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Join Me as I Relax & Recuperate at Home

November 8, 2021

Hello, dear reader! I’m so glad you joined me here for some style inspiration today. But most of you know that I had a little surgery on my forehead this past week, and honestly I’m still not feeling 100%. The Mohs surgery went fine and was really a straightforward procedure. But the place where the surgeon made the incision is right on my temple just above my brow bone, and it’s also pretty big. So it has continued to ache a little. And I’ve developed some sinus pressure there, too, as the nurse said I might. At any rate, I’m fine. I really am. But I am following YOUR advice and continuing to take it kind of easy. So I thought today I’d just invite you to join me as I relax and recuperate at home.

Relaxing and Recuperating at Home
L.L.Bean flannel sleep pants // waffle knit Henley tee // Daybreak Scuffs (available in several fun patterns and colors) // earrings // bralette (not shown) // cashmere wrap (similar)

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Now don’t bother hunting for my scar in these photos. Ha! I took these pictures the week before I had my Mohs surgery. But I have indeed been wearing these and similar lounge-worthy clothes quite a bit recently. In fact, the day I had my surgery I drove straight home and changed into these oh so comfortable L.L.Bean flannel sleep pants and waffle knit Henley tee. I had intentionally made sure the evening before that they were clean and ready for me!

Flannel Sleep Pants and Henley Tee
L.L.Bean flannel sleep pants // waffle knit Henley tee // Daybreak Scuffs (available in several fun patterns and colors) // earrings // bralette (not shown)

But you certainly don’t need to be sick or recovering from a procedure to wear these comfy lounge pants and soft tee. These pieces are sold separately, but they make great sleepwear on a cold night, too. I’m wearing a medium in both for a very roomy fit.

Cashmere Wrap
L.L.Bean flannel sleep pants // waffle knit Henley tee // Daybreak Scuffs (available in several fun patterns and colors) // earrings // bralette (not shown) // cashmere wrap (similar)

A couple of weeks ago when it first got cold in the evenings and mornings, I couldn’t find my big L.L.Bean Wicked Plush Robe, so I opted instead for this cashmere wrap. I’ve since located my hooded robe, but I continue to enjoy wearing this cashmere wrap (similar) because it’s just right for wrapping around my shoulders without getting me too heated. Of course, I can wear this beautiful wrap out and about, too. But why save the niceties of life for rare moments when you can enjoy them more regularly instead?

Cashmere Wrap
L.L.Bean flannel sleep pants // waffle knit Henley tee // Daybreak Scuffs (available in several fun patterns and colors) // earrings // bralette (not shown) // cashmere wrap (similar)

I’m the kind of woman who tends to go, go, go until I’m forced to sit down and breathe a little. It’s at those moments, when my body can’t go any further or the situation requires rest that I realize just how much I needed to slow down a bit. And then I give into the need to rest whole-heartedly. That’s how I felt when I finally lay down on the sofa last Wednesday afternoon after my procedure.

Resting at Home
Daybreak Scuffs (available in several fun patterns and colors) // Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Throw Blanket

But you know, ladies, we really should be more proactive about taking time for rest and rejuvenation. If our Creator has commanded that we take time for a sabbath or rest each week, we should know that our bodies, minds, souls and hearts truly need a dedicated and extensive time to recuperate and rejuvenate each week. And the fact that He even showed us by example that there is nothing wimpy or self-indulgent about carving out such a time, should release us from self-imposed feelings of guilt or prideful thoughts of somehow being above the need for rest.

From here on out I’m making sure I take a few minutes each day for rest and relaxation. I’m also becoming more intentional about that weekly sabbath. And I’m working with my husband to ensure that we take time at least once a month for real recreation and slowed down time together. How do you make sure that you get some down time?

Reading a Book
The Wish Book Christmas by Lynn Austin // Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Throw Blanket

James and I are taking time for a non-competitive game of Scrabble occasionally, lingering over our meals a little longer, continuing to enjoy our extended morning coffee times and recommitting to our monthly 2nd Fridays where we get out and explore Ohio (or a neighboring state). I need these relaxing and recreational times for my mental and emotional sanity, but also for my health. Coupled with regular exercise and a balanced diet, these intentional attempts to rest and chill seem to help me sleep better, think more clearly and handle life’s little crises with more grace and calm.

Relaxing by the Fire
Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Throw Blanket // L.L.Bean flannel sleep pants // waffle knit Henley tee // Daybreak Scuffs (available in several fun patterns and colors) // earrings // bralette (not shown)

I think having some fun and oh so comfortable lounge clothes that we set aside for really settling into those relaxing moments is very helpful. They tempt me and lure me into the rest that is so good for my mind, body and soul.

Relaxation Clothes
L.L.Bean flannel sleep pants // waffle knit Henley tee // Daybreak Scuffs (available in several fun patterns and colors) // earrings // bralette (not shown) // cashmere wrap (similar)

Thank you, dear readers, for urging me to take time for myself, to rest and allow my body to heal from the procedure I had last week. I’m doing that. Yes, I’m continuing to get my content up each day if at all possible. I have some contracts and obligations to meet. Plus I really love meeting you here each day. But you can rest assured that I’m taking time to slow down a little and enjoy the quieter moments of life.

What about you? Do you have rest and relaxation built into your schedule somehow? I’d love to hear from you today.

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Blessed for My Day

Some may bristle at the instructions found for older women in Titus 2:3-5, but I actually take great pleasure in the standards that are laid out for us there. The fact that God calls us to such qualifications tells me that He also has a purpose for us. These are not arbitrary standards set to pen us in, but high callings meant to equip us for monumental and weighty tasks.

All around us are young women who are looking for answers. They long for inspiration, clear direction, practical knowledge and wise counsel. I know, I know… Sometimes it seems like this is not true, that they could care less about what you may have to offer. But the younger generations don’t like to look unsure of themselves. They prefer to at least seem like they have it all together. But I encourage us to press in, befriend a younger woman and be there for her. When she knows that you care, she will care to hear what you know.

Older women likewise are to be reverent in their behavior, not malicious gossips nor enslaved to much wine, teaching what is good, so that they may encourage the young women to love their husbands, to love their children, to be sensible, pure, workers at home, kind, being subject to their own husbands, so that the word of God will not be dishonored. ~ Titus 2:3-5

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30 thoughts on “Join Me as I Relax & Recuperate at Home

  1. Such an exquisite post! Tincture of Time will heal you, both physically and peacefully.
    Loved your PJ’s…wonderful and you look so cute in the wrap. Great idea!

    My Grandma had a saying….she would always say, Oh I have plans that day, when asked to go somewhere.
    We never could figure out WHERE or WHO she had the plans with. Right before she passed, she told Mom that the plans were with HERSELF. Read a book, take a bath, clean out fridge…etc etc. Isn’t that the smartest little answer? So now I need to write that down and say the same thing. I tend to help people a lot. But now we must make our elder years about taking care of ourselves. Your column was a perfect intro to that process! Thank you, Kay and rest up and recupe!

  2. I wish you a continued positive recovery Kay. You are approaching it wisely. There are hidden blessings in being “forced” to slow down a bit. You will be back in full gear very soon, especially since you are taking the time to rest. You got this girl!

  3. I sincerely wish you a full recovery and some much deserved down time to do so. I have really been enjoying your posts and videos. It’s like visiting a friend and having a cup of tea and some kind conversation. Take care of yourself and the rest will follow. All the best from Canada ??

  4. May your rest be sweet knowing that “underneath are the Everlasting Arms.” And may God bless you with a speedy return to the very best of health and strength.

  5. Good Morning Kay, praying each day is a better one for you! Maybe when you are visiting neighboring states, you can visit us in WV–the leaves are beautiful now on the mountains!
    The scripture you chose is one of my favorites and gives me renewed inspiration for my focus today. Thank you for ministering in so many ways.

  6. So happy you are taking time to slow down. At 71, single, still praying for a significant other, I have too much time on my hands. I have sewing out but not much interested…..tend to purchase a few new clothes instead. Spend time reading or chores mainly. Afternoon naps most days help me deal. Not what I expected at this point in life. Love reading your inspiration and following you. Be Blessed.

  7. Dear Kay I wish you well in your recovery days. Yes we all must take time in our busy lives for some R and R.
    Be kind to yourself is my motto, then we’ll have time for others.
    Love your blogs
    God bless you

  8. Best wishes for a speedy recovery! I would love to hear more about your 2nd Friday outings. My husband and I just committed to monthly outings with each other and need some ideas! We also live in a Ohio (Akron/Canton). Thanks for your awesome blog and videos.

  9. Continued healing for you, we all need some down time to replenish and refuel. My husband and I have been sharing time at the chiminea (so) on our deck in the evenings catching up with meaningful and reflective conversations. Thank you for your posts.

  10. Good Morning g Kay….love seeing these “restful” photos and such a relaxing atmosphere.

    I know sometimes as women we don’t listen to our bodies like we should, glad you are taking the time to rest?. I am one who likes being in her PJs !


  11. This post was a wonderful reminder to slow down and take care of ourselves. I was breathing calmer after just reading it! Prayers are lifted for your continued recovery. We are all here for you in spirit and support!

  12. Kay, I pray that your recovery improves with each new day. Yes, taking it easy allows us to slow down and smell the roses. I very seldom slow down or back off from my caregiver role. Well, Saturday I had some health issues that were not much better yesterday. I actually slept 85% of yesterday. Larry was not feeling good either, but he was really quiet so that I could sleep. He told me that I never slow down and am always taking care of him, so he wanted me to be able to sleep. Thankfully I am better today, but I still canceled a doctors appointment, so that I wouldn’t have to make the 1hr drive, and so I could still take it easy today. Oh, how is your dog?

  13. I agree with these ladies. There is some great advice given—especially about coming to WV to explore. Ha, ha! Our county (Pendleton) has the Seneca Rocks Visitors’ Center with hiking paths that are not too hard to manage. We have lived in WV about 10 years and still learning much about this lovely state.
    As we age (now 71), I’ve found that my body heals slower than 10 or 15 years ago. So we learn to be content in where ever God has us at the time.?
    God bless you.

  14. Everyone gave such wonderful suggestions to help with the healing process. As women, we are often the last for R&R. Take care, dear Kay and rest in His love. I am praying for you.

  15. Kay, I pray you feel 100% soon!! In this time just fully enjoy your rest!! Kay…I find myself comforted in these Titus verses because it means He has a purpose still for my life!! That means so very much to me!!

  16. Slowing down can be so hard!! I have finally learned that when I am instructed to rest, I need to really really “rest“, and feel so much better for having done so. I hope your discomfort eases and you are feeling 100% real soon!

  17. Another source of ageless advice for women: “Gift from the Sea” by Anne Morrow Lindbergh. Written in the 1950s, with a new preface in the 1970s, this little gem of a book still speaks to us today. And Anne was so far ahead of her time: one of the chapters talks about making time for one’s self. Women typically give so much of themselves to the wants and needs of others, but that source of love and compassion must be replenished. We are also worthy of our own love and compassion. This is one of my “desert island” books, and I reread it at least once a year. Highly recommended.

  18. Fall and winter time I naturally try to slow down. ( holiday weeks excluded). I’ve learned to say No, with kindness and to keep my self care schedule in place. Hoping your Mohs surgery heals up just fine in time. It will. I have two family members who underwent thus deep invasive surgical procedure and rested completely! You deserve this Kay. Prayers for peace and serenity and complete healing!

  19. Happy to hear your procedure went well.
    It’s difficult for busy women to rest without thinking of what they feel they should be doing instead! Rest in order to get to the same routines has its rewards. Feeling up to the task is so much better than slogging through.
    You have to be the best dresser I have seen in recuperation. Cozy and cute pj’s/slippers. I need to take a look at new pj’s.

  20. Kay: I am glad the procedure went well and you are allowing yourself time to heal. You look great even in comfy sleep/loungewear! Best wishes for a return to 100% very soon.

  21. YOu may appear to be resting but I’ll bet that mind of yours is hard at work on your next posts.? love the cozy feel of this post today. It’s getting chilly here so it was lovely to see a fireplace. Glad you have this behind you and don’t worry about us. You are stuck with us.

    BTW where did you get those lovely flowers in the pot under the window. Make a great gift for someone on my list assuming they are not real.

    1. Hi Eve. They are real! My husband potted them for me at my request. I’d picked them out at Lowe’s about a month ago. We got the pot there too. They’re Anthuriums.

  22. So glad you are taking care of youself and healing. Sometimes we just need to rest. You look cute in llbean outfit, I like their casual things too. Love your living room. Thank you for all you say, do and share. God bless you and your family.

  23. I had never heard of Moh surgery before so I looked it up. The procedure seems like a very thorough way of removing skin cancer cells at one appointment. So glad you had it done and are taking the time for your body to rest and recuperate. I agree with what Eve said in her comment, “Glad you have this behind you and don’t worry about us. You are stuck with us.”

  24. You look so cute and comfortable as you recoup.
    You don’t look as if anything is amiss.
    I so enjoy your blog and videos.
    As others have stated thank you so much for all the time and effort you
    put into everything you share with us.
    Continue to take care as God blesses you every day.

  25. Loved today’s post, Kay. At our house we have Tea Time around 2:30 PM. What’s really fun now, is our Grands come over sometimes. And, oh yes, we have cozy winter lounge wear out and we’re ready for that first snow fall.

  26. You look so comfy! But with a fireplace that I enjoy as it gets cooler, I cannot wear a sweater or wrap over lounge wear, even though it looks so cute!

  27. I wish you continued rest and healing over the days ahead. I’m very thankful you’re doing well. By the way, I have these exact scuffs! Hubby bought them for me a few years ago. I love the little kitty so much. 🙂