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Graphic Tee and Floral Kimono for Spring

April 19, 2021

Happy Monday dear friends. I awoke to a beautiful sunny day so I thought I’d share with you an outfit that is equally cheerful and spring-like. I’m styling a familiar graphic tee and floral kimono for a fun spring look.

Graphic Tee and Floral Kimono for Spring

Of course, I’m also wearing my white jeans, which are always a good choice for spring…in my book. I’ve recently been asked by several readers and YouTube viewers if it’s appropriate to wear white jeans at their ages. I really don’t see anything wrong with wearing white jeans at any age. I’d think the more restricting factor might be size. White jeans or pants can add visual weight. But if you style them right you can avoid that to some degree, too.

DFMD Resource: If you’re wondering how to dress appropriately for your age, occasion or anything else, check out this previous post, How to Build an Appropriate Wardrobe.

White Jeans

My white jeans feature a button fly, but it’s quite easy to “do and undo.” I appreciate the straight leg style and ankle length. They’re currently available for 30-40% off (depending on your purchase amount) with code SALETIME. They run true to size. I’m wearing a 30, but they’re quite roomy on me.

DFMD Resource: For more information on how to shop for and style white jeans for spring and summer, check out my recent video, How to Wear White Jeans Like a Boss.

Graphic Tee

My graphic tee probably looks familiar to you, too. I’ve worn in it recent How I Really Dressed for My Day posts (I post those most Fridays), but I also shared it last week with a white cotton linen blend blazer. This vintage cotton “beach rose” t-shirt has become a favorite because of its soft hues and easy vibe. It’s also 30-40% off with code SALETIME. I’m wearing a medium.

Kimono with Graphic Tee

It might surprise you that I paired this graphic tee with a floral kimono. But this is exactly the kind of bold fashion choice that I love to include in my outfits. Mixing prints and patterns continues to be very “in,” and I think it adds a touch of whimsy and joy to an outfit, especially a casual ensemble that is meant to evoke a little levity anyhow.

The key to mixing prints is simply to combine things that have something in common, something that links the two, even if it’s small. Here both my floral kimono and my t-shirt feature roses. And the kimono also has significant touches of the soft aqua blue/green of the tee.


My floral kimono was a gift, and it’s quite pricey. But because this 100% silk Johnny Was kimono is reversible (you’ll see the other “feline” side in an upcoming blog post), I look forward to wearing it frequently this spring and summer…and for years to come. Like I said, it’s a gift, and I might not would have even shared it here except that I absolutely love kimonos and wear them quite frequently in the spring and summer. But you better believe I’ve hunted down lots of more economical choices for us and included them in the shopping widget below. But I’m quite partial to the kimonos I found at Anthropologie, especially this printed cocoon and this lizzy cocoon.

Style Tip: You absolutely can wear a kimono at any height and size. Just look for one that is proportional to your frame. Many kimonos even come in petite sizes.


But if this lovely silk floral kimono is by chance in your budget, let me just sing its praises for a minute. Not only is it reversible, but it also has side pockets that are functional regardless of which side you’re wearing it on. What?!?! I was so impressed when I discovered that little feature. I’m thinking of this floral kimono as an investment piece (even though it was a gift) and looking for multiple ways to wear it. In fact, you’ll be seeing it again for sure.

DFMD Resource: For more tips for styling kimonos for spring and summer check out these previous posts.

Pop of Color

I think another element that really helps this mixed pattern look work is the playful pop of color with my yellow satchel bag. This economical Target purchase has proven to be a wise move. But I definitely think that adding this bold pop of color in an accessory here keeps the look balanced and pulled together. You can see another outfit I wore carrying this yellow satchel here.

My metallic sandals are several years old, but you can find similar sandals most anywhere. I’ll link to some in the shopping widget below. These from Talbots (not in the widget) are 50% off.

Floral Kimono

Because there was so much going on elsewhere with my graphic tee and floral kimono, I kept my jewelry minimal. I simply wore my silver teardrop earrings and a silver bangle. This is the kind of outfit I love to wear on date nights because it looks a little special, but it will also work beautifully for lunch with friends or even a day of shopping.

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Therefore, pray all the more. Share the goodness of God with them every chance you get. Tell them what He has done in your life, the promises He has been faithful to keep, the miracles you’ve witnessed and the strength He has provided. Don’t let the light go out on your watch. And fuel it with your testimony every opportunity you have.

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31 thoughts on “Graphic Tee and Floral Kimono for Spring

  1. You’re right-that kimono is “pricey”–not sure where to find a similar kimono without spending almost $400. That was quite a gift!

  2. I have this graphic tee and love it under the kimono. I have a couple kimonos in my closet and will have to pull them out and see how they go with this tee. Loved your BFMD. Yes, vitamin c taken on an empty stomach or too much dosage can cause upset stomach. Hope you feel better.

  3. The outfit looks lovely, Kay, very summery and pretty. I think the yellow bag definitely adds extra style points, a great colour choice I probably wouldn’t have thought of.
    I think that vit c can definitely cause stomach ache,btw, especially in higher doses, so having it with meals is definitely the way to go. It’s because it’s very acidic, apparently.
    I love these graphic tees, maybe you could do a post on them?

  4. You always look beautiful. I have a couple of kimonos and Graphic tees that would match. I might try this look, but I’m not sure it’s for me. ??‍♀️
    I’m always willing to try a new look though. ✔️
    Have a blessed day.

    1. I try lots of things I never show here. ? I think we need to keep our styles true to ourselves but we also need to allow them to evolve within those parameters. So yes! Give it a try. Thanks for sharing Gail.

  5. Kay, the first two sentences of your BFMD are a treasure. I read them a few times, thinking of the time I spent in prayer for my family this morning. Thank you for sharing the thoughts and words God places on your heart. This was truly meaningful to me.

    Isn’t it wonderful to be gifted beautiful things? I’m so delighted you were gifted this beautiful Kimono, and you shared it with us, so we too, can see how to style one with jeans. Thanks again. May God give you a wonderful week!

    1. I’m so glad those words spoke to you. We can’t change people’s hearts or behavior, but we can be a light and we can pray to a mighty God.

  6. Yea, taking vitamins on an empty stomach can definitely cause you to be nauseous, so try to always take them with food. I have two kimonos that I love wearing because they can really jazz up a plain tee and pants. As a matter of fact, your inspiration led me to buying them last year from C&B. Enjoy your long walk!

    1. Thanks Carroll. But I really like the ones at Anthropology just as much and, while still pricey, they’re a fraction of the price of mine. Thanks so much for reading. ?

  7. Johnny Was makes some stunning pieces! And what a lovely gift this was for you. I am excited to see you style kimonos- they are a perfect topper for spring and summer. I would love to see how to style them with crop pants, shorts and even a dress… with details on how to get the proportions correct. Glad you are feeling better… have a lovely day!

  8. Kay, your outfit is so cute on you! I love kimonos! I love the white jeans and pants. They’re my go to uniform in the spring and summer. Thank you for those encouraging words most of all! I needed to hear that since one of my daughters is far from the Lord now. I’m encouraged to keep praying and being that praying mama and grandma!

  9. Hi Kay,
    I am new to your blog and YouTube and have learned so much already. I really appreciate you for sharing your wisdom with us. You have such a sweet way and always look so pretty! I have been debating these white jeans for awhile. Between the sale and the fact that it is my birthday today, I am taking the plunge :). I think I have heard you mention that you often size up in a white jean. I am a bit perplexed at what size to order as if I go by the size guide I would need a 12. I have always worn an 8, although the 8 is on the snug side currently. I’m thinking that the 10 might be the way to go. Do you have any thoughts on this? I have never ordered from J Crew before. Any insight you might have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Kim. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the blog and the YouTube channel. I have the equivalent of a 10 ( size 30) and I normally wear an 8. And the 30 is a tad roomy on me. Of course the reason I sometimes size up in white jeans is because you absolutely don’t want them to be tight. But I definitely wouldn’t want mine any looser. So if you normally wear an 8, I’d go with the 30 ( or 10).

  10. Wow! It sure is quite expensive. For that amount you get a full 6 yard 100% silk saree with all the real silver/22k gold threads woven in it in India. Sorry that’s how my mind thinks, always. 🙂

    1. Hahaha! I hear ya. I think it’s quite ridiculously expensive myself. But I’m grateful for the gift and I’m going to enjoy wearing it. ?

  11. I admire the more expensive and look for another way to duplicate the look. I wish I still sewed because these are so easy to make but I my machine to Goodwill. I’m sure I’ll find one though. It’s the colors in the tee and kimono that attract my attention. What a great pairing and they inspire me to mix me some prints.
    In praying for my family, I should start my prayers with “Lord, help all of us because we have absolutely no idea what we’re doing. Help us all to make it home.” Thanks for BFMD

  12. Hello Kay and ladies, just thought I would let you know Zulily has a silk blend kimono in a couple of color prints for $30.00 also they are featuring some Madewell jeans and JJill under the Mothers Day Shop header that are about $50.00 or near about. I shop on line from there frequently and have never received something that I needed to return for shoddy workmanship yet. Just take your measurements and refer to the size charts for each item and take it from there. Oh wait.. I did get a pair of shoes that were awful. One shoe was almost a half a size off. But I have bought Clarks, Natralizer, Naot and they have all fit properly. Stick with namebrands and you can’t really go wrong. Love that online shopping from there. Kay, I love the outfit and the yellow bag looks great with it. The outfit really elevated the bag and brought out the yellow in the top. At the risk of being long winded, I’m 62 and wear white straight leg jeans, white leather sneakers, jean jacket. Good style doesn’t have an age bracket… however mini skirts do ?. I look do forward to the scriptures at the end of each blog ?

  13. You look great. Love the outfit but the price is not in my budget but believe me I know how to still obtain that look.
    You are a great inspiration to me and I always look forward to your blog. Keep up the good work that God has called you to.