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Fall 2023 Shoe Trends for Women Over 50

August 31, 2023

Welcome to Dressed for My Day! It’s time to talk about shoe trends for fall 2023. And since I focus on helping women over 50 feel stylish, modern and authentic as we step out the door, I’m sharing the shoe trends I think are especially wearable for the over 50 woman.

Fall Shoe Trends 2023 for women over 50

As with any discussion of fashion trends, I feel like I need to remind us that fashion should be fun. And trends are optional and personal, but they don’t need to be controversial. I’m sharing just a few of the shoes trends for fall 2023, specifically those that are truly wearable. I don’t figure many of my readers will opt to wear feathers on their shoes, nor will most of you want to wear what would generally pass as bedroom slippers…out to dinner. So we’ll skip those less functional trends. But let’s have fun looking through the shoes that are truly having a moment this fall 2023.

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Feminine Flats

I suspect that one of the favorite trends among my readers will be the various forms of feminine flats we’re seeing for fall 2023. Expect to see lots of ballet flats at your favorite shoe sources, but also pointy toe flats, flats with bows and other feminine embellishments and even Mary Jane-esque flats.

Feminine Flats
top to bottom: Mary Jane flat from Madewell // bow on tweed flat from Nordstrom // fleurette pointy toe slingbacks from Nordstrom

Let me warn you, you will see some pricey shoes in the shopping widgets. I find it helpful to look at the designer brands for inspiration. They tend to be more fashion forward and they help set the pace for the rest of the industry. And when I find details on those high end shoes that I like, I can then look for them at lower price points. So pay attention to the details. Note the shoes your eyes are drawn to and then pinpoint the details that drew you in. Then you can find shoes with similar details at your budget.

So I do have some pricey shoes in the shopping widget below, but I also gathered plenty of options at a full range of prices. You’ll see the prices when you hover over the item with your mouse or touch it on your mobile device.

Menswear Inspired

As fine tailoring and elevated workwear trends this year, so do menswear inspired shoes. You can still look very feminine in your loafers and brogues, but they do add a decidedly masculine touch to an outfit. This year I’m seeing a fair balance of more traditional loafers and the lug sole loafers. You’ll also notice loafers abound in all neutrals from black to taupe to cognac to ivory and more.

Menswear Inspired
top to bottom: monk strap oxfords from Bloomingdale’s // embellished loafers at Bloomingdale’s // penny loafers at Bloomingdale’s

By the way, the options I’ve shown in the graphics are not necessarily “my picks.” I just wanted to provide you with a good variety of visuals for each trend.

I love a good pair of loafers. They’ll be so comfortable and on trend with jeans and casual pants, but also nice trousers. By the way, mules are still very on trend, but loafers are definitely getting more buzz in all the fashion articles I’m reading.

Keep in mind that many of the shoes shown in the shopping widgets come in additional color options, too. So click through if you like the shoe, even if you’re looking for a different color.

Sporty Sneakers

We’ll continue to see sneakers abound. You’ll look fashionable and on trend in your white leather sneakers or the popular retro styles. And this year I’ve noticed that those retro sneakers are not limited to running shoes, but now include soccer or field shoes, as well as court shoes. You can keep your sneakers as tame or fun as you’d like. Do what works best for your personal style aesthetic and your lifestyle.

Sporty Sneakers
top to bottom: retro court sneaker at Nordstrom // New Balance sneaker at Madewell // Reebok club sneakers at Madewell

In London I literally saw hundreds of women wearing sneakers similar to the ones above with their dresses, pants and jeans. It is so on trend to be both comfortable and beautifully dressed. Remember, the pervasive fashion trend this fall is “wearability,” and our love for sneakers aligns beautifully.


Who would have thought that slingbacks would earn their own category in this fall shoe trend report. But indeed, this classic shoe is having a big moment. You’ll see beautiful offerings in flats, kitten heels, higher heels and even loafers. I love this ultra feminine silhouette, and I think they look lovely with dresses and skirts as well as slacks and even jeans.

top to bottom: slingback block heel pumps at Nordstrom // slingback skimmer at Nordstrom // slingback loafer at Nordstrom

Of course the challenge with slingbacks is always to find a pair that fits so the strap doesn’t slip on your heel. But if you can wear these feminine shoes they will truly set you apart.

I’d also like to point out a couple of other trending details. Black heels and dressy flats are really trending this year. I think we’ll be seeing a lot of black shoes and belt combinations, tying outfits together to look sharp and a little sophisticated. And black shoes with noticeable gold hardware is also very on trend.

Seeing Red!

Red is the big color of the year, and it’s showing up beautifully in shoes, too. If you have red shoes in your closet, pull them out and wear them. And if you don’t…hmm. Could new red shoes be in your future?

Red shoes
top to bottom: slingback pointed toe flat at Nordstrom // cap toe ballerina flats at Saks // leather loafers at Saks

You’ll see all sorts of red shoes from loafers to ballet flats to pumps to sneakers. You don’t even have to wear any other red in your outfit with these show stoppers. Or you could add a bold red lip or a pretty red scarf to tie your look together.


Yes, you read that correctly. Socks are oh so on trend this year. But these are not your mother’s socks. Or maybe they are…

socks and sandals from J.Crew

It’s not just that any ol’ socks are on trend. What is fashionable right now is to wear thin, filmy and novelty socks that show with your sandals, loafers and other shoes. You’ll see some examples in the shopping widget below. Or you can click through to see even more. I think it looks really fun, albeit a little “cool girl.” So we’ll have to see about this one. But I’m definitely game for trying it out!

Well that was fun! Remember, trends are purely optional. You can always stick with the classics and look polished and pretty. But it’s good to know what’s trending so you can participate if you like.

Thanks so much for dropping in. I hope you have a lovely day!

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7 thoughts on “Fall 2023 Shoe Trends for Women Over 50

  1. I love, love shoes! There were many styles and trends I liked this year. I might have to invest in a couple of new pairs. Nice BFMD

  2. Not sure how I’ll work socks into my style this year but so glad to see them! I’m looking forward to adding a warm fashionable layer to my feet and legs!

  3. Loving the shoes ! Especially the Red ones ❤️❤️❤️You are so right how they can just make the outfit . Last winter I got some Berry coloured ankle boots ( they are the same colour as your lovely Berry sweater Kay you showed us with your grey jeans) I used them to just finish off my plain navy blue outfit( this autumn/winter I am going for grey like you Kay) , I got so many compliments on my boots and felt fabulous in them , they made me happy ❤️. I love that feminine sling backs are back I love them with dresses and skirts , but thank you for that tip about wearing them with jeans . Im not sure about the flimsy sock look , if you try it Kay and look great at pulling it off I might give it a go 👍🏻. Loving the BFMD ❤️

  4. Those red shoes are the bomb! You mentioned strength training. I’d love to know what app/s you are using for your workouts. I have two to share that are great…Move With Nicole which is Pilates and Fabulous 50s.

  5. I love all of the shoes! You called the sock/stockings a ‘cool girl vibe’ and that’s correct – it’s probably best suited for girls or young women. I cannot see myself wearing them unless it’s under pants with a little peeking out. I realize it is my opinion and I say go for it if it suits you. 🙂