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Casual Spring Outfit with Modern Barn Jacket

March 12, 2021

Well, I’m putting away my winter wardrobe this weekend and pulling out all things spring. That probably means it will snow next week. Ha! But I’m determined to move on with the colors and fabrics of spring, even if I have to layer them on to stay warm. And that’s exactly what I did the day I styled this pretty blue and green casual spring outfit with my nifty modern barn jacket.

Modern Barn Coat Outfit

Today’s outfit features items from J.Jill, and they’re currently offering 30% off your purchase with code MARCH21. I picked these pieces up during my birthday month when they offer J.Jill cardholders an extra 20% off on the day of your choice. (By the way, J.Jill cardholders always get an extra 5% off, so if you have a J.Jill card you’ll get another 5% off besides the 30% off they’re offering right now. Or if you open a card today you’ll get an extra 15% off your order on top of the 30%.)

Modern Barn Coat Outfit

J.Jill is known for their relaxed, earthy style and their casual but sophisticated selection. I’m sharing a video soon on how to put together a capsule wardrobe for retirement, and you better believe J.Jill clothing is going to be included. But whether you’re retired from work or not, you’ll appreciate J.Jill’s nod to comfort and class.

Modern Barn Coat Outfit

I do find that some of J.Jill’s styles run a little large, usually the tops and dresses for me. But in jeans and pants I generally wear my true size. These high-rise cuffed jeans indeed run true to size and they felt comfortable from the moment I put them on. They’re also available in a light eucalyptus green. The cuff is sewn in, by the way. But I’m fine with that.

Here I wore my cuffed jeans with my Corinna Pointed Toe Ballet Flats from Target. I thought these nude colored Pointed Toe Ballet Flats were such a sweet find. They’re comfortable, even a little roomy, and they’re a great value at the Target price. But now that I have them and especially as the weather warms, I’ll probably be wearing more of my nude Born® Inlet Sandals (not included in 30% off discount). These J.Jill exclusive Born® Inlet Sandals are soooo soft and comfortable. And I think they create such a pretty leg look. You can see me wearing them in this week’s video.

cuffed jeans

Sometimes I struggle to find classic cut t-shirts at J.Jill. But during the spring and summer they always have their Pima scoop-neck tees in a variety of pretty colors of the season. The one I’m wearing is in hydrangea blue, but it also comes in mink pink and caraway green, as well as some neutrals. I did size down to a small in this Pima scoop-neck tee and it’s still plenty roomy. These shirts do stretch a little with wear, too, but they are amazingly soft and lightweight.

blue t-shirt

Alright. Let’s talk about the star of the show. I absolutely love this light mineral green modern barn jacket. Blousy, boxy jackets like these are really trending right now. No, this is not a jacket that is going to show off your hourglass shape or even make you look skinny and svelte. But as I’ve mentioned before, fashion is about more than looking slim.

Barn Jacket

I think there are a few keys to wearing a modern barn jacket like this so that you look pulled together rather than thrown together. Hm?

  • Keep your clothing underneath the modern barn jacket at least fairly slim and body-grazing. You don’t want to wear boxy over blousy. Know what I mean?
  • Add other elements to your outfit that make it look more polished, such as pretty jewelry and a tasteful tee.
  • Finally, add a few feminine touches, too. These will balance out the rugged, masculine nature of the modern barn jacket.
Barn Jacket

The modern barn jacket also comes in light tobacco (brown) and they have a similar patch pocket jacket in blue denim. I’m wearing a small jacket and you can see it’s still oversized, as it’s supposed to be. J.Jill also carries these pieces in petite and women’s sizes.

Finally, I did add those finishing touches I suggested above. I’m wearing these Wings of Spring Dragonfly earrings (I can’t get them to show up in the shopping widget below) and a bracelet set that is no longer available. But this set is similar. If you’d prefer a necklace, I’d suggest this Serene Greens Stacked Pendant. Instead, I draped the Pathwork-Print Square Scarf around my neck. I like the way the filmy texture and springtime print soften this look. By the way, I also purchased this green Seamed Knit Max Dress and look forward to wearing it with the scarf and the Born® Inlet Sandals.

Modern Barn Jacket Outfit

My soft taupe tote bag is no longer available but here’s a nice faux leather option. And I’ll have others in the shopping widget below.

I love the way this springtime look came together with the modern barn jacket. It’s a comfortable, on trend jacket that I’ll wear frequently because it’s a beautiful color, a lightweight fabric and so easy to wear. This is the kind of outfit I enjoy wearing to lunch with my friends or to browse through an Ohio small town with James.

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Choosing our words carefully, speaking them graciously and timing them appropriately are skills we must hone. Few if any of us naturally and consistently say the right thing at the right time. And in today’s world abuzz with so many voices via social media platforms, it’s sometimes tempting to join the chorus before we’ve really thought through the consequences of our words.

But I’m praying about how to maintain a sense of decorum and wisdom among the noise of this world. I want to speak up and I want my words to have weight. But I also don’t want to say things I’ll later regret and wish to take back. Because, after all, we can’t really take back words, can we? Will you join me in asking God to direct our hearts and our words today? Let’s make sure that we edify other and glorify Him in everything we say and do.

Like a gold ring in a pig’s snout
    is a beautiful woman without discretion. ~ Proverbs 11:22

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29 thoughts on “Casual Spring Outfit with Modern Barn Jacket

  1. Beautiful outfit from J.Jill, Kay! I worked for them for 12 years before I lost my job during COVID. I always loved how their clothes coordinated with each other, and even pieces from other years. And their scarves were always the BEST! Those cuffed jeans are wonderful! Thanks for putting everything together for us!!

  2. Dear Kay…..
    The BFMD spoke to me this morning in which you cannot take back or even forget what you may have said. I continue to pray that the other person will come around and forgive or move on.

    I really like the barn jacket which looks similar to a utility jacket, wouldn’t you say?

    Looking forward to following you along with your new house?


    1. Hi Holly. Yes the barn jacket is a type of utility jacket. It just has a boxier fit than most utility jackets we’ve seen in recent years. I’m glad you enjoyed the the BFMD. Have a great weekend.

  3. You are correct! It will definitely snow next week because we put the snowblower away yesterday!

    I love the simplicity and effortless, yet polished nature of this look. The colors suit you and definitely say “Spring has arrived ”

    I’m struggling with my wardrobe right now. I retired in June. Although I’ve always been one to dress up more even when not going to the office, the pandemic means I have no where to go. Pre-pandemic, I did a lot of community activism which also meant dressing nicely. Now… There’s never anywhere to go and it’s weighing heavy on me. All of my lovely business attire mocks me when I dress for my day each morning in the same jeans and shirt. Oftentimes, I’ll think to myself… Oh I should dress up today… Then decide that since I don’t have anywhere to go, I don’t want to mess up my “good” clothes, so I grab something old and comfortable.

    Before the pandemic, I had plans to continue my activism and volunteer at my son’s school. That was my plan to keep a routine and motivate me to dress in my lovely business casual clothes each day. Best laid plans and all that…

    1. Thanks for sharing Creal. I’m planning on doing a video and probably a blog series on building a retirement wardrobe. So I really appreciate you sharing your frustrations. I’m not actually retired but do work from home, so my wardrobe is basically a retirement wardrobe or at least I want to get there. It’s definitely evolved into a more casual wardrobe in recent years. I’m glad for you to share with me any other frustrations or needs you have for your new wardrobe. That will give me direction as I put together my thoughts for the video and blog series.

  4. Thanks Kay for showing JJill clothes. I am an apple shape and love how they fit me. The tops have plenty of room at the waist without looking like maternity clothes. Pants are the hardest for me . Ones that fit my waist are usually too big in the hips. J Jill pants are some of the only ones I can wear. Though I love Talbots clothes I can not wear any of their pants. Love your outfit today and always enjoy your posts!

    1. Wonderful! I’m so glad you enjoyed the post. Just goes to show you how different body shapes really affects fit. I have a hard time wearing JJill pants. And I wish I didn’t because I love them. For instance these soft full leg pants are AMAZING and so comfortable. But they didn’t fit me. The medium was huge on me and the small felt snug. But if you can generally wear JJill pants I HIGHLY recommend them. ?

  5. Hi Kay! I love this barn jacket and I think I am going to buy it. You said you got a small and even though I am 5’9” and 140 lbs , I think I will get a small too. I have a question about the seamed knit maxi dress you will style next week. I think I will buy that also. What size did you buy? I am small chested so I am thinking a small also. I am always wondering if I should order tall since I am 5’9”1/2., But i dont want it too be too long either. I wish I was closer to a JJill store but they dont have any in Tallahasse, FL. I am starting to shop at Talbots now because of you! I am going there today to look at some shorts and khakis. I am trying to build up my wardrobe . Even though it costs a lot of money I find my clothes need help, we are in professional situations lately. You are a big help to me . Thank you!

    1. Hello Martine. Thanks so much for your comment. Yes I got a small in the dress and I think the regular will be plenty long for you. In fact if you haven’t worn JJill before you might even try an extra small. It sounds like you probably have a smaller frame than me? JJill generally runs a little large. But they’re definitely worth trying. ?

      1. Thank you Kay! I do think JJill runs big and maybe I would need an ex. I do think I have a smaller frame than you. Ex seems so small though! Thanks for your comment about the length too. God bless!

  6. Pretty pretty outfit on you to welcome Spring. I have never really shopped JJill, but I do like the sleeve length of your short sleeve top. Another great BFMD! It goes along with the what I used to hear my mom say, “think before you speak!” I would like to find a few small spring scarves to tie on my Universal Thread yellow satchel to help it coordinate with more outfits, since I plan on using it a lot! Good luck working in the basement, prepping for your upcoming move.

    1. Hi Ginger. Thanks so much. I highly recommend you check out the Madewell bandanas for your purse. They’re just the right size and not a bad price. The one I had on my bag in the video is the silk one, so it’s a little higher price. But the cotton ones are just $12.50 I think it is. And they’re really pretty. I tried to find some at Target but only found mostly the traditional bandana print. Here’s the link to the Madewell ones.

    2. Hello, I am new to your blog, but it has fast become one of my favorites, that I look for every week. I live in Dublin Ohio, and I have never shopped much at J Jill. However, your post has inspired me! I especially like the scarf you are wearing, but the link goes to a different scarf. The one in your pics looks lighter with more delicate blue flowers. Is it a different scarf?

      1. Hi Mandy. I just realized yesterday that the scarf I shared here is not the one from JJill at all. ? I made a mistake there. This scarf is actually from either Kohl’s or Target but I can’t find it either place. I do have the JJill scarf and actually bought it to wear with that outfit so I’m not sure why I didn’t. But it is a much better quality scarf.

  7. Hi Kay! I am Anne and I live in the southern parts of Sweden. I really want to say thank you for all the great
    videos on your youtube channel, and for all the great tips and photos on your blog
    I love everything! Love all your outfits. We really have the same taste when it comes to clothes.
    Read that you bought some clothes with a birthday discount. So did I.
    I turned 60 on February 26, so there were some purchases with a good discount, including a red leather jacket.
    I like these clothes from J Jill in a relaxed style, but unfortunately it is not possible to shop from J Jill when you live in Sweden or Europe. It is also not possible to look at their website.
    Looking forward to your next video. Keep up the good work.
    Best wishes! Anne

    1. Well thank you for introducing yourself Anne. I love meeting my readers and viewers. And I’m accumulating quite a few followers from your part of the world. Happy Belated birthday! Thank you so much for your encouraging words. ?

  8. Kay. Loved you tee and barn jacket! The gauzy scarf is perfect with it! So excited your doing a retirement wardrobe!! You dress much more casual than I do but I’m sure I will find some things! Your Blessing for my day really touched my heart today! I’m not how you’ll feel about my saying this… I find myself more and more coming to your sight not for the clothing…but for the Blessing of the day. Thank you! May the Lord bless you!

  9. I love barn jackets. I don’t mind a boxy fit. I am boxy. Boxy is a shape. This color would work so well with so many pants. I buy scarves all the time and the forget to wear them. I think it’s because they are stored out of sight. This whole outfit says buy me.
    BFMD is so much a part of this blog. I can’t imagine a post without it. You never know who might just need those very words to uplift or enlighten them.

  10. Loved the BFMD. You also make me smile or think about the verse. Seems so right on. I love your barn jacket or utility jacket. I bought one in light mustard, brown, like color this fall and wear it a lot as a jacket or blazer. I just bought the one you are wearing the the light green color. Do not have much in green but think this will go with so much. I even bought the tee and scarf. So cute and will wear the jacket with many other pieces. I did get the small as I usually wear a medium but have found JJill clothes oversized also.

  11. I love this look, Kay!! I’m always excited to see how you style items from JJill! Their pieces are so comfortable. They do run large and I’m still learning how to select the correct size, but do enjoy their pieces! Love the bag and shoes, too!

    1. Great to hear. Thanks for letting me know. I want to show the brands my readers enjoy, so I really appreciate it when you let me know that I’ve managed to do that. Very helpful. ?