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Wearing the Simple Separates Trend

April 5, 2021

Happy Monday! I hope you had a lovely Easter weekend. Our weather was perfection, our resurrection celebration at church was warm and joyful and brunch was festive and yummy. Then I just chilled the rest of Sunday afternoon. James and I capped off the weekend by watching one of his all-time favorite movies, Ben-Hur. So this morning I’m a little late posting, but I think you’re going to enjoy learning about the simple separates trend and how to wear it.

Barrel Pants with Sandals
fatigue barrel pants (available in black and bay leaf green) size up // Saturday t-shirt TTS // Birkenstock-like sandals // crossbody canvas camera bag // Elisa Multistrand Necklace // Demi Multistrand Necklace // soft curved hoop earrings // Nordgreen Native Watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off) // retro trainers (shown below)

Believe it or not, one of the “trends” this spring is wearing “simple separates.” And that’s a trend I can fully get behind. I think one of the keys to looking chic even while you’re dressed casually is simply to keep it, well, simple.

Barrel Pants with Sandals

But a key to creating stellar looks with those simple separates is to choose those pieces wisely. Look for simple separates in fresh colors. They can be earthy greens and browns or milky pastels. You may have some in your closet already. And of course, you can always work in some white or creamy beige.

Of course simple separates generally implies that those separates are in solids. The only exception might be stripes, a classic and minimal pattern.

Barrel Pants with Sandals

Another wise choice when selecting your simple separates is to look for current silhouettes. These fatigue barrel pants from Everlane definitely fit the bill. The barrel or cigar or balloon silhouette wears close to the hips and then balloons out subtly in the legs before tapering back in at the ankles. I think this silhouette is one of the most flattering of the new fuller leg pant designs because of the slenderizing lines at the hips and ankle.

Of course, you can create a similar look with your classic chinos. No, it won’t be quite the same, but it may be more up your alley. (At Talbots you can get 40% off three + items, 30% off 2 and 25% off one. That, of course, includes their classic relaxed fit chinos, available in a number of colors).

Barrel Pants with Sandals

My next key for wearing simple separates is to choose modern but classic footwear. This is the place to add some interest while staying true to the “simple separates” theme. So think classic, clean lines but still trending and up-to-date. In the photos above I’ve shown my fatigue barrel pants with Birkenstock-like sandals. (Mine are Sonoma Goods for Life from Kohl’s for a fraction of the price of the “real thing.”) Of course, you don’t have to wear this style of sandal. But these birks just really seem to work with this modern, casual pant.

But in the following photos you’ll see I’ve changed into my equally trendy retro trainers. Notice how much this simple outfit changes with just the switching of my footwear. Both looks are very modern and on point, but they read a little differently.

Barrel Pants with Retro Trainers

Other footwear choices that would work with the simple separates theme (for different outfits, not necessarily this one) would include espadrilles, loafers, other sneakers, flip flop sandals, pumps, simple flats and other pared back sandal silhouettes. Keep your shoes simple…but interesting.

Of course the simplest top you can wear with just about any look is a classic white t-shirt. And while I love a v-neck tee and think it is ultimately the most flattering for most women, I intentionally chose a sort of retro style crewneck tee for this look. L.L.Bean calls this their Saturday t-shirt. Since I was going for a simple but modern look, I chose this trending crew neckline. Yeah, all things old are trending these days. Ha! This L.L.Bean Saturday t-shirt runs true to size.

Barrel Pants with Trainers

While I did layer on the necklaces (I’m thinking now one of those multi strand necklaces would have done just fine!), I did keep the jewelry simple and classic. This is the setting in which a classic gold watch like my Nordgreen the Native really shines. (Use code KAYHRMS to get 15% off your purchase at Nordgreen.) And my soft curved gold hoops add impact but stay true to the theme as well.

The final but no less important step in putting together your simple separates is to select a pared back but impactful handbag. This crossbody canvas camera bag fits the bill perfectly with my fatigue barrel pants and crewneck tee outfit.

Canvas Camera Bag

Now this crossbody canvas camera bag has been on deep sale almost constantly…until today. So don’t buy it (unless you just have to have it today!) until it’s marked down again. You can always “favorite” things in the shopping widget below so that you’ll receive an email notification when it goes on sale. The bag is also available in leather, and the leather crossbody camera bag is included in J.Crew’s buy more save more sale. You can save up to 40% on it with the code SAVEMORE.

Wearing Simple Separates

By the way, my fatigue barrel pants from Everlane are sold out in this walnut color. But they’re still available in bay leaf green and black. I have the black pair, too. I love the way these pants work. I did size up to a 10 because they don’t have just a lot of stretch in them. They’re 94% organic cotton and 6% linen.

I hope you enjoyed learning about the simple separates trend. I’m planning on showing more of these simple separates outfits through the spring and summer because I think they are such a great option for chic but casual looks.

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I’d love to hear about your Easter weekend. How did you celebrate? What did you do? What did you wear?

Blessed for My Day

We do occasionally have to face dire situations and seasons. Whether we’re sitting in a doctor’s office awaiting test results, struggling to make ends meet, aching from a loss or listening to a child share the difficulties of their marriage, we all come across days that are harder than others. And on such days we struggle to take deep breaths as we feel the weight of the situation and wonder how we’re going to get through it.

But we have a God who walks with us through every hard thing. Not only that, but He promises to carry the weight of the grave situation for us. We can rest in His presence and trust Him to fight for us. We can be assured that we are not alone and will be given the strength to endure. Dear sister, you are not strong enough to handle the hardest things in life. That’s the sobering truth. But you have a strong, mighty and loving God who will walk you through. He will be your strength. Do not fear.

“Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you.” ~ Deuteronomy 31:6

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20 thoughts on “Wearing the Simple Separates Trend

  1. What an awesome and truthful BFMD! Kay, I really like this simple but very put together look, and you look so nice in this outfit. For more sandal options, I have bought several Birkenstock’s look alike at Target and they have arch support, which I need. I do own several pairs of Birkenstock’s also. I wish you a fabulous day! It’s getting close to moving day for y’all!

    1. Thanks for sharing Ginger. Yes, these birks from Kohl’s have arch support too. And I don’t really need it so I can only wear them a little while. We close on our house next Wednesday and will move in slowly for a month and a half. ?

  2. It was my birthday on Saturday so we had an extra special Easter weekend this year. My 90 year old mother came over for lunch on Easter Sunday. It’s only the second time she’s been allowed to this year due to U.K. covid rules and we were only allowed to receive visitors outside, but the weather was lovely so we felt very blessed and had a lovely afternoon. I wore a pink cashmere jumper ( it was sunny but cool) , dark grey jeans, and a pair of sparkly silver shoes for a touch of fun,lol. (We need the fun!) So ,really , simple separates, as in your post. I’m looking forward to it being warm enough to wear a t shirt!
    Enjoyed your post, as always.

  3. Kay, your outfit is very cute! I was just thinking about wearing more dresses and shorts and was wondering if you might have any recommendations on self tanners that are easy to use and particularly good for legs. Also any recommendations on sunscreens and sunblocks for the face and neck would be appreciated! Thank you!

  4. Kay, Not my style of dress but that’s not anything personal!! Thank you so much for your Blessing for the Day!! We have been through so very much medically these last 25 years. Now we are about to go through two more surgeries in our family. BUT, the LORD ALWAYS is with you, comforts you and reminds you of His love, grace and mercy! He will NEVER leave you or forsake you!! My husband and I have experienced this in our personal lives! Your wonderful kay! Keep ministering!!

  5. Hi Kay. We went to Easter service and then my daughters family came for dinner. I word a flower printed skirt from Ann Taylor that I just got with a cream ruffled blouse and blazer to service and changed out into a white denim skirt and flowered top. It was 79 degrees so we end up having steaks on the grill with cheesy hash brown casserole, fresh asparagus, deviled eggs and strawberry pie. Not the traditional dinner but was so good. Glad you had a nice Easter celebration and Resurrection day.
    Loved the BFMD. It was really good, as we need not be in fear and dread what is to come. Put it in His hands.

  6. I love the simple separates look. It makes getting dressed so easy. For Easter I wore a navy and white floral print dress and the pearls my husband gave me on our wedding day. My son commented on the pearls and I told him that my fashion blogger told me they were trending ?. Thanks Kay – I felt so pretty and happy in my Easter outfit.

  7. I really love ? the walnut color. I wonder if we will get pecan and almond. I like the trend. Tight pants and gladiator heels with cold shoulders just were not me, but this look is casual. Comfortable and suits my lifestyle of fishing rodeos, outdoor art festivals and concerts on the green.
    I’m so happy you had a great Easter. I had lasagna and Blue Bell, Dutch chocolate ice cream. ?

  8. I can’t get on board the barrel pants. They just aren’t flattering. On trend doesn’t equate to looking good. But, sometimes one has to see what’s trending to know what isn’t working.

  9. Thank you so much for the beautifully written Blessed for my day. I really. I needed to read that today. Thank you for your daily blog. I really look forward to what ou have to share each day. It’s like visiting with a good friend.

  10. I do not care for those pants. They are not flattering on anyone. Plus they are terribly wrinkled. One reason why I don’t wear linen…I hate the wrinkled look. I also do not understand the half front tuck. If you don’t have the 3rd piece, to me I think it looks like someone came out of the bathroom and were sloppy pulling their pants up. But, like you said one can switch out with other pants.

  11. Dear Kay, I like the last photo best. The trousers look better in this angle and the shoes match very well. You look full of health and vitality and have a lovely smile. I am enjoying your posts and read your ‘Blessed for the Day’ comments. For the first time in many years I have taken my bible out from my bedside drawer and look up the passages you have referenced and take a moment to think about what they are telling me. Thanks for the time you take to create both the visual and written content of your posts. I read it each morning after breakfast.

    1. Oh Sandra that is so encouraging. My time of reading my Bible each morning is such nourishment for my soul. And I’m glad that you are enjoying time in the Bible too. It is a light for our path. Bless you.