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Styling a Feminine Sweatshirt for Spring

March 23, 2021

I’ve always loved a good sweatshirt. But with the surge in popularity of athleisure and loungewear this past year, I find myself reaching for these comfortable options even more frequently. They’re just so soft and yummy! And these days you can find them in so many sweet iterations. So today I’m styling a feminine sweatshirt for spring with some fun, casual cropped cargo pants.

I’m going to give you some details about my outfit. But I also have some styling tips to offer.

Sweet Sweatshirt for Spring
similar sweatshirt // Madewell’s Northside Vintage Tee // cargo style cropped chinos in canyon // sandals // gold curved hoop earrings // watch (the Native) // sunglasses // yellow satchel bag

I purchased my dusty pink sweatshirt from Talbots last summer, and I styled it here with shorts. But they have a similar sweatshirt this year, too, in different colors. I also think this striped sweatshirt in vivid pink and peach pink would work beautifully here. Plus, I filled the shopping widget below with other sweatshirts (in a variety of price points) that I’ve tried and can highly recommend. I especially like the length and lightweight thickness of the vintage cotton terry J.Crew sweatshirts, which frequently go on sale. In fact, have two of them and they run true to size.


I think a pretty sweatshirt is really a wardrobe essential if you prefer a casual style aesthetic. Mine stay in my closet year round. I treat them the same way I would a jacket or cardigan really, layering it over a tee or tank and then pulling it off and on throughout the day depending on the temperature (or my temperature!).

Slipping that sweatshirt off and tying it around your shoulders or waist is not just practical, it’s stylish!

Sweatshirt on Shoulders

Depending on your body shape and proportions, you may prefer to tie the sleeves of the sweatshirt around your neck or around your waist. My tip is simply to play with these looks in front of a mirror before leaving the house so that you know your preference.

You’ll also want to pay attention to the t-shirt or tank you’re wearing underneath. Of course, a cute graphic tee is a great choice. In the photo below (from this past week’s How I Really Dressed for My Day post) I wore a graphic tee under my light blue sweatshirt. I love the way this look came together.

What I Wore to Lunch and Work from home
See the original post for additional details.

But for today’s look I intentionally chose a very simple white crewneck tee because I love this colorblocked style. I’m wearing Madewell’s Northside Vintage Tee in chalk white. It’s a soft creamy white, but definitely still white. I appreciate the slightly shrunken and cropped fit of this vintage tee because the shirt ends at just the right place on my frame so that I don’t have to tuck it at all.

Style Tip: If you don’t want to have to tuck your tees to achieve the preferred pleasing proportions, purchase tees that hit you at your true waistline or have them hemmed to that length.

White Tee

I just noticed that the website actually suggests sizing up in this tee, so I might should have ordered a large. But the medium actually accomplishes the shrunken fit the item description suggests. Still, I plan to order a couple more of these t-shirts (they come in other colors and they’re just $16) and I think I will order them in large. Check the size chart for more insight.

Wearing a Sweatshirt

The rest of this simple outfit is comprised of my cargo style cropped chinos in canyon khaki and my faux Birkenstocks from Kohl’s. My cropped chinos fit true to size and they’re quite comfortable and easy to wear. The sandals are also TTS. Remember, ankle length pants are very current and also flattering because they expose the ankle, the smallest part of your legs. But you want to steer clear of cropped pants that end higher at the thicker part of your legs.

Cropped Pants

I wanted this to be a very casual outfit for a picnic in the park or just grilling in the backyard. So I kept my jewelry very simple. I’m loving these gold curved hoop earrings because they’re big enough to “carry” the outfit by themselves, but they’re also lightweight. They’re also available in silver.


Of course, I still wore my classic gold Native watch from Nordgreen (gifted). If I’d thought about it I probably would have switched the band for my brown leather one. Don’t forget you can still use my code KAYHRMS to get 15% off your purchase at Nordgreen. I’m really loving my watch and I’m buying my daughter (who loves watches!) one, too.

I love the way this crewneck tee peeks out of the collar of my sweatshirt. It could also be fun to wear a t-shirt like this soft pink “Bien Fait” tee. The embroidered words would show above the sweatshirt collar.

Sweatshirt and Cropped Chinos
similar sweatshirt // Madewell’s Northside Vintage Tee // cargo style cropped chinos in canyon // sandals // gold curved hoop earrings // watch (the Native) // sunglasses // yellow satchel bag

You know, I realize I may get a little criticism for this look. I realize it’s not especially figure flattering, especially when I have the sweatshirt on over the tee. But let’s understand that, at least from my perspective, not every outfit needs to make me look skinny or even shapely. Some outfits are just about looking pulled together but still comfortable, casual and ready for come-what-may. And that’s kind of what wearing a sweatshirt is all about, isn’t it?

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Thanks so much for dropping in today. I hope you enjoyed the post. Have a lovely spring day!

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Blessed for My Day

I get upset when I feel like evil is triumphing and good is being dismissed. My temptation at such times is to charge in and try to fix this, to balance the scales somehow. But the truth is that I am not capable of such manipulations. Or at least I’m not able to right all wrongs. Of course, when I realize this, I just get angry. Angry with the situation, angry at others, angry at myself.

Instead, God’s Word encourages me to stop being angry and instead be hopeful. When I turn to the Lord rather than my own devices I find reason to hope. He alone has both the wisdom and the power to right what is wrong. And I can trust that if He doesn’t choose to change anything, He is still in control. Rather than wrestle, I can rest in Him. If today you are weary from trying to fix a situation that you cannot fix, put down your tools and rest in Him instead. Rest in His promises, His character and His ways.

Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him;
Do not get upset because of one who is successful in his way,
Because of the person who carries out wicked schemes.
Cease from anger and abandon wrath;
Do not get upset; it leads only to evildoing. ~ Psalm 37:7-8

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19 thoughts on “Styling a Feminine Sweatshirt for Spring

  1. Love this look, so good for when you are outdoors. We go camping and this look is perfect for those casual times. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hello! I really love this outfit. Pink is always so pretty on you. I do love a good sweatshirt! I especially love this BFMD. Thank you! ?

  3. Kay, you look very youthful in this outfit. The pink is such a good color for you. You wear all clothes so well! The Blessed for My Day message for today touches upon exactly what I am experiencing at this time. I will continue to pray and to not worry! Thanks!

  4. Hi Kay, love the look. You are right when it comes to a casual look it is sometimes it does not flatter my figure but looking pulled together and not sloppy is a key tip.

    The cargo pants you are styling are the same color of the ones from Talbot’s last year? Picked up a pair year end winter sale in a sand and deep olive green. Just wondering?

  5. Pink is your color! You always look radiant in this shade!

    This is a great look and one that is very practical. Thanks for the post!

  6. Good Morning Kay,

    I do love a watch as well…..if not for looking at the time, it’s a great accessory to add to any outfit I think.

    I myself love this casual outfit. Because of the pink it looks so feminine.


  7. You never look sloppy! Also, thank you for the Kohl’s Sonoma sandal recommendation. Tried the “real” ones as I thought they’d be better- NOT for my feet. I now have the Sonoma’s in taupe, light blue, and white. They are real leather and fit perfect! Wish they came in black because I’d purchased those too! I’m on my feet all day working with children and I need comfort. Thank you for keeping me inspired each day!

    1. Oh I’m so glad to hear those sandals worked for you. They definitely work for me. I’ve been meaning to try on the Birkenstocks but haven’t yet. Just for comparison. Thanks for sharing. ?

  8. Comfortable, casual and ready for anything is my kind of dressing. I don’t wear things that pull on me or feel tight. I’d much rather be enjoying my day than adjusting my clothes. I’m drawn to pink because growing up my Mama always bought my sister pink and me blue. My first sin was coveting her clothes.
    BFMD is so honest and and helpful. You look sloppy? Pssstft! Perish the thought.

  9. You have a lot of wisdom, Kay. I suspect that you have been through some stormy times. I can identify and the Lord encouraged me through this post so thank you.

  10. Kay, I am so like this as well!! I must always remember it’s in His timing!! Thank you for the Blessing…and especially the Bible verse. May the Lord bless you and yours!!

  11. I really enjoyed the BFMD! This is a great and very versatile outfit on you. I have several famine lightweight sweatshirts in my closet that I love to wear. What I have not thought to do is to wear a nice tee underneath, so that if I get too warm I can remove it and either tie it around my shoulders or waist. I appreciate your reminder to tie it on me at home so that I can see which location works best. Thank you! Our post office is about 13 miles away, so not a walk I would take, but I’m glad that you can! I hope that you are having another great day!

  12. I liked the lily silk item from “date night”. I am interested in the size you are wearing in silk short sleeve shirt. Great merchandise

  13. Kay, you are beautiful! This outfit is cute and put together beautifully.
    I’m a fixer too, you are talking straight to me! I’m thankful I serve a God who is in control and the ultimate fixer!