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My Fall Fitness Goals + Fitness Fashion

September 27, 2021

Hi sweet friend! I’m so glad you stopped in for a little style inspiration today. And I do indeed have some pretty activewear to share with you. But I’d also like to tell you a little about what’s going on with me fitness-wise these days. So let’s take a walk and I’ll tell you about my fall fitness goals.

Let's Take a Walk!
zip front top // tech stretch leggings // similar sneakers // earrings

I feel like it has been such a struggle to stay on top of things since the onset of this pandemic. Don’t you? I’ve felt, more than ever, the need to stay healthy, not just lean. So my mindset around health and fitness and weight has shifted a little.

It’s always been important to me to stay at a reasonable weight and to look as good as I can as far as body composition goes. But I’ve also struggled most of my life with keeping those extra pounds off. For me it’s mostly a matter of self control and discipline. Sometimes I have it; sometimes I don’t! Ha!

Take a Walk With Me

Yes, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism a few years ago. But according to recent blood tests, that is under control with medication. So other than the normal changes in metabolism that occur with aging, I have no medical reason to put on weight. I completely own my occasional tendency to “eat like a fifth grader,” as I call it. I’ve gained a few pounds this past year and that’s all on me. I take the heat.

Take a Walk With Me
zip front top (TTS)

So yes, I’d like to lose a few pounds. I still fit into my clothes, but I’d like to feel better in them. Anybody else? But honestly, I have more pressing concerns than appearances right now. While I don’t always like what I see when I look in the mirror or at my photos these days, that’s not what’s motivating me to make a few changes this fall. My fall fitness goals go deeper than appearances.

My Fall Fitness Goals

When it comes to fitness goals and achieving them, I’ve discovered that these things are crucial for me:

  • I have to know my Why. And my Why has to be compelling enough to help me make the necessary changes even on the hardest days.
  • I have to enlist and be consistently transparent with gracious accountability. I don’t like accountability, mind you. But I need it. My track record shows that I don’t make consistent progress without it.
Tech Stretch Leggings // Similar Sneakers
  • I have to have a plan and work it. I’m so envious of people who seem to just stay healthy and fit and at an ideal weight as a way of life. But that’s not me. I have to have rituals, plans, schedules, checklists.
  • I have to pay something. I don’t mind paying for a pretty sweater; I hate paying for a fitness plan. But I’ve found that if I don’t invest something monetarily in my fitness, I don’t stick with it. So whether that’s paying for a gym membership, an exercise class, a diet program like Weight Watchers or a total fitness plan like FASTer Way to Fat Loss, the monetary sacrifice motivates me to stay the course.
Let's Take a Walk

So what’s my why? If it’s not just for appearances, why do I need to eat better and exercise more regularly? Why do I need to be more conscientious about the choices I make, how much sleep I get, how regularly I get in some recreation?

  • Why? Because I have high cholesterol. Those recent blood tests indicated that my cholesterol is dangerously high. My doctor is giving me a few months to get it under control before we test it again, and I’ve taken some measures to do just that. I want to be around for my family for years to come. And I want those years to be healthy, filled with vitality and energy and mobility. I’m learning that good health is not a given. I need to value it and sustain it.
  • Why? Because my joints – specifically my elbows – have hurt significantly this summer. And after a lot of experimentation, I’ve discovered that the biggest culprits are stress and sugar intake. Sugar causes inflammation. So if I want my arms to feel good, I’ve got to cut sugar out. I’ve decided to allow myself one small sugar indulgence a week. At least that’s the plan for now. Honestly, since I determined that sugar is one of the main causes of my pain, that Why has been such a motivator that I really don’t want any sugar for now.
  • Why? Because I want to be able to beat that nasty virus if I get it. I’m taking vitamins and supplements to help improve my immune system. But I know those can only do so much to help me stay well with the onset of flu, cold and virus season. Exercise, plenty of water, good sleep and, yes, keeping inflammation at bay also play a role.
Fall Fitness Goals

So yeah, I guess looking good for these photos and feeling more comfortable in my jeans will motivate me a little. But really my fitness goals have taken a turn this past year. As I age and as we continue to battle these viruses, I’m more concerned about being healthy than I am about being skinny. And those Whys are pressing me to get serious about enlisting that accountability, having a plan and making the sacrifice.

So now that I know my Whys, I’m more prone to follow through with my accountability, my plan and my sacrifice. I’m recommitting to the FASTer Way to Fat Loss today. They’re kicking off a new round TODAY at FWTFL and I’m all in. I’ve worked this plan before and have had great results with it. In fact, as long as I’m working their plan I lose weight, feel better in my clothes, sleep better, have fewer aches and pains, consistently have more energy and stay well. That’s the honest truth. And it makes me wonder why I ever let myself go off the plan.

Let's Take a Walk
zip front top // tech stretch leggings // similar sneakers // earrings

FASTer Way to Fat Loss provides me with the plan. It consists of:

  • intermittent fasting (sooo good for managing glucose levels)
  • carb balancing (just two days a week of low carbs)
  • macro counting (it’s really not hard and it’s so effective for managing cholesterol and body fat)
  • HIIT or high intensity interval training (just two days weekly of cardio)
  • effective weight training (these workouts are all on the easy-to-navigate app)

FASTer Way to Fat Loss also supplies me with the accountability I need. This round, as a VIP member (that’s simply what they call those of us who have joined the monthly membership program after going through the initial round), I’m joining a small cohort for accountability. They’re linking me up with just two or three other women. I think that tight group of accountability is going to be the breakthrough I need.

My Fall 2021 Fitness Goals

And in case you wondered, yes, I am an influencer for FASTer Way to Fat Loss. So if you join the program with me, I do get a commission for sharing my experience with you and issuing you the invitation. But that doesn’t change the cost of the program for you at all. And what I really want you to know is that I pay for this program, too. I don’t get to do it for free. Like I said, I hate paying for a fitness program. But I know I need to if I’m going to stick with it.

The value per cost is huge with FWTFL. Their app is amazing and provides everything I need for meal plans, grocery lists, exercise workouts, motivation, education and more. And they’re actually coming out with a new app soon where we can log our macros right there instead of on a separate app. That will be another huge breakthrough for me I’m sure. So while I do pay just under $100 a month for FWTFL, the value I get for that sacrifice is substantial.

FASTer Way to Fat Loss
zip front top // tech stretch leggings // similar sneakers // earrings

I’ve shared my fall fitness goals with you. Do you have any fitness goals for this fall? I’d love to hear from you today. And if you have any questions about my cute walking outfit (’cause cute activewear really motivates me, too!) or the FASTer Way to Fat Loss, please let me know.

Thanks for walking with me! Have a lovely day.

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Blessed for My Day

As a Christian I have yet another motivation to do what it takes to keep my body healthy. The Bible reminds me that my body is an instrument for God’s purposes. He has purchased me through the sacrifice of Jesus’ death on the cross. I belong to Him now. And the Holy Spirit inhabits me. My body is a temple.

This is a sobering thought to me. My body is not mine to abuse or misuse. My body belongs to God and how I care for it and use it reflects on Him. He calls me to glorify God in my body. To “glorify” means to give the world a correct estimate or picture of. So when I care for my body I have the opportunity to do more to show God’s grace and goodness to the world around me.

Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body. ~ 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

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64 thoughts on “My Fall Fitness Goals + Fitness Fashion

  1. Excellent column that all of us can LEARN from! Thank you, Kay, as you guide us to better health, fitness, and better food choices.
    PS> That Blue outfit looks great on you!

  2. Thank you again, Kay, for an open, honest article. I need accountability too. One year, I decided to aim for walking 1000 miles , I did it, it wasn’t onerous and each week I gained pleasure from seeing how much I was getting closer to my goal. I like a purpose and this helped me. As I age, it really feels vital to help myself as well as I can. When I gave up sugar some years ago, I felt so much better, and now, though I do have cake or jam or chocolate occasionally, the processed sugar taste isn’t pleasant to me.
    Wishing you good health.
    And, I’m always amazed how much content you put out. I for one would be happy for less if this is part of your stress.

  3. Thank you Kay. The BFMD really resonates with me. Today is my last day for a golf outing this year, so I’ll need to be more diligent with my morning exercises from now on. I needed to hear what you have written today. God bless you.

  4. I once was where you are Kay and feel your frustration when those pounds creep up. But now in my 70s and recent celiac disease diagnosis I’m losing weight- why? No more traditional breads, pasta pizza or pastry. Gluten Free products are NOT delicious and very expensive so I forego unless I bake it myself with almond flour or coconut flour- both expensive too.
    Another thing you mention is joint pain. Cholesterol medications are known to cause this in some people, yet another dilemma.
    Maybe a change in medication is needed? I’d ask my doctor, of course.
    I wish you a beautiful and healthy week.

  5. Wonderful article. I needed the pep talk. It’s a struggle to stay on target with diet and exercise. But I do want to feel healthy just as much as looking healthy. Have a blessed day.

    1. I found that for me in lowering cholesterol, what I ate was as important as what I didn’t eat. I lowered mine significantly by eating lots of broccoli and also sautéing walnuts in olive oil and adding them to meals. My doctor was amazed. Thank you for the inspirational post. I needed it!

  6. Your dilemma is all too familiar to me Kay. Over a year ago I started seeing a naturopath who has been working with me on a complete gut makeover. Since then I have gone dairy free, sugar free and gluten free. I am still working at healing my microbiome and strive most days to stay on plan. I luv food and all kinds of it, the good and the bad, but the bad kind now plays a very minuscule part of my eating plan. My ND says that staying 80% on plan gives you 20% of the time to allow for indulgences. Now I need to work on becoming more active so a walking plan is starting to take shape for me. Wishing you the best of luck in your endeavours! God Bless

  7. Good morning, Kay and friends, May I just share with you that since adopting a plant-based diet I have had so much more energy and less arthritis pain. I shall never be totally vegan–I still wear leather shoes and at a barbecue i might eat a little meat. Then I go right back to plant-based at the next meal. It is not difficult but I do have to be mindful as there are so many ‘events’ to attend. Perhaps my story will encourage someone else.–Anne

    1. Thanks so much for sharing, Anne. I don’t eat a lot of meat myself. But I do try to get 100 grams of protein most days, so I do eat some lean meat occasionally. How do you get your protein?

      1. Thank you for today’s posting. I agree and appreciate everything you’ve shared with us. I too have high cholesterol and thyroid issues plus an autoimmune condition. My meds are helping a lot to get my situation under control. There are body aches associated with my meds but manageable since they seem to be working. Not sure whether you’ve received your vaccinations yet but please do if you haven’t. I consider it my patriotic & civic responsibility as well as for my family who loves me and my commitment to God. My goal is to live a healthy life as long as possible and to exercise wisdom in everything I do. With my blessings always, E

      2. Kay–Thank you for your prompt reply. Actually an adult woman does very well on around 50 grams of protein per day. Did you know that broccoli has as much protein as steak? Anyone who balances out her daily intake with whole grains, beans & peas, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds will have no need to count protein grams
        unless you want to. The foods themselves and your appetite will do it for you. If you should find yourself getting hungry between meals go ahead and have a veggie or fruity snack. There are no Food Police!–Anne

        1. Anne, per 100 grams, sirloin has 29,000 mgs. of protein vs. 4,200 mgs. in broccoli, which translates to nearly 7 times more protein in the steak. Keep in mind that if you consume 100 g. of protein, your body will end up ‘receiving” a lesser percentage of that, varying based on the protein source. Protein in plants is not as bioavailable as protein in meat, so your body will absorb & utilize more protein from the animal source than the plant source.
          For a woman of height 5″8″ and a referenced body weight (also referred to as “ideal” body weight) between 137-150, her protein required would be between 75-115 g. per day. There’s at chart at: which has been very helpful to calculate how much protein I require to meet my body’s needs.

          1. Thanks for sharing this Karalane. I’ve been mulling over this all morning. Ha! I knew there had to be a reason my FWTFL coach has me on 100 grams of protein a day. And since I do lift weights (heavy weights!) I think it’s very important to get that protein in. I do use the plant based protein powder to supplement but I like getting as much as possible from food I chew. ?

            1. You’re welcome, Kay – sounds like your coach is on target! You made a very important point about chewing vs. drinking. Your body’s entire miraculous digestive process begins in the mouth, and the act of chewing stimulates your vagus nerve’s signal to commence the process. Rather than drinking protein powder, I use it to make protein bites and bars, or my favorite – protein waffles.

    1. Hi Linda. I don’t currently but I need to. I’m actually looking for a recommendation too. FASTer Way to Fat Loss is supposed to be coming out with one and I trust them, so I’ll probably go with theirs when it releases. But meanwhile I need to get one.

  8. Thank you for this post…it resonates and came at the perfect time. Do you have a coach you like with FWTFL? I joined a couple of years ago and was put into a group with women who were younger and in a completely different season of life…found it very hard to connect. Thanks again!

    1. Hi Carol. I’ve had appointments with one of the master coaches through the VIP program. And just today I got hooked up with a cohort. It’s just five women. None of us are coaches, just accountability partners. It looks like we’ll just be texting each other either daily or weekly, we get to decide. I like this because I didn’t do well having to get onto Facebook each day to check in. It will be much better for me to text. And I also like that it’s such a small group. I’ll be more prone to show up in the text stream if I know I’ll be missed. In the larger groups it was easy to skip because you didn’t feel like you’d be missed anyhow. I don’t really feel like I need daily access to a specific coach at this point but I know I can get in touch with one if I need it. I’ve been doing this for almost four years, so I know the ropes. I just need to do the work and be accountable to someone. ?

  9. Boy did I need this today. I have struggled with my weight since having a hysterectomy 32 years ago, but even more since I retired 14 years ago. I am a stress eater. I love to cook but cooking for 1 is no fun. I can lose a few pounds but then I gain it back and a few more come with it. There are clothes in the closet that have the tags on them because I was going to lose those few pounds so that they would fit. Thanks for inspiring me again today.

  10. Thank you for sharing this today, Kay. I, too, am navigating the high cholesterol issue. After many years of trying to manage it with diet and exercise, I recently agreed to taking a statin after my doctor told me my numbers were “horrible”. At first I felt a sense of defeat that I couldn’t solve the problem w/o drugs. I have now changed my attitude and look at it as a tool along with upping my cardio type exercise and working on my diet every day. Someone in your facebook group recommended eating more vegetarian meals. So now I am incorporating a few more of those into my weekly rotation. I have been doing Leslie Sansone’s walking videos a few times a week. I find her to be very motivating. If I have a day where I know I have slacked on the eating and/or exercising, I ask myself what one thing I can do right now to feel better about the situation. Sometimes it is to put that piece of chocolate back into the pantry, others it is to get up and move for ten minutes.
    I wish you all the best in getting your cholesterol count where it needs to be. Love your pretty walking outfit too.

    1. I could have written this same response! So disappointed that I couldn’t manage to lower it with just diet and exercise alone. I did go on 1/2 the dose they prescribed and that worked! So now, I halved it again at the beginning of August and will get my bloodwork done again in November. I hope my numbers will still be good because I’m now taking 1/4 of the dose that was originally prescribed.

  11. Wonderful talk. I also need accountability. I started weight watchers for just that purpose! My good husband is also exercising with me in the evening 5 times a week! That is helping with the aches and pains of aging. Love your blog!

  12. Perfect timing! I am so similar to everything you have said, thanks for putting it so beautifully. I started my fitness reboot September 1 but I am afraid that regardless I am looking at a statin. I join you with a sweet once a week. For me it is dessert on Sunday. I look forward to seeing your results and hearing more about your journey.

  13. Kay, I jumped in with both feet last week with all the accountability possible. It doesn’t feel great tracking everything but I know it is the only way to hit the goal of feeling and looking our best. Honestly, I was kind of mad about it but I just did it anyway. I’ve seen God turn my mourning into dancing before and He can do it again!!! So, I’m right there with you, sister and it’s good to know we’re not doing this alone. Thanks for your post. Perfect timing. Bless you.

  14. You said once that looking younger wasn’t your goal but you wanted to look modern. I think you’ve applied that same mindset to health. I know people who look fit outside but I don’t think they are healthy inside. If we set our goal to get healthy the weight comes off and the energy returns. A program is a motivator but you still have to do the work.

  15. Kay, I have bee A nutrition nut my whole life. As a retired Radiation Tech it’s always bothered me that those of us who go into medicine get very little in the way of nutrition classes. So after college I made it my mission to study everything I can on nutrition and how it effects our health. STAY AWAY FROM SIMPLE CARBS. Eat chicken and seafood and COMPLEX CARBS. As a fitness coach once told me diet is 85% and exercise is 15%. I also am hypothyroid and tend to have high cholesterol so DIET IS CRITICAL! Good luck ?

  16. I’m in my late 70s and struggled with up and down weight since a teenager. After my husband passed away 7 years ago, I needed knee surgery and was invited by my younger daughter to travel to Disney the following summer. Both experiences encouraged me to lose 50 pounds. I did it by walking and cutting down. When 20 pounds crept back on after a move to a different city, I joined WW online, and it has worked for me because it offers myriad choices. Over the years (slow learner) I realized one thing for certain….you have to decide what you’re REALLY willing to do. I’m not WILLING to give up ANY food group anytime; I’m not WILLING to start an exercise program I know in my heart I won’t keep up; and I’m not WILLING to drink gallons of water. I try to stay active by gardening or walking….but that’s all I’m WILLING to do. Haha. Unfortunately, I wish I was tougher, but I know myself now and am able to maintain my weight within 2 or 3 pounds. Any “diet” works if you’re consistent and give it time. Good luck to you!

  17. Hi Kay, You’ve struck a chord with your mid-life readers! We are all beginning or continuing to see our bodies as vehicles for health instead of just mannequins for beautiful clothes. Your readers appreciate your honesty. My cholesterol was in a similar spot, super high. I also have been on the Faster Way to Fat Loss for about 3 years. The combination of Intermittent Fasting and breaking my fast with a bowl of oatmeal for lunch has transformed my numbers. Of course, I’ve exercised too, but have always been pretty active. My tip for you is to break your fast at noon with oatmeal. Good luck and let us know your progress. We all are pretty motivated when we kickstart ourselves, but keep this in the forefront of our minds as we navigate the next months, aka “holidays!” Hugs to you lady!

  18. I found that for me in lowering cholesterol, what I ate was as important as what I didn’t eat. I lowered mine significantly by eating lots of broccoli and also sautéing walnuts in olive oil and adding them to meals. My doctor was amazed. Thank you for the inspirational post. I needed it!

  19. Hi, Kay. This is a good reminder for me, especially the part in the Blessed for my Day section. My husband was just approved as a church planter with NAMB, and as part of our assessment, we were reminded of the importance of setting aside time for our health. We can serve God more abundantly and for more time if we are in good health. I have done ok with the nutrition part for awhile, but I could definitely improve when it comes to exercise and rest. For me, it is all about prioritizing and letting some things go. Like you, I need lists, structure, discipline, but I should probably seek more accountability as well. Thank you for opening up about your personal life and struggles. It is an encouragement to me and motivates me to make some good changes as well.

  20. I also have struggled with my weight and have tried almost every diet known to us. I’ve always felt my issues were spiritual. In 2018, I read a book which readonated with me but I wasn’t ready to give up my structured new “diet” which of course didn’t work because it was not sustainable. Again this year I found this same book and highly recommend it. It is not a diet but a study which is the food for my soul that God has given me at a time when I was ready to listen and learn. The book is GRACE FOOD AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN by Audrey Golbek Ms. RDN. I am not affiliated with her in any way. I just ordered book off Amazon.

  21. Hi Kay and readers! I’ve been reading your posts for several weeks now and have really enjoyed them all! So glad I found this site because it’s a perfect fit for me, from the clothing styles to the biblical inspiration! I have been very encouraged (especially by Blessed for My Day) and today’s post about health really resonated with me. Maybe someday Kay, when the world settles down, you’ll have an in-person conference! I would come, and I bet lots of your lovely readers would too! On my way out for a walk!!, hope you all have a blessed day <3

    1. Hi Betty. That in person conference is definitely in the works. Right now I’m aiming for next fall 2022. But there are a few factors that could move it to the next spring, 2023. I’m so pleased that you would come. I’ll keep you all posted. (I know that sounds like a long ways off, but it’s looking like we may have a wedding to plan for 2022 ???)

      1. Oh that’s great Kay, the conference AND the wedding! I wish your family much joy! The year I spent with our daughter planning her wedding was one of the happiest in my life! And the wedding day, although 9 years ago, is a memory I relive often in my mind and heart!….If I might add to the wonderful comments about health; I too have elevated cholesterol and my Dr is having me try Red Yeast Rice. It’s a supplement that acts like a statin, but not as strong. That combined with healthy choices like increased fiber foods and decreased sugar, bread and pasta seem to be making a difference. Worth asking about! Many blessings for the marriage!

  22. Just a thought…was it just your LDL’s that were high, or your triglycerides too? I’m a nurse, and sometimes “high” cholesterol is the sign of a healthy diet, especially in women, and can actually be protective. Low carbohydrate diets, for example, can cause a rise in LDL’s, but the key is the HDL’s, which should be high, and triglycerides, which should be low. My LDL’s are very high, but when my doctor saw my other numbers she said “Well, I can tell you don’t eat sugar!” It’s worth looking into. Integrative doctors often do a better job looking at the “big picture”.

  23. Just wanted to say that I also was diagnosed with high cholesterol earlier this year. Tried to control it through diet and exercise alone as I didn’t want to go on a statin. It didn’t work. However, I decided to just take HALF the doses they prescribed to me. I went in for bloodwork after 3 months and my numbers were perfect. I decided on August 1st to halve the dose again and will be tested in November again to see if I can “get away” with that new lower dose. From what I understand, high cholesterol can be just a genetic factor that we have little control over. I’ve never been overweight. Hope it works out for you, good luck!

    1. Hi Colette. Yes high cholesterol does run in my family, so that could very well be the case for me. I’m doing what I can, even though I’ve always exercised too. Then if I still need the medication, so be it. ?

  24. Kay, It’s very hard to stay healthy as we get older and it requires discipline each and every day. Hopefully, it becomes second nature at some point! Protein is important and that is what I currently pay attention to. At the end of the day, I evaluate my intake and if it comes up short I use a protein powder (plant-based for me). Mine is 20 grams a scoop. Problem solved! Always check with your doctor before supplementing.
    You are a very well dressed walker. Self esteem is very important too so I will toss my beat up sweats.LOL
    Thanks for sharing your plan for a healthy future.

  25. Hello
    I have done FWTFL in the past. I had results but I am unable to do their workouts. Just to hard on my back and hip. I use tools from fwtfl in my eating program. I am in physical therapy and my goal is to be able to walk for exercise pain free. Good luck! You look great!

  26. GREAT Post, Kay! I LOVE that you listed your ‘why’ beside each goal component. I will do that too so I don’t forget.
    I take this for digestive health:
    Our gut contains 70% of our immunity – so if it’s weakened by eating foods we are allergic to or can’t process well, we can be much more prone to illness and disease. A healthy gut = better metabolism, strength and health.

    I went to the American Heart Association website because I trust them. They recommend 120-150 minutes of aerobic activity per week in addition to strength training. I’d been working on 10K a day walking, but I realized that wasn’t the right kind of activity. So I began strength training 5 weeks ago and WOW WHAT A DIFFERENCE! My fat is disappearing and I’m building muscle. I can get down on my knees and back up without any knee creaking or difficulty. It’s fluid movement. Strength training also revs up the metabolism, which is a huge plus. I’m using a HabitNest book, 13 Week Dumbbell Training, which provides exercises. I don’t have to figure it out – it’s all laid out clearly for me. I’s been hard but so worth it! The first week was tough but I already see great improvements. I can work out at home with dumbbell (hand weights) in various pounds. I next need to incorporate the aerobic part of the AHA recommendation, which translates to about 2- 2.5 hours weekly, or 40 minutes daily. It’s shocking to me that I haven’t really heard about these types of movement being so critical to healthy lifestyle and heart health. But I’m glad the AHA is out there providing truth I can trust. Of course with all fitness activities one must check with their physician before embarking on a program. For me, this year has been a voyage of discovery. I’m focusing my efforts on what I think are the right activities which will yield results and I’m not leaning on popular activities which (for me) just aren’t yielding the results I want to see.

  27. Kay, I can totally empathize. I, too, believe that cutting out sugars and lowering carbs are two of the main ways to stay healthy and reduce joint pains. I also do better when I commit to a gym membership, etc. Thank you so much for your advice/thoughts on health and style. I also love the devotions.

  28. Thank you for this post. I agree with you on all points, especially about sugar causing pain. I feel it in my fingers and hands. I find that if I eat sugar just once a week, I’m craving it so bad, that one-time treat extends through the weekend. I gained about 25 pounds of what I call “misery weight” since moving across country (lots of comfort eating!). I lost about 18 of that, and I’m close to fitting back into my normal dress size ( my clothes “fit” but I don’t feel like myself in them– they’re tight, and that bothers me mentally). I exercise for 100 minutes, 5 days a week and I certainly don’t see the results I’d be getting back in the “young old days”. Thanks for the inspiration.

  29. I too am mostly plant based, though I eat an egg daily. Most people eat too much protein, and my dr is always afraid I won’t have enough, so she checks it and I’m always squarely in the middle. I eat beans or lentils, seeds and nuts daily for protein, as well as a very large salad and plenty of vegetables and fruit. Many vegetables, calorie for calorie, rival meat in protein (per calorie, romaine lettuce has as much as beef). I would recommend Dr. Joel Furhman’s book Eat to Live. You can get it at the library. Many nutrition charts are in there, which made for a compelling case. My son and daughter in law are physicians, and they eat much the same as I do. By eating eggs, you can easily go to restaurants. I do also -occasionally- eat cheese when away from home. Having some flexibility makes real life easier. This way I can travel, go to other people’s homes, and dine out just by saying I’m a “vegetarian” without having to go into a lot of detail. I completely turned around not just my own health, but my husband’s as well. I try not to preach about it, but the health benefits (proof is in your labs) were astounding. I think people should read up, get the facts, and then decide.

    1. I don’t understand your statement about “per calorie” romaine lettuce rivaling beef in protein. 1 lg. head of romaine lettuce has about 114 calories and 8 g. protein, while 2 oz. of sirloin beef also has 114 calories but it has over 17 g. of protein. Maybe you can clarify? Nutrient density and nutritional profile of a food are more important than calories, which are just a unit of energy.

  30. Hi Kay,
    This article came at the perfect time. I have been trying so hard to lose those extra pounds (that have been lingering since I turned 50) I eat right and exercise but since menopause it’s not so easy to shed pounds like I used to. I’ve been more focused (and dedicated) to building muscle since only March of this year (to be honest). In the past I jumped from one diet to another without much success. My motivation is not just my long term health but I have a formal wedding to attend in early November. A dear childhood friend of our daughter is getting married. The reception is black tie. I bought this beautiful sleeveless midi tuxedo dress in black that fits really nice and my husband thinks I look beautiful in it – but I would prefer it to fit better. Anyway, I want to wear a faux fur capelet or shrug but I am not sure what color to look for. I don’t want white and I though black might be too much since the dress is black. Do you have any recommendations or suggestions? As always, I greatly appreciate you.

  31. I am right there with you. Been with FWTFL for two years. Signed up for that accountability too! Let’s do this! I participated in the 21 day sugar elimination. I’m tempted to not go back. It has been rewarding and satisfying.

  32. I had to ask myself, “Am I in control of my food or does it control me?” Honestly, I was a sad and unhealthy slave to my cravings. Eliminating sugar (which includes “white” refined carbs) was the best thing I’ve ever done for my health to correct my weight, insomnia, depression, blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol.
    I do not eat low fat, as healthy fats are critical for our cells and our brain function. But I did get rid of the inflammation-causing cheap processed fats & seed oils, and stick with natural healthy fats like cold-pressed EVOO, avocado oil, coconut oil & grass-fed butter. I strive to eat locally grown/grazed and seasonal foods as much as possible. I believe this is the clean, simple, proper human diet as our Creator intended, as opposed to the 24 hr., chemically-manufactured, desire-on-demand society we now contend with. Let food be thy medicine!
    Through a clean ketogenic approach I have lost 75 lbs. and kept nearly all of it off for more than 6 years and regained my health, mood, energy, and physical strength. Though now I’m working on shedding the stress-induced lbs. from this past year of trials and grief. Down 6, with 8 more to go! Also doing HIIT along with walking and trail hiking using poles to exercise the upper body.

  33. I’m not fb.I rated with this blog and expert but have bought her program and has helped me lose weight and keep it off ! Her name is The Homemade method
    Anna Rakoczy. Her method is Cook, eat, listen! With her recipes and advice I have ne been so satisfied and nourished in my food choices ,,, look her up !

  34. I am with you! Signed up for FWTWL on Monday and started making progress today! Your Blog was just the nudge I needed. I’ve been neglecting my health and that needs to stop. You have been such a positive influence on me – my wardrobe, my self-esteem, my spirituality, and now my health. A heart felt thank you!

  35. It’s a struggle sometimes. I’m 56 and had a blood pressure scare at the end of 2020, but thankfully that’s back under control. I blamed 2020 stress, but my doctor wouldn’t accept it. Ha. My husband and I have cut out bread (inflammation!) and sugar as well. We’re eating more cleanly. It’s not perfect, but we work on it daily. You’re not alone, and I will pray for you as you work on your goals. Love your blog.

  36. This post came at the perfect time for me since I started to diet and exercise this week after many other times. Thank you for your encouraging post and those to come, for I need all the help and motivation one can give. MAY WE ALL REACH OUR GOLD!!! God bless you and each lady going through this trial!
    On a different note, I have not been receiving your email announcements for your daily post for awhile. I joined again hoping to start receiving them again. Hope this did not confuse the system.

      1. Your are right!!!! Your blogs did go to spam and now have been retrieved!! Thank you!! I really did miss reading them and learning new ways to style outfits. Glad I did not mess up the system.

  37. Working out has become one of my favorite activities since I found cross fit 5 years ago. I am stronger and more fit than I have ever been. I am part of a fantastic community that is so encouraging. I also struggled with 5 to 10 lbs, that were always on again off again. This is no longer an issue. And I have more energy for other activities, hiking, biking, skiing, snow shoeing. I am so happy to be 61 and strong and active. I encourage everyone to find the activity , program, or gym that will help you achieve your goals and keep you moving. Good for the body, mind and spirit!

  38. Kay, thank you for this post!! It is wonderful! So honest and truthful about where many of us over 50 ladies are in our health and wellness journey! I’ve had a hard, difficult week with having knee replacement surgery! Wow! It’s been tough and it’s easy to fall into the trap of feeling sorry for ourselves!! This post brought me hope and joy! Thank you so much, and your outfit is so cute!!! I’ve already ordered it!!!?