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Winter Classics Outfit with a Column of Black

January 11, 2021

Happy Monday! Well, we’re going to make it one. Regardless of the turmoil around us or what personal struggles we may be facing, we can choose to walk into this day with joy and hope. That decision does not hinge on anyone else or what’s being reported on the news or chatted up in social media. So, sweet friend, let’s be the classy ladies we are and get dressed for our day and make it a good one. Today I’ve got a little winter outfit inspiration for you with another winter classics outfit.

Winter Classics Outfit with a Column of Black
Wonderstretch straight leg black pants (55% off!) // Black cashmere turtleneck sweater (similar) // cap toe slingback heels (great flat option on sale) // similar handbag // similar pins // earring alternatives // bracelet

In this Winter Classics mini series I’m styling wardrobe essentials and favorites strictly from my closet with classic style formulas. Yes, I’m still sharing new fashions here and there for the next couple of months, but The Winter Classics posts will give you outfit inspiration for which you can just “shop your closet.”

Creating a column of black with simple, solid wardrobe basics is absolutely my favorite style formula. Hands down. I do love me some black. But if you think black is too harsh for you or it’s simply not your favorite to wear, you can absolutely create a similar look with a different neutral, such as navy, brown, grey or even denim. So as I talk through the rest of this post, just substitute the solid essentials of your choice in place of my classic black pants and cashmere sweater if you’d like. If I say black, you think…grey, navy, what have you. Okay?

While I’m trying to keep these Winter Classics posts more about style tips and less about featuring individual pieces of clothing, I do need to mention that my favorite black pants, (which I’ve had in my closet for three years now) are fully stocked and 55% off (as of Sunday afternoon). I love the way these Nic+Zoe Wonderstretch pull-on pants create such lean lines. The 76% rayon, 21% nylon, 3% spandex pants have laundered beautifully, too.

I’m also enjoying my camel and black cap toe slingbacks. And they really might be a must-have if you have included both black and camel in your wardrobe. And at this price, these are worth looking at. For years I lusted after much more expensive similar shoes, so I’m very glad I found these slingbacks and I know I’ll wear them for years. OOH! But I also found a great flat cap toe option, and it’s on sale!

Winter Classics Black Pants

Beauty Tip: Since taking these photos I’ve begun applying a little of this self-tanner just to my feet and ankles every few days. I really hate applying self-tanner, but I’ve decided that if I’m going to occasionally bare my ankles like this I’ll feel much more confident if my feet aren’t quite so white. Ha! I’m really liking the results.

Of course the trick to creating a column of black is simply to wear black neck to toe (or ankle) and then encapsulate it with a jacket, cardigan, coat or other wrap, such as a ruana or kimono. Generally, I’d say wear black (or the color) neck to toe, wearing black shoes also. But the exception to that “rule” would be wearing nude or flesh colored shoes because they don’t interrupt the line. And in this case I’ve worn nude heels with black toe caps so it works beautifully.

Winter Classics

Anybody else love spectator pumps like I do??? I love them. They don’t seem to be especially in vogue right now. But if you have them in the appropriate colors, you absolutely can wear them, and they would look beautiful here. Spectator pumps are classics, so they’re never really out of style. They’re not on trend right now, mind you. But they’re not out of style either. Make sense?

Rabbit!! Ha! Okay, back to today’s Winter Classics outfit.

Winter Classics with a Column of Black

I personally love this look with just the black and camel. But I did have James take a few photos with my red satchel bag (no longer available), too. So you certainly can throw in a little color to an outfit like this if that’s your jam. Personally, I would reserve that splash of color for either your handbag, a scarf or jewelry. I probably wouldn’t mess up the lines with a colored belt, and while I do love to wear my red suede pumps with an all black outfit, I have to realize that’s no longer a true column of black.

Red lip
earrings no longer available (substitute) // bracelet // pin no longer available (beautiful selection) // Mary Kay Scarlet Red lip color // OPI’s Infinite Shine in An Affair in Red Square

Honestly, when you’ve created a duotone outfit with a column of black and a classic camel coat, you’ve got a good thing going on. So why mess it up? I think the very best place to add some color is on your lips and your nails. Here I’m wearing a Mary Kay Scarlet Red with some kind of lip gloss. Generally I’m wearing a “lipstick cocktail” in these photos. Anybody??? Hahaha! But I know I’ve been enjoying the Mary Kay Scarlet Red this winter, so that’s at least the base on my lips. And on my nails I’m wearing OPI’s Infinite Shine in An Affair in Red Square.

Winter Classics black and camel

And then there’s the coat. Keeping in mind that you can create a similar column of black or any color with a variety of toppers, I have to say that adding a long solid colored coat is going to give you the most elegant effect. For instance, you can see how I created a column of black with spring colors in this previous post. Same pants and similar cashmere sweater. Even in that post, the solid pink coat looks more refined and elegant than the green cardigan.

But that’s okay. Just keep this in mind when creating your column of black. If you want elegant, top the black column with a grey, camel or even blue or red coat. If you want more casual, opt for a cardigan. If you want a professional look, choose a camel or tweed blazer. And if you want super casual and relaxed, top your column with a twill field or safari jacket. The possibilities are endless and the topper you choose will largely determine the final effect.

Winter Classics
Wonderstretch straight leg black pants (55% off!) // Black cashmere turtleneck sweater (similar) // cap toe slingback heels (great flat option on sale) // similar handbag // similar pins // earring alternatives // bracelet

I love wearing a column of black. I think I said that already. Ha! If you’d like I can create more similar looks with different elements. Do you want to see more columns of black? Or maybe a column with a different color? I created a column of denim in this previous post. And don’t forget to take a look at my old post, Creating a Column of Black with Spring Hues if you’re interested. (Psst! Just between me and you, I happen to know that a favorite retailer is coming out with a similar pink trench this year!)

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Blessed for My Day

When our hearts are broken over sin and disharmony and strife, it’s a quick ride into depression. With the weight of bad news or news of the bad weighing heavy on our shoulders and hearts, we can soon lose hope and begin to feel like all is lost. I’ve been there in recent days, and you probably have, too. Honestly, if our hope hinges on anything in this world, there truly is little to look forward to.

But whether you’re dealing with a personal battle or just watching the war of the worlds on the evening news (maybe stop doing that???), I want you to know there is hope to cling to. In Nehemiah told the broken hearted people gathered around the ruins of Jerusalem not to grieve, “for the joy of the Lord is your strength.” Then the Levites went among the people and calmed them with a reminder that “this day is holy.” Sister, this day is holy. Psalm 118:24 says, This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

If God has given us another day to live, it’s a holy day. We have work to do, purposes to fulfill, people to bless, prayers to pray and lessons to learn. Let’s choose to see this day – whatever it may hold – as holy unto the Lord. And let’s remember that the joy of the Lord is the strength that will help us to walk through it with hope and purpose and confidence.

Then he said to them, “Go your way. Eat the fat and drink sweet wine and send portions to anyone who has nothing ready, for this day is holy to our Lord. And do not be grieved, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.” So the Levites calmed all the people, saying, “Be quiet, for this day is holy; do not be grieved.” ~ Nehemiah 8:10-11

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18 thoughts on “Winter Classics Outfit with a Column of Black

  1. I love your posts, Kay. But I must say this one in particular is so good because we can use things from our own closet! I would like to see more of “our closet” posts, please. As much as I love getting new things, it adds up quickly and most of us at this age who love fashion have a closet full of many great items. We just need styling tips which you are sp great at giving us!

  2. Kay
    Bless you for your wise words & Bible verses during these unsettling days. Right on time.
    Love the column of black too & use it often in my outfits. Thank you for uplifting spirit

  3. Good morning Kay! Loved so much about this look… I have similar pumps and I always get compliments when I wear them; you’re right about being a classic. Your comment about the lipstick cocktail had me smiling. I’m always mixing and pairing. One last thing… Sure hope you’re okay. You said you were having tests done and after reading today’s BFMD, you have me wondering. You’re in my prayers this morning.

    1. Hi Betsy. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post. No need to worry. My doctor is not worried, but we have to do the necessary tests. So really I’m not worried right now. No, I just felt like the BFMD was the right choice for many reasons. I know we all have our “things” and I never want to lose sight of the fact that on any given day someone could be reading this who needs a little encouragement.

      1. I’m one of those someone’s going through a very difficult personal situation that isn’t letting up. Your BFMD posts are helping me and giving me hope that is difficult to see right now. Thank you for always adding these to your posts (which I also get so much out of as well!)

  4. Wonderful post today. I love the classic chic style of this outfit. This is something I would definitely wear and I have the pants and turtle neck in my closet too. Would love to have the spectator pumps. Love them. Hum?
    Thank for the encouraging words and verses during this very trying time. God Bless.

  5. Dressing in a column of black was Joan River’s signature style. If you look at her Fashion Police episodes or any appearances you will notice she always wore black top, black skirt or slacks with outstanding jackets and jewelry. I loved her fashion sense and often copy.

    1. Huh! I didn’t know that but I can certainly imagine that. Great to know! Yes, I think that is a key that I probably should have mentioned. Everything else surrounding the column needs to be beautiful and well chosen. They don’t have to be expensive. That’s not what I mean at all. But they need to look polished, intentionally chosen and especially well fitted.

  6. There is no where in my life I wouldn’t feel comfortable in this outfit. The two tone shoes are the cream on the top or bottom in this case. Some days you crave a spot of color, some days you don’t. If it feels comfortable and feels like me, I’m good to go with it. I don’t wear anything because it looks good. Well, okay. My leopard rain boots are a tad to tight but it’s the exception.

  7. Love your posts! I have a question; although I live in Texas, I get cold easily. I’m often conflicted about wearing cute pumps due to the skin exposed, even tan skin. They look great with the outfit, but too bare for the season. So I default to my booties, which work, but give me less options. Insight sincerely appreciated!

    1. Hi JoAnn. Honestly I generally default to my boots for the same reason. I have worn pumps a couple of times recently and honestly I just sucked it up in the name of fashion. Ha! I wanted to wear pumps on my anniversary dinner and on Christmas Eve and I knew once I got where I was going I would be in warm places. And I really was comfortable. So I guess just consider where you’re going and what you can live with. Oh, one more little tidbit. I ALWAYS have a little blanket in the car and I wrap up in that when we’re going somewhere. Hahaha! I guess that really does make me a little old lady ?? !!!

  8. Thank you so much for your Blessing Post! I loved your outfit and spectator sling backs . I was so happy to see you included spectator flats in your post! I’m on a walker so I can no longer wear heels. I only felt the red handbag didn’t compare to the quality of the outfit.

    1. Thanks for sharing Natalie. I completely agree about the red handbag. I definitely prefer the look with the black one I showed in the other photos. But I know I have some readers who crave that pop of color ❤️. Thanks so much for reading. Bless you!

  9. What a great BFMD! You look so nice in this very classy outfit, that can take you anywhere. My personal style would replace the pin on the coat with a classy necklace to fit my personality. I don’t see one thing wrong with your feet and ankles not being tan. I can see me creating a similar look in colors that suit my tastes and coloring. I hope that your day has been a good one!

  10. Hi Kaye,
    I am a relatively new follower and I have immediately become a fan of your sense of style! You have given me tons of tips such as your hints about comfortable stylish shoes and just the little things that make a bug difference in this “season” of my style. I recently celebrated my 58 years young birthday, will be an empty nester in two weeks and my husband is retiring in April. I have been seeking a style mentor! I have always known what styles work for me but I don’t want to look like I trying to dress 20 years younger and I need a little freshening up. I want to project energy and confidence and avoid looking doughty. During the pandemic the opportunity to get out of my “comfy workout clothes” has been limited but you showed me how to be stylish even in workout clothes. You are inspiring me to use this time to clear my closet of the items that are no longer working, find new ways to wear my classics and to create some new outfits! I love this classic look and must find nude black capped toed low pumps to wear with my black slacks, black sweater and my Nanna’s vintage camel swing coat! I can’t wait! You have reminded me to never under estimate the power of a great outfit. Bless you for bringing joy to so many❤️. Katherine

    1. Ahh, thanks so much for introducing yourself, Katherine. I’m so pleased that you’re enjoying the blog. And I really appreciate your kind words, too. I do indeed believe we gals have purpose and influence. And we do have to work to stay current and our best. Thanks for sharing.