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Adding Navy to My Wardrobe with Comfort and Ease

October 21, 2021

Welcome to Dressed for My Day! I’ve decided to add a little navy to my wardrobe this year. And today I’m sharing the first piece that I’ve purchased to give this beautiful neutral a whirl. Let’s see how I’m adding navy to my wardrobe this fall.

Adding Navy to My Wardrobe
Essential Ponte Slim Leg pants // Cashmere Polo in lily // Rosie Loafers in navy suede (use code SARAHFLINT-BAKAYH for $50 off your first pair of shoes) // necklace // earrings // vegan leather shoulder bag (another option)// quilted jacket (longer quilted coat)

Perhaps you’ve been around here long enough to know that I advocate selecting a color palette for your wardrobe and pretty much sticking with it. I don’t adhere to the idea that your color palette has to be made of particular hues from a set season, although I know many of my readers enjoy using the seasonal color analysis. And I think that’s great if you do!

But I do suggest selecting anywhere from three to six signature colors and two to three neutrals for your personal wardrobe. Neutrals are those non-colors such as brown, navy, black, grey and, some would even say, olive green or wine. Signature colors are the colors of the rainbow that you choose to wear to add interest to your outfits, colors such as red, green, blue, yellow, orange, purple, turquoise, etc. When we work with a color palette made of a limited number of neutrals and signature colors, we’re more prone to have a mixable, matcheable wardrobe that really works together to create many beautiful, cohesive outfits.

You can learn more about choosing the colors of your wardrobe in this post.

Adding Navy to My Wardrobe
Essential Ponte Slim Leg pants // Cashmere Polo in lily // Rosie Loafers in navy suede (use code SARAHFLINT-BAKAYH for $50 off your first pair of shoes) // necklace // earrings // vegan leather shoulder bag (another option)// quilted jacket (longer quilted coat)

For the last several years I’ve pretty much restricted my neutrals to black, grey and brown. But many of my readers seem to prefer navy over black, as it looks somewhat softer with our aging complexions, eye color and hair color. I definitely agree that navy is a great choice for a sophisticated and classic neutral for us older gals. So I’ve decided to start adding some navy to my wardrobe for two reasons. One, I’ve always loved it and have missed wearing it the past couple of years…especially in the spring when I love adding nautical themed clothing to my closet. And two I want to be able to show my aging demographic some beautiful styles with navy.

I purchased these Essential Ponte Slim Leg pants from J.Jill last year in a deep brown, which is no longer available. I loved them! When I saw that they had them in navy this year, I decided these easy-to-wear, mid-price range pants would make a nice first addition of my new neutral to my fall wardrobe.

Adding Navy to My Wardrobe
Rosie in navy suede ( use my code SARAHFLINT-BAKAYH you’ll receive $50 off your first order of Sarah Flint shoes )

The Essential Ponte Slim Leg pants feel luxuriously soft, fit true to size, feature a flat front and a pull-on elasticized waist band. I think they look sharp, but they feel oh so comfortable. The Essential Ponte Slim Leg pants also come in soft mocha heather, dark fig and black.

Sarah Flint Rosie Heels in Navy Suede
Rosie in navy suede ( use my code SARAHFLINT-BAKAYH you’ll receive $50 off your first order of Sarah Flint shoes )

When Sarah Flint rewarded me with another pair of their exquisite Italian-made shoes, I decided to order the Rosie in navy suede. These shoes are truly lovely and so beautifully crafted. They are quite comfortable, but I do suggest sizing up one half size. If you use my code SARAHFLINT-BAKAYH you’ll receive $50 off your first order of Sarah Flint shoes. But if you don’t wish to invest that much in shoes, I suggest these navy suede block heels (30% off) or these navy Lifestride heeled loafers.

Adding Navy to My Wardrobe
Essential Ponte Slim Leg pants // Cashmere Polo in lily // Rosie Loafers in navy suede (use code SARAHFLINT-BAKAYH for $50 off your first pair of shoes) // necklace // earrings // vegan leather shoulder bag (another option)// quilted jacket (longer quilted coat)

Fair warning, you’ll be seeing me style these navy ponte knit pants a couple more times in the near future. But I’m starting the parade off with my favorite pairing. I love this lily colored cashmere polo with navy pants. And this soft purple-pink color is trending high for 2021-22. It can look a bit like an “old lady color,” but I think the trick is wearing it in modern iterations. So this trending polo collar sweater fits the bill! And this is one of the softest, smoothest cashmere sweaters I’ve ever owned. Quite a different texture from the more fuzzy cashmere sweaters.

Lily Cashmere Polo Sweater

You certainly don’t have to have a navy coat to wear with navy pants. But when I saw that Talbots had a wide selection of quilted jackets, vests and coats, I decided to purchase the shorter jacket in navy and a longer coat in black (also available in navy). But the bold gold hardware on this navy quilted jacket really excites me and leads me to want to wear it frequently.

Navy Quilted Jacket
Essential Ponte Slim Leg pants // Cashmere Polo in lily // Rosie Loafers in navy suede (use code SARAHFLINT-BAKAYH for $50 off your first pair of shoes) // necklace // earrings // vegan leather shoulder bag (Use code KAY10 for 10% off your bag at Angela Roi) (another option)// quilted jacket (longer quilted coat)

By the way, you could wear any color of coat with this navy pants outfit really. But some colors that would look really chic would include grey, off white or maybe taupe

I do think that if you’re going to add a new neutral to your wardrobe, it’s smart to invest in some accessories that you can work with them. You might consider looking for a belt, handbag, shoes and/or a jacket in that same neutral. I don’t have a navy handbag and I won’t need a navy belt for a while since these pants have an elastic waistband. But I think soft taupe is lovely with navy, so I carried my vegan leather Grace crossbody bag by Angela Roi. This bag was gifted to me by Angela Roi, and I’m so impressed with the beautiful pebbled texture. It definitely feels and looks like real leather, but it’s not. Mine is the light mud grey, but it definitely looks taupe to me. Use code KAY10 for 10% off your bag at Angela Roi.

vegan leather Grace crossbody bag by Angela Roi (use code KAY10 for 10% off a bag at Angela Roi)

So yes, I think I’m going to enjoy adding a little navy to my wardrobe. I still think it’s smart to keep the number of neutrals in your wardrobe to a more manageable 2-3, but I also think you can comfortably and easily add another color with a little thought and planning. I’m going to enjoy having some navy, especially as we get to spring.

Add Navy to My Wardrobe
Essential Ponte Slim Leg pants // Cashmere Polo in lily // Rosie Loafers in navy suede (use code SARAHFLINT-BAKAYH for $50 off your first pair of shoes) // necklace // earrings // vegan leather shoulder bag (another option)// quilted jacket (longer quilted coat)

What about you? Are you one of my navy ladies? Do you have any tips you’d like to share about how you wear navy? What color shoes or handbag do you often pair with it? What signature colors work well with navy in your mind? I’d love to hear from you today!

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42 thoughts on “Adding Navy to My Wardrobe with Comfort and Ease

  1. YES for NAVY! I have loved and own/wear a lot of navy. Maybe because it’s my favorite color! I think you can also wear black shoes, depending on the event or a nude shoe with navy.

    I watched your video yesterday and again tried to comment but couldn’t, ugh! I think I need to call apple? Anyhoo, the video was such a great one and loved you coming out of your home to style your clothes….


  2. I am a retired nurse and I love navy! But, I have to be careful to wear it in moderation because I tend to end up looking like a visiting nurse if I wear too many navy pieces at a time! It makes me chuckle. If I wear my navy slacks, then NO little navy sweater at the same time! Thank you for your advice and guidance. I really use your posts to help me dress each day. I spent so many years in scrubs! I needed help when I gave up those silly things

    1. Hahaha! I get that. I also feel like we can look a little like an airline attendant if we wear certain navy combos. In fact, I guess a lot of professions are known for wearing navy. So you’ve probably hit on something here – wearing navy without looking like a _______ (fill in the blank)! Thanks for sharing Joanne.

  3. Hi Kay. When I saw those shoes that old song immediately popped in my head, ‘Don’t step on my blue suede shoes.’ They are gorgeous but even with your discount, I can’t justify the cost. I am a navy girl. Blue is my favorite color. I hope you get a doctor’s appointment soon. I am having an issue with my knee. It is 2 weeks before an MRI can be done. ugh. It is so frustrating. I will keep you in my prayers. Good luck and have a great day.

  4. Yay for Navy!! Has always been a favorite for me (especially in the spring/summer!) I have several pairs of J.Jill ponte knit pants from several years and they hold up well and are very flattering. I do suggest sizing down if you are between sizes. A question, do your pants have pockets? I have to giggle at the reviews, one reviewer said they just loved the pockets, and another said she returned the pants because they didn’t have pockets!! From the photo, it looks like they don’t have pockets, but the description says there are pockets!! Curious!!!!!

    1. Hmm. They do have pockets. But I would not say the pockets are a positive. They are small and a little annoying. You have to make sure the pocket lining is laying flat when you put them on. Otherwise they are great pants. Obviously don’t bother me much since I have three pairs of them.

  5. I love navy, but tend to wear it on top or navy shoes and not often do I wear navy pants. But, this year I have paired a pair of navy pants with my leopard shoes and I really like it. I think I have not worn navy on bottom because of the limited shoe choice. BTW, I have the navy Talbots jacket and I love it!

    1. Wonderful! Im so glad you like the jacket as much as I do. I like that it is lightweight and roomy, so it’s perfect for layering on warmth.

  6. Love navy! And it looks great on you. Honestly, I think that, if you wear blue jeans (which I know you do), navy is already one of your neutrals. I think you should be able to wear with navy anything you would wear with blue jeans and that is about everything!

    1. Hahaha! Well yes I guess so. But I consider blue jeans a whole different thing since we really wear them like a neutral piece, not just a neutral color. But point taken! ?

  7. I, too, like navy and it’s one of my chosen neutrals, along with black and gray. My favorite colors are navy, cobalt and blue violet, and they go with my “winter “ coloring. I think most colors go with navy, including pink, red, green, white, lavender, etc. Most neutral colors go with it also. I am excited to see you styling some navy for us! I think I may have to purchase the heeled loafer from Nordstrom Rack.
    The older I get, I see that we need to give everyone grace, except, of course, the exceptions you mentioned. Everyone has “stuff” they are dealing with, including myself, and a kind word goes a long way.

  8. Good morning
    Yes l’m a navy girl.
    Have followed Marie Anne Lecoeur French Chic and that’s how l found you!!
    Classic is my style, so
    my wardrobe is a mix of both your styles and love how it looks together..
    What a blessing you have been,
    I just ordered your Joseph bible study book and love your encouraging scripture.
    Hope you get a appointment with your doctor today and feel better soon.
    Kindly Judy Dlugosh

    1. Ahh, thank you so very much Judy. I love following Marie Anne, too. Have you read her book? She’s a dear. And I’m so very glad you’re enjoying the Joseph study. It’s my favorite of the ones I’ve written. ?

      1. Good afternoon
        Yes l have 2 of her books,very helpful in reminder quality over quantity.
        I have loved the clothes from both of your recommendations.
        Will be starting your Joseph study in a few weeks.
        Just finishing study on Elijah
        Hope your feeling better.
        Judy Dlugosh

  9. I’m a relatively new comer. I just read something about a Joseph Bible study book. Never heard of it but would love to. Is there any way you could email me the info I need to purchase it?

  10. Navy is my #1 neutral because it can be worn both summer and winter. Some years it is harder to find than others. You always must be careful because navy can vary in tone as well as retailers often referring to dark blues as navy. I agree, black is sometimes harsh on us as we age. You must get a navy bag when you see one, since good choices are not always available every year. Some years, shoe and bag designers don’t even include it in their lines. I had to go to ebay to replace my crossbody navy travel bag since there was no guarantee I’d find one elsewhere. Talbots has been great about including navy in their line more consistantly than other retailers. That’s why I have so many navy sweaters from them, and your jacket, which I LOVE. Thanks for highlighting us “navy” veterans…well, really my husband is a true, real, Navy Veteran 🙂

    1. Ahh, sweet. Thanks so much for sharing these tips. I do love that Talbots is pretty consistent with their indigo blue or navy. It looks as much the same each year as is possible I think. So that’s where I plan to buy most of my navy pieces. I’ll also be sharing the navy or indigo cords next week. And I’ve ordered a pair of their dress slacks in navy. Or indigo! ?

  11. I really like your look for today. Navy is such a pretty color and people don’t wear it very much. Those loafers are way out of my budget!

    1. Hahaha! I understand. They’re really out of mine too. Like I said, they’re a gift. And that’s why I shared other options. The Lifestride loafers at Nordstrom Rack look beautiful to me.

  12. Hi,

    I love wearing a medium shade of navy. I really looked at what clothes I gravitate to. I like a lot of tops with blue or green that go well with navy pants or jacket which work well with silver, tan, red or gray shoes and purse. Thanks to your blog I now have specifically looked for neutral solid colored tops. I enjoy your videos. Thanks Kay

  13. I love navy and I have a lot of it. I especially wear it in Spring and Summer. It goes beautifully with so many colors! I pair it with a taupe bag and taupe shoes. I would not purchase a navy bag. I do think black is easier to work with overall partially due to the inconsistencies in the color of navy across various manufacturers.

    1. Thanks for sharing Martha. I’m really looking forward to wearing navy in spring and summer too. It’s been a couple of years at least since I’ve done that.

  14. Love, love, love navy! I wear it year round. It is the Miss Congeniality of colors – it plays nicely with so many other colors and I especially like it with green. Thanks Kay.

  15. Kay, Navy is one of my neutrals!! I wear a navy handbag and navy shoes with my navy!! I also bought myself a navy leather jacket last year!! I do enjoy my black leather jacket but I decided it was time for navy as well!!I’m glad your adding navy as a neutral to your wardrobe because you can enjoy navy in your wardrobe all year long!! It’s very classic and sophisticated!!

  16. I am not a navy gal for pants. Mostly because when I am not wearing blue jeans which is what I wear mostly I want a different color. I have black joggers, green cargo Capri pants, and black and white jeans. But I so agree how versatile they are! Thanks for reminder to keep an open mind.

  17. I love navy, and prefer it instead of brown most of the time. Beautiful outfit, you look stunning.

    I read your email about having trouble getting in to see a medical provider. I schedule for a number of clinics at a top rated hospital in Wisconsin. Most of our specialty providers are scheduling out greater than 6 months and some up to a year. This is mostly due to COVID backlog. It is definitely frustrating for all parties involved. Hope you were able to get in contact with your provider and scheduled in an acceptable time frame needed.

    Blessings to you!

  18. I love navy, but I do find it hard to add to my wardrobe successfully because there are SO many different shades of navy! Black is easier to “match.” That said, black, navy and grey are my neutrals. Thanks for sharing ways to wear navy! I think we all fall back on basic black as our “dark neutral,” but navy is beautiful and for many skin tones, easier to wear than black.

  19. Nothing wrong with black bag and shoes with navy. I wore that for years. Now you need a navy pea coat. Love those. I have navy pants and I wear pink, blue, white and yellow with them. I love a denim jacket over a yellow shirt with my navy pants.
    There is just an light around most pastors. We never forget our first one. He totally confused me with ice, water and vapor. LOL I finally got it.

  20. Kay, as always you nailed it. Love the top especially. I was wondering if you could do a post on active wear as the weather turns colder. I recently saw the fall active wear you showed but was thinking something warmer. Last year you showed a cowl neck top from LL Bean which I bought and love. Are straight leg fleece lined yoga pants even a thing because I’m not a leggings girl? I turn to you for all fashion advice so I thought I would ask you about this. Really hoping you can do a post on this. Thank you. Will be praying for you that all goes well with your health.

      1. Oh my goodness!! That is EXACTLY what I’m looking for and, the funny thing is that I have those pants because I bought them last year after you styled them. I just totally forgot about them! My bad! Thank you for reminding me of them!

  21. I really like navy, especially since my mother always said I wore too much black! I really like cognac with navy too!

  22. My hurdle is with pants/booties. Loved the look of my tennis shoe booties (by Ecco)and my pointed toes booties (a loser shaft by Lucky) with a tight ankle . Am struggling with the look of them with the Essential Ponte pants . I like them with the cute suede loafers I bought at Talbots, but need a bootie when weather gets cold. Help.

    I totally enjoy your blog and love that you have a gift for fashion , but balance that with your love for God as shown in your devotions to us each day. I am 72 and balance always works.

    I found your white ruffle collar and sleeve blouse at Loft yesterday. Would never have tried it on if I hadn’t seen your post.

    Enjoy your weekend. Barb

    1. Hi Barbara. I’m so glad you found that white shirt at Loft. That’s how I found mine, too. I’ll be showing those pants again soon with some boots. Unfortunately the boots I’m showing with them are no longer available but they are Chelsea boots with a fairly narrow shaft. That’s what you need with them…narrow shaft Chelsea boots that will fit up under them nicely. Look great!

  23. I have loved navy even when I was young. It has always been one of my neutrals. I especially love wearing Breton navy and white shirts with my navy canvas Sperry shoes. I have also always been drawn to navy and white polka dots. Thanks for featuring this timeless neutral.