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Spring Outfit Inspiration Lookbook

May 4, 2021

Welcome to Dressed for My Day. This week we’re focusing on the art and science of putting together great outfits from your closet. But truly, for me creating outfits is 10% art and science and 90% inspiration. So today I’m simply rounding up my favorite outfits that I’ve posted this spring and putting together a spring outfit inspiration lookbook for you.

Many of the items in the looks I’m sharing are indeed still available. But you’ll just want to click through the provided link to get the shopping information – as well as other outfit details – from the original post. Remember, you can always save these photos to your Pinterest boards, too.

Super Casual Looks

Let’s start with the most casual spring looks. These are great for meeting a friend at the park for a brown bag lunch or breakfast, running errands or just caring for the grandkids all day.

New Spring Trends with Target
See the original post for details.

The look above features several spring trends, including ombre print, yellow and retro sneakers. This is all just for fun! You can get more information at the original post. Here’s a look without the sweatshirt.

New Spring Trends with Target
See the original post for details.

Here’s another fun casual look. This one is definitely one of my favorites.

Wearing a Sweatshirt
See the original post for details.

And here’s another look with the sweatshirt on. By the way, Talbots came out with similar sweatshirts again this spring. And they’re in equally pretty colors. I actually bought this one last June or July and got a lot of wear out of it, even during the summer. It’s perfect for that beach or mountain vacation. (Talbots has extended their Friends & Family 30% off sitewide deal one final day.) Oh, and I also have tried on this tie-dye sweatshirt several times and almost purchased it. The only reason I haven’t is because I can’t really justify having two right now. It’s darlin!

Sweet Sweatshirt for Spring
See the original post for details.

Here’s another casual outfit I love. It’s very similar to the one above, but I really wore this one Saturday.

How I Really Dressed for Friday at House
See the original post for details.

And here’s another one that leans a little more toward a warm day. I realize a lot of these are very similar, but sometimes it’s the little things that make a difference. Notice the footwear choices, the length of the top and whether or not I tucked, the jewelry and the handbag choices.

Barrel Pants with Sandals
See the original post for details.

Similar concept below, but with a little more color than some of the looks above.

What I Wore to Lunch and Work from home
See the original post for details.

And here’s a completely different concept, but still so casual and fun. If I had grandkids to take to the park, this is what I’d wear. Ha!

Casual Spring Look
See the original post for details.

Let’s do just one more super casual outfit and then move on to others with just a touch more polish. This one features Nic + Zoe tech stretch pieces. I love these for travel or just casual spring days when I’m wanting to get out for a little exercise here and there. By the way, when you shop through my link at Nic + Zoe you’ll get $20 off your purchase. But you can also find Nic + Zoe tech stretch pieces at Nordstrom.

How I Really Dressed Tuesday 1
See the original post for details.

The outfit above is perfect for car travel, too.

Casual Outfits

Now let’s move on to looks that are still casual but a little more pulled together. These are outfits I’d wear for an outing with my husband, a girls’ lunch or a day shopping.

Handbags (2)
See the original video and check the description box for details.

I love white and chambray together!

Modern Barn Coat Outfit
See the original post for details.

The high-rise cuffed jeans above also come in green and they’re a great spring and summer denim. The barn coat is also available in a light tan and still available in limited sizes, also in petite and plus.

I’m wearing the barn coat again in the outfit below, but with different jeans and sandals.

Blues and Greens

Here’s another look that’s great for a cooler day. I know some of my readers are still having more cool days than not. And as those cool days linger we really start groping for a little spring outfit inspiration.

What I Wore to the Park
See the original post for details.

Don’t forget those white sneakers! They’re a smart way to keep an outfit casual and fresh.

How I Really Dressed for Thursday
See the original post for details.

Don’t forget about that oversized shirt. Add it to a pair of khakis for a modern preppy look.

How I Really Dressed for Saturday
See the original post for details.

And here’s another casual look I really like.

See the original post for details.

And another. (I figure you’d rather see the photos than have me go on and on about them. Ha! And you can always click through the link in the captions if you want to hear more from me on the subject.)

How I Dressed for Monday 2
See the original post for details.

And here’s some more spring outfit inspiration with white jeans.

See the original post for details.

I’ve worn the graphic tee above a lot this spring. I think having a fun graphic t-shirt is such a nice way to round out your closet year round. It’s so versatile.

And this final look in this category is super simple. But I think the leopard print sandals really make it pop.

How I Dressed for Wednesday
See the original post for details.

By the way, the pink tee in that outfit is already turning into a favorite. Great fit, so soft and I love the color. I’ve ordered a couple more in other colors. It’s from Talbots so it’s included in the 30% off this one more day.

Let’s move on to slightly more elevated outfits for spring outfit inspiration.

Elevated Casual Looks

These are outfits that are still quite casual, but I’ve elevated them just a touch with either the footwear, the third piece or by wearing a dress or skirt. I’d still wear these for lunch or brunch, shopping, going to an appointment or a casual date with my husband.

What I Wore to Church Second Sunday
See the original post for details.

That white shirt, belt and great shoes really elevate the look above. Here’s another similar look.

What I Wore Wednesday 1
See the original post for details.

I added the same trench coat over the look above when I got out in the cool weather. Here’s another elevated casual look.

White linen jacket
See the original post for details.

Above I’m wearing the same graphic tee you’ve seen a couple of times already, but the white linen blend blazer and heels take it up a notch. Of course, the kimono below elevates this sweet tee, too.

Pop of Color
See the original post for details.

Here’s another way to achieve an elevated casual look.

Green Dress
See the original post for details.

My green dress above is sold out, but J.Jill just introduced a beautiful blue version as well as a great paisley rendition. I love the colors of both. This dress is so soft. And it hangs really nicely, draping the body just so. Oh, and J.Jill is offering 30% off full price dresses today. So that’s a win!

How I Really Dressed for Wednesday
See the original post for details.

The skirt above is also from J.Jill and sold out except for in a couple of plus sizes. However, they just introduced this darling smocked waist skirt and it is to die for. Oh, and it’s 30% off.

I hesitate to show the following look simply because the floral shell is sold out. But these photos are really for inspiration anyhow. And you can duplicate this look with a pretty blouse in your closet.

How I Really Dressed for Friday
See the original post for details.

I just love a pretty shell under a cardigan. Add some pretty sandals to keep the look fresh and elevated.

How I Dressed for Thursday 3 (1)
See the original post for details.

Here’s another look with a pretty blouse. And the pale ice blue shoes also elevate this look a bit. I’m wearing the same floral blouse in the next look, but with my linen pants. It may be too early for linen for some of us, but many of my readers live in climates where they’re already wearing theirs.

I think belting this outfit and adding pretty sandals is key to the look.

Maybe I have the next look (pardon the terrible photo) in the wrong category. I’m not sure. I think the only thing that slightly elevates the look is that the blouse is very feminine and a little luxurious looking, but it’s really quite casual, too.

Let’s round up one more elevated casual look before we move on to the even more elevated looks.

Feminine Spring Blouse + Jeans
See the original post for details.

Again, the floral blouse, heeled sandals, dainty jewelry and pink gauzy wrap really elevate this jeans outfit.

More Elevated Looks

I’m just calling these more elevated looks and dropping the “casual.” But honestly, these still have a somewhat casual vibe. I guess that’s because I wear a very casual wardrobe. Ha. I don’t work outside my home, but from a home office. So I don’t really have a lot of work attire for an office setting. But here’s what I got!

Linen Up for Summer
See the original post for details.

Again, the linen above may be a little early for many of us. But for my southern gals I think it’s definitely time to pull out the linen. And these linen pants are a nice buy at the 30% Talbots is offering just through today.

How I Really Dressed for Church Sunday
See the original post for details.

I love wearing white pants during the spring and summer. They’re such an easy way to level up an outfit.

Shopping Trip
See the original post for details.

Adding a jean jacket to the dress in the outfit above really keeps it casual. I think adding a traditional button up cardigan elevates it just a tad. But the look is still not dressy.

with Classic Cardigan
See the original post for details.

And while the dress below is not very dressy, it’s about as dressy as I get most weeks. I think this shirtdress is quite versatile really. You will not look over or under dressed in it just about anywhere.

What I'm Wearing Easter
See the original post for details. (Dress and cardigan are 30% off through today only)

Dressier Looks

Let’s check out a few dressier looks. The first one is definitely work appropriate in many work places. And the others are ready for special events, including spring weddings.

with Blue Blazer
See the original post for details.

Of course, my Ally pumps really elevate this simple spring dress to a less casual look. I love these pumps. Use code KAYHEELS to get $40 off your first pair of Ally heels.

I’m really looking forward to wearing the floral wrap dress below. And it’s still available, too. I’m thinking about wearing it this Sunday for Mother’s Day.

Wedding Guest Dress for a Church or More Formal Afternoon Wedding
Floral Wrap Dress

And I’m planning to wear the next dress to my nephew’s wedding in October.

Classic Sheath Dress for Spring or Summer Wedding
See the video.

And yes, I am wearing pantyhose in the outfit above. I just suggest choosing very sheer hose in a shade close to your skin color for the most sophisticated effect.

Well that’s a wrap! I hope you got a little spring outfit inspiration for your final spring days. Next week I’ll start sharing mostly summertime looks. I like to try to stay a step or two ahead here at Dressed for My Day, although I realize many of my southern ladies are already wearing cooler clothing. Obviously I can’t be in step with everyone since I have readers all over the world, including the southern hemisphere.

Have a blessed and lovely day!

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16 thoughts on “Spring Outfit Inspiration Lookbook

  1. Yes, Kay, you definitely gave me some spring inspiration! The dress that you plan on wearing to your nephews wedding in October is beautiful. I do pray for our nation regularly. Are you and James doing some exploring this weekend?

    1. Hi Ginger. I’m not sure. The second Friday actually falls on the next weekend, but we may indeed go ahead and get out for an outing this weekend if the weather permits. We have lots of rain in the forecast this week.

  2. Thank you for all the style inspiration, Kay. I have a very, very, casual lifestyle so many of your outfits hit the mark. This is an unusual spring in NE Texas this year. Hasn’t warmed up to normal temps…not complaining! I know it’s coming! Have a great day.

  3. We really need to slow down sometimes and get more rest. You really seemed to need it. Glad you took your nap yesterday. You have your plate really full with the blog, etc and getting ready for the move to your new house, Bless you.
    I ordered the flax linen pants you showed with the linen pink sweater last week. Didn’t think I need the pink sweater, so I passed. You showed the outfit again today so I ordered it. Ha Ha. It was so cute with the pants and pink is one of my favorite colors. I also love the blue, pink, etc shell and blue sweater. I all ready ordered that a few weeks ago and glad I did since it is pretty much sold out now. Have a good day.

  4. Now that’s confidence in knowing that a fitted dress, which is so beautiful on you, will still fit in 6 months. ? I’ve lost the same 5 lbs a hundred times. I’d be dieting like crazy just before the event. Like laying off salt before a doctors annual checkup.
    . I love all these looks and it’s great to have them in my files. No offense but you’ve been my wallpaper a few times.

  5. I enjoy your posts and admire your style! I am a new subscriber and have already learned so much from you. Thank you for what you do! Have a blessed day!

    1. Great to hear, Gina. Thanks so much for saying hello and letting me know that you’re enjoying the blog. Welcome to Dressed for My Day.

  6. Great post, Kay. I particularly love the way you’ve shown how the same dress can look so different depending on what jacket or cardigan you put with it, so you’ll be able to wear it for lots of different occasions and get more use out of it. It’s wet and cold in the U.K. today and I’ve been back in a winter coat and boots, lol. Roll on some spring weather!
    Ps I think that tie dye sweatshirt would look fabulous on you and you should treat yourself, lol. You work so hard – you deserve it!

  7. Your style is very relevant to my lifestyle and taste in clothes. I appreciate all the good ideas for shopping my closet and picking up great quality pieces that will give my wardrobe more versatility. Thank you, Kay!

  8. I like it when the styles ‘come back’-sooo many these days. Then sometimes feel-oh no, I did have that ‘back in the day’. Love that chunky sandels are in since I have two, similar ones. And pleats—are style in after all this time. I have a light peach, pleated skirt! Love that you watch Hallmark. So clean, good.

    1. So glad you got some well deserved R&R, Kay! You look simply fabulous in all these posts! You’re inspiring me to get my knee fixed so I can enjoy wearing some of these lovely fashions…and shoes! All the pretty shoes!!! I’m praying hard our Good Lord gives me a much needed push to just get ‘er done! And my cataracts too, Oiy!

      1. I had cataract surgery. Not hard at all-only wore out a bit with eye drops’ schedule afterwards. But that does come to an end.

  9. I love the darker pink colors on you, that cute blouse that ties at the neck and that last dress, just beautiful!! ?