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5 Wardrobe Essentials for Early Spring

February 13, 2023

Yes, I’m disregarding the fact that it’s a chilly 47 degrees Fahrenheit as I write this post. Here at Dressed for My Day we’re pressing on toward the warmer months and getting our closets ready for spring. Even if you put them toward the back of your closet for now, it’s time to make sure you have these 5 wardrobe essentials for early spring.

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5 Wardrobe Essentials for Early Spring
trench coat // white cotton fisherman sweater // relaxed straight leg jeans // relaxed button-up shirt // lug sole booties // earrings // shoulder bag (not the same color) // necklace

Since moving to Ohio from Arizona, I’ve learned that spring is a long, fickle season. At least it is here. It may be shorter in the southern states I’ve lived in, but it’s still somewhat unpredictable. So regardless of where you live, I think it’s smart at least to consider these 5 wardrobe essentials for early spring.

1. Trench Coat

A trench coat is a lightweight coat that can add polish and sophistication to the simplest outfit. At one time we may have reserved this smart jacket for dressier outfits, but for quite a while now it has been popular to top a simple jeans look with a timeless trench.

trench coat

Of course you can wear this smart coat over dressier attire, too. It’s a truly versatile piece of outerwear. I like having a taupe or beige trench coat like this one in my closet, but if you already have the classic color consider adding another – or its sister Mac coat – in a pretty color you enjoy wearing. This mid thigh length trench coat is indeed water repellent and comes in black and trending orange poppy, too.

I’ve gathered other trench coats along with this one (and that Mac!) for you to peruse in the shopping widget below. I’ve selected coats at varying price points, lengths and styles. Check for the attributes important to you, such as lining, single or double breasted, hood, tie sash or belt, rain repellency, etc.

A Classic Trench Coat and Cotton Sweater

By the way, I shared tips for how to tie your trench coat in this blog post a couple of years ago. It’s worth a read!

2. 100% Cotton Pullover Sweater in Solid Neutral or Color

I think it’s so smart to have at least one 100% cotton pullover sweater in your spring wardrobe. In fact, I keep my small collection of cotton pullovers in my wardrobe through the summer. It’s smart to take one on vacation, whether you’re going to the coast, mountains or desert, where the evenings frequently get chilly.

100% Cotton Pullover Sweater for Early Spring
white cotton fisherman sweater

I already have a camel colored cotton sweater and a couple of colors, too. So I decided to add this simple white cotton fisherman sweater to my collection this year. I think it looks so bright and cheerful for early spring, but it will work nicely for summer, too. I’ll definitely be sharing more ways to wear this one. It runs true to size; I have a medium. And it’s even roomy enough to fit a shirt underneath comfortably.

I’ve actually ordered the same sweater in trending summer green, too, but I accidentally had it shipping to my parents’ home. 🤦‍♀️ Since they’re in Florida for the entire month of February, I’ll have to wait and get it when I go down to visit in April. The same cotton fisherman sweater also comes in four other nice hues. But I’ve gathered a collection of cotton pullovers in the shopping widget below.

3. Colorful Button-Up Shirt

This year color is trending. Yeah, yeah, we wear colors every year. But this year we’re seeing splashes of bold, beautiful colors, and it just looks right. Know what I mean? I know some people believe the trends are manufactured to cost consumers money, and that may be true to a degree. But truly many of the fashion trends really reflect what’s going on in our culture. And after a couple of years of dealing with a frightening pandemic, people seem to be craving bright, cheerful colors.

Colorful Button-Up Shirt
relaxed button-up shirt

On top of that, button-up shirts continue to trend and have, in fact, become all the more popular. I think we’re just hitting our stride in re-learning how to wear them after avoiding them for so many years. So while I do suggest you have a good white button-up shirt in your closet for year round (if that’s your bag), this spring I think you’ll want to get in step with a boldly colored button-up shirt. This outfit is so simple, but that pop of pink in that relaxed button-up shirt elevates it like nobody’s business!

Bright Colored button up Shirt

You can certainly still wear your more fitted button-up shirts if you prefer, but the relaxed button-up shirt is very contemporary and so comfortable and easy to wear. This relaxed button-up shirt also comes in a solid blue and it runs true to size. The cotton blend fabric is silky soft and crisp. I’m in love! But I have gathered others for the shopping widget below.

4. Modern Jeans

Of course if you’re a jeans gal like me you’ll want to have some modern jeans in your wardrobe for spring. I like to start wearing ankle length jeans as soon as possible really, but I have a feeling I’ll still be in my full length jeans for a couple of months. Straight leg, boot cut and wider leg jeans are very on trend this year, but you can still wear slimmer silhouettes, too.

Modern Jeans for Spring
relaxed straight leg jeans

If you want to try some additional modern markers on your jeans, consider denim with raw edge hems, a little distressing, faded washes, cowboy creases (as in the relaxed straight leg jeans above), step hems, patches or cargo pockets. But you don’t have to wear any of those contemporary touches if you don’t want to. Really, getting the silhouette modern is the most important detail.

I’ve collected some fun modern jeans at a full range of prices for you to consider.

5. Spring Boots

This is the one of these five early spring wardrobe essentials that I would consider quite optional depending on where you live. But after three springs in Ohio, I’ve learned that I like wearing ankle boots well into April, maybe even May. But I do like to make sure I have some lighter colored boots to choose from.

Spring Boots

These Sam Edelman lug sole booties in modern ivory fit the bill. Plus, they’re marked down considerably and available in most sizes. They fit really nicely, true to size. And they slip on and off easily, too. These are not water resistant booties, but the lug sole is about all the weather protection I really need with as little as I’d be outside in them. They’re definitely weather proof enough to get me in and out of snow laden parking lots, and they’ll look great with spring outfits on cold days.

Of course, boots are very picked over this late in the season. But I’ve rounded up a few others to consider if you need to add some to your wardrobe. Otherwise, just hold a couple of pairs of your booties out when you put others away for the season. Oh, and I did add a few pairs of rain booties to the collection.

5 Wardrobe Essentials for Early Spring
trench coat // white cotton fisherman sweater // relaxed straight leg jeans // relaxed button-up shirt // lug sole booties // earrings // shoulder bag // necklace

Thanks so much for stopping in today. I hope you have a great week. Please let me know if you have any questions about anything I’ve shared and I’ll try to hop into the comments feed throughout the day to answer.

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16 thoughts on “5 Wardrobe Essentials for Early Spring

  1. I am so excited to see the button up shirts and relaxed jeans make a come back. I am back in business and loving shopping.

  2. I’m wondering if you could please answer a question for me regarding the white cotton sweater from J Crew. Is it a bright white or more of a winter white? Makes a big difference to me with my cool undertones. Thank you!

  3. Good morning Kay! You made me chuckle when you said it was a cold 47 out. We live in Michigan so not that far from you. It is easy to forget that it is only the middle of February and we usually have temps in the 20s or colder at this time of the year. I am loving this warm winter and also starting to wear these more springy lighter weight clothes. Can you tell me if the fisherman’s sweater in white is heavy enough that tops underneath don’t show? Thanks! Enjoy the sun and spring weather!!!

    1. Hi Judy, yes, I can wear the white fisherman sweater without another top underneath it very modestly. Great sweater!

    1. No, there is not. Maybe you’d prefer to check out my other website, which is totally devotional. I do not blog there anymore, but plenty of old content is available there.

  4. Love your BFMD today and I hope to make it my mantra as I struggle thru some difficult relationships. Thank you! Love the Spring look on you, Kay. I can’t wait to wear my London Fog trench that I’ve had for several years now and it still looks great. Love the way you tied the fisherman sweater over it. So chic!

  5. Love the devotional. We are so naturally selfish. Love is a daily choice I must choose everyday. It is easy to pour love on my grandchildren and take my husband for granted-and he is such a great husband!

    Oh my! I saw boots I love- the Salome waterproof bootie. And what a good sale! I am not sure how I will look with a cream boot as I’m petite, but since they are on such a good sale, I think I’ll try it. My daughter is always happy to take what I don’t like off my hands! LOL!

  6. I love the devotional. So true. I have the Loft wide leg jeans you linked. I really like them. The length is a true petite inseam. Lately Loft clothes are really working for me like a hot pink cotton sweater and flare slacks I just received. I like the button down shirts too but need a petite so it doesn’t overpower me. If you can find a pretty green or lime green please link in your future posts.

    1. Also I went to the link on how to tie a trench coat. I want to learn how to tie in the back but it’s not in your instructions.

      1. Ahh yes, we’ll I actually belted the jacket in the back on this one. So I just turned the belt to the back and belted it and put the left over sash into the belt loops.