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Spring Style Inspiration with a Capsule Wardrobe

Building a Wardrobe
March 3, 2023

Happy Friday! It’s raining here all day long, so it’s a good day to play paper dolls. What?!? Remember those? Did you ever play with paper dolls? Or the peel and stick boards? I loved both! And my assistant Holly and I have been playing with the modern version of paper dolls this week as we’ve prepared so many great spring style inspiration boards for you.

We’ve created 10 style boards with my spring 2023 capsule wardrobe, my spring base layer essentials and my spring accessories, but we’ve also created a few boards with more economical options. I know you’ll love this!

Spring Style Inspiration Boards from Dressed for My Day
See this board below for details.

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links I potentially earn a commission on your purchases, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting my work here by shopping my links.

I think a style board is such a good way to visualize outfits. For the most part we’re able to take the people out of them so you can really visualize how the pieces would work for you rather than how they look on someone else. The point of today’s little exercise is to inspire you to create multiple types of outfits from the items in your own closet.

You’ll see that even though I’ve limited my color palette even more than usual this spring, I’m able to create a variety of different looks so that I won’t “look the same” every time I get dressed. Let’s get a little spring style inspiration!

Casual Spring Style on the Go

This first look is a casual outfit for the woman on the go. It’s perfect for running errands or getting coffee with a friend.

Casual Spring Style
Paige jeans // ribbed long sleeve tee // windbreaker // floral scarf // tote // retro sneakers // sunglasses // earrings

I would probably give the t-shirt a gentle front tuck in the jeans. And I could wear the scarf around my neck, in my hair or tied to the handle of my tote. Fun!

Pretty in Pink and White

The vibrant pink is really trending for spring 2023. But if this color is not one of your signature colors, swap in yellow, orange or green here. You can create a column of white underneath an opened colorful shirt. Or you can button the shirt and just let the white tank peek through.

Pretty in Pink and White
white sailor jeans // white tank // pink shirt // white loafer mules // lipstick // necklace // bracelet // ball cap

Don’t forget the pretty pink lipstick! I’m loving this one and getting lots of compliments on it.

“Don’t Be Blue” and Black

What Talbots calls Biscayne Blue is my third signature color for this spring. Neither of these blue garments are that exact shade, but it doesn’t matter! They’ll still look beautiful layered over black (or white or grey!).

"Don't Be Blue" and Black
Bristol pants // ribbed t-shirt // mac coat // ballet flats (use code SARAHFLINT-BAKAYH for $50 off your first pair) // scarf // hobo bag // belt // sunglasses

That black and white scarf will tie this outfit together beautifully!

Let’s Have Fun!

Here’s another casual outfit…for my very casual lifestyle. But even on the most ordinary day we can look polished and pulled together with the addition of a few accessories.

Let's Have Fun!
jeans // tank // shirt // sneakers // silver/gold necklace duo // belt // earrings // handbag

I love layering the same color in a tank and shirt. Really makes the color pop! And no, they don’t have to be exactly the same to get the effect. Let’s check out more spring style inspiration.

Neutral But Not Boring

Let’s take a break from the bold colors and check out a classy combo of neutrals. You know I love my neutrals! And they can look oh so sharp and sophisticated.

Neutral But Not Boring
Bristol pants // elbow sleeve sweater // trench coat // loafer mules // scarf // handbag // sunglasses // necklace

There’s that scarf again! It’s going to be a heavy hitter in my spring wardrobe.

Bring on the Stripes!

Remember, stripes are really trending this spring. And I’m seeing them EVERYWHERE! Here’s a fun outfit with grey and black and white…and a big pop of pink!

Bring on the Stripes!
grey jeans // striped tee // pink jacket // mules // hobo bag // sunglasses // lipstick // necklace

With those pink mules I’ll still have a pop of color in this otherwise monochromatic outfit even after I remove the jacket.

The Ladies That Lunch

This is the kind of outfit I love to wear when I meet up with a friend for lunch. Casual but oh so sharp and pulled together. My camel blazer is no longer available, but you could wear any camel, grey or black blazer here. Or a different color if you swap out the shell.

Off to Work We Go!
white jeans // blue shell // slides // handbag // belt // earrings // bracelet

You might could wear this look to work, too. Or swap in dressier trousers for the jeans.

Spring Vacation

I love wearing white jeans in the spring. And these sailor jeans are much more slimming than you might suspect. I’d wear the striped tee gently tucked in the front and then add the blue sweater over my shoulders.

Soccer and Tee Ball Games
white sailor jeans // graphic tee // blue sweater // sneakers // tote // sunglasses // bracelets // earrings

And remember, those canvas totes are really trending this year. But talk about practical, too!

Office Smart for Spring

Nothing is as sharp for the office as black and white. Carry a pink shoulder bag and add a pink lip for a little femininity.

Office Smart for Spring
black trousers // ribbed polo // blazer // black loafers // belt // shoulder bag // sunglasses // lipstick // bracelet // earrings

As I was plugging in those links I realized the black trousers actually have a flat waistband, so there’s no need for that belt.

Creamy and Casual

Natural colored jeans are really trending again this year, so we don’t want to leave them out of the style boards. You could certainly wear them with most any color or neutral, but I love how they work with white!

Creamy and Casual
natural jeans // cotton sweater // mules // bag // belt // scarf // bracelet // earrings

This monochromatic look is so chic, but really casual and comfortable, too. I know those mules (a birthday gift) are crazy expensive. But they are truly lovely and I’m so grateful for them. However, hang tight! “Kay’s Style for Less” boards are coming up!

Not Just Another Monday

It won’t feel like just another Monday when you show up at the office in this sharp trio. Or this is perfect for church, too.

Not Just Another Monday
camel pants // bow neck shell // blazer // handbag // kitten heel pumps (use code KAYHEELS for $40 off) // belt // earrings // sunglasses

Notice we’ve got gold and silver hardware in this outfit. Looking at it again, I’d probably add in this necklace duo to pull those metal colors together.

Kay’s Style for Less

My assistants and I are actually going to be providing you with lots of “Kay’s Style for Less” boards from here on out. I can’t promise one for every post – or even most posts – but I can assure you that we will do our best to provide enough of them that you can actually begin to get a feel for shopping my outfits on your own at lower price points…if you desire.

I know you’re going to enjoy this spin on our spring style inspiration, too.

Not Just Another Monday – Kay’s Style for Less

Let’s take another look at that style board just above. Holly has created the same outfit at a significantly lower price point.

Not Just Another Monday - Kay's Style for Less
trousers // shell // blazer // pumps // belt // handbag // earrings // sunglasses

Obviously the items don’t all feature the same silhouettes. So you need to take those things into consideration as you shop. But I love the work look Holly put together here.

Casual Spring Style on the Go – Kay’s Style for Less

Next Holly put together for us my Casual Spring Style on the Go board for less. You still get that great spring style, but for significantly less.

Casual Spring Style on the Go - Kay's Style for Less
jeans // green tee // jacket // scarf // sneakers // sunnies // earrings // tote

I haven’t added up the saving here yet, but I know it’s good. And these boards also help you cut corners when you need or want to, but splurge on others items of your choosing.

Let’s Have Fun! – Kay’s Style for Less

Holly also recreated this easy going outfit for less. And it looks amazingly similar. I especially love the striped button up she chose.

Let's Have Fun! - Kay's Style for Less
button-up shirt // jeans // tank // belt // sneakers // earrings // bag // necklace

Bring on the Stripes! – Kay’s Style for Less

Let’s duplicate that casual outfit with the striped tee for less. Aren’t those grey jeans great?

Bring on the Stripes! - Kay's Style for Less
jeans // tee // jacket // satchel // necklace // mules // sunnies // lipstick

Please note, while I am more than pleased to have my assistants round up these Kay’s Style for Less options, you’ll need to remember that in most cases they nor I have actually tried on these garments or accessories. So we can put these looks together and link you to the items in them, but we’re not necessarily recommending them.

That said, I sure do like the look of that black satchel, and I always love Columbia jackets.

Neutral But Not Boring – Kay’s Style for Less

We’ve also got a Kay’s Style for Less version of one of my favorite neutrals outfits. This Old Navy trench coat also comes in navy, by the way. And it’s a great coat for the price. Nothing will elevate your spring outfits like a classic trench.

Neutral But Not Boring - Kay's Style for Less
trench coat // pants // top // shoes // necklace // sunglasses // crossbody // scarf

I also feel really confident that those ivory mules will be a great buy. They’re Naturalizers. And they’re also available in brown and black.

Creamy and Casual – Kay’s Style for Less

And finally we have a more economical rendition of the creamy and casual look.

jeans // sweater // purse // shoes // scarf // belt // bracelet // earrings

Let me tell you, what Holly did here took a lot of time and effort. It’s not easy hunting down all these substitutions. Our goal is to load a few more this afternoon. But I am so grateful I have these two assistants helping me to serve you well.

I hope you enjoyed this spring style inspiration. And have a lovely Friday!

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11 thoughts on “Spring Style Inspiration with a Capsule Wardrobe

  1. Can you give us the name of that lipstick color?. When you pull up the link there is only a reddish orange shown and you can’t access any other color. Weird! I love this concept of the style boards.And thank you for the dress for less ideas too! I’ve been really unhappy with other image influencers who are saying we should buy more expensive clothes but buy less. I understand their quality issues and their capsule wardrobe concepts but I find that price doesn’t always reflect quality, we can’t all afford top of the line clothes, nor do we all need to be wearing cashmere and silk as it doesn’t necessarily reflect our lifestyles. I also think it can be off putting to people who can’t afford those things. I don’t want to ever come off to someone who is not as well off as me as out of reach because of what I wear. I like to dress appropriately for the situation, sustainably if I can and casually for my lifestyle, I have another fun paper doll concept to help me see myself in clothes. I am a seamstress and love My Body Model which is a computer generated model of your body that you can literally turn into a paper doll to see what styles will look good on you. It’s cool and a lot of fun. Really good to see if a pattern will look good when you make it up. Thanks for the skirts that you posted the other day. I am having the worst time finding a navy skirt for church. I did finally order one from Talbots that was on your board. You’d think I’d just make one but am also having no luck finding quality material. I truly believe everything is harder now since the Pandemic and am so glad to have you to help us navigate the fashion world. I just turned 70 and still want to look modern and cute. Thanks again! Oh and happy birthday! The best is yet to be!

  2. Nice 👗 👖 🧥 👟 👠 🧣 💎 👜 🕶️ boards. And yes! HALT is a great acronym. Thank you.

  3. Thank you, Kay, to you and your team for your hard work in preparing this post! I use a combination of closet-shopped and pre-loved with a sprinkling of new to jazz up my wardrobe. When I buy something that is intended as a classic piece, I ask myself if it is so “me” that I would put it on right away and start wearing it (weather permitting). If I am reluctant to start wearing the piece, will I even wear it later?

  4. Thanks, Kay, for these visual outfit boards for Spring. I’m a very visual person so I’m a sucker for all types of outfit boards! I’m looking forward to the next Spring boards. Also, the more economical options are so good to have, too.

  5. Thank you for the “for less” board. It gives exposure to some stores like Belk that are not in our area. Some great sales also showed up, too. Great work! It was so much fun to see where they found everything. Goodness, Kay… you put out the equivalent of a magazine every week! I’ve been following for years and it just gets better and better!

  6. I couldn’t let this week go by without thanking you and your two lovely assistants for the really wonderful job you did this week. Your posts were so helpful, so informative, so detailed and most of all so inspirational. I waited until this week’s posts completed before making my Spring shopping list. I’m planned to purchase several of the items you featured plus shopping my closet for more. I think I can easily pull off similar looks fine tuned for me. A big thank you!

  7. Bravo, Bravo, Kay and your assistants! Today’s style boards were simply the best for this 69-year-old! They challenged me to go “shopping in my closet” to create outfits for an upcoming special reunion trip with family and friends. I can’t believe how viewing your capsule wardrobe and the capsule for less boards have inspired me to create new outfits from old favorites. Thank you, so much. And the BFMD was a message I needed to take to hear.

  8. Kay, I really like the style boards and appreciate you sharing some that cost less. Of course, seeing you in outfits is always so nice.