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Fashion Colors of Fall/Winter 2023: Most Wearable for Women Over 50

August 21, 2023

As we anticipate the fall fashion season, one of the things I love hearing about the most is colors. Personally I love that different colors trend each year. While I like accumulating the classic colors that work best for my coloring, I also enjoy thinking of creative ways to incorporate a new color or two into my closet. Maybe you do, too. So today I’m sharing the trending fashion colors of fall/winter 2023. And I’m putting a little more emphasis on a handful of those colors that I think are most wearable for women over 50.

Fall 2023 Fashion Colors

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Below is a chart of the fashion colors predicted for the season by Pantone, the well-known color institute. Each year they publish a set of colors based on those shown in the fashion weeks that precede the seasons. So these are, in essence, the colors shown on the runway in New York fashion week this past February.

Pantone 2023 Fall/Winter Colors

This year the colors are meant to be joyful and expressive, but also a bit elegant and sophisticated. And the classic neutrals are traditional shades with a modern edge. Reds are predicted to dominate, but shades of blue always seem popular. And while it’s not in Pantone’s list, I’m hearing that brown will continue to be a major player among the neutrals, too.

But let’s check out a few of the colors I think will work nicely for many of us. I simply chose these because I couldn’t really explore ALL of them this in depth. So choose the colors you love to wear. But let’s have a little fun and look at these with a closer eye.

Viva Magenta

Dress // Sweater // Blazer // Jacket // Purse // Boots // Gloss

This color is going to be hot, hot, hot. And, depending on the shade, it can work nicely for most anyone. Remember, you don’t have to wear red close to your face if you don’t want to. You could add a splash of red in a handbag or pretty skirt. But you could also wear it head to toe to make a bold statement.

I’ve gathered a few additional options in each color for you to check out.

Red Orange

For those of you who enjoy wearing warmer tones, you may really like this pop of red orange. It’s vibrant and cheerful, exciting and optimistic.

Sweater // Cardigan // Blouse // Heels // Scarf // Tote // Pant

Persian Jewel

Persian Jewel is the name Pantone has given to the icy shades of purple/blue we’ll be seeing this fall and winter. Think a cool, contemporary blend of the lavender that has been trending and with the blues you already love.

Pants // Sweater // Eyelet Top // Flats // Jeans // Clutch // Necklace // Skirt

Coconut Milk

Call it coconut milk or call it milky beige, this is the soft neutral of the year. It’s winter’s edition of milky white and it will look beautiful with so many of the colors and neutrals in your wardrobe. Adding a little of this creamy hue to your outfit is a lovely way to lighten it up. And remember, you don’t have to stick exactly to the Pantone shade on any of these. Just use them as a reference point, but look for the tone that works best for your coloring.

Heels // Skirt // Earrings // Shirt // Pants // Dress // Purse


Eclipse is Pantone’s name for deep, night-sky navy. This is a dark, inky neutral that pairs nicely with other rich colors of the season. And it can be so slenderizing, too. Of course navy is a classic neutral that you can add to your wardrobe with confidence.


We’ll continue to see lots of rich camel tones this fall and winter. Pantone calls it Doe, which reminds us of a soft, caramel shade of camel. But you will find camel in warm, cool and neutral tones. So choose carefully the ones that look best with your coloring if you choose to participate in this color trend.

Jacket // Tee // Dress // Pant // Skirt // Bracelet // Purse

Pants // Loafers // Jacket // Belt // Earrings // Pumps // Shirt

Here’s one more look at Pantone’s fall and winter color palette based on the fashions shown in the Fall/Winter 2023 New York fashion week. Remember, fall and winter fashions are just starting to arrive in our favorite stores. So it was a little difficult to find great examples of them at all price points. But you will see them soon in your favorite shops.


Let me know what colors you look forward to wearing this fall and winter. And of course they don’t even have to be the colors in Pantone’s list. But I do always suggest narrowing down our color palette to a reasonable number – say 3-5 colors and 3-4 neutrals – so that we can easily mix and match our wardrobe for that season. I’m planning to wear the deep reds, icy lavenders, blue and maybe some green (the jury is still out on that). And my neutrals will be black, grey, soft camel and ivory. That Hot Fudge above intrigues me, too. So I may throw in a few dark brown pieces that I already own in my closet.

I’d love to hear from you today!

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7 thoughts on “Fashion Colors of Fall/Winter 2023: Most Wearable for Women Over 50

  1. Thank you for your spiritual encouragement. And for your willingness to be transparent with us. I have snapped back sometimes-wondered why that came out of me. thanks for
    letting us know that you, too, sometimes….

  2. Great post today- my neutrals are black, grey and navy; colors are cranberry and a couple lighter blues. I stick to cooler colors so I haven’t seen many other current colors I could wear! I plan to try the lavender color in store so I can see if it works!

  3. It seems there are few colors not on the list! I like the idea of navy and Doe, which is camel to me as a base, and then maybe add the magenta and jewel tones in for interest. I’m finding it extremely difficult to organize my clothes right now being 70, very short and very overweight, so that I buy what fits rather than having a well-planned wardrobe.
    I love today’s verse.

  4. I love color! Although I do try to be conscious of having my clothing choices make sense, I just have fun with wearing and/or buying many different colors. I have started to add more neutrals though since reading your posts. I like wearing a color with a neutral now, and I understand better how to do that. Bookending, using completer pieces, etc., are all new ideas to me and I’m thinking about these things now when I get dressed. I also appreciate the idea of using a color in an accessory even if I wouldn’t use it in my actual clothing – that’s a great suggestion!

  5. I like red orange, camel, coconut and brown. I wear mostly warm colors but I will wear neutrals like black, ivory and navy. I also wear white as long as it’s not too vibrant. I don’t wear much gray except in casual clothes like sweats. I hope you had a great vacation.

  6. Hi Kay,
    I love your posts, and have learned so much from you. Can you do a post on cool/warm camels, and cool/warm greys? I find these confusing, and I know you can break it down and explain it for those of us who are color-challenged! Thanks so much.