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Spring Outfit with White Cotton-Linen Blend Blazer

April 15, 2021

When I changed out my winter clothes for my spring garments about a month ago, one of my greatest delights was unpacking my white linen blazer. I purchased mine a couple of years ago and it’s turned into one of my most worn garments during spring and summer. I actually sent mine straight to the cleaners when I realized it had some makeup stains on it (and it came back looking beautiful!), but I ordered this white cotton-linen blend blazer to share with you in this casual spring outfit. I wanted to check out how the cotton-linen blend compared to my 100% linen one. I think you’ll like this casual spring outfit that I’ve put together with it.

White Linen Blazer Outfit for Spring
white cotton-linen blend blazer 50% OFF // graphic tee (wearing MED, a little roomy) 40% off with code SALETIME // Madewell Perfect Vintage raw hem jeans (wearing size 29) or at Madewell // sand suede Liya slide sandals (TTS) // similar leather tote bag (more economical option) // demi multi strand necklace // baroque pearl stretch bracelet // Veronica hoop earrings // baroque pearl wrap ring // similar belt

A white cotton-linen blend blazer is so very versatile. I love wearing mine so many ways. You might want to check out this post to see a few of the other ways I’ve styled mine in the past. But I bet if you combed through my spring and summer fashion posts (through the menu above), you’d find even more than what are shown there. I think, however, that probably my favorite way to wear a white cotton-linen blend blazer is with blue jeans. I just love the juxtaposition created with this combo.

White Linen Blazer and Blue Jeans

On this pretty spring day I wore the white cotton-linen blend blazer over a favorite graphic tee (40% off with code SALETIME) and my Madewell Perfect Vintage raw hem jeans (wearing size 29), which hit me just above the ankle bone. I absolutely would be wearing this outfit to lunch with friends today if the weather hadn’t taken a turn to the cool side.

White Linen Blend Jacket

This white cotton-linen blend blazer is from J.Crew and it fits beautifully true to size. I’m wearing an 8 comfortably. While it does feel a little different than my 100% linen blazer, it still has that distinctive linen feel. I think it’s a little thicker, but not in a way that makes it heavy or cumbersome at all. And the jacket has just a little bit of stretch for comfort and ease of wear. It’s fully lined and well made. The best news of all is that the Holland linen-cotton blend blazer is 50% off. So, as often as I wear mine, I think this blazer would be a great buy at the projected cost per wear.

White linen jacket

I finished my look off with neutral toned sandals. I purchased these sand suede Liya slide sandals in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale last year, but they’re still available in limited sizes. They also come in other shades and textures. I actually wore these versatile sandals in Tuesday’s fashion post, too. Here’s another shoe option at a slightly lower heel. Unfortunately they’re no less expensive. These Naturalizers, on the other hand, would make a nice option at a lower price. I think a pretty nude heeled sandal is such a nice shoe to have on hand during the spring and summer, even into fall.

nude heels
sand suede Liya slide sandals

To contrast the ruggedness of my vintage raw hem jeans and the casual vibe of my graphic tee, I chose to wear very dainty, shimmery jewelry. I’m wearing the demi multi strand necklace, the baroque pearl stretch bracelet, the Veronica hoop earrings and the baroque pearl wrap ring, all from Kendra Scott. (These links will take you to Kendra Scott; I’ve included links to Nordstrom in the shopping widget below.)

Pearl Bracelet
baroque pearl stretch bracelet

Because I like to create those long lines with my jeans, even when I’m wearing ankle length jeans, I tucked my shirt and belted it. Did you catch this week’s video? If you did you’ll know that tucking and belting is one of those things that can help create pleasing proportions…depending on your unique proportions. Know your body! And do accordingly. By the way, I have fairly even proportions and an hourglass or X shape.


Thanks for stopping in for a little style inspiration. Like I said, I get a lot of wear out of my linen blazer. So you’ll definitely be seeing it more this spring and summer. Even if I owned no other blazer, I would wear this one frequently. It’s just such a great jacket to add to so many outfits. And I think the J.Crew Factory Holland linen-cotton blend jacket is a great option, especially at the 50% off they’re giving right now.

Final Photo
white cotton-linen blend blazer 50% OFF // graphic tee (wearing MED, a little roomy) 40% off with code SALETIME // Madewell Perfect Vintage raw hem jeans (wearing size 29) or at Madewell // sand suede Liya slide sandals (TTS) // similar leather tote bag (more economical option) // demi multi strand necklace // baroque pearl stretch bracelet // Veronica hoop earrings // baroque pearl wrap ring // similar belt

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Blessed for My Day

Yesterday as I was driving home from our house closing appointment, I saw a sign outside of a business that read, “When God puts a calling on your life He has already calculated in your stupidity.” Ha! I liked that.

How many times do we feel the gentle nudge of the Holy Spirit calling us to some great or small task but we shake it off feeling like it must be a huge mistake. Surely not me! Surely you don’t want me to do that Lord. I couldn’t… But God knows exactly who you are and He’s already calculated in your…stupidity, shyness, awkwardness, lack of time, shortness of funds, etc. He knew David was easily tempted, Moses was slow of speech, Peter was one to put his foot in his mouth and Joshua would get ahead of himself occasionally. Don’t let your shortcomings excuse you from saying yes to God today.

Therefore, come now, and I will send you to Pharaoh, so that you may bring My people, the sons of Israel, out of Egypt.” But Moses said to God, “Who am I, that I should go to Pharaoh, and that I should bring the sons of Israel out of Egypt?” And He said, “Certainly I will be with you, and this shall be the sign to you that it is I who have sent you: when you have brought the people out of Egypt, you shall worship God at this mountain.” ~ Exodus 3:10-12

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26 thoughts on “Spring Outfit with White Cotton-Linen Blend Blazer

  1. Hi Kay,
    I’m 70 years old, 5’5, 170 lbs,inverted triangle and trying to decide between three denim jackets…..the Levi original, the Talbots orthe Chicos. They all look basically the same so just don’t know which to go with.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Judy. Yes, I’d say those are all probably pretty similar. The Levi’s may be a bit boxier and heavier. Mine is almost 30 years old so it is very worn in and loved. But the Chico’s or Talbots will probably feel softer from the start. I’d say the Talbots will probably be a little more classic whereas the Chico’s jacket may start looking dated a little sooner.

  2. Kay, best wishes to you, your husband, and family on your new home. The excitement begins! I just ordered the white blazer and a sweater from J Crew. The blazer looks so nice on you so I couldn’t resist. It was an easy purchase since I could just hit on the highlighted item that you had posted. Thank you!

  3. I would read the comments before you purchase. The beige with strawberries is green not beige according to comments. Although to be honest, I would probably not mind. Some of my favorites are a different color than I thought they would be. Color can e tricky. Just be aware if you liked the beige one.
    Is your blue a different color than shown? They are really cute and with jeans any color goes. I would wear it with jeans, I’m such a copycat.?

    1. I think this tee is pretty close to the true color. And yes, I’ve seen the strawberry tee in the store and it is green.

  4. Your posts are like a visit with a good friend. A God-loving friend! I read today that God knows us and the fact we are made of dust . No excuse but He is understanding. We are so blessed.

    1. Yes, I’ve actually always taken great comfort in God being very familiar with our feet of clay. Right??? Thanks for reading and sharing Chrysti.

  5. I am going to go for this white blazer and hope it works, as I have been looking for a true white one. The description on other sites have said they were off white or cream white and I ended up with a beige or very cream and had to send them back. This one says white and that is what I want, so ordered it. Hoping for the best. Love it on you. Love the graphic tee you put on under, as I ordered that one about 3 weeks ago and really like it. Know I can wear a lot of things with this white blazer. My last J Crew blazer I ordered in the camel, I ordered an 8 and was right on. Loved the BFMD
    and once again congratulations on your house.

  6. Thanks for the LIFE of the scripture.
    And honoring God in dress to be a light unto the world. Value keeping us updated at age 78.

  7. CONGRATULATIONS on your new house Kay!!! So exciting.

    Love this look, clean and sophisticated. I’ve not tried this so for today’s challenge I may put this up?…..(I’m a day late looking at emails)

    Happy moving,

  8. Is it possible to somehow get the worksheets and posts for the series on body shape, proportion, your style etc.

    Perhaps I haven’t been subscribed long enough to have received those posts.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Sharon. If you’re subscribed to my daily or weekly emails you’ll find the password to the Subscriber Freebies page (located in the top menu) at the bottom of each email. That password will let you into the page so you can get all the freebies. ?

  9. I’m 54 yrs old and I work in the medical field. Monday thru Friday I wear scrubs but on the weekends I dont, I would like to wear clothes that are age appropriate and comfortable, I am 5’1” and 170lbs, Hispanic, right now my wardrobe consist of sweat pants and tee shirts. I really like your style and have subscribe to your email. I am trying to loose weight but this has been a battle since my mid 30s. I really want to feel better about my wardrobe but really need some help. I would also like to ask if white jeans are appropriate for my age. I describe myself as an apple shape too. Any suggestions would be appreciated. P. S. What stores should I review for clothing?

    1. Hi Jackie. Thanks for sharing. Yes, you absolutely can wear white jeans/pants. I’m 57, for reference. Stick with me. You’ll see a list of the stores I like to shop in the right hand margin of my blog (on a laptop or computer screen or at the bottom on your phone or handheld device). I recommend you beginning with determining your personal style and then go from there. I’ve got lots of blog posts here to help you with that. Just check in the menu at the top of the blog. Do a deep dive into old posts and that should help you get started.