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Recent Daily Outfits Plus New Try-Ons

March 17, 2023

Happy Friday and welcome to Dressed for My Day. Right after I decided to start showing my real life outfits on Fridays again, the weather turned dismal. Ha! So I only have a handful of daily outfits to show. But I’ve been ordering lots of new things recently, and a few of them have turned out really nicely. So I’m sharing those, too. I think I’ve got plenty here that you may enjoy seeing for a little style inspiration as we head into warmer months.

Having worn my hair wavy for the past several weeks and in previous blog posts, I’m sure someone will ask if I’ve had it cut again. Nope. This is just what it looks like when I style it straight and with the flat iron. I’m a woman who likes to put her furniture where it will stay for the next 15 years without budging an inch. But I like to change my hair constantly. That’s just how I roll. So that’s why you’ll see it styled both ways in these photos.

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links I potentially earn a commission on your purchases, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting my work here by shopping my links.

What I Wore Friday

Friday I just worked from home and then we went out to dinner. I like my Jenni Kayne cashmere fisherman sweater so much, I bought the same oatmeal sweater in cotton. I wore it with my Frame black jeans and ballet flats.

What I Wore Friday
jeans (more economical option) // cotton fisherman sweater (more economical option) // ballet flats (use code SARAHFLINT-BAKAYH for $50 off first pair) // no-show socks // gingham topper // scarf // handbag // coin necklace // silver necklace // earrings

By the way, Sheec Socks sent me these amazing ultra low-rise socks that work beautifully with these ballet flats and pumps.

Sheec Socks Ultra Low
ultra low-rise socks

The ultra low-rise socks are also available in black and other shades of nude. They REALLY work, and they stay put effortlessly.

ultra low-rise socks

I’m in love! I don’t feel the lining or anything as I’m wearing them. And they actually do keep my feet a little warm (in a good way; not hot). I’ll show other socks they sent me further down.

What I Wore to Church on Sunday

Sunday it turned cold again and we had a little snow. I wore my natural colored Madewell jeans with that Jenni Kayne cashmere fisherman sweater this time.

What I Wore Sunday
jeans // sweater (more economical option) // boots // coat no longer available // handbag // necklace // earrings

I love a light tonal look for transitioning from winter to spring. It just helps me feel a little better about having to wear boots and cashmere in March. Ha!

Monday Working from Home

I think later in the day we got out to take some photos, but I spent most of Monday working in my office. I wore my black Spanx straight leg pants and blue cotton sweater.

What I Wore Monday
pants // sweater // similar loafers // Sheec Socks // necklace // earrings

It was cold outside, but since I wasn’t going anywhere I wore my loafers with these Sheec Socks. Yeah, Sheec Socks sent me a big box with lots of socks to share with you. But they’re not paying me to tell you about them and I’m under no obligation. I just love them that much. Not only do they stay put and feel really comfortable, but they all have little rubber sole grips on the bottom, too. That way they truly don’t move. And no, I don’t feel those sole grips at all.

Another Day Working from Home

This is where things get fuzzy. Ha! I may or may not have worn this simple outfit a couple of days. These Athleta pants and sweatshirt are so comfortable, but at least I feel somewhat pulled together in them.

What I Wore to Work from Home
sweatshirt // pants// sneakers // stud earrings (use code KAY15 for 15% off at Penelope) // small necklace // coin necklace

You know I love my chunky chain necklace, but I do find myself wearing my smaller, daintier layering necklaces a lot these days, especially with casual outfits and dresses (for photo shoots). The small necklace and coin necklace above are turning into favorites.

What I Wore Thursday

Yesterday it started warming up a little again. So I decided to wear my relaxed fit chinos and new striped tee from Ayr. It’s a really lightweight tee and stripes are so in. Ayr has a try-before-you-buy option that pops up in your cart as you add things to it. I think I was able to try 8 items without purchasing until I made my decision. They put a hold on your credit card for the amount, but don’t charge it until you’ve sent back the items you don’t want and kept the ones you do.

What I Wore Thursday
relaxed fit chinos // striped tee // sneakers

I wore the striped tee tucked in the front. I just wanted you to see how long it is, so I showed it untucked in the photo on the left. Nothing real exciting here; just a casual, comfortable work from home outfit that made me feel a little more like spring is on the way.

New Arrivals to Share

Next I have a few new arrivals to share with you. I’ve been ordering low to mid heel nude and metallic and black sandals like nobody’s business. Only a few have come in and the rest come in today. And I have a few fun linen things to share, too. And other odds and ends. Some of these are quite pricey, but I have found a couple of viable options for those.

Tommy Bahama Linen

The high waist linen pants below are very comfortable true to size. If you’ve been around DFMD for a summer already, you know I practically live in linen during the warmer months. I have dressier linen trousers, but I’m looking for a more casual pair. I think these fit the bill nicely, and these high waist linen pants also come in three other colors. They’re currently 25% off at Nordstrom, but regular price at Dillard’s (where I purchased them on sale at the time).

Tommy Bahama Linen
floral button-up shirt 25% off for limited time (also here) // high waist linen pants 25% off for limited time (also here) // earrings // sandals

I purchased the floral button-up shirt to go with them or to wear with jeans. It fits true to size nicely, too. Again, the floral button-up shirt is 25% off at Nordstrom, but available in very limited sizes. It’s full price here but in more sizes. Below I show the shirt tucked and over a tank, which is more likely how I’ll wear it.

Tommy Bahama
floral button-up shirt 25% off for limited time (also here) // high waist linen pants 25% off for limited time (also here) // earrings // sandals // tank or here (but not in this color)

I love wearing neutrals, so I thought this floral button-up shirt was a good way to get at least a little color into my outfits this summer.

Tencel Blend Polo Top

Last year they called it a silk blend polo and this year it’s a Tencel blend polo top, but it feels and looks like the same top to me. This polo top was by far my top seller last summer. In fact I’m pretty sure my readers kept buying it out over and over. This polo top is perfect over jeans, shorts, linen pants, skirts, etc.

Silk Blend Polo
polo top // relaxed fit chinos // sandals

The polo top comes in this green (color isn’t too great in the photo above), a pretty blue, black and ivory. I highly suggest the ivory and black if you wear those colors close to your face – so versatile. I’m wearing a medium, which is what I have in last year’s polo top, too. It has a lot of stretch in it.

Linen from Banana Republic

Last week I mentioned that I’d ordered some linen pants, shorts, vest and dress from Banana Republic during their Friends & Family Event. They got here quickly. I love the high waist linen trousers, shown below, but I wasn’t a fan of the extremely blousy Bermuda shorts or vest. Those pieces are both beautiful, but just too “much” for me.

Linen Pants from Banana Republic
high waist linen trousers // Ayr tee // black heeled sandals // belt // handbag // necklace

The high waist linen trousers fit beautifully true to size or maybe a tad large. But I think they are meant to be roomy. I paired them here with this black close fitting but stretchy tee from Ayr. It has a very polished look to it, which is something I’d been looking for.

high waist linen trousers // Ayr tee // black heeled sandals // belt // handbag // necklace

The black heeled sandals fit true to size and look lovely on my feet. So they’re keepers. They fit and feel comfortable, but I wouldn’t walk miles in them. They’ll definitely only be for occasions when walking will be minimal. And more on how I’m wearing them below.

Linen Dress from Banana Republic
linen dress // black heeled sandals // necklace (in silver) // earrings

Above is the linen dress I ordered from Banana Republic during the Friends & Family Event (everything was 40% off). The dress comes in two other colors and fits nicely true to size. It’s a keeper. The linen fabric is soft and luxurious. It needs to be ironed or steamed, so I apologize for not taking the time to do that. I love the vintage wide collar and the open neckline (I won’t be wearing that racerback bra with it, ha!).

Ruffle Shirt from Sundance

You’ll be seeing this Ruffle Shirt from Sundance in next Wednesday’s video, but I was anxious to show it to you before it sells out. The ruffle front shirt fits generously true to size; I’m wearing a medium. It’s also available in other pretty colors. But I think this white one is such a nice, more romantic option if you don’t really care for the menswear inspired button up shirts that are trending.

Ruffle Shirt from Sundance
ruffle front shirt // black pants // black heeled sandals // sheec socks // topper // handbag // top necklace // middle necklace // coin necklace // earrings not available

You’ll also notice I’m wearing those black heeled sandals above, and you can see them a little better. Aren’t they so pretty? And yes, I’m wearing them with these sheec socks. Those foot cushions also come in nude, and maybe that would be a better choice here. But you really don’t notice that I’m wearing them, and they make a huge difference in comfort and walkability.

Foot Cushions
foot cushions // black heeled sandals

Pardon the horrible pedicure (or lack thereof) above. I have a badly bruised toe, so I wasn’t able to get the pedicure I schedule about a month ago. I have an appointment for next week! Meanwhile, I just wanted you to see how these foot cushions work. I’d tried them before, but they didn’t work for me. I think that’s because I was wearing them wrong.

foot cushions
foot cushions // black heeled sandals

In the photo above I’m wearing the foot cushions and in the photo below you can see the foot cushion beside my foot.

foot cushions
foot cushions // black heeled sandals

The foot cushions have that same nonskid bottom that helps your slides stay on better. So ingenious!

I’m wearing a different pair of shoes below, but with similar foot cushions in a nude shade. These are the kitten heel leather mule sandals from Ann Taylor. They’re in whiskey cream, and they also come in black.

foot cushions // black heeled sandals
foot cushions // kitten heel leather mule sandals

When I first tried on and walked in these sandals I thought there was no way I could keep them. They kept just sliding right off my feet. But with the addition of the foot cushions they’re a definite contender. They stay on my feet now and feel quite comfortable.

foot cushions
foot cushions // kitten heel leather mule sandals

Again, I apologize for my terrible looking feet. But I really wanted to share these sock options with you from Sheec Socks. If you’ve been looking for no-show socks for different silhouettes of shoes, they’ve got you covered…literally! Definitely worth trying out.

Veronica Beard Jackets & Nic + Zoe Shell

Okay, here’s where it gets quite pricey. I love a good blazer. And my favorites, by far, are the Veronica Beard dickey jackets. I decided to get this ivory linen jacket for my birthday. It’s the Miller linen dickey jacket, and the Millers are definitely one of my favorite lines. They run a little large; I’m wearing an 8 whereas I often take a 10 in a jacket. But I’d say they run true to size if you’re use to some of the same brands I wear, like Talbots.

SALE ALERT: Veronica Beard is amazingly offering a RARE 25% off some of their bestsellers with code FAVORITES25. And my blue Miller dickey jacket is included. Size down if in between sizes.

Miller linen dickey jacket (more economical option) // Bristol pants // gold strappy sandals (size down .5) // happy splash floral tank

I’m wearing the Miller linen dickey jacket with the Talbots Bristol pants. No the whites are not the same, but that’s quite okay. Truly it is. Unless that’s just a personal preference, you really do not have to exactly match your top and bottom. Anyhoo! I’m wearing the Miller linen dickey jacket over this darling happy splash floral tank, and that’s what I really wanted you to see. This Nic+Zoe tank has beautiful drape and it is going to look so stunning on my blazers, but also my denim jacket.

happy splash floral tank
Bristol pants // happy splash floral tank // slides

Above on the left I left it untucked so you can see the length and hemline. But for my proportions, I will probably always tuck it in the front. And I’m thinking I’ll only be wearing it under jackets, too. Originally I purchased the happy splash floral tank to wear it under my blue Miller dickey jacket below. But when I received it I realized it will go under so many other things nicely, too.

Veronica Beard Miller Jacket
blue Miller dickey jacket 25% off with code FAVORITES25 (more economical option) // Bristol pants // happy splash floral tank // slides

I think I switched into those camel slides because I was playing around with the hardware. The buttons on the blue Miller dickey jacket are silver, so I’d leave off the gold belt and wear it with these nude sandals, which are suppose to come in today. By the way, size down one half size in the gold sandals, which are lovely and quite comfortable.

Whew! I feel like I sped through that last portion of this post. If I shared something and didn’t answer your questions, please leave me a question in the comments. And keep in mind that many of the items I shared are indeed on sale. For instance, Talbots is offering 25% off everything and 40% off one item with code SPRING.

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12 thoughts on “Recent Daily Outfits Plus New Try-Ons

  1. You look absolutely beautiful in all of the outfits but especially that blue jacket!

    Thank you for sharing all of your outfits and trying! They are so helpful.

  2. Thanks for sharing the sock finds and the additional outfits above and beyond how you dressed for the week. I appreciate a good sale! Plus I hadn’t heard of the padded ball of foot sock before. I definetly need one of those. I too just did an order for trail walking shoes. I ordered 4 different options and will now have to take 3 back. I found one that will work for me. I hope in all your shoe orders you find what you are looking for too!

    1. Thanks Kristin, Yes, I found several shoes that work great. I got in the strappy gold sandals in nude and love them just as much. And I got another slide that works really well. I’ll share more soon!

  3. Hi, Kay! Love your posts! Could you share (if you haven’t already) what size you bought in the black and white check topper? It looks wonderful on you! I’m 5’4”/120 and sometimes take a Misses in Talbots and sometimes take a Petite. The website measurements aren’t always correct! Lol. I love the topper so could use your help before ordering. Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Debra, I have my usual size Misses Medium in the topper and it fits very nicely. Wore it today for an afternoon date. Just lovely!

  4. Dear Kay, You look lovely in all these clothes and are such an inspiration as we plunge into spring (Well, eventually! We have a few feet of snow on the ground where I live, which makes dressing a bit challenging.) I love the dress you are wearing, but as a long torso-short legged woman, I’m guessing you wouldn’t suggest wearing it at the length you’ve chosen. Am I right? The sock and foot cushion examples are wonderful finds. I appreciate knowing about them. Thank you for all you do to help us navigate our fashion challenges.

    1. Hi Karol, thanks for your kind words. As for the dress, it does come in petites. When you say short legged, do you mean petite? If so, I think it would be worth a try. And of course it could always be hemmed to a shorter length if need be. These days I’m struggling to find dresses long enough for me. So I know sometimes the dresses I show may be on the long side for a lot of women, but it seems like so many are made short these days. I’m just happy to find a few that are longer. Also, I think the defined waist on this dress might actually help shorten your long torso, or at least make it more proportional.

  5. Kay! What beautiful outfits! So many I would wear in a heartbeat! Wow! I wanted to ask about the heeled ,black sandals from Nordstrom. Since , I have very skinny, narrow feet, if you have issues keeping them on your feet?

    1. I do not have trouble with these. I’ve pushed several other pairs aside for that very reason. But these did pretty well, especially with the addition of those little “socks.” They really help a lot.

  6. I know it’s a bit early yet, but I’m wondering what self-tanner you use. You mentioned it in the past, but – well, I forgot to make notes. Thanks! I love your blog, your videos, your style and your love for Jesus!