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Thanksgiving Day Outfit Inspiration

November 15, 2021

Can you believe Thanksgiving is just over a week away?!? The holiday season is truly upon us. And you can expect to see lots of holiday outfit inspiration here and on my YouTube channel over the next few weeks. So today we’re turning our focus to one of my favorite holidays and talking about what to wear while we eat turkey. Ha! Here’s a little Thanksgiving day outfit inspiration.

Thanksgiving Day Outfit Inspiration

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links I potentially earn a commission on your purchases, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting my work here by shopping my links.

I’ve rounded up some of the outfits I shared last year about this time as well as some that I’ve posted fairly recently for today’s inspiration post. So I’m generally linking you back to those posts if you would like shopping information. Because these outfits are from both this fall and last year, some items will no longer be available. But I’ll try to provide a link to any game-changers in the outfits. You’ll see what I mean. Let’s go!

Dressier Outfits

In the event that you’re going out to eat at a nice restaurant for turkey day, you’re visiting in someone’s home where the dress code is a little more elevated or you’re hosting your own dinner and want to look exceptionally nice, I’ve got a few dressier outfits for you.

Ruched 3/4 Sleeve Dress for Fall Wedding
See the original post for details and shopping // Similar Dress in raisin

You absolutely could wear a simple but elegant sheath dress for Thanksgiving. The dress I wore to a fall wedding would be perfect because it has nice stretch throughout. Ahem! It is Thanksgiving, after all! My blue dress is sold out, but they have the same dress available in an absolutely stunning raisin shade.

Wearing 3 Trending Colors of Fall 2021
See the original post for details and shopping // demi boot pants // sweater-sleeve jacket

Or how about this stunning fall color outfit with dressy slacks, a pretty print shell and a warm, rich colored coatigan? The demi boot pants are still available in most sizes and the sweater-sleeve jacket is available in the red in just one size. But it’s available in most sizes in a warm, beautiful camel that looks so luxurious.

Next up, one of my favorite outfits that I’ve posted here at Dressed for My Day ever.

See the original post for details // black pants (favorite pants ever!) // black cashmere turtleneck sweater (30% off today)

These pieces are all very simple really. Black pants, black cashmere turtleneck sweater and classic camel coat. But you could duplicate the look with other colors in the coat and the column. By the way, Talbots has another JOY pin in their holiday accessory collection this year. It’s on back order right now, but snag it because it won’t last long. By the time I showed this one last year they were long gone.

Winter Classics Outfit
See the original post for details // similar pants // similar red pumps // cashmere sweater

Finally, nothing looks more Thanksgiving-ish to me than a pair of great wool slacks and a pretty cashmere sweater. So autumnal. These pants are long gone, of course, but these are very similar.

Elevated Casual Outfits

Because I’m betting this is where many of us fall in what we wear on Thanksgiving, let’s talk about elevated outfits that are still a little more casual. These are simple outfits with a polished appeal. You’ll be comfortable and chic in any of these.

Tartan Plaid Outfit for the Holidays
See the original post for details // similar pants // cashmere turtleneck // similar heels

If you’re ready to pull out your holiday capsule wardrobe and start enjoying those pieces, why not? Plus, you really can wear these plaids all winter long.

Classic Cashmere and Cords OUtfit
See the original post for details and shopping.

And you can easily top a pair of classic cords with a solid sweater for an elevated casual look. Just wear the colors that make you happy!

The Beauty of a Classic Camel Sweater
See the original post for details and shopping.

But if you want a little more stretch in your waistband while you’re enjoying all the Thanksgiving delicacies, don’t hesitate to reach for your ponte knit pants instead. Top them with a pretty sweater in the color of your choice. Finish off the look with classic loafers.

Here’s another look at the same style formula.

Adding Navy to My Wardrobe
See the original post for details and shopping.

But while all the outfits above are very classic, you could also add a little more fun and color to your outfit for Thanksgiving.

Wearing White Boots for Fall
See the original post for shopping and details.

I’d probably only wear the ivory boots above if I were going somewhere for Thanksgiving. If I were staying at home, I’d opt for the gold soft loafers below.

Gold Loafers with Fall OUtfit
See the original post for shopping and details.

This next look is one I actually recommended for Thanksgiving last year. I love that it’s a little edgy and fun. I think the key to this look is my Thursday Boots Captain boots.

Casual Thanksgiving Day Outfit Idea
See the original post for details // similar pants // boots

Nordstrom no longer has the joggers I showed above, but they do have a similar pant in a cargo silhouette. And I have those, too. They fit and feel very similar to the joggers, just without the band at the bottom. Of course, I guess another key to this outfit is the v-neck sweater (on sale!) and the puffer vest. I think the black on black is so chic.

Jeans Outfits for Thanksgiving Day

Actually, perhaps even more of us opt for jeans on Thanksgiving day. If you do, I’ve got you covered with some great ideas below.

Pink V-neck Cashmere Sweater
See the original post for shopping and details.

I do think opting for black jeans will look a little dressier. So if you want to wear jeans but still look a little more pulled together and chic, try black or dark wash denim.

Winter Classics Look with Splashes of Red
See the original post for details.// red sweater (also available in a v-neck sweater) // similar coats // similar boots

And if you happen to be rooting on the #1 college football team in the nation (Go Dawgs!!!) that weekend, you might want to combine those black jeans with a red sweater (also available in a v-neck sweater).

Ooh! Here’s another one of my all-time favorite outfits.

Simple Fall Outfit with Wool Blend Ruana
See the original post for details // similar ruana or another (love!!!) // more wraps and ponchos

I LOVE a great wrap. I don’t keep all the clothes I share year after year here, simply because of the nature of this job. But I definitely kept that ruana from last year, and I’ve already pulled it out to wear a time or two. This is a GREAT way to pull together an outfit for Thanksgiving that will set you apart just a bit. And check out this beautiful ruana Talbots has introduced for the holidays. That thing is going to go fast.

Here’s yet another all-time favorite outfit. Can you tell I love wearing these black jeans? Unfortunately they’re no longer available.

Sweater Weather Outfit
See the original post for details // similar coat // same sweater (only in XL) and similar sweater

You could easily top your favorite jeans with a classic cableknit sweater and finish the look with a fashionable coat and simple heels or flats.

Here’s one more look with those black jeans. But it’s much more casual while still looking pulled together.

What I Wore on Our Daytrip
See the original post for details // graphic tee // flannel shirt // quilted jacket // similar sneakers

You’ll be so comfortable in a graphic tee with a flannel shirt and quilted jacket. But you’ll still look a notch above and like you put in the effort.

Moving on to dark wash blue denim, you could create a column of intensity with a luscious dark colored sweater like I did below.

Fall Sweater Outfit with Cropped Jeans
See the original post for details and shopping.

I’m wearing ankle jeans above, but you can create the same look with full length jeans. Of course, I do think that bit of ankle and those shorter boots gives this look a bit of uncommon edge.

Cashmere Sweater and Jeans for Women Over 50
See the original post for shopping and details.

Dark wash jeans paired with a pretty sweater and metallic flats is another option.

Wearing the Tish Pebbled Leather Chelsea Boots
See the video for more details and shopping // dark wash straight leg jeans // Chelsea boots (more economical option and even more economical option)

Above I’ve shown two more great looks with my favorite dark wash straight leg jeans. Add Chelsea boots (more economical option and even more economical option) for an elevated casual look.

But if you really want to look oh so casual and still feel dressed for the day, go with a lighter wash denim.

Favorite Fall Outfit from My Closet
See the original post for details and shopping.

This favorite fall outfit from my closet is probably something like I will wear when James and I go out to a fairly casual restaurant for Thanksgiving dinner.

What I Wore Sunday
See the original post for details and shopping.

Of course, you could also top those lighter to mid wash jeans with this great vest and a pretty shirt. Finish the look off with great boots.

Styling a Green Blouse
See the original post for details and shopping.

Or opt for a pretty, feminine blouse with those casual jeans. Finish this look with some comfy flats and a belt.

Very Casual

Now if you’re the one to stay in your pjs all day on holidays, more power to you! If that’s how you roll, put another log on the fire and snuggle in.

Relaxing by the Fire
See the original post for details and shopping.

But if I’m going to stay in my pjs or lounge clothes all day, I at least want them to be coordinated and fresh. Remember, we only feel as good as we look! So I’d definitely make sure I’m wearing my separates from L.L.Bean. See the original post for all the deets!

My Fall Fitness Goals
See the original post for details and shopping.

Or you may want to be very casual at home but still get out for that after dinner walk. Amen? Put on these leggings and a cute top (similar in black and similar in navy) and you’ll be more likely to lace up your sneakers later on for that jaunt around the neighborhood.

Work from Home Outfit
See the post for details // similar sweater // similar boots

If you’re traveling to be with family this Thanksgiving, you might want to revisit my Travel Capsule Wardrobe video. I just reviewed it, and it’s has LOTS of great outfit options for Thanksgiving Day and your travel days. I especially love these Travel Pants, which have been restocked since I published the video. LOVE, LOVE,LOVE.

Well I hope that little parade of outfits gave you a little inspiration for what to wear on Thanksgiving Day. In the end it’s not so much about what we wear that day, but how we position our hearts, isn’t it? So don’t forget to wear a little gratitude, too. This cute sweatshirt from Nordstrom is on it’s way to my house right now. It comes in plus sizes, too. I ordered the blue mineral color.

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Blessed for My Day

If you’re approaching the holidays with a heavy heart or anxieties over a loss or a struggle, you have my compassion. The holiday season can be very difficult in the shadow of grief or trouble. But I encourage you to offer a sacrifice of praise to God all the same.

When we choose to give thanks to God despite the storm or the pain, we are confessing that we trust that He is indeed working all things together for our good. We profess that, while we cannot yet see the finished work, we know that God is not only working things for good, but He is also creating in us something beautiful and Christlike. Let’s choose to give Him thanks whether we are experiencing sunshine or shadow. He is there with us in both seasons.

In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus. ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:18

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17 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Day Outfit Inspiration

  1. Wow, that was a huge collection of ideas!! Thank you, Kay! Definitely feeling inspired.
    Praying that you’re healing up nicely. My hubby has had facial melanomas removed 3 times and done chemical light therapies twice, so I feel for you!

  2. God is good. Thank you for those beautiful words of encouragement. I enjoy your blog so much because of your sweet and gentle spirit. I love how you combine your love of fashion with your love for people. It is easy to see that you genuinely love to share your knowledge to help women like me. I can spend hours in Macy’s and leave without purchasing anything because I hate trying on clothes and think everything looks horrible on me. Your blog has been a great help and inspiration. Keep on inspiring us.

    1. Oh trust me, Marla. We all try on so many things that don’t work for us. I think we assume others have a much easier time of it, but we all have to try on things that don’t fit. It is discouraging, but don’t let it get to you. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the blog. And I’m glad I can be helpful to you.

  3. Thanks for all the ideas. I really like the purple cowl neck on you and the green shirt. They are the best. I hope that you are feeling much better. Take care.

  4. What about cuffing jeans to have a cropped effect and show the ankle. Also, what is the leg opening measurement on the blue straight leg jeans? Talbots doesn’t say on their website.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Beth, you absolutely can cuff your jeans. I’m not exactly sure how they take that leg opening measurement. But when I measured mine straight across and then doubled I came up with 13″. Hope that helps you out.

  5. All of these outfits are great inspiration. It’s just going to be the two of us on Thanksgiving, so I know that we will be in very comfy and casual clothes. And since we head out of town on Sat., we are keeping our meal culled down, so we won’t have leftovers to deal with. Larry gets his chemo belly shot on Wednesday, which means that until mid evening on Thanksgiving, he will be very wired, and will have not slept Wednesday night. We will definitely have a day of thanks, as we do every day. Great BFMD!

  6. Hi Kay. I’ve been thinking about purchasing a pair of wool blend pants for the winter and then I read your post! I ordered the hounds tooth wool slacks from Talbots using your link. Thanks for all your great ideas!

  7. Hi Kay,
    I’m looking at the charcoal grey vest at Loft. It is an oversized vest, so I was wondering how to figure the size? Was the one you were wearing a Medium? and could you have sized down? I am usually a large, but probably need it to be more generous for my bust and hips. What do you suggest? Thanks. Jane

    1. Hi Jane. It is oversized by design to fit so I have my usual size medium and it fits nicely. And that’s with a shirt under it. Hope that helps. ?