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How I Really Dressed for My Day 10/15/21 – 10/21/21

October 22, 2021

Welcome to another edition of How I Really Dressed for My Day! While I love sharing lots of pretty styles and outfits here at Dressed for My Day, my daily looks are generally a little more down to earth. (Although I’ve been making quite the conscientious effort to make my fashion posts reflect real world dressing, too!) So today I’m sharing my mirror selfies of my real life outfits from last Friday through yesterday.

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Daily Outfits for October

Sizing Information

Just for reference, I’m 5’8″ and weigh about 155. I generally wear a size 8 or medium in dresses, tops, jackets and pants (or 29 or 30 in jeans), so that’s what I’m wearing in these looks unless I tell you otherwise. That way you can assume everything I show you is true to size unless I alert you to sizing up or down. I wear a size 9.5 shoe and, again, I’ll just let you know if I sized up or down in a shoe, otherwise it’s true to size.

What I Wore Friday

I don’t think I actually went anywhere Friday, but I wore my favorite outfit of this entire post. I know these Eileen Fisher wool lantern pants (similar) are not everyone’s cup of tea, but I love them. And yes, they’re pricey, too. I purchased these in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for half price. Anyhow I think I’ve finally learned that the secret to styling these or any other fuller silhouette pants is to wear a more fitted top.

What I Wore Friday
Similar Eileen Fisher wool lantern pants // ribbed polo button front knit tee (up to 30% off with code GOSPREE) // gold loafers (similar and more in stock) 30% off // necklace // earrings // bracelet no longer available

And this ribbed polo button front knit tee is just the ticket! Not only is it softly fitted (not tight at all), but it’s a perfect length for my proportions, so I don’t need to tuck it in. The ribbed polo button front knit tee comes in several other colors, too. And this weekend it’s up to 30% off (depending on how much you purchase at Madewell) with code GOSPREE.

I finished the look with my gold loafers (similar and more in stock) because they just make me so happy! I added minimal but impactful jewelry that keeps the look light and coordinated. I’ve included additional pants options in the shopping widget below.

Like I said, I know these pants aren’t for everyone. But before you comment negatively, please remember that these are my real clothes…from my closet…that I wore. Thank you.

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How I Dressed Saturday

Saturday we shot videos, so I didn’t really get dressed in one outfit during the day. But after we shot the videos I changed into my black joggers and grey long sleeve Easy Luxe tee. Not much to see here, but I’m keeping it real!

What I Wore Saturday
black joggers // grey long sleeve Easy Luxe tee // necklace // slippers

I do like having easy to mix and match pieces like this on hand. They’re comfortable, but still presentable enough to answer the door or even run out on an errand.

What I Wore Sunday

Sunday we went to brunch with friends and then church. It’s a casual gathering, so I wore my straight leg jeans with my white ruffle button up shirt (similar) and slate vest (40% off with code FALLFUN). These pullover vests are really trending and I like them. Again, I know that not everyone does. And I’ve had several comments on my YouTube video that these long vests are too full and not figure flattering. But here’s the thing. I don’t think everything has to be figure flattering. Some fashions are just for fun. And that’s how I feel about these vests. They make me happy.

What I Wore Sunday
straight leg jeans // white ruffle button up shirt no longer available (similar) // slate vest (40% off with code FALLFUN) // Franco Sarto Chelsea boots // earrings // necklace no longer available (option) // shoulder bag (not this color) (economical option)

I do think these longer vests require full length jeans and look best even with shoes that have a little heel. So I wore my Franco Sarto Chelsea boots. I loved the way this outfit came together. Of course I think I showed this exact same outfit in Wednesday’s video.

What I Wore Monday

Cool air had started blowing in over the weekend, but Monday was the first day that it really felt like fall. I celebrated by wearing a creamy white pullover sweater and my favorite black jeans. I finished off this outfit with my ivory colored Paul Green patent leather boots. These boots were gifted to me by Paul Green and if you use code DRESSED15 you can get 15% off of them. They’ll still be high, mind you. But if you’re in the market… Meanwhile, I found lots of other white booties to add to the shopping widget below.

What I Wore Monday
creamy white pullover sweater // similar black jeans (curvy fit) // Nordgreen watch // necklace // earrings

My exact Everlane jeans are no longer available, but these are very similar in structure. And they also come in a curvy fit. My creamy white pullover sweater is from Ann Taylor and it’s 51% Acrylic, 44% Nylon, 5% Wool. It’s currently 40% off with code REFRESH. You could also create a similar look with blue denim jeans, but I liked how the black jeans worked with the black lug soles on my boots. I loved the way this came together. Oh, and check out my new Nordgreen watch. It’s the Philosopher with a black dial and black band. I think it’s so chic. Use my code KAYHRMS for 15% off.

How I Dressed Tuesday

Tuesday I just continued to work from home…as I do most days. Ha! Often I wear joggers or even sporty leggings on Tuesdays so I’ll get out for walks throughout the day while I edit that week’s video. But this Tuesday James and I got out for a morning walk. So afterwards I just put on something classy but comfortable for a day at the desk. I opted for my Everlane Dream pants in black with a cashmere sweater in soft camel.

What I Wore Tuesday
Everlane Dream pants // cashmere sweater // similar leopard print flats // similar necklace // earrings // Nordgreen watch (use code KAYHRMS)

I added some simple jewelry and wore my leopard print pointy toe loafers from last year. But Talbots has some similar leopard print flats this year, too. And they’re 30% off. I love this outfit because it reminds me to keep it simple. Honestly, these simple, chic outfits are my favorite to wear, but I sometimes forget to stick to the basics like this.

What I Wore Wednesday

I guess I enjoyed wearing those Everlane Dream Pants so much I put on the slate grey ones the next day. I find these to run true to size, by the way. Wednesday I paired them with a white tee from Target and a soft pink/mauve cashmere cardigan. I’ve loaded the shopping widget below with a couple more economical options.

What I Wore Wednesday
Everlane Dream Pants // white tee // cashmere cardigan // similar gunmetal loafers // compass necklace // chain necklace // earrings // black backpack

My gunmetal leather loafers are sold out, but Talbots has come out with a similar pair just this week. And they’re 30% off. I predict they’ll go fast; these did. When I stepped out to run a couple of errands, I carried my black backpack from Target. I wore silver jewelry, but you could also wear gunmetal or mixed metals with this outfit.

How I Dressed Thursday

Thursday I worked a little in my office and then headed to lunch with my friends. Then I came home and worked on this post. We’re supposed to get a good bit colder Friday, but Thursday was a little humid and muggy. So I wore my straight leg black jeans and my Chico’s button up white shirt, pretty much how I showed it in Wednesday’s video, except with black this time.

straight leg black jeans // white shirt // boots in graphite // similar necklace // earrings // Nordgreen watch (use code KAYHRMS)

As I said in the video Wednesday, I generally forget about this particular outfit formula. But it works. I need to wear it more frequently. It was certainly perfect for my casual lunch with friends.

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27 thoughts on “How I Really Dressed for My Day 10/15/21 – 10/21/21

  1. Hi Kay,
    Many thanks for the fun and original ways that you approach fashion. I’ve been reading you for a few months now and enjoying it all. I just love your fashion philosophy – yes, it’s really all about the fun of it. I’m glad your gold shoes make you happy! I get it. Keep it up Kay, you’re a breath of fresh air.

  2. Thank you for this post! My favorite is the blue vest from LOFT (even though it looks like that color is no longer available). The whole outfit, the jeans and boots, is spot on!! It’s still summer weather here in New Jersey, yesterday it was 78 degrees, so I’m trying to soak it all in before Fall weather comes this weekend. I still have not unpacked my winter wear from the attic, can’t wait to welcome my sweaters back into my wardrobe.

    1. Thanks Sue. But the “blue” vest is actually still available. It’s actually called Slate on the website. I may have called it blue. It looks blue to me. But they call it slate. Just wanted you to know in case you were interested still.

  3. I saw white boots at Target and thought of you! You are right in style. I appreciate you and your posts every day. I bought the vest from Loft and can’t wait to wear it. I have a question for you when you answer questions about yourself : What “season” are you? I am a Spring . I don’t think you are because you can wear black and white . I can’t wear black or white well. For me it’s Navy or Cream. I am just curious if you know what you are . Thanks for all you do! Blessings!

    1. Hi Martine. At one time I was “diagnosed” as a summer. And then later in life as a winter. So I’m probably more geared toward the cooler colors for sure. But I actually have neutral undertones, so I can wear all colors pretty well. I just try to keep the warmer colors away from my face because I think with my light green eyes (with lots of blue specks in them) and my silvery blonde hair I do better with cooler shades.

      1. How refreshing to hear you mention neutral undertones Kay. I have neutral undertones also and can wear all but ‘dusty’ colors. This seems to be a difficult concept for some to grasp. I’ve had women tell me I ‘had to be’ warm or cool, but I can honestly wear most colors successfully. This is why I don’t ascribe to seasons in coloring. I’m so glad you mentioned that because it really is a thing!!

  4. I think the Eileen Fisher loose tan pants with the fitted top looks darling on you! Kudos!
    And I love the pullover Vest! Smashing! Classy and professional… it is what we need in this world right now!

    Your personality is far and away the best tho as you are honest and forthright. Keep it up!
    Life short. You are helping SO MANY!

  5. Kay, your posts are always so inspiring. I love the simplicity of your look. And thanks for posting things like the Loft vest. I have a big tummy and that vest would be very figure flattering on me and others like me who have something to camouflage. And as far as your lantern pants are concerned you do you. I can’t get on board with any pants that are short as I feel they look like what we used to call flood pants back in the day. I admire them on others but just can’t get past how they look on me. The proportion is never right no matter what length they are. Keep inspiring us and helping us to simply look our best. Blesssings today and always!

  6. Kay, I think you look fabulous in every outfit that you wore this past week. There’s no way that I could select a favorite. If I could find a pair of lantern pants in my price range, I would give them a try. I really like how the long vest elevates a top and jeans, and am considering ordering one. Button up shirts aren’t my thing, but I think the vest would work over some of my tees as well. Have a great day of exploration! And good luck with your female issues! I totally get how hard it is to wait to be seen about an issue since I’ve recently gone through the same experience.

    1. I love the lantern pant style on you. I also love to wear the lantern pant style. I have 2 pairs! I plan to buy a third, hopefully in wool. I love the fitted top with the pants. I might have to purchase one. Keep on sharing beautiful but practical styles but most of all, keep sharing you!

  7. You look fantastic in all of your outfits! I usually avoid wool, did you find the Anne Taylor creamy white sweater to be itchy?

    1. It’s not itchy on me, but then I don’t often have a problem with feeling like things are itchy. I completely understand. My daughter is more sensitive to things like that. But this sweater is very soft to me.

  8. I love all the tips you give and I love seeing what you really wore. It’s made me more confident to wear what I love not what other people love. Keep ignoring the critics!

  9. Hi Kay! Advice on the Ann Taylor v-neck sweater – I’m sort of between sizes M and L. USUALLY a Medium. How does this fit? (Loose/ tts?) I don’t have an Ann Taylor store in my city anymore! I miss it so much!
    Thanks for your thoughts!

    1. I’m wearing the medium and usually waffle between mediums and smalls at AT. But it is plenty loose on me. So I think I’d go with the medium.

  10. I love the vests you have been wearing. They look wonderful on you. I noticed that neither of them come in petite sizes, which I need (I’m 5’1”). Do you have any petite vests that you have seen and recommend? Thank you for your take on fashion. I really enjoy all of your posts.

    1. Hi Cathy, I found this one at Ann Taylor, but it’s a little different in that it’s a turtleneck. But I do love the look of it. But I also think that perhaps the reason we’re not finding a lot of them in petite sizes is that it may not be the best length garment for someone with shorter legs. So you might prefer or shorter vest, something like this: Use code GOSPREE for 30% off. Or this might be a viable option if you want something longer and looser:

  11. Kay,
    I was thinking about ordering the Everlane Dream Pant; however, I noticed in their size guide that a medium is a 6-8. You mentioned that the pant was tts, but when I ordinarily wear a medium at Talbots it would be more like an 8. I’m pretty confident that this old body could not cram into a 6!! Any advice?
    And thank you for all of your advice for us ladies of a “certain age”; we so appreciate it.

    1. Hi Lucy. I’m wearing a medium. And I wear an 8 at Talbots. However, I also ordered the large and tried them. They were very comfortable and really looked about the same. So if you’re nervous about the size I’d probably go up and then you’ll have a very comfortable fit without sacrificing the appearance. I really wanted to keep the large ? but I knew they would make me prone to overindulge! ?

  12. Hi Kay….I LOVE that black shirt with the lantern pants. The whole outfit is cute and looks really comfortable. But then you look adorable in whatever you wear!

  13. Hello and Happy Friday! Since I retired every Friday is happy Friday ? I’m really digging the new silhouettes in pants and vests. As soon as I saw a pair of wide leg cropped jeans last year, I snapped them up. I was the only person at work to wear this new silhouette and received quite a few compliments when I wore them. I also like the new styles of vests. I think they look very much on trend. I agree not every garment has to outline our figures, to look polished and stylish. I wore similar vests back in the day lol it all comes around again. Excuse my long winded comment. I really like your style, you wear it well ?

  14. I love my lantern pants and yours. I think I have a touch of boho in me left over from my hippie youth. I like different once in a while. I like the vest trend but knit has never been my favorite fabric. If something looks good on me because of this. I can’t wear it because of that type figure. The pink with grey oufit is so pretty.
    BFMD reminds, I am still a worm waiting to become a butterfly. I’m getting there!