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Elevated Casual Fall Outfit

September 9, 2021

Welcome to Dressed for My Day! I’m getting us ready for cooler days with an elevated casual fall outfit comprised of jeans and a feminine blouse. Next week I’ll style this same long sleeve blouse for a dressier look, but let’s see how I created a look that is perfect for a fall date night or casual work day.

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Styling a Green Blouse

Green is one of my signature colors, so I was immediately drawn to this alpine green clip dot blouse. In fact, my eyes are light green, so I love wearing this deep, cheerful color. But it comes in several other equally pigmented and beautiful colors, too. I really have to work to add color to my wardrobe because I’m prone to wear all neutrals.

Clip Dot Long Sleeve Blouse

The blouse is lined completely in the bodice and the sleeves are just slightly sheer. It’s made of 100% polyester so it shouldn’t wrinkle much, but I did need to steam it when I got it out of the package. With a split neck, you just slip this pretty blouse over your head; there is no other opening. I’m wearing a size medium very comfortably, so I’d say it runs true to size.

Clip Dot Blouse for a Elevated Casual Fall Outfit

You certainly could wear this clip dot blouse untucked, but I chose to tuck it softly into my straight leg jeans and belt them. The blouse has a straight hem finish and hits just along the hips for a nice length on many frames.

Clip Dot blouse for a casual fall look

My jeans are the straight leg jeans in shore wash from Talbots. I’m wearing my true to size 8 in the regular length (31″ inseam). But they were a little long for me, so I used my sewing shears to cut off about an inch and created a trending raw edge. When I’m wearing them, I think these jeans are my favorite. (I say, “when I’m wearing them” because I have others I think the same thing about!) That simply means they are extremely comfortable and, I think, quite flattering.

Elevated Casual Fall Outfit

I love the way this alpine green and denim blue work together. And I also love how those two cool hues look with the deep cognac brown in my pebbled leather belt and nougat leather mules. By the way, I find this belt to run a bit small. I know I’ve gained a few pounds this summer, but my other medium belts are fitting fine. I struggled a bit to get this belt to fasten on the second hole. I think I would prefer the large, but it is a great belt otherwise.

Paul Green Cynthia Mules

If you’ve been around here long you know that I’ve gone the route of comfort-at-all-cost for my footwear. I’d rather have fewer pairs of shoes that I love wearing because they’re both functional and fantastic than a closet full that hurt my feet. So these Paul Green Cynthia mules (purchased with a wad of Nordy notes!) were an investment, but they are beautiful and oh so comfortable. But if you’re looking for some that are comparable but more economical, I can highly recommend this one by Linea Paolo if you’d like a bit of a heel or this Bocca Mule by Franco Sarto for a flatter option. Both brands produce great footwear.


Because the blouse presents with plenty of feminine details, I decided to keep my jewelry a little more classic and modern. Gorjana gifted me the gold Wilder necklace and the gold Parker bracelet so I could share them with you. I love shopping Gorjana for modern, understated jewelry that is great for layering. My split hoop earrings are by Kendra Scott and they’re currently 40% off at Nordstrom.


By the time we snapped these photos, we’d already shot about 8 other outfits (coming soon!). So some of my lipstick had come off at this point. But I am wearing the Estee Lauder Rebellious Rose that I mentioned in yesterday’s video and in this August Favorites post. It’s a great neutral shade that works well on most skin tones, and the formulation is very creamy and easy to apply.

Elevated Casual Fall OUtfit

And, finally, I’m carrying my Tory Burch McGraw leather hobo bag, but it’s no longer available in this moose brown. I don’t know anything about this brand, but this brown slouchy shoulder bag would swap in nicely here. And Talbots has this cognac brown satchel that is actually the same color as my belt.

I think this jeans and alpine green blouse duo creates a sharp, elevated casual fall outfit that’s perfect for lunch with a friend, a club meeting or even a date night. And really it’s just as easy to wear a pretty blouse like this as it is to wear a basic tee. I added a couple of other similar blouse options to the shopping widget below.

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Thanks so much for stopping in today. I hope you have a lovely day. If you have any questions about anything I’ve shown here, please let me know in the comments below.

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Blessed for My Day

I’ve discovered that anxieties multiply when I’m living on my own terms, doing things my own way. I start off sure that I’m going the right direction, even if it’s in the opposite direction from God’s ways. But before long, when I depart from the path God is illuminating for me, I find myself in frightening territory. That’s when fear heightens and I start grasping at straws.

But if I determine to stay in the center of God’s will for my life, despite the discomfort that sometimes causes, I find that peace prevails. I know that I am not alone. God is going before me and He has my back. He takes the fear out of the uncertainty because He is my steady rock. So today if you find yourself drowning in fears, ask yourself if somewhere along the way you departed from following God. That may or may not be the case. But if you have indeed started doing things your way instead of God’s, a simple 180 can help to restore the peace you desire.

Teach me to do your will, for you are my God; may your good Spirit lead me on level ground. ~ Psalm 143:10

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34 thoughts on “Elevated Casual Fall Outfit

  1. Lovely color of blouse on you. The Estee Lauder colors are perfect. Went to my local Macy’s to check them out. You are right, they are the perfect color. Hope your family enjoys their stay in Michigan. The temperatures are cooling and the trees are already changing color. If you ever need suggestions on places to go here on the mitten state, let me know.

    1. My brother shared their itinerary with me and I know they’re going to Mackinaw Island and some places on the western shoreline. But I would love to hear your suggestions. We definitely want to explore Michigan.

  2. Yes! I agree…the green really brings out your eyes. Neutrals are great but it’s the splash of colors that makes me happy.

    1. Hi Tammy. Actually frayed hemlines are very in vogue so I won’t be concerned if they do fray. I’ve worn these multiple times and they haven’t really frayed yet. But you can apply a little Fray Check and that should take care of it, if desired.

    1. Hi Kathie. I won’t be wearing socks with the mules. I suppose you can, but these shoes really look best without socks. That’s why they’re probably best for fall and spring. But that’s just a personal preference. ?

  3. Love the green on you. I also saw it in a pretty blue, which is one of my signature colors. My daughter loves green and it would look good on her.
    Love the blessed for my day
    Hop you had a good visit with your daughter on her birthday

  4. We’ve traveled rather widely and yet Michigan is our favorite place! As we live in northern Ohio, we go frequently. Our very favorite is Petoskey (Inn at Bay Harbor is spectacularly wonderful and reasonable in the off season, but the Marriott Courtyard is more reasonable and brand new, and offers an outdoor fire for the evenings). We hunt for Petoskey stones on the beach, walk the beautiful lakeside trail that runs between towns, drive the Tunnel of Trees, and see the mushroom houses in Charlevoix, in addition to great boutique/resort shopping. Allow 3-4 days. Saugatuck is our second fave, and a stay at the Judson Heath Colonial Inn is an absolute must. The town is great to wander in, the walk from the inn to town is like a touch of New England, and Oval Beach is a great place to walk. 2 days or a long weekend is perfect. And no, I don’t write ads for Pure Michigan, but I probably could :).

  5. I second Linda M in the suggestions for great places in western MI. I will add Ludington with its long pier and public beach. Nice shops and restaurants. Hotels and inns —too many to mention.
    You look wonderful in the green blouse and jeans. Great transition to fall outfit.
    Enjoy your travels with your family.

  6. I love green but for some reason it isn’t shown on many blogs. This is a beautiful blouse and I can see how versatile it could be. I have a cardigan in this color and I’m amazed at how well it goes with everything.

  7. My favorite colors are the shades of autumn, all autumn colors. We live in South Texas and my husband teases me, because I put up my spring & summer tees and pull out my fall tees. Yep, same tops & blouses as the summer ones, just in my autumn colors. We don’t get cool temperatures very often, so I have to settle for the colors. I’m going to Boston in October with my daughter, I can’t wait for the trip, I’ll get to wear actual fall clothing, lol.

  8. Kay, you look stunning! That blouse is just beyond gorgeous on you. Green is one of my most favorite colors. I have brown/ hazel eyes and the shade you are wearing will work well for me.
    Thank you for reminding me about not doing things my way. You are so right. I tend to run ahead of the Lord and of course, disaster is always the result.
    I enjoy your posts so much and think of you as a trusted sister in the Lord.

    1. Indeed it is. That’s not always my favorite thing either. But for pretty blouses it’s going to be silk (which I love but not everyone wants to spring for) or polyester. Just trying to show a variety of choices. ?

  9. Hi Kay,
    I have been following your YouTube channel for quite awhile and now have started reading your blog. I truly enjoy your content and have learned so much along the way.

    I love your outfit today. I have purchased several items over the months and appreciate your recommendations. So I just wanted you to know that I would have purchased the featured blouse if it had not been 100% polyester.

    So many brands are trying to be more earth friendly and sustainable and I find that supporting them also supports our environment for years to come. And polyester is not an earth friendly material.

    I just wanted to mention this because you seem like someone who would care about that.

    1. I absolutely do care about that and I would usually prefer silk. But that’s not an option that all of my readers would choose. Just trying to provide options.

  10. The blouse is so different and appealing. I’m looking forward to seeing other ways you style it as I did order one 🙂 Thanks!

  11. I’m simply going to agree with everyone else. That blouse is beautiful and the color is absolutely stunning on you! Have a blessed day!

  12. Kay, thanks for showing this beautiful green color blouse, it’s one of my all time favorite colors from the northwest, even tho I live in the southwest now! I’ve been wanting to try one of those tie buckle belts with diagonal ends (a bit boho?), might distract from the tummy. Can we address modern belts that don’t emphasize our belly, as this seems to be a new & scary trend for well rounded women? Thanks for all you do, I’m always delighted with your fresh take on style, and life issues!!

  13. Love this green and reminds me of Christmas coming…..if I may say ?

    I think jeans and a feline blouse/top does look so nice together.

    Have a nice time with your brother and S-I-L


  14. Wow, that green is stunning on you. You have inspired me to enhance my wardrobe.
    I hope you had a wonderful time with family. I so enjoy your posts and feel you are a true sister in the Lord.
    Blessings to you.

  15. You look wonderful in that shade of green, Kay. I perused the Soft Surroundings and the prices knocked my walmart socks off! I guess I’ll get three of each outfit lol. Much of the clothing and shoes featured are quite expensive. Although, I’m retired now, I had been making near $100.000 per year and I have a comfortable pension. I have always loved clothing, but I love even more is getting a good bargain. I’ve always paid a fraction of the price for cashmere and other luxury items of clothing I wore to the office. I suppose what I’m trying to say is, much clothing and shoes you feature I find are for rich women and may be out of price range for many ☹ but the scripture was what caught my eye in your blog. It was a breath of fresh air in all the blogs of fashion influencers that I have looked at. Since retiring I have begun reading the entire bible again front to back, and I always look forward to seeing the chosen reading of scripture at the end of your blog. But I cannot see myself spending that kind of money on clothing. Blessings ?

    1. I feel the same, Norah. No one is “gifting” me anything and I am on a fixed income. As much as I love the looks, it’s a bit defeating when I see the prices. The day I spend $90 for a blouse and $200 for a bag or shoes is the day my hubby sends me away. LOL

      1. It is defeating, although I made a comfortable living when I was working, I had 4 daughters to put through school. So no expensive clothing here, it was all on sale. I did manage to buy myself some nice items occasionally. I “copy” outfits I see with sales and second hand. Rereading my post I see that I need to pray before hit send.