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Work from Home Outfit for a Midday Fitness Break With Talbots

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November 16, 2020

I’m a work-from-home gal, but I still like to get dressed for my day. I’ve found that getting dressed in something comfortable but also smart and pulled together helps me to stay engaged, productive and simply more joyful throughout my work day. So with the help of Talbots and their T by Talbots line, I’m sharing a simple work from home outfit that also allows for a midday fitness break – something that gets me through the hardest days with more energy and focus.

Everything I’m sharing today is from Talbots, which I know is one of my readers’ favorite retailers for classic modern clothing. Mine, too! And today through 11/19 Talbots is offering you 40% off your entire purchase.

Casual, Polished Work From Home Outfit

Work from Home Outfit
tech stretch high waist leggings // cotton modal cowlneck // Tish faux shearling trim ankle boots in light toffee // knot stud earrings

On Tuesdays I’m pretty much glued to my office chair as I edit and upload my Wednesday YouTube video. Those days can be long (often 10 to 12 work hours), mentally grueling and riddled with technical difficulties. So I’ve learned from experience that it’s all the more crucial I look and feel polished and professional for that particular work day.

But I also like to wear something comfortable that allows for a midday fitness break. Getting out and stretching my legs throughout the day keeps me fresher and helps me overcome some of the frustrations I encounter over those technical snafus with some much needed perspective.

Work from Home Outfit

That’s why I find myself reaching for my leggings or joggers from T by Talbots most every Tuesday. Happily, they have become my default for comfortable but polished work from home outfits. In fact, the T by Talbots collection is full of versatile and pretty pieces that can pull double duty at home or out and about.

Work from Home Outfit

Here I’m wearing the T by Talbots tech stretch high waist leggings in indigo blue. These super comfy leggings are made of 87% Nylon and 13% Spandex, so they’re moisture wicking and super stretchy without losing their shape. I also appreciate that the fabric is thick enough to provide full coverage. They run true to size.

Since I’m home alone all day on Tuesdays I don’t worry about wearing my leggings with a long tunic. Instead I opt for a cozy sweater like this cotton modal cowlneck in sparkling grape. That way I look bright and professional if I need to hop on a video conference call.

Work from Home Outfit

Unfortunately the cotton modal cowlneck is no longer available in the sparkling grape, but it is still offered in a cheerful red pop or ivory. And Talbots also offers this sweater in black and blue marled knits here. I’m wearing a TTS medium in this 70% cotton sweater.

I finished off my casual but polished work from home outfit with the Tish faux shearling trim ankle boots in light toffee. The faux shearling is indeed just trim; it doesn’t run throughout the interior of the boots. But the boots are extremely comfortable, and I love that the suede boots feature sturdy rubber outsoles. They’re perfect for stepping outside with a pet or checking on the mail.

Suede Boots

Honestly, I really wanted these Tish ankle boots in black, but they weren’t available at the time I ordered. But now they’re back! Hmm…

Midday Fitness Break

I’m blessed to live where I have a nature trail right outside my front door. So on Tuesdays I frequently grab my sunglasses, tie on my sneakers and step out the door for a quick walk…usually multiple times a day.

Fitness Break

If I’m going to go far on the trail, I just switch out of my sweater and into another top. For this fitness break look I’ve slipped into a T by Talbots multi stripe cotton pullover. This top is comfortable and creates a slimming silhouette with my indigo blue leggings.

cotton tunic
tech stretch high waist leggings // multi stripe cotton pullover // knot stud earrings

When I’m battling through the technical hurdles I frequently encounter on Tuesdays, I force myself to put my work aside and get outside for a few minutes. It’s amazing how much a little sunshine and fresh air can reinvigorate and refresh, while also restoring a measure of sanity. Hahaha!

Work from Home Outfit

At this point I’ve accumulated several T by Talbots tops that I can reach for when I’m ready to get some fresh air. The ruched long sleeve stripe top above is one of my favorites. It runs true to size and comes in several other pretty color combinations, too.

T by Talbots Top

By the way, this top and everything else I’m showing you today is available in misses, petite, plus and petite plus sizes. I love that Talbots features clothing in a full range of sizes.

Of course these T by Talbots tops are absolutely pretty and polished enough to wear as I work from home, too. But, as a work from home professional, how I dress is one of the ways I delineate between work time and recreation time.

Mid Day Fitness Break

As the days are getting cooler, I find myself adding my diamond quilted vest before I head out the door for my walks. This trim vest features soft fleece lining, runs true to size and comes in five pretty shades.

For the chilly early morning or evening walks I also add a hat and gloves. These supersoft cableknit touch gloves allow me to operate my phone while I have them on. And the matching cableknit pom pom hat is amazingly soft and warm. Oh and there’s a coordinating scarf, too. With today’s offer for 40% off, these are all great Christmas gift ideas. One for you, one for her!

Fitness Break Outfit
tech stretch high waist leggings // ruched long sleeve stripe top // knot stud earrings // diamond quilted vest // supersoft cableknit touch gloves // cableknit pom pom hat

I’m grateful to Talbots for sponsoring today’s post. I have been compensated by them for my work, but I’ve been wearing and enjoying the T by Talbots line for several years now. Since we’re all spending more time at home these days, I think elevated athleisure pieces like these in the T by Talbots collection can really help us feel both comfortable and polished. And that’s so crucial when it comes to maintaining our joy in these unique times.

Don’t forget that Talbots is offering 40% off your entire purchase! Thanks so much for dropping in for some style inspiration today. I hope you have a lovely and productive day.

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10 thoughts on “Work from Home Outfit for a Midday Fitness Break With Talbots

  1. Super cute looks by Talbots Kay…..

    Just wondering if the joggers are tight around the stomach, I like them more loose there but I could always size up to get that feel.


  2. What a fun day in the Fall leaves!!! Such a great showcase of T for Talbots!! Love all your mix and match options for daily activities. Very detailed and informative on each piece, thank you so much as always.

    Please do tell…how do those booties fit? Are you wearing an athletic sock and are they wide enough with socks? TIA

    1. The booties are actually a little roomy. I’m wearing my usual size with just a regular sock. But I could definitely wear a thicker sock. They’re not slipping or anything, but they are roomy. I ordered the black today and went with the same size.

  3. I’ve said YES to Jesus invitation t and ask Him to forgive my sins and to be in heaven for all eternity with Him! Praise the LORD for Emmanuel!

  4. Great pictures! You look so pretty in everything, but especially the grape colored top. Having a trail out your front door is a real bonus. I hope that you had a productive day.

  5. Great outfits and great inspiration, Kay! I had a zoom meeting this morning and chose a nice long-sleeve T with a canvas jacket similar to your Talbots maroon one, and a pair of tech pants on the bottom. I felt dressed for the long meeting. Immediately afterwards, I went for a long, brisk walk on a chilly, sunny day in NE OH. It’s a mindset, isn’t it? Eye-ing those leggings…. did I miss what size you are wearing?