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Classic Cashmere with a Fun Twist for Fall

October 6, 2021

It’s officially fall, but do you have those crisp, cool temps yet? Sadly enough, we do not. But I’m ready for that first cool blast when it comes our way! I’ll be wearing this classic cashmere sweater with fun colorful stripes on the 3/4 length sleeves.

Casual and Classic Fall Outfit
cashmere sweater // Talbots Everyday Relaxed Jeans in Orion wash // metallic leather loafers (similar option) // quilted jacket // multi strand bracelet // earrings // necklace // satchel bag (updated for fall)

Talbots’ Audrey cashmere sweaters are some of my favorites because I love the slightly widened crew neckline and the 3/4 length sleeves. Not only are 3/4 length sleeves flattering because they expose the wrist, but they’re also perfect for cool fall temperatures that warm up through the day.

The day we shot these photos we actually were enjoying a very autumnal day, and the temperatures only got to the high 60s. I felt so comfortable and appropriately dressed in this striped cashmere sweater.

Cashmere Sweater
cashmere sweater // Talbots Everyday Relaxed Jeans in Orion wash // multi strand bracelet // earrings // necklace

I’m wearing a size medium in the Audrey, and I’d say they run true to size. You can see a full selection of Talbots Audrey style cashmere sweaters HERE. They include about fourteen solids and four prints, including my fun stripe sweater.

cashmere sweater // Talbots Everyday Relaxed Jeans in Orion wash // metallic leather loafers (similar option) // multi strand bracelet

I love the simplicity of wearing a great pullover sweater and jeans in the fall. I generally shy away from topping blue jeans with a similarly blue sweater, but I specifically chose this combination this time for a few reasons.

  1. Tone on tone or tonal dressing continues to trend. Plus, it’s quite flattering to create these similar hue silhouettes!
  2. I like keeping the color intensity level consistent throughout my outfits for a low contrast in intensity. You can learn more about working with contrast in intensity in your outfits HERE.
  3. I think the stripes in the sweater are enough to break up the outfit a bit and create interest.

By the way, I’m wearing the everyday relaxed jeans in the darker Orion wash. Be sure to size down in these. I’m wearing a 6.

Cashmere Sweater and Jeans for Women Over 50
cashmere sweater // Talbots Everyday Relaxed Jeans in Orion wash // metallic leather loafers (similar option) // quilted jacket // multi strand bracelet // earrings // necklace // satchel bag (updated for fall)

However, you could also pair this fun stripe sweater with these corduroy pants. I have the indigo blue (in the curvy fit) that I plan to wear with the indigo stripe sweater, but you could also wear the ivory pair with it.

Ooh! And aren’t those gold metallic loafers fun to finish the look with? They’re extremely comfortable, too. They fit me true to size. Unfortunately, these metallic loafers are only available in a few sizes at this point. But you could also check out these metallic buckle loafers, which are available in more sizes.

cashmere sweater // Talbots Everyday Relaxed Jeans in Orion wash // multi strand bracelet // earrings // necklace

I added some gold jewelry from Kendra Scott to this outfit. All of these pieces are at least a couple of years old, but they’re still available, at least in limited supply. I love this multi strand bracelet because it does the work of layering for me. And my Veronica hoops are definitely my most worn earrings. Now that I’ll be wearing more plain front tops and higher necklines, I can reach for my tassel bolo necklace more frequently again.

Yes, those temperatures will indeed start going down soon. And I’ll be ready with this quilted snap front jacket. I opted for the indigo or navy color because it will be so versatile with this particular outfit formula: jeans + pullover sweater + fun shoes + quilted jacket. But it also comes in fun French pink, goldfinch yellow and a deep eggplant. I’m wearing a size medium jacket . The small fit, but I want to be able to wear multiple layers under it, so I gave myself a little more room.

Quilted Jacket
cashmere sweater // Talbots Everyday Relaxed Jeans in Orion wash // metallic leather loafers (similar option) // quilted jacket // multi strand bracelet // earrings // necklace // satchel bag (updated for fall) // sunglasses

I love the way this simple outfit formula came together. I think the stripes on the sleeve, the gold loafers and my yellow satchel add fun twists to this classic combination. I purchased the yellow satchel from Target in the spring, but they’ve come out with an updated version for the fall that would work even better here.

Cashmere Sweater with Quilted Jacket
cashmere sweater // Talbots Everyday Relaxed Jeans in Orion wash // quilted jacket // multi strand bracelet // earrings // necklace // satchel bag (updated for fall) // sunglasses

By the way, I’m also wearing that Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Lipstick in Rebellious Rose (#420). And I’m wearing the Pure Color Envy Kissable Lipshine in the same color for added shine. I’ve linked you to Macy’s for those products, in case you’re interested. But I also noticed that Estee Lauder is currently offering a gift with $45 purchase at their own website, and a full size tube of Rebellious Rose lipstick is included in the gift, valued at $155. Use code FALL21 for that offer if you have other EL products to shop for.

Classic Cashmere with a fun Twist for Fall
cashmere sweater // Talbots Everyday Relaxed Jeans in Orion wash // metallic leather loafers (similar option) // quilted jacket // multi strand bracelet // earrings // necklace // satchel bag (updated for fall) // sunglasses

Thanks so much for dropping in today. It’s been fun dreaming of cooler temperatures with you. Ha! I may just have to crank the air conditioner up and put that sweater on! Nah, I’ll wait. It will be perfect for that first really cool day.

By the way, I’m collaborating with another wonderful YouTuber this week and she normally posts on Thursdays. So I’ll be putting up this week’s video on my channel tomorrow. Let me know if you have any questions about anything I shared here. And have a lovely day!

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Blessed for My Day

I’m just going to be honest, some days I feel like God has lost sight of me. I wonder if I am insignificant to Him and if He prefers others over me. Do you ever feel that way? It doesn’t happen often, but when life gets difficult and answers to prayer don’t come quickly enough I do begin to think that maybe He has forgotten about me.

That’s when I must choose (doggedly!) to remind myself to trust my God and His characteristic goodness and faithfulness. I must lean into the scriptures and speak truth over myself. I remind myself that God indeed has not forgotten me and that He absolutely will bless me. Do you need to speak a little truth to your weary heart today?

The Lord has remembered us; he will bless us;
    he will bless the house of Israel;
    he will bless the house of Aaron;
he will bless those who fear the Lord,
    both the small and the great. ~ Psalm 115:12-13

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17 thoughts on “Classic Cashmere with a Fun Twist for Fall

  1. I love all your outfits but I so wish you, Beth and Susan would show some things the average person could afford. Not $175 sweaters, $100 jeans, $100 shoes and $200 jackets.

    I’m probably going to stop following because it just depresses me because there’s no way I can afford anything the three of you show.

    1. Hi Anna. I do indeed share more affordable pieces at times, but for the most part I share things that I can highly recommend for their value. Just two days ago everything in this post was 40% off. I wish it were today, but I’m not privy to that information. I never purchase anything at full price and don’t recommend you do either. But I’ve discovered that you can find high quality clothing that you can wear for years at discounted prices if you watch for these sales. And I just can’t bring myself to recommend poorly constructed garments.

    2. I agree. I never spend that kind of money on my quality pieces. That said, why not just wait for the sales as Kay suggested OR use the outfits showcased as just “suggestions”. Then, you can go shopping for similar items made from the same materials elsewhere. Why unfollow? Seems a little silly to me. I’ve actually gotten GREAT values on some cashmere sweaters last year with a link from Kay at Macy’s. (I believe that was her link anyway.) Lower prices do not mean that you have to sacrifice quality or style. You just have to be a little smart about how, where and when you shop.

    3. Something else you might want to consider is to look for these pieces secondhand online. I have found a lot of great Talbots tops that have only been worn once or twice – or still have the tags on! – for a fraction of the original price. I don’t know whether the people selling them didn’t return them within the time window, originally got them discounted, or could just afford to take the loss, but it’s our gain! Some of the sites that sell nice affordable pieces are Poshmark, eBay, Depop, and Thredup. If you would like to browse higher-end preowned items, they can be found at Farfetch, Vestiaire Collective, The Real Real, or (for vintage items) Imparfaite.

  2. Amazing that horizontal stripes are very slimming in this outfit! Very very nice. Your outfits looks lovely. I hope you have a Bkessed day.

    1. Thanks so much Holly. Yes, I think it’s a misconception that horizontal stripes are always bad. If you have an oval or apple shape they may not be the best choice (unless you wear an outer garment over them). But for hourglass shapes like myself they can actually work for you.

      1. This sweater has been a favorite.. Every time I am on Talbots site I have looked at this sweater. I finally ordered last week. Hopefully will be here next week. It looks great on you. I always wait for the sales and value you advice.

  3. Kay! This post was lovely! I tried on that Talbot’s sweater and wasn’t pleased with the neckline. I prefer a v-neck or scoop, this high boatneck cuts me at the neck at the wrong place! But I did just purchase a great color-block cardigan from them!! AND, I hurried right over to the Estee Lauder site to order skin care and received my “free” gift! I love trying new products, and this is the best way to do it! Thanks for all you do, Kay! I am here in New Jersey looking forward to some cooler, fall-like weather!

  4. I bought the sweater on sale. I love the stripes on the sleeves. Makes it so unique and goes for so much. Talbots always run sales almost every week, so you need to watch for them as I do and I’m sure many others.I haven’t wore the sweater yet because it hasn’t been cool enough yet but it’s coming.
    Yes sometimes I wonder if God listens to me and others, but we must keep faith. It is hard now because my oldest brother
    Got some more bad news yesterday with his cancer that was supposed to be in remission. There is a spot on his lungs and a mass on the right side of his brain
    I’ve been praying for recovery I know God is with him

  5. I agree about the neckline. Not for me but in a v or scoop I would love this. The detail on the sleeves is great. I can buy very little these days so I do buy at sales. Price isn’t always a test of quality either. But bloggers must move on and up. Competition is furious. I understand that. Bless them all. I buy what Recommendations I can afford and leave the rest.
    I wonder if we act out sometimes because we are trying to grab Gods attention? Love your blog. ❤️

  6. Kay, Ho can you feel this ay?! You have and are doing so much for omen!! The saved and unsaved!! I ish I could make such a impact in omen’s lives as you have!!! But, that’s not been my calling!! Jesus loves you Kay!! NEVER forget ho much He loves you!! He gave His life for you!! hen He stretched out His arms on the cross thats hen He shoed you ho very much He loves you!!! Yes, that much!!!

  7. I love your blog, above all others, Kay. You give us many options for each season. You show us how to shop for our body type and our style essence. It’s our job to shop within our budget. I don’t find your clothing choices to be as expensive as other bloggers, and I have to add Canadian exchange to any item I purchase. But, I can trust what you recommend and I haven’t been disappointed. You give us tips on being discerning shoppers, to wait for sales, purchase fewer items and focus on quality. I was drawn to your blog because you end the post with a Blessing. That makes your blog extra special.
    I know what you mean when you feel like God is off helping others and not answering your prayers. I guess in this rapidly paced world of ours we expect everything immediately. I need to keep working on being patient, relax, wait and know He is ever present and His timing is paramount.

  8. I just love you. Thank you for being real with the spiritual struggles. I think we all have seasons of struggling in our walk with God.

    I appreciate the fashion suggestions and always look forward to your posts. You are awesome

  9. Love this post. It is just a great way to look all fall. But alas I can’t wear cashmere or wool so have to search for cotton alternatives. They are out there you just have to look. And to answer your reader about cost. I also struggle with that along with cost of clothing in general. But there are well made clothes at much lower price points that can fill the bill. Once again you just have to search. I find great things at Target, H&M, Penney’s, Walmart and Kohl’s among other places. And with good care even cheaper things will last a long time. You and the other bloggers are the inspiration. We can all use what you give to make it our own. I’m also looking for a more sustainable way to live and use what I see to shop my own closet and come up with great outfits from what I have. Thanks for your great inspiration not only outfit wise but especially blessed for my day. That’s the true inspiration of your blog!

    1. Thanks Bobbie. I’m so glad you enjoy the blog and the blessing. Thanks for sharing your perspective and for being so gracious.