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How to Wear a Graphic Tee Like a Lady

April 22, 2021

I didn’t set out to write this post. But as I was looking for additional graphic tees to share with you, my dear readers, I encountered so many negative, snarky and just unladylike t-shirt options, that I felt my blood pressure go up a bit. Know what I mean? I love wearing graphic tees. I think they’re fun, interesting and a very modern way to add a little life and levity to your outfit. But, as with everything, there are limits. So let’s talk about how to wear a graphic tee…like a lady.

Graphic Tees for Ladies
vintage cotton beach rose t-shirt // white jeans // denim jacket // platform sandals (more economical option) // shoulder bag (more economical option) // similar belt // earrings

I’ve already worn this pretty vintage cotton beach rose t-shirt from J.Crew in two other posts and probably a few daily outfits. You can see it here with a kimono and here with a white cotton and linen blend blazer. Both are very casual but elevated looks. I think today’s look is equally sharp but still comfortably casual for lunch with friends or Saturday brunch with your honey.


I enjoy wearing graphic tees like this beach rose t-shirt because it’s a fun way to express a little personality and add a modern edge to your outfit at the same time. And graphic t-shirts are definitely continuing to trend in 2021.


In fact, I generally share an outfit or two with a graphic tee most every season. They’re equally fun to pair with blazers or bomber jackets, dusters or denim jackets. So I think packing a graphic tee or two in your vacation suitcase is a smart move. You can easily wear one as a beach cover-up with denim shorts or out to dinner with your white jeans, as I’ve done here.


But there’s a fine line we don’t want to cross with graphic tees. These days I’m seeing so many t-shirts that say things I actually might chuckle at upon first glance, but blush at a beat later. And ladies, if we’ve lost our ability to blush over snarky, rude, crass or suggestive sayings or graphics, we might better contemplate that a bit. Let’s not wear these t-shirts, okay? Honestly, I think that probably goes without saying, considering my dear readers. I’m sure we can all agree on this point.

T-Shirts Not for Ladies

But just as disturbing to me are the t-shirts that, hmm, how do I put this? They have a bite to them. You know? They seem to be meant to put the reader “in their place,” so to speak. Or sometimes they’re just plain arrogant. And honestly, if I’m not careful, I can fall for these biting graphic tees. They say things that I actually feel sometimes. But that’s the thing. They put in print across a woman’s chest a fleeting feeling or temporary thought that I nor any other lady should be wearing throughout the day.

Yes, the truth is I have thoughts that are snarky and arrogant and self-centered and judgmental. But those are thoughts that I need to take captive and examine their root, not flaunt for all the world and call it fashion. Those are feelings I need to work through and push past, not wear proudly.

T-Shirts Not for Ladies

Look, I don’t mean to be the t-shirt police. But more than I want my readers to buy pretty clothes and wear pulled together outfits, I want us ladies 50+ to know that we are still influential women with purpose. If we believe that then we need to remember that the clothing we wear does indeed send a message, whether that message is scripted across our tees or not. So let’s be careful about the messages we’re sending.


I’ll get off my soapbox now to finish this post up on a lighter note. I’ve rounded up some graphic tees that do indeed lift the spirits and provide a fresh alternative to a solid or simple pattern. You’ll find the shopping widget below full of them. Yes, you absolutely can wear graphic tees that actually say something. But let’s choose those that encourage and inspire rather than bite.

Fun Graphic Tees for Ladies

And I hope the outfit I’ve shared with you here provides a little style inspiration for how to wear a graphic t-shirt like a lady. Everything I’m wearing fits true to size and also works with great versatility in my wardrobe. That’s why you keep seeing many of these pieces over and over.

Fun Graphic Tees for Ladies
vintage cotton beach rose t-shirt // white jeans // denim jacket // platform sandals (more economical option) // shoulder bag (more economical option) // similar belt // earrings

Thank you so much for dropping in for a little style inspiration. I honestly hope I’ve also inspired us all to think a little about the messages we are communicating to those around us each day. We have power, dear friend. Let’s use it wisely.

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Blessed for My Day

Appearances matter. God even reveals His character through His creation. He created a beautiful world full of harmony and life, order and predictability so that we could know that He, the Creator, is also a God who is good, faithful, powerful and loving. God’s world communicates His nature and ways through all of its nuances.

In the same way, our appearance, our tone of voice, our actions and our demeanor tell the world around us how we live and who we are. They also communicate, in many ways, how we view this world. Whether we mean to or not, we are communicating our worldview daily through the little things. We show whether we have a biblical worldview or a worldly worldview. To have a biblical worldview simply means that we see the world the way God does.

For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse. ~ Romans 1:20

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100 thoughts on “How to Wear a Graphic Tee Like a Lady

  1. I enjoyed BFMD. I wish we could get back to harmony and life in our world and respect for others. I keep praying. I know it start with me. I try each day. I go with the Bambi story “if you can’t say anything nice don’s say anything at all”. I also like your post on graphic tees.

    1. I totally agree, Kay. Many of us women work in male dominated fields and your constant reminder to be feminine, gracious, gentle, and kind is most appreciated! God Bless you!

      1. Oh yes! That is indeed another great reason to be mindful of how we present ourselves. Thank you for sharing, Bernadette.

      2. Speaking of fashion, pants with buttons on the front emphasizes the tummy area. It draws the eye there instead of ones face.

    2. I agree wholeheartedly, though I admit to having two shirts with a bite. One says – Yeah, No. The 2nd one says – Let that shit go. My reasoning (justifying, perhaps) is I hold on to hurts for far too long and I’m trying to remember to let go what I can’t change. I employ my sense of humor to get me thru on tougher days, though the good days far, far outweigh the not so good. I’m very blessed. I believe God has a sense of humor, I can tell just by looking around ?

    3. Great comments! I think there are many like minded individuals that make up a silent majority when it comes to clothing that gives off positive vibes as well as feeding our own happiness . Self expression is a part of being human and I love the positive energy of your outfits !!

  2. I totally agree with the graphic tees and some of the messages they convey! It is very disheartening ! I believe some show a lack of self respect from the person wearing it. Thank you for speaking about this topic.

  3. I definitely agree with you about the graphic tees. As Christians we are to glorify God with our bodies. Thank you for your inspiring words!

  4. Thank you for this post regarding T-shirt messages. I wholeheartedly agree with your stance. I love graphic tees but wear ones that promote positivity, love and kindness. (And coffee). One of my favorites from Life is Good says Peace, Love, Coffee.
    Love your style and encouraging messages!

  5. I so agree with you about the tee shirt messages. I am a retired educator, and over the years, I have seen so many shirts that I wondered how on earth the parents let their child wear or purchase. Two specific ones come to mind and were worn by middle school students. A girl wore one with 2 fried eggs on it and the caption “items under this shirt are larger than they appear” and a male wore one that said “to all you virgins, thanks for nothing”. These were middle school students and they could not understand why they were told they could not wear them. As mature adults, we need to set an example.

    1. I am also a retired educator – elementary school. At after-school pickup, the mother of one of my students was wearing a very graphic tee. I don’t recall the entire message but the “f” word was blazoned across her chest. I wasn’t about to speak with her so I alerted the asst. principal who spoke with her. She had forgotten she was wearing that shirt! Like, she wears it at home and out in public???

    2. Absolutely. Thank you for sharing Laura. I think it’s a slippery slope and we have to be careful not to even put people on it. If we wear tees that are just a little snarky, then that communicates to the next generation that it’s okay to go a step further and wear something crass or rude.

  6. It’s been over 20 years ago. I was in a store and a barely 20 year old with new born daughter in her arms walked by. My heart just sank! This young, married beautiful young woman holding a precious newborn daughter was wearing this most obscene tee shirt. It said, “#1 B****” . Of course, the whole word was printed out in big bold black letters. I so wanted to say how she should respect herself and her daughter. I didn’t say anything for fear of offending her ( how about offending me?). I’ve never forgotten this. I’d like to say that I’ve never seen this tee shirt sense, but that’s not the case. Be careful of the words displayed on our tee shirts, in our hearts, and on our lips.

  7. Thank you for this post! I love graphic tees, but cringe at some of them! We should all be ladies and remember who made us and what we are trying to represent. Thank you again!

  8. Totally agree, Kay! The “no-no” shirts you post here are even tame to some I’ve seen! Some are even crude! You are keeping it classy…love it!

    1. Ha! Yes, I know they are quite tame compared to others I saw when browsing, too. But I just chose the ones that would convey the message I wanted to without causing all of our jaws to drop. Ha! thanks for sharing, Liz.

  9. I love the beach rose tee; it’s just perfect. I agree that there are way too many tees out there that convey anger, snarkiness, and aggression. This fits the bill so nicely. And thank you for BFMD; it’s always uplifting!

  10. I agree with you completely about tee shirt messages and I would like to extend that agreement to greeting cards.
    I was looking for a birthday card for my son-in-law, a lovely sensitive man. I was appalled at some of the cards on the rack. Why would I want to encourage ‘playing around’ or insult him but pointing out his loss of hair?
    What we wear and read and think all express who we are and what we value.
    Thank you, Kay, for shining a light.

  11. Hi, Kay!
    I’ve been reading your posts (and watching the videos) for a while now, and have often wanted to weigh in with a comment to let you know how much I appreciate you and your Godly outlook in both the BFMD sections and the way you encourage us “women of a certain age” to fight the frump, be the example, and generally use our power for good. I am a still working high school teacher, and your post on the graphic tees is RIGHT ON TARGET. I often see tees on my students that make me laugh for that little minute, and then cringe because I would not want to wear that on my chest all day, giving the impression that my constant attitude is THAT thought or picture. Same thing with bumper stickers, wall art, etc. As an English teacher, I try to teach my students that words have power, and the words we wear are often more powerful than the ones we say. Thanks for the bravery of standing up and reminding us that we are image bearers, and that as daughters of the King, we have an obligation to represent Him well.
    In other news, your posts have helped me re-evaluate my look through the year like no other (and for me, it really was, as the last chick left my nest in 2020!). You’ve given me a much needed impetus to examine who I am NOW and start dressing like her.
    Finally, as a fellow Georgia girl, I have to say “Go Dawgs!”

    1. Oh that is such food for thought. Thank you for what you do with teenagers. So impressionable. I love the English language and good literature, so I admire what you are doing. Press on! Yes, Image bearers. That is what we are. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. I’m glad you are enjoying the blog and videos, and that they’ve made a difference for you. Go Dawgs!

  12. You are “right on”. I wholeheartedly agree! I love the graphic tees you have chosen to wear.
    Thank you

  13. What a heartening and timely message. Both in the fashion advice and the BFMD. Takes guts to speak up about a controversial subject. I applaud you. ????

  14. Amen to your comments on what a shirt says. I have seen sweat shirts, hoodies and T’s that are extremely offensive. Is this my old lady coming out?

  15. I agree with your sentiments, and now enjoy wearing both the Beach Rose and Monterey Organic Strawberries graphic tees from J Crew. My one “walk on the wild side” is a tee that says “Unladylike.” It represents a little wink at the mothers who tried to steer girls of my generation away from all the fun, tomboyish activities we wanted to try. I wear it before a select audience, those who will appreciate the joke.

  16. Good words today. The “world” we live in today is not the world us mature ladies grew up in and…. I was a teen in the 60’s….which was a pretty “groovy” era. But, we were taught (in most cases) how to be a lady. Times have changed and “we” have lost a lot of the “respectable” mindset that was the norm in my younger days.

  17. Kay, I agree with you totally! I ordered the Beach Rose tee when you first shared it. It’s coming in today .???

  18. Hi Kay! You are brave to tackle this subject, but I’m glad you did! I wore my favorite Boden graphic T yesterday that says “Live well, Love lots, Laugh more”!! It was perfect to wear when I got my 2nd vaccine shot! Thanks for adding some “LIFE IS GOOD” t-shirts in your widgets. Their t-s are always positive and encouraging and downright charming!! I love supporting their business. It’s trying to warm up here in New Jersey!

  19. Thank you for your message on the effects of t shirt messages. I wholeheartedly agree. Snarky or rude words are poor statements of who we are and they prolong those feelings for the wearer.

  20. You have not offended me at all. I totally agree with you. I feel offended sometimes on what is on some of the graphic tees. We should want to look and feel pretty and it is reflected on what we wear. Also shows the world how we feel about it and ourselves. There are so many cute and sweet graphic tees out there, that we do not need to wear something offensive. You gave everybody a lot of other nice choices in the graphic tees.
    The BFMD is so right on. Love it!

  21. Personally, I don’t care to wear anything with words emblazoned on my front or back. When my granddaughters were smaller, so many of the little girl clothes were being adorned with words like ‘princess’, ‘spoiled’, and so on. I think we need to be careful what labels we wear and put on our daughters and granddaughters. The ‘biting’ tees you mentioned are just sad! Your top is cute and tasteful, I just gravitate away from graphic clothing myself.

  22. I agree with you. Negative or derogatory “statements” don’t contribute much to our world and give me a sour first impression of the wearer. Much prefer things like BE KIND or POSITIVE VIBES, or HAVE A NICE DAY if someone wants to put any thoughts out there.

  23. My Mother always said to be treated like a lady, act like one. Thanks for expressing what I have so often felt about graphic tees (and certain style choices for that matter!)

  24. Hey there, ya’ll! If you can’t wear the shirt to visit your grands or to the church picnic, don’t buy it! I love shirts with a scriptural graphic! If you haven’t already, check out Elly Grace tees. They are very nice!
    Kay, you are the bomb diggity!

  25. When I think of The following scripture, your t-shirt application is spot on! I need to encourage one another to take every thought captive and honor the Lord in all we think and say. Thanks, Kay.
    “The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness…teachers of good things….teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children,
    Titus 2:3‭-‬4

  26. Agree with you 100%. We are seeing America drastically change as time marches on. What are people teaching their kids these days! I was brought to respect my elders (which I am now one…LOL!) and respect all people and property in general. Yes, we can improve and no one is perfect. It is sad to see the latest statistic that less than half of the American population have no affliction to religion. The Bible tells us how we should live our lives…and what is right and wrong. Some people are actually offended if you try to talk about Christian values…they don’t want to hear it. Christians are not perfect and make mistakes, contrary to what some people think. I will get off my soap box and tell you how much I enjoy your posts. I love to see the outfits you put together and get so many ideas of what to do as an older woman. Thanks for taking the time to create new looks every day for all of us women. 🙂

    1. Judy, I agree with you completely and also applaud Kay for taking this stance on graphic tees. Good manners are based on consideration for others. When we take God out of the picture, our respect for others suffers. It is heartening to know there are other godly women out there who rejoice in their femininity and realize the strength that comes from being a woman who places her trust in the Master.

  27. Good Morning Kay!
    I agree with you 100%! I wear graphic tee’s when I walk and I enjoy wearing tees from places we have traveled. A favorite is a tee i picked up in Taos, NM. It reflects the artistic nature of Taos and brings back wonderful memories of our visit there. I think wearing tees with negative or offensive sayings tells alot about the person wearing it! i prefer to send a positive message about myself!! Love your words of wisdom!!

  28. Thanks for your thoughtful reaction to the graphic tee issue. How we respond to others makes a difference in the world. I’m still influencing my grandchildren now on what examples they are setting by their clothing choices.

  29. It’s funny to read your message about t-shirts, because I just last night had a very good discussion with my 15 year old daughter. The topic was dressing modestly. I wish more parents would take time to explain WHY we dress modest. What happens if we don’t? Do we cause someone else to have bad thoughts? If we do, and we dress provocatively, then we are wrong too, because we caused that. Girls don’t completely understand this concept but as mothers (or fathers) we need to help our teens understand how serious this is! And as far as t-shirts go….it could be a “modest” t-shirt (like not showing too much skin, etc.) but if the wording or images are offensive or crude, then wouldn’t that fall under the definition of immodest? In my opinion, I think it would!! I appreciate everything you had to say, Kay! Thank you.

  30. You are so spot on about graphic tees! I’ve also seen snarky decor in places of business that I don’t think are appropriate. (One of my coworkers has a plaque at her desk that says “I am silently correcting your grammar.” If a customer stands in just the right spot, it can be seen). And then there’s social media… I teach Sunday School to the elementary kids at my church and a recent lesson emphasized that as Christians on a day to day basis, we need to win people to Christ with a positive attitude not a condemning one. In fact the pastors words were ‘ we need to be winsome when interacting with others ‘. Our clothing, decor, and media posts need to be winsome. We can still express the truth and our opinions in a winsome manner. Today’s post that you wrote, Kay, is a perfect example of how to do that. THANK YOU!

  31. Morning Kay!
    I just loved your words today….we have forgotten what it means to be a lady! You have embodied that quality and it shows! My mother always told me to be a ‘lady’ in thought, words, and deeds, and I try to be that. Thank you so much for emphasizing the lady-like qualities we must all strive to in this world. ??

  32. Thank you for writing about this topic. Words matter, whether we say them, think them or have them written on our clothes.

  33. Thanks Kay, for sharing this. I have actually been looking for a fun graphic t-shirt that is appropriate and fun…. It is MUCH HARDER than it has to be!!! We are around the same age, my husband is a deacon at our church, and I really can’t be running around town with a shirt on that says “It’s WINE-O’Clock Somewhere”!

    1. Hahaha! I hear you. Plus, we just don’t need to put into print every thought we have. It is indeed hard to find tees with a little good-natured humor.

  34. First – I love your Blessed for My Day message — I am sharing that!
    Also thank you for your insight to graphic tees. I completely agree with you. I never realized how I felt, as the “reader” of certain messages to be “put in my place”. You worded this perfectly. As a Christian I want to spread joy, love, and kindness and your post today validated my feelings. Thank you Kay and have a blessed day!

  35. Being gracious is of utmost importance.
    Since I am an equestrian, I’m out in nature and around animals.
    My graphic tee has beautiful flowers surrounding Smokey the Bear saying what he always says. “Only you can can prevent wildfires.

  36. I agree with you! Let’s build one another up, encourage, create positive energy. There is so much negativity in our lives today we don’t need to add to it even for a sarcastic laugh. I appreciate how you focus on helping women show up as our best selves. Bravo!

  37. Excellent ! Point taken & I am going to get rid of one of mine right now! This is a great reminder & wake up call. Thank you Kay

  38. I wholeheartedly agree, and just last week I realized I was wearing something that actually was offensive to me and NOT something I would want someone to see me in. It was my husband who drew it to my attention, and I hope I don’t offend anyone who doesn’t agree. We are from Phoenix, and my husband graduated from Arizona State. On trips “back home “ we would buy college apparel to support the school. My husband was cleaning out his dresser drawer of all of that apparel. When I asked him why, he said because the mascot is the Sun Devil and he didn’t want to wear anything about the devil. It’s a cute little mascot, seemingly harmless, but the more I thought about it, the more I agreed. That’s not an image I want to promote to the world. Others may disagree, and that’s fine.

    1. Hahaha! I have to chuckle because both of my kids graduated from the University of Arizona, so we’re big Wildcat fans. So yes, I agree…on two counts. Hahaha! ?

  39. Honestly, I had never thought about this issue as you did. You really made me think! Yes, I have read some t shirts words before and been a little shocked. I think some of these items are fun to wear at home…where family is present and understand can can laugh about it. But, perhaps in public it is not warranted or needed.

    1. Thanks for sharing Fonda. I agree that there are some tees that are probably appropriate for home where we can “let our hair down a little” without causing anyone to stumble. ?

  40. I enjoyed the comments and discussion of today’s post. You always look very much a lady. I do have a graphic tee that has Rosie the Riveter on it. It says “Social work, it’s is not for the weak”. I wear it under my black blazer with white jeans and white leather sneakers. I agree I’ve seen very offensive tees, ugh so graphic I had to stop myself from saying something to the fella who looked like he ate people for breakfast!! I look forward to your posts everyday ? the scripture at the end hooked me to your channel ? have a blessed day. Good luck with the decorating.. what fun! ❤

  41. Kay,
    I agree 100% with the tshirt issue.
    Also, I hired an interior designer for renovations that we did recently. To be honest, she actually saved us a LOT of money we would have spent otherwise if we had attempted to do it on our own. She had fresh ideas and cost saving contacts with suppliers. So my advice is to not hesitate if you’re ever thinking about using a designers services!,,,

    1. Yes, that’s exactly what I think I’m getting with this interior designer. She’s with Ethan Allen and they’re having a deal right now where you get 3 pieces for 25% off and most everything else for 20% off. Plus I gave her my budget and she’s assured me she will come in at or below. If she can do that with all we’ve talked about doing, she will be helping me tremendously. I’m already seeing the value of using her. And I’ve had another friend who is an interior designer who reached out to offer her help just this morning (after she received my email). Thanks for sharing. ?

  42. Thank you, Kay, for taking a stand on something that has bothered me for along time. I am offended by many of the bold, insensitive, tshirts I see. My policy is keeping my opinion to myself. No tattoos, bumper stickers, tshirts or other clothing to espouse my political beliefs or feelings. I am not a billboard, and most people don’t care what I think. I try and be gracious, but it gets challenging at times! Your voice and stance mirrors so many people, I am sure. Thank you for taking a risk to say what you think! Keep it up!

    1. I totally agree with Kay, and with you, Wendy! Be careful if you think you’re a billboard! Is that the first impression we want to make?!

  43. Agree 100%. And isn’t it sad how desensitized we are becoming to some of those biting, negative sayings, abbreviations, and graphics. Not only do they not bother us anymore, they’re starting to seem “cute.” Acronyms and abbreviations that, when unabbreviated, contain foul language, are becoming more usual and accepted. How sad.

  44. I agree with you, Kay. You don’t want something regrettable shown on a tee shirt to define you and skew first impressions. We do need much more kindness in the world today. Being thoughtful about what you wear, including graphic tees, is a small step in the right direction towards showing self respect and respect for others.

  45. I like graphic Ts. I usually get one when we go on vacation for my son and myself.
    I’ve had the Talbot’s cruise looking shirt in my basket a few times as we are going on a cruise next May and it would be perfect, but since Talbot’s wrote “Anchors Away” instead of the correct “Anchors Aweigh” I just can’t pull the trigger on it! hahahahahaha
    I love sugar skulls as graphics too, no matter the time of year.
    We all do need to learn to be more kind and use our manners.

    1. I can’t seem to edit my comment but wanted to add that I am in NO WAY religious, I don’t think a belief in a god makes you have better manners in the least. I think being kind is a universal niceness that should be cultivated.
      And wearing nasty sayings on your chest area is not the way.
      I am a Gamecock alumni and fan and have a few shirts that say COCKS on it, but if you are from SC you don’t find it offensive. We say and holler that all the time. When I lived in TN, I did have to explain it to some people. hahahahaha

  46. Maurices has some fun graphic tees you might want to check out. I recently bought 2 of their state flower tees. The design is the shape of your state with the State flower drawn within the border.
    Cute and a little different! They seem to fit TTS.

  47. What the world needs now is love, sweet love….actually, that would make a great graphic tee, lol. Well, Kay, your post certainly got people talking! I love graphic tees for the opportunity to wear a really positive message, or a pop of colour or pattern on an otherwise plain top. I think it says a lot about our society that these crude and negative tees are even made, let alone worn, and how sad that people, especially young people, think they are okay to wear. It’s really a reflection of the general downward spiral of standards and morals, I think, in the world today. It’s time for the silent majority to speak up! Well done for starting this discussion!

  48. Wow! What a wonderful response, Kay, to your awesome post. And I agree. Secondly, if you have a large chest, as I do, having slogans emblazoned across it is not a great idea in my book lol. I also think I’d rather people get to know me through our interactions, my actions, and words. I don’t think the world needs to know my every opinion on world matters, nor do I want to be a walking advertisement for some designer or product. God reads my life – my heart, my soul, my actions – not my t-shirt. But a lovely designed tee in a pretty color – now that’s something I can take a look at 🙂

    Thank you for your beautiful blog and I LOVE your focus centered on God and Jesus Christ. I appreciate your scripture and prayerful thoughts. Look forward to your ‘visit’ each morning with my coffee. God bless.

  49. Thank you again Kay for such an excellent timely word! 100% agree! If God made a difference between those who were Israelites as His special people, we should reflect the privilege as His daughters! Love all those Tees you chose as well!

  50. I recently bought a graphic tee on eBay with a picture of a large bee (I’ve had hives and love bees) and the word Kind.
    That’s going to do it for me. Thank you for what you do Kay, you are truly and inspiration.

  51. Kay, I just love you. Thanks for being brave enough to speak up when some of us don’t know how to. I’m older than you- but I’m still a work in progress.

  52. Parents are leaving their children to learn their values from the streets. Being kind has to be taught. Respect for others has to be taught. No one is teaching these values to our kids. They certainly don’t learn it in our universities. We just help where we can and pray for change. Maybe the pendulum will swing the other way when people get tired of all the crude and ugly sweeping across our country,
    I like graphic tees. I particularly like this one. Moderation in all things is my goal.

  53. I am new to this site, enjoy the posts and wish every woman could jump on board.I was raised by immigrant, Christian parents in a family of 11, on a humble income. We were always well dressed, Ma sewed, Pa made sure our shoes were polished for church. My rant, NOT a fan of tee shirts, lay one down ,it’s a shapeless square . Words on clothes? not for me. I’m short, so round neck tops are not flattering, horizontal lines chop you up. But keep up the good work Kay. I just got my killer short handle purse. Thank you

  54. Kay, I strongly believe all Christians should ear Christian graphic T’s henever possible It’s a great itness and there are lady like Christian T’s!!

  55. Those T-shirts are not for me for sure. Why advertise something which are private, rude or inappropriate?

  56. Wanted to comment on your reference to an interior designer. I’ve worked with the same woman for over 20 years. Working with a designer lets you not waste money on making mistakes. I wouldn’t consider it an extravagance. Decorators are not for just the super rich and they are willing to work within your budget. I hope you enjoy your new home and room.

    1. Thanks Kelly. Yes, that’s what I’m finding to be true. I think the interior decorator is definitely going to help me get more bang for my buck than I would on my own.

  57. “Clothes aren’t going to change the world, the women who wear them will…Anne Klein”
    Great reminder Kay, that by wearing fun summer tees with a “positive” message, we really can brighten someone’s day. Last summer my favorite tshirt was a daisy with the word “Smile”. I can’t tell you how many times someone told me at the checkout or stopped me while taking a walk, that they were smiling behind their mask. I will be wearing it again this summer and smiling myself thinking of all these lovely comments I’m reading from all you classy ladies!
    Love this post, Kay!

  58. I recently retired from working at a high school for 36 years. It became a habit of reading t-shirts to make sure what was worn was school appropriate. This carried over in every day life and I often make comments as to what strangers shirts say. When the person says some thing snarky back I tell them that if “they” wear a shirt with a saying “they must want it to be read and possibly commented on, if not, don’t wear it.

  59. Great post. I thoroughly agree that we need to be careful of the message we send. Good luck with with making your decorating arrangements and purchases for your new home. Sounds exciting.

  60. I wish graphic tees had V-necks or boat necklines. Crews aren’t the best neckline for me as a pear shape. They cut me off!! Caslon tees from Nordys have a bit of stretch so they fit better. Totally agree on the messaging issue – I’ve seen tees that made me turn away. Gentler, softer, happier.

    1. Life is Good has several tees in v neck. That’s the style I always buy because they’re definitely more flattering

  61. I love wearing graphic t-shirts too! Many of mine are scripture based and/or uplifting ones. I consider my shirts my “ministry” when I’m out and about!