. You could also keep out your darker ones to wear if you’re in a colder climate.

Retro sneakers continue to trend, as do lug sole loafers. And I’m all on board with both of these footwear trends. I added just one pair of colored shoes to my accessory wardrobe this year. In the past I would have had more, but I’ve learned I really tend to gravitate to neutrals when I’m getting dressed.


This year large totes are very on trend. Of course they’re also roomy and great for carrying a lot of stuff! But you’ll especially see totes in canvas and other non-leather fabrics. I’ve ordered this fun textured tote and I got this fun pink shoulder bag for my birthday.

Spring 2023 Handbags
textured tote // pink shoulder bag // blue convertible shoulder bag // ivory handbag // camel/black/ivory satchel // black hobo

I like to make sure I have a couple of good bags in the neutrals I’ll be wearing. But it’s also fun to have a bag or two in one of your wardrobe signature colors. I’ve had my Tory Burch hobo bag (now available in a beautiful creamy brie) for about four years now, and I’ve had the Coach crossbody for about two. When you select classic bags that are fairly streamlined, you’ll carry them year after year. I’m a sucker for a beautiful satchel, so this year I added this beautiful Michael Kors bag to the lineup. I think it will be very versatile.

Scarves, Sunnies & Lipstick

I think adding a scarf or two to your wardrobe for spring is such a smart way to tie outfits together. Use a scarf to pull together the pieces you’ve added to your wardrobe. I suggest having a scarf in neutrals like my black and ivory butterfly scarf, as well as one with the colors of your wardrobe, like my floral square scarf. If you checked out my Spring 2023 Capsule Wardrobe, you know that the colors in my spring wardrobe are two shades of blue, green and pink, and my neutrals are white and black. So between these two scarves, I should be able to pull together so many great looks.

Spring 2023 Scarves, Sunnies & Lipstick
black and white scarf // black sunnies // pink lipstick in Candy // floral scarf // tan sunnies // ivory floral scarf

Don’t forget your sunnies! They can make or break an outfit. They’re more than just a necessity; they really add to or detract from your look. And I like to make sure I have lipsticks in the shades of pink, red or peach that I’ll be wearing. Since I’m wearing lot of pink this spring – and probably into the summer – I purchased this beautiful pink lip color, and I’m already loving it.


Of course I actually have more jewelry than this in my possession. But each season I like to put some away in a drawer and pull other pieces forward in my jewelry box for better accessibility. That way it’s not as much of a challenge to select some jewelry quickly to accessorize an outfit. I like to keep this as simple as possible for myself!

Spring 2023 Jewelry
station necklace // bangle // parker chain necklace // pearl ball bracelet // coin necklace // herringbone chain // gold balls bracelets // white daisy earrings // chunky chain necklace // silver/gold necklace set // love knot earrings // gold sparkly hoops // Biscayne blue earrings // not shown longer chain necklace

While we’re still seeing layering necklaces and they’re always a good choice, chunky chains rule this spring. I still love this one from Talbots. It’s not extremely heavy, but I do find myself taking it off (almost unconsciously) by evening if I’ve worn it all day.

I also am ordering these pretty Biscayne blue earrings to add to my collection today. They’re also available in green. And I ordered these pretty white daisy earrings a few days ago. So Spring-like!

By the way, pearls are continuing to be very on trend, too.

Hats & Belts

Finally, let’s not forget hats and belts. That little piece of hardware in the middle of your outfit can really elevate your look, if it works for your proportions and shape. And we all probably need to be wearing more hats. I have this pink baseball cap in my collection right now, mainly for playing golf. But I’ll also on the hunt for a good black bucket hat. Bucket hats continue to trend this spring and summer as women keep enjoying the coastal grandmother style aesthetic.

Spring 2023 Hats & Belts
pink baseball cap // black belt // brown belt // ivory belt not currently available

Thanks so much for stopping in. If you haven’t already checked out my Spring Wardrobe Base Layers and my Spring 2023 Capsule Wardrobe, be sure to do that. I gathered lots of ideas for you there, too.

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We can’t really look to Jesus for an example for how to handle making mistakes…because He didn’t make any. Ha! But we do know that He taught and showed and offered grace upon grace. He also taught us to consider other people’s feelings, but not to be “pleasers of men.” So there’s a balance there that is healthy and godly. My goal is to treat other people with kindness and consideration when I make a mistake, but also to give myself grace so that I can carry on with my God-given purposes, seeking to please Him alone. What about you? Take a minute to clarify for yourself how you want to respond after making a simple mistake.

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5 thoughts on “My Spring 2023 Wardrobe Accessories

  1. Love the accessories post. Adding a few pieces to my spring wardrobe. As for sunglasses, I have prescription trifocals. I have the classic black Rayband. Are there websites or suggestions on prescription glasses that are current?
    Thank you

  2. These are great accessory options and so fun to view. I am loving so many🤩
    Great BFMD today as well. I make many mistakes and I have learned to simply breath in and remind myself I’m only human, apologize to anyone if affected, and try to fix my boo-boo. And always, always remember, we learn from our own mistakes 😉

  3. Hi, Kay, I love your ideas for spring and, as a Northerner, appreciate looking ahead with snow still piled up at home. One of the most challenging things I find for any season is buying shoes that work for multiple pants. With varying heel/pant heights, it can be difficult to match shoes to more than one pant. I’d welcome any ideas on how to build my shoe wardrobe so one pair can be worn with multiple outfits. One tailor recently told me that people are wearing their pants shorter, but I still want to make sure they don’t look like what we used to call “high waders;” not a mistake, but intentional.

    1. Hi Karol, the tailor was absolutely right. And the beauty of that is that it really does make it easier to pair shoes and pants. They are not considered high waders at all anymore and we all just need to get that notion out of our heads. It’s really keeping a lot of women from embracing what truly is, I believe, a trend that is here to stay. I don’t think we’ll ever go back to wearing all of our pants and jeans full length again. I think that’s because we have several generations coming up behind us who just will not ever bother to have their pants tailored to a specific length. And honestly I find it very freeing and flattering. So I wear ankle length pants a lot, and I wear those same ones with flats, low heels and high heels. And I think they look very modern and surprisingly flattering. I know a lot of women think that shorter pants make your legs look shorter. But that’s just not always the case. Showing a little skin at the ankle can actually be elongating. And if you wear a cropped length top (not showing your midriff, just shorter) or tuck, you’ll get that visually long leg, even with shorter pants. I encourage you to look at the catalogs of your favorite retailers. You’ll see those women wearing all lengths of pants beautifully. That will help your eyes adjust. Then try your own pants that way. I do agree that you have to be careful about full length pants. You do have to decide what heel height you’ll wear with those and stick with it pretty much. But ankle length pants will afford you more wiggle room.