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A Favorite Fall Outfit from My Closet

November 2, 2021

Hello ladies! I hope you’re doing well today. I thought I’d take a break from showing you new purchases and share a favorite fall outfit straight from my closet. Last week I actually wore this outfit when we joined friends for a night out at a local burger joint. I felt comfortable, appropriately dressed and snazzy.

Favorite Fall Outfit from My Closet

Let me see… Yep! The only thing new I’m wearing here is the shoulder bag, which was sent to me by Angela Roi. This vegan leather crossbody is really cool. And they’ve given my community a discount code for 10% off. Use code Kay10 if you purchase anything from Angela Roi.

Now back to the rest of my fall outfit…straight from my real life closet! Ha!

Favorite Fall Outfit from My Closet

I’ve yet to publish my October Favorites post. I’ll have to get on that! But this outfit is full of some of my favorite fall pieces. These are my hands-down favorite full length jeans (which I cut off with my sewing shears for a better all-around length). I love wearing high rise jeans with a slim, straight leg. And I think my raw edge looks modern and easy.

Straight Leg Jeans

By the way, I frequently am asked how to keep the frayed edge from fraying too much. I’ve just not had a problem with that. But then again, I don’t wash my jeans very often at all…probably a couple of times a year! It’s much better to just air your blue jeans out between wears, unless you get something on them or perspire in them. But if you’d like, you can always apply a little Fray Check along the raw edge. It really does work!

My lace up Captain’s boots from Thursday Boots are also favorites. Mine are in the Old English stain, but they have lots of finishes to choose from. I do suggest sizing up one half size in these classic, hand-crafted leather boots. And once you’ve worn them a little bit, you’ll join me in saying they are oh so comfortable. The narrow lace-up shaft is also perfect for wearing with the trending straight leg silhouettes.

Favorite Fall OUtfit from My Closet

I feel like I’m describing this outfit in reverse order today. Ha! (It’s been a long hard workday. Hang with me!) Anyhow, let’s check out the top of the favorite fall outfit combo now. I’m simply wearing my easy on the eyes v-neck cashmere sweater from Nordstrom brand. They don’t seem to have the v-neck sweater in my oatmeal shade this year, but they do have it in the crewneck sweater. And the v-neck cashmere sweater from Nordstrom does come in lots of other equally great colors. (These were labeled as Halogen last year, but they’re carrying the Nordstrom label.) I would say these are a mid quality cashmere, but definitely great for everyday wear.

As much as I like to wear colorful sweaters, too, (and I do have some!) I find that having a few neutral colored sweaters like this in my wardrobe is the ticket to being able to create my favorite looks on the run.

Cashmere Sweater from Nordstrom

I kept my jewelry very simple because… well, you’ll see! Anyhow I just wore my classic brushed silver teardrop earrings and my silver and gold mixed metal watch. Pared back, but impactful.

Now the reason I didn’t even bother to wear a necklace is because I was topping the look with my leather jacket (at Nordstrom and at Bloomingdale’s). It has a lot of silver hardware on it. So I figured that was enough metal for me. But it would be perfectly fine to layer in some necklaces if you were “feeling it!”

Classic Leather Moto Jacket

My leather jacket is an investment purchase I made last year. It’s still available, but not in this same oxblood color. Also, in case you are interested in this jacket (it is sooo comfortable and yummy!), I did size up to a US 10, as I would in any leather jacket. But of course, you can duplicate this favorite fall outfit with any leather or faux leather moto jacket of your liking.

Favorite Fall Outfit from My Closet

Now that I’ve run through the pieces of this favorite fall outfit, let me share a few of the style choices I made as I put it together.

  • I chose to wear light/medium wash jeans rather than my dark wash jeans because I was wearing a light oatmeal colored sweater. I liked minimizing the contrast in intensity between those two items for a longer, less interrupted silhouette.
  • My leather boots and leather jacket are not exactly the same color. They don’t have to be. But I was able to pair together pieces that are in the same color family. They’re both a deep reddish, brown. I think it’s smart to make sure you have leathers in your closet that work together well, especially if you’re going to pay higher prices for those pieces.
  • Because I don’t have a bag in a similar reddish brown, I carried one that works well with the shade of my sweater instead. Plus, it’s a cool taupe rather than a warm one. So you don’t have to match everything. Accessories just need to work together, not necessarily match.
  • I chose to wear minimal jewelry because my jacket has a lot of hardware, but also because I just didn’t feel like a lot of ornamentation was necessary. These are some substantial pieces with interesting textures and finishes. No need to add more fuss.
Fall Outfit with a Modern Leather Moto Jacket

When I’m able to pull together a sharp outfit like this, I’m glad I’ve invested in a few pieces I really love and that can easily elevate my most casual looks. But that’s not to say that you can only duplicate this modern classic look with pricey pieces. You probably have pieces in your closet that you can use to create very similar looks. And really, that was my goal in sharing this favorite fall outfit with you today.

Thank you so much for stopping in, sweet friend!

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25 thoughts on “A Favorite Fall Outfit from My Closet

  1. I am tallish , as yourself, I am so surprised your able to wear the Talbots jean and long enough to trim the hem ! … did you purchase a tall ?

    1. No they’re the regular length. I have very even proportions, too. I think they just run long. I cut off my darker wash jeans in the same style too.

  2. Kay, You look fabulous in this outfit from your closet! Everything about it is spot on! What a great BFMD that I needed.

  3. Kay, your outfit today is exquisite. The outfit hits all the right style buttons. From the very top, the V neck sweater coordinates with the neckline opening of your jacket. The light beige sweater is a complimentary tone and texture to the smooth dark brown leather jacket.
    The hardware grommets and thread of the jeans are an additional piece of built in rugged “jewelry” you use to nicely compliment your outfit. The light wash jeans are a perfect color choice against the dark brown leather in the jacket, handbag and shoes. Your footwear and handbag are the lovely visual completer pieces of this perfect Fall outfit. I also like your choice of minimalist jewelry. I am so inspired, I am going to go shop my closet and attempt to replicate this beautiful outfit. I have a wine colored faux leather jacket in my closet that is calling my name. I am going to bookmark this outfit for a future Fall formula for my personal closet. Thank you for helping us live a well dressed and an inspired life.

  4. I have a very similar oxblood moto jacket that I bought many years ago from J.Jill. Even though I was smaller back then, I refused to give it away! Recently I have lost almost 20 pounds and I can wear it again, SO HAPPY! It is a little snug on the arms, so I can only wear it with a sleeveless or short sleeved top. I never though of pairing it with oatmeal heather, that’s what I plan to try this week! Thanks, Kay!!

    1. I don’t have to, no. Most anything that says Dry Clean can be hand washed with delicate detergent. I hand wash all my cashmere. But I do have them dry cleaned at the end of the season just so I can store them really clean and nicely folded. Only when the tag says DRY CLEAN ONLY do you need to dry clean only. ?

  5. Effortlessly beautiful outfit on you! ? One question, should the earrings and necklace always match the hardware on the jacket or coat you’re wearing or can you deviate?
    Love the Blessed for my Day message here. Yesterday’s was equally as moving. Thank you for all these messages that speak to the heart❤

    1. Hi Helena. I’m glad you like the outfit. I don’t think the jewelry has to match the hardware on the jacket, but I think it’s nice if it does, especially if you’re going to be wearing the jacket or whatever garment it is throughout the day. Another option would be to wear mixed metals, and the best way to do that is to make sure at least one of your pieces of jewelry – maybe your watch or earrings – are in a mixed metal.

  6. I love your boots, the classic design, and especially the smaller heel! However, they, and most of the shoes on your blog, aren’t produced in wide widths. Wide width women like fashionable shoes, too! Can you help us out, please?

    1. Hmm. I can see what I can do. I’m just not used to looking for wide widths. Do you know of some particular brands that do a good job with wide width shoes?

  7. I am stunned that you wrote that you only wash your jeans a couple of times a year. I hope that means you have about 40 pair and one only gets worn a very few times.

    1. I do have a lot of jeans for the blog. And I actually wear a lot of things other than jeans. I probably wash my jeans after wearing them, on average, 2-3 times. But that doesn’t add up to much since I really wear other things a lot more frequently. Many jeans manufacturers suggest washing your denim less frequently if you don’t sweat in them or get them stained. I don’t smell! I’m an extremely clean person. But no, I don’t wash jeans a lot because I don’t wear any one pair very frequently.

  8. Hi Kay, love your style!! Just wanted to say that I picked up my stripe sweater from Talbots (the one you featured). I absolutely love it. Very cute, soft snd warm, but not heavy. I also really like the dropped shoulder, which I hadn’t realized when ordering, and the details on cuffs and hem are elevating. Perfect length, too!! A winner!! Thank you for featuring it.