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The 23 Hottest Sellers at DFMD in 2023

December 27, 2023

Each month I like to wrap up the month sharing what was hot, Hot, HOT at Dressed for My Day that month. And I’ll definitely do that next week. But today I’m wrapping up the year with the top sellers from the whole year of 2023. While I actually do not have access to your private information, so I do not know exactly what was purchased, I do know that these are the 23 items that were clicked through the most frequently here, on my YouTube channel and through the LTK app resulting in sales. And based on these numbers and comments, I’m pretty sure these were indeed the 23 hottest sellers at DFMD in 2023.

Top 23 Best Sellers 2023

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links I potentially earn a commission on your purchases, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting my work here by shopping my links.

Not only do I hear from readers that it’s fun to see what was hot at DFMD in a year, but it definitely helps me to run these analytics. I like to see what styles resonate with my readers, what price points you gravitate to and which stores you prefer to shop. And it’s no surprise that I generally find that your top 23 items at DFMD are also some of my favorites.

We’ll check out the top 23 best sellers at DFMD in 2023 in typical countdown order, going from #23 to #1. Let’s go!

#23 – Talbots Linen Blazer

I love my Talbots linen blazers, and evidently many of my readers do, too. This particular blazer came in a soft oatmeal color as well as a pretty blue, yellow and I think pink or coral this year. Oh, and navy! Of course they all sold out in the summer, but I’m sure Talbots will have similar linen blazers in a few months.

Talbots Linen Blazer

I especially love styling a linen blazer with the same color tee or tank underneath, like I did above. You know I’ll be styling them again this spring and summer.

#22 – Talbots High Waisted Relax Fit Jeans (similar)

The Talbots high waist relax fit jeans that come in at number 22 are the ones I cut off to be more like ankle jeans last spring/summer, shown below. Of course those are sold out, but these are very similar. In fact, I’m definitely ordering those for the spring.

camp jacket

I think we can expect to see straight leg relaxed fit jeans continue to trend in the spring and even into the fall 2024. They’re definitely comfortable, and with the right styling hacks they can be very flattering.

#21 – City Beauty City Lips plumping lip gloss

We all love our City Beauty City Lips plumping lip gloss, don’t we? Honestly, few beauty products have made such a significant difference for me the way these City Lips plumping lip glosses have. My lips are healthier than ever, and they truly plump my lips making them look fuller and more youthful. I don’t go a day without applying them.

City Lips Lip Plumpers
City Beauty City Lips plumping lip gloss

It didn’t make the top 23, but I know the City Beauty City Lips Night Oil is also popular with my readers. And it definitely helps keep my lips healthier, too. Plus, I just love the way it feels when I apply it each night at the end of my evening skincare routine.

#20 – Laura Tassel Loafers

Loafers have continued to be on trend this year, and these Laura Tassel Loafers are a nice pair. In fact, I brought mine with me to Georgia for Christmas and wore them at least a couple of times.

Tassel Loafers
Laura Tassel Loafers

I found these to run just a little small, so I sized up 1/2 size. The Laura Tassel Loafers are still available in most sizes, and they’re marked down. You get an extra 40% off that sale price, too.

#19 – Talbots Medallion Open Back Dress

Of course this colorful summer dress is sold out, but the fact that so many readers and YouTube viewers liked it tells me you love color and simple, comfortable dresses. I took this one on vacation, but I never got to wear it because the weather didn’t cooperate.

What I Packed for a Coastal Maine Vacation
Talbots Medallion Open Back Dress no longer available

#18 – Talbots Straight Leg Jeans Florence Wash

I actually haven’t worn my Florence wash Talbots straight leg jeans very much because they do run a little smaller than similar jeans in other colors. But I do appreciate the dressier appearance of these dark wash jeans, due to the navy threading.

Florence wash Talbots straight leg jeans // Shop the Look HERE

I do think a smart pair of dark wash jeans like these Florence wash Talbots straight leg jeans are such a closet staple for the classic closet. These run a little tighter than other similar Talbots straight leg jeans, so consider sizing up. I’m wearing an 8, but I wish I’d purchased a 10. Or maybe I just need to lose a few pounds! ha!

#17 – Stretch Corduroy Straight Leg Pants

I have several pairs of the Talbots Stretch Corduroy Straight Leg Pants, and I love being able to wear them through the fall and winter. It gives me something casual and easy to wear instead of just jeans, jeans and more jeans.

styling cords for favorite fall outings
Stretch Corduroy Straight Leg Pants as seen in this blog post

I generally size up in cords; they just seem to run a little smaller than jeans across the board. When I size up to a 10 in these Stretch Corduroy Straight Leg Pants they give me a relaxed, easy fit that’s comfortable all day long.

#16 – Chico’s Trouser Jeans

My friend Shelly wore these Chico’s Trouser Jeans in London, and I loved the look of them. Sure enough, they are extremely comfortable and stylish.

Chico’s Trouser Jeans // Ally booties // handbag

The Chico’s Trouser Jeans come in four nice washes and a full range of sizes. I’m wearing the regular length in a Chico’s size 1.5. I think mine are the evening tide indigo.

#15 – Sam Edelman Trench Coat

I love my Sam Edelman Trench Coat. I bought this in the early spring and wore it frequently then and in the fall. I expect classic and souped up trench coats to be trending high again this spring, so they’re definitely a smart investment.

5 Wardrobe Essentials for Early Spring
Sam Edelman Trench Coat

The Sam Edelman Trench Coat is now only available in limited sizes in orange poppy. But I’ve already seen favorite brands introduce trench coats for the spring, such as this twill raglan trench at Ann Taylor, this refined trench coat at Talbots and this icon trench at J.Crew. But this shorter trench is currently on sale (final sale) and a really nice classic. In my experience, trench coats are generally fairly pricey, but they’re also classics you can wear for years.

#14 – 100% Cotton Fisherman Sweater

The Quince 100% Cotton Fisherman Sweater is such a great closet staple and can be worn year round in many climates.

100% organic cotton fisherman sweater
Quince cotton fisherman sweater // necklace

Quince is a responsible brand that has cut out the middle man and ships directly from the manufacturer, so their prices are significantly lower but the quality is still good. I’ll admit, I still prefer my Jenni Kayne cotton fisherman sweater over this one, but the Quince model is excellent and such a sweet price at under $50. Use their size guide for the best fit. To see more of my favorites from Quince, check out this recent blog post.

#13 – PAIGE Cindy Raw Hem High Waist Ankle Straight Leg Jeans

The PAIGE Cindy Raw Hem High Waist Ankle Straight Leg Jeans were some of my top sellers from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. And I have to admit, I still wear these jeans almost weekly. They are definitely some of my favorites. I especially love the dark grey/washed black wash, the stretch fit and the silhouette.

Think about Jeans

In fact, maybe that’s one of the reasons they are top sellers. While I don’t think I ever “modeled them” here on the blog (other than in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale feature above), these jeans made almost a weekly appearance in my How I Really Dressed for My Day posts on Fridays. Maybe that should serve as a reminder to me that many of my readers pay more attention to those posts than the styled outfit posts. These jeans are sold out, but I do expect to see similar styles for spring, as grey continues to trend and the length and silhouette of this jeans is still very modern.

#12 – Nordstrom Utility Vest

Here’s another sold out reader favorite, the Nordstrom Utility Vest. I do think a vest is such a great completer piece, especially if you live in a climate where a jacket or blazer is just too much.

utility vest
the Nordstrom Utility Vest is sold out

#11 – Talbots Ankle Length Travel Pants

The Talbots Ankle Length Travel Pants have been trending high here at Dressed for My Day for two years now. I’m pretty sure our community has single-handedly almost depleted their supply. There are a few sizes still available in these truly remarkable travel pants.

Travel Day
top // travel pants // no-show socks // sneakers // necklace // bracelet // earrings // crossbody // suitcase // carryon tote // trench coat (in carry-on)

What makes them so remarkable? They’re easy to wash and dry, very versatile because they look a little elevated but feel especially comfortable and easy to move and sit in. They also have two zip pockets. We’ll have to wait and see if Talbots comes out with anything to replace them.

#10 – Nordstrom Wool & Cashmere Sweater Hoodie

As someone who enjoys wearing an elevated but relaxed style, I love this Nordstrom Wool & Cashmere Sweater Hoodie. It looks polished and smart, but also casual, comfortable and youthful. It’s very on trend to wear a hoodie under a blazer, denim jacket or trench coat, too.

Blazer with Jeans and Hoodie Sweater
herringbone blazer // wool and cashmere knit hoodie // hoop earrings // jeans old (similar style) // pumps (use code SARAHFLINT_CCLAURAKAY1 for 15% off your first pair of Sarah Flints) (more economical option) // belt // earrings

This wool and cashmere knit hoodie is sold out, but the less expensive and equally stylish versions here and here are still fairly well stocked.

#9 – Talbots Bristol Pants

It looks like the Talbots Bristol Pants are all sold out. Well maybe there’s a pair or two available in petites. I absolutely love this pleated, cropped length pants. I have them in black and in white, and I found them to be so versatile.

What to wear to a College or High School Graduation this Spring
Talbots Bristol Pants

But I have noticed that Talbots has a new Southampton pant and a more modern New England chino I’m eager to try.

#8 – Talbots Washed Linen Jacket

I actually purchased my first Talbots Washed Linen Jacket last year and passed it on to my mom because it was a little too roomy on me. I sized down in one this year and enjoyed it so much more. This casual but trending jacket worked perfectly for so many occasions, including my vacation to Maine.

striped ruffle neck tank and washed linen jacket
Talbots Washed Linen Jacket

This jacket is basically sold out, of course, but I’d keep my eyes open for another one this spring. I think these bomber jacket styles will continue to be on trend.

#7 – Zella Performance Hooded Blazer

I’m a little surprised to see that the Zella Performance Hooded Blazer is my top seller from this year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Not because it’s not a great blazer, but because it actually sold out in the sale very quickly. However, I did notice that they restocked it after the sale, so that may be when many of my readers and viewers snagged one.

Zella Performance Hooded Blazer

This Zella Performance Hooded Blazer is actually perfect for an elevated travel outfit because it is indeed made of performance fabric. Zella is an activewear brand at Nordstrom, so this blazer is designed to be worn with joggers or leggings or for travel. You can also remove the drawstring hood. It’s still available in a couple of sizes; I’m wearing a small comfortably. So size down.

#6 – Caslon Shirt Dress

I’m pleased and not at all surprised to see the Caslon Shirt Dress toward the top of our list of the 23 hottest sellers at Dressed for My Day. I thought that this dress was super comfortable and such a nice length, especially since I’m 5’8″ and sometimes it’s hard to find similar dresses long enough.

Meet the Dress
polo style dress // sandals  // earrings // necklace

The polo style dress is still available in limited sizes. I’m wearing a medium.

#5 – Ballet Neck Top from Talbots

I looked through my photos to find this Ballet Neck Top from Talbots and came up short. But I think I featured it in this video on YouTube. And then I listed it in my Spring Capsule Wardrobe, too.

And then I listed it in my Spring Capsule Wardrobe, too. And the fact that this simple but very on trend top is so high in our list of 23 hottest sellers reminds me that readers and viewers really are looking to build functional, workable wardrobes with versatile basics.

Springlike Day

The Ballet Neck Top from Talbots is sold out, but I actually preferred the similar square neck top myself. And that one is well-stocked. It has 3/4 length sleeves.

#4 – Talbots Tribeca Pants

The Talbots Tribeca Pants became my favorite pants in the fall. I have them in black, and they proved to be so versatile, creating both casual and more elevated outfits.

2x2 Outfit Formula with Tribeca Pants
Tribeca pants // blazer // earrings // sunglasses // t-shirt // bracelet not available (substitute) // similar belt // tote option

Besides the fact that they’re just great pants, I think that these softly pleated ankle length pants may have been so popular because I wore them in the popular blog post on working the 2×2 style formula.

2x2 outfit formula
Tribeca pants // chambray shirt (similar option) // houndstooth blazer// loafers (similar option) // similar earrings

The Tribeca pants are available in black, navy and camel. And the fabrication makes them perfect four-season pants (depending on your climate, of course). They’re still available and 30% off with code JANUARY.

#3 – Two-Way Stripes Tank

The Two-Way Stripes Tank from Talbots is another wardrobe basic that I keep in my closet year-round. No wonder so many readers and viewers purchased this classic tee. You can wear it with either a scoop neck or v-neck and it’s available in black and white, navy and white or camel and white stripes.

5 Wardrobe Essentials for Great Spring Outfits
Two-Way Stripes Tank

This Two-Way Stripes Tank is the kind of wardrobe essential that you have to have to create the outfits you really love. At my age, I especially lean into tanks when I’m wearing blazers and other jackets because they don’t add a lot of heat or bulk in my sleeves.

Look Classy & Pulled Together This Spring
white boyfriend jeans // striped reversible tank // navy blazer (also here) (similar, more economical option) // nude sandals // similar neutral shoulder bag // necklace // earrings

I featured this striped reversible tank in a couple of different blog posts in the spring, including this one about how to Add Versatility to Your Spring Wardrobe.

Utility Jacket
white boyfriend jeans // striped reversible tank // nude sandals // similar jacket // necklace // earrings

The striped reversible tank is still available. It runs true to size.

#2 – Talbots Shetland Blazer

The Talbots Shetland Blazer was definitely one of my favorite purchases of the fall. I got it in this pretty berry color, but it is also still available in a nice camel.

How to Wear a Blazer and Look Casual
Talbots Shetland Blazer

While the color is called berry, it definitely has more of a red tone than, say, a wine or burgundy. It works beautifully in my wardrobe. And, as I shared in this blog post, it can be worn casually with jeans or dressed up a bit.

How to Wear a Blazer and Look Casual
berry red blazer // ribbed t-shirt (sold out) similar white tank // denim jeans (more economical option) // belt // purse // necklace // bracelet // earrings // flats (use code KAYFLATS for savings on your first flats at Ally)

I wear a size 8 in the blazer.

#1 – St. John’s Bay Mid Rise Straight Leg Jeans

Well here is perhaps the biggest lesson learned this year. I need to pay attention to what my readers and viewers recommend. A YouTube viewer mentioned liking these St. John’s Bay Mid Rise Straight Leg Jeans in the comment feed of one of my videos, I think the one about How to Find the Perfect Jeans. So I decided to check them out.

The St. John’s Bay Mid Rise Straight Leg Jeans come in at a great price and are truly a good jean for the value.

casual fall outfits from JCPenney
mid-rise straight leg jeans in dark formation rinse (TTS; wearing a misses 10) // black tank (similar) // plaid flannel shirt (TTS) // black belt // black Chelsea boots // necklace // earrings // bracelet

Because I truly prefer and look and feel my best in a high rise jean, these are not my favorites. But I continue to hear from women who love mid rise jeans that they are thoroughly enjoying these mid-rise straight leg jeans. And I did find them to be very comfortable. And you have to admit, they look great on.

mid-rise jeans
mid-rise straight leg jeans in dark formation rinse (TTS; wearing a misses 10) // black tank (similar) // plaid flannel shirt (TTS) // black belt // black Chelsea boots

The mid-rise straight leg jeans run true to size; I’m wearing a 10. And they come in a viariety of washes. I’m wearing the dark formation rinse.

Well, that’s a wrap! Whew! I hope you enjoyed this run down the list of the 23 hottest sellers at DFMD. I think we can see that the list is heavy on wardrobe essentials, styles from Talbots, reasonably priced items and those that we can wear for years. Points taken!

You can expect to see a few more year in review posts forthcoming. I think these are generally fun to read through, but they’re also extremely helpful for me as I plan my content calendar for next year. Stay tuned!

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Blessed for My Day

As I take the time to look back over the year here at my blog and YouTube channel, I think it’s also a good time to count our blessings from the year. Surely God has been good to you, even if that goodness has looked like companionship through a difficult time. In fact, some of the seasons in which I have most sensed God’s faithfulness, power and presence have been the darkest.

Let’s take some time to remember how God has blessed through this past year. In fact, feel free to share some of your blessings in the comments. But definitely praise and thank the Lord for His goodness as well.

Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me, bless his holy name! Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits…~ Psalm 103:1-2

xoxo, Kay
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12 thoughts on “The 23 Hottest Sellers at DFMD in 2023

    1. I don’t think the color is available anymore, but I’m wearing the sheer underneath (always!) and then I top whatever lipstick I wear with one of the tinted clear glosses.

  1. I loved for post on the Frank & Eileen pieces. I was reluctant to purchase until I saw them on you. I then bought 4 items. I picked up 2 jackets, 2 flannel button shirts and a Henley sweatshirt. They are my fav items for daily wear. Please show items from this line more often. I love seeing them worn by someone I trust. Thx!

      1. I also love that brand. I bought two shirts. One was an oversized which I didn’t realize. I gave it to my daughter who was thrilled with it. Also, the linen felt too scratchy for me. I have sensitive skin though, so maybe that is just me. I know linen gets softer with use.

        I am thankful for my family. Four beautiful daughters, thoughtful son and nine grandchildren. I am so thankful for Jesus who sustains me daily.

  2. Thanks for the fun post! I always find these top seller posts interesting. And congratulations on you beautiful, sweet grand!

  3. What a great recap. I have a few of these, thank you Kay. I also have a question sparked by the January Talbots catalogue. Here we are at the end of month one of winter, and we have two months to go. At some point in Jan/Feb do you start to incorporate the lighter colors of the catalogs? Do you tend to stay darker overall and just pull in lighter colors in Feb/ March?

    I’m looking forward to continuing to wear my winter wardrobe during…winter. 🙂 I realize that retailers have to keep bringing in new collections, but I’m thinking that many/most of us have closets full of winter colors and styles and are looking forward to wearing them. Needing to wear them for warmth. And, as the holidays end I find myself not wearing as much red or green or bright colors and going back to rotate in some of the burgundies, plums and teals that I was wearing in November, before Christmas colors came in. I’d be so interested to know if you retire November, start wearing the “cruise collections” now, or hold off for a bit.

    1. Hi Lael, I’ll continue to wear mostly my winter wardrobe. I think the January collection from Talbots, JJill and others is more of a warm-weather-destination collection. So if I were going somewhere a little warmer like Arizona or Florida I’d incorporate some of those items. And they’re also beautiful of course for people who live in those warmer places. I did try on a few things at Talbots today and it was nice to try some cheerful colors.

  4. I love this list, Kay. Thanks for sharing. I purchased a few of the Talbot’s jeans thanks to your recommendations. I really wanted the Talbot’s washed linen white jacket…but waited too late to order and they were out of stock. Hoping they are back in 2024. I’m curious about what size you ordered because you mentioned that it was “too roomy.”. Did you purchase it in a SMALL? We are similar sizes, and I really appreciate that you share your sizes that you purchase. Thank you for inspiring me!

  5. Love blessed for my day message. I’m very thankful for all of God’s blessings this year. I had a cellulitis infection from a bee sting in my leg this past summer. It was bad but thank God the oral antibiotics cured it. I’m so grateful I didn’t need to go in the hospital. I agree about mid rise jeans. I’m not comfortable in them like high waisted or a classic waist jean or pant. I keep seeing more mid rise jeans on all the websites.