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How I Really Dressed for My Day 03/07/21 – 03/18/21

March 19, 2021

Happy Friday! It’s time for another run down of my recent daily outfits. Because I skipped last week, I’m sharing a few extras this week. These are the outfits I’m really wearing, so you can know these are pieces I truly love and feel like myself in. As I reviewed these photos I noticed I’m seeing more color, but I am still occasionally opting for my neutrals, too.

How I Really Dressed for My Day 03-05-21 - 03-18-21

Sizing Information

Just for reference, I’m 5’8″ and weigh about 155. I generally wear a size 8 or medium in dresses, tops, jackets and pants (or 29 or 30 in jeans), so that’s what I’m wearing in these looks unless I tell you otherwise. That way you can assume everything I show you is true to size unless I alert you to sizing up or down. I wear a size 9.5 shoe and, again, I’ll just let you know if I sized up or down in a shoe, otherwise it’s true to size.

How This Works

I want to focus more on styling tips and less on the products. So please assume everything I’m wearing is true to size and fits and feels great unless I tell you otherwise. After all these are the things I’m choosing to wear in real life.

I’m providing shopping widgets after each outfit, and a lot of what I’m showing you is still available. I’m also trying to include more economical options where that’s appropriate. But if I forget to do that, just ask.

Let’s get started!

How I Really Dressed for Church 2 Weeks Ago

This first set of photos is from Sunday two weeks ago. I learned last year that it’s smart to have some pretty spring sweaters to wear on cool days. And of course it wasn’t actually even spring yet. But aren’t we all ready??? So I decided this pretty white pointelle sweater fit the bill perfectly. It’s also available in carmine rose, by the way.

What I Wore to Church Sunday
sweater // reversible tank underneath // jeans or at Nordstrom TTS (more economical option) // pumps (use code KAYHEELS for $40 off your first pair of heels at Ally) // pearl bracelet // demi chain bracelet // earrings // pearl cocktail ring // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off) // similar trench coat // bag (more economical option)

I had taped this week’s Date Night Outfits video the day before, and I’d liked the way these jeans had looked with these pumps, so I decided to wear the combo to church. I thought they worked beautifully with the white sweater. I also thought this outfit was a pretty backdrop for the Kendra Scott modern pearl jewelry I had received the week before. I felt like this outfit looked springy, but appropriately warm for the messy day. And it also felt feminine and light.

Shop the Post:

You can shop the look through the links in the copy above or through the shopping widget below. Sale prices are not always reflected in the widget, so click through to get pricing info. Remember, if you purchase anything through these links I potentially earn a commission, but at no cost to you. Thank you for shopping through Dressed for My Day. I am grateful!

The pumps (use code KAYHEELS for $40 off your first pair of heels at Ally) are some I received as a gift from Ally to share with you. I absolutely LOVE them. They are THE best fitting pumps I’ve ever owned. But I just wanted to alert you that they’re not included in the shopping widget below. You can shop for them HERE.

How I Really Dressed Speaking at My Alma Mater on Zoom

On Tuesday of that week I had the honor of speaking to the Public Relations Student Society of America at the University of Georgia, my alma mater. Of course, the club meeting was held via Zoom, so I didn’t actually get to visit with the students in person, but that also meant I just needed to look my best from the waist up. Ha! I wore University of Georgia red, of course.

What I Wore to Working from Home
fisherman crewneck cotton/cashmere blend sweater (use code FLASH for an additional 60% off) // button fly 10″ rise jeans (economical alternative) // Viv wedge sandals (66% off) (similar new version) // Veronica hoop earrings // necklace (20% off) // pearl cocktail ring

Again, this red fisherman crewneck cotton/cashmere blend sweater is another of those cotton sweaters I invested in for spring, and I’m so glad I did. And good news! It’s still available in red, navy and white, it’s marked down and you’ll get an extra 60% off the sale price with code FLASH. It is marked FINAL SALE, so you can’t return it. I’m wearing a medium for reference, and I absolutely love the sweater.

I think any solid cotton sweater looks great with white jeans. I generally size up in white jeans, so I’m wearing a size 30 in these button fly 10″ rise jeans. But they’re quite roomy, so the 29 probably would have fit. They’re constructed from a nice thick (but not overly thick) white denim with a bit of stretch. The buttons are very easy to maneuver and lend a modern vibe. I think wearing flesh toned sandals is always a smart move with white jeans, elongating the leg.

What I Wore Teaching on Zoom

On that Wednesday I finished up teaching my Joseph Bible Study to my two classes on Zoom. Again I wore a cotton sweater and jeans. But this time I went with my pink shaker stitch sweater and my blue denim jeggings, both from Talbots.

What I Wore to Working from Teaching on Zoom
pink shaker stitch sweater (wearing medium) // blue denim jeggings (wearing 8) // Madewell sneakers (size down .5) // gold chain pearl necklace // pearl cocktail ring // Veronica hoop earrings

I’m loving the new modern pearl trend. And I now have lots of them! Ha! But I’m trying to learn how to wear them tastefully without overdoing it. So on this day I wore this gold chain pearl necklace and the pearl cocktail ring, but I balanced those pieces with my Veronica hoop earrings with iridescent crystals. What do you think?

Because I was running errands between classes and trying to get in some steps, too, I opted for my Madewell sneakers with this outfit. Size down .5 in those sneakers.

What I Wore to Lunch, Running Errands and Working at Home

The next day was cold and messy, but I got out for a casual lunch with friends during the workday. I also ran errands, such as getting my oil changed in my car. So I wanted to be comfortable. But I also wanted to wear the colors of spring. So I opted for these military straight pants, a sweet graphic tee and a light, light blue sweatshirt. I really wore it with the sweatshirt on while I was out, but when I got home and returned to my desk I removed the sweatshirt and tied it around my waist. Fun!

What I Wore to Lunch and Work from home
military straight pants // sweet graphic tee // blue sweatshirt // sidewalk sneakers (size down .5) // customized Alex Pendant Necklace // pearl cocktail ring // Veronica hoop earrings // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off) // canvas crossbody

I love layering on blues and greens this way. Notice the green in the pants and the t-shirt are not the same, but it all works together in a very modern, fresh way. I also like the way the t-shirt peeked out from underneath the sweatshirt here, adding slices of color at my collar and my hips. If you’re very wide at the hips, you may not want to use this styling hack, but since the pant legs are wider than my hips, I felt like it was a safe enough choice. I also liked how the Bronze Veined Teal Magnesite customized Alex Pendant Necklace added another splash of green over my sweatshirt.

What I Wore for a Double Date Night

I absolutely would have worn one of the outfits I shared in this week’s Date Night Outfits video for mine and James’ night out, but it was quite chilly. So I was really pushing it even to wear this outfit with just mules. But I still felt pretty and special in these button fly 10″ rise white jeans with my light blue supersoft mockneck tee. Especially with the addition of my blue and green scarf.

What I Wore to Meet up with Friends
supersoft mockneck tee // button fly 10″ rise jeans (economical alternative) // scarf // denim jacket // mules no longer available – alternative // gold hoop earrings // leather hobo (economical alternative) // pearl cocktail ring

I just topped this simple but fresh look with my denim jacket and the only jewelry I wore besides my watch and pearl cocktail ring were my gold hoop earrings, which I think make a noticeable statement.

What I Wore to Church Last Sunday

Boy! I sure did have big hair Sunday. Well you know what they say? The higher the hair, the closer to God. I guess that’s what I was going for. Hahaha! Actually I remember I did style my hair a little differently that day. I’m not quite sure what I did. But it was different. I actually like it fuller like this, but I know it’s not quite as modern either.

What I Wore to Church Second Sunday
Way-High Jeans from Everlane // similar white shirt from Everlane // python print loafers // black trench coat // belt // backpack (more economical option) // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off) // pearl cocktail ring // pearl bracelet // demi gold chain bracelet // pearl hoop earrings // similar pearl necklace

But hey I think my quite modern outfit made up for my not-as-contemporary hairstyle. I paired my oversized white shirt with modern Way-High Jeans from Everlane (TTS), tucked and belted the outfit and finished the look with my super soft Paul Green python print loafers (44% off). I topped the outfit with my black trench coat when I left for church because it was chilly and drizzling.

My oversized white shirt is sold out, but Gap still has the blue and white stripe and the pink shirts. And this one from Everlane is a great option at a very good price.

Let’s talk about my jewelry here real quick. Last week Rachel Carns of Rachelyn Jewelry reached out to me offering to gift me a couple of pieces of her ultra feminine jewelry and provide my readers with a coupon code for 10% off your order. I received this pretty pearl necklace (which doesn’t seem to be available right now) and these lovely pearl hoop earrings. I’m in love. I always prepare to be a little disappointed, honestly, when I’m offered free products. But these dainty, feminine pieces are delightfully beautiful and well-made. You can check out all her offerings HERE and use coupon code KAYHARMS for 10% off your order. I really think you’ll be pleased.

How I Really Dressed for Sunday Afternoon

As usual, I changed into something comfy for the rest of the day Sunday. I tend to reach for my Talbots joggers the most often (among my joggers). I topped them with this pretty striped t-shirt and a traditional button up cardigan in a similar biscayne blue.

What I Wore Sunday Afternoon
Talbots joggers // striped t-shirt // button up cardigan // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off) // pearl cocktail ring // pearl bracelet // demi gold chain bracelet // Rachelyn jewelry

Don’t worry. I removed my jewelry right after snapping this photo. But at least you can see it a little better here. By the way, the Rachelyn jewelry isn’t in the shopping widget, but remember you can shop it here with promo code KAYHARMS for 10% off.

How I Really Dressed for Errands & Working in the Basement

Monday I edited Wednesday’s video, so I had Tuesday to get out and run errands. I picked up my china and mug storage containers that I’d ordered online from the Container Store. (My stemware storage container arrives Sunday.) I also got several of these clear stackable totes. Finally I got some Bella storage containers in different colors from Target. And I managed to get a good little bit done in the basement. Yay!

What I Wore Tuesday Running Errands and working at home
white sweatshirt // jeans // white sneakers // backpack // gold hoop earrings // pearl cocktail ring // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off)

It was a great day for simple jeans and an even simpler white sweatshirt. I finished off the classic workday look with white sneakers and my backpack. (I did treat myself to lunch at Panera before getting to work!)

How I Really Dressed to Go to the Doctor & Pharmacy

Finally, Wednesday I ended up having to go to the doctor for a UTI. Bleh. I’ve only had two of these in my life, but they sure do interrupt your plans. I pretty much fell apart when I got home from the doctor, so I didn’t wear this long. But it was St. Patrick’s day and I was determined to wear some green. After all, it is one of my favorites and a signature color.

What I Wore St. Patrick's Day to Doctor
Everlane modern loafers // graphic tee // military straight pants // denim jacket // dragonfly earrings

I think you’ve seen all of these pieces before in outfits above, except maybe the Everlane modern loafers. Again, I combined the graphic tee and the military straight pants (TTS), but this time I topped the look with my denim jacket.

My darling dragonfly earrings are from J.Jill, but they’re not in the shopping widget below.

So that’s a wrap! Since I wasn’t feeling well still yesterday I just stayed in the same joggers I’d worn on Sunday. And you absolutely don’t want to see a photo! Ha! I’m feeling better though. So today we’re getting out to take photos for next week. It’s only going to get up to 48 degrees. Oy!

Have a lovely weekend!

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It’s never fun to receive criticism. And it’s only natural to bristle at it a little when it’s first doled out, no matter how it may be couched between generous folds of praise or kindness. Criticism stings.

But I’ve found that even receiving harsh or unrequested criticism provides me the opportunity for honest self-evaluation. If I take the person out of the picture – their tone of voice, the perceived personal attack, my opinion of their character – and simply examine the leveled complaint instead, it helps me to assess the criticism more honestly. All I can do is pray about it and ask the Lord if there is any nugget of truth that I should consider and act upon. But that little self-examination may be the push in the right direction that I need in order to line my life up more in step with my God and His Word.

Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge,
    but he who hates reproof is stupid. ~ Proverbs 12:1

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43 thoughts on “How I Really Dressed for My Day 03/07/21 – 03/18/21

  1. I love your style, it has caused me to revamp my shopping to casual yet stylish and a way to wear the items year after year. t hank you so much

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. You have helped me so much! I always feel I look frumpy and you are just what I needed. Thanks a million, sister!

  3. Kay, you really went the extra mile to keep us relevant this week! You are curating a modern, practical wardrobe for us. I am so inspired and really appreciate your videos and blogs!

    1. Hi Maryann. I’m so glad you enjoyed the outfits I shared in today’s post. Thanks for letting me know. Have a great afternoon!

  4. I’m so glad you’re feeling better. Always love your style. I’m 58 and a grandmother now and so glad that you can
    confirm what I can wear. BTW I love your hair fluffy and it looks stylish!

  5. I love, love the white sweater and although I don’t usually wear something that I need to wear something under, I would this beautiful white lacy top. I also like the pink sweater and I like the graphic top. The French girl walking her dog got me started on graphic tops. They don’t have to be Santa Claus or Mickey Mouse do they? LOL

  6. Kay, Thank you for the Blessing for today! You dress very casually. Are you dressing more casual since COVID? Can I look forward to your dressing up a bit more in the future?

    1. Hi Natalie. No I dress pretty casually all the time I suppose. I guess that’s a pretty subjective assessment though because I have other readers who would say I dress up compared to their style. But this is pretty much me. ?

    2. I would agree her style has changed over the year. If you look back at her old posts ( more than a year ago) she wore more fitted clothing and many outfits appropriate for work. I know styles change but I wondered if it was the influence of sponsored posts. Either way I still love her blog. She has many posts with content about proportion, contrast etc that can be helpful in developing a wardrobe appropriate for your situation.
      Seems few bloggers go to an office so work related wear is hard to find.

  7. Anytime we put ourselves “out there,” we know someone is going to pick us apart. It comes with the territory. Unfortunately, some people use a forum such as this to express their frustration with their own life; you just happen to be in the line of fire. If a writer makes a point and says it in a polite way, consider it. If the writer’s word and tone are hateful, ignore it. You are a great blogger with great ideas. Stay strong!

    1. Hi Nancy. Thanks. But I really wasn’t referring to any criticisms I’ve received here (although I’ve certainly received plenty. Ha!). I was just reflecting on a scripture I read in my Bible reading today. But thank you for coming to my defense anyhow. You’re a gem. ?

  8. So glad to hear you are feeling better. UTIs are not fun at all.
    I love so many of these outfits. Definitely my style – relaxed and comfy.
    I am following your packing and moving. Photos on Monday and then open houses the first week of April, so we are packing, decluttering, purging. I also bought some special containers for our stemware and china. So worried about moving that.

    1. Hi Arna. I have to tell you I was a little worried that some of my fine china had broken in our last move but it seemed to all make it. But I still haven’t unwrapped my stemware, so who knows. Hopefully it’s fine. Anyhow I’m ready to get it really protected. I have a china cabinet with another set in it. But I want to be able to easily access and use my other sets, too.

  9. Am I doing something wrong? I added a bunch of items to my bag from your links. When I went to login and checkout, the bag had been emptied. I want you to get credit for my purchases,

    1. Hmm. What retailer was it? I’m not sure what the problem is. But maybe you need to sign into your account on the retailer’s site first and then click through from my website? Otherwise don’t worry about it really. Thanks for trying though! ?

  10. Love everything, including the fluffier hair! Hope you’re feeling better.
    Your style is exactly what I need for my new life of rural Midwest living

    I have a question– do your feet/ankles get cold?
    Mine sure do (about 40F here today!) so I’m not sure what footwear would work for this time of year.
    March-April seems too late for boots or winter-type shoes, and I don’t think flats or sneakers with socks would look stylish.
    Thank you- have a wonderful day

    1. Hi Mimssa. Yes, my ankles get cold. Hahaha! So when I’m home I usually have on my furry slippers. When I’m out I generally just grin and bear it. It is a crazy time of year for footwear. ?

  11. Hi, Kay!
    Love all the looks you shared.
    Your new pearl jewelry is all so pretty – love how it accents your outfits!
    Glad to read you’re feeling better – been there, done that!
    Thanks so much for your blog and your vlog!
    Big hugs, Susan

    1. Thanks Susan. Yes, I’be always loved pearls but rarely worn them anymore because they felt a little “old.” But now they feel fresh again.

  12. I have a question about the Ally pumps— they really look great on you and I loved them with both the pants and the black dress you wore in your Wednesday video. But my question….. is the color you’re wearing the Bossy Beige? And how is the fit in the heels. I wondered if ordering the width (for bunion reasons) would make the heel too wide also? Also, in the past heels have made my feet feel a burning sensation after extended wear…. how were these? I basically would love to wear pumps but have not yet found the perfect fit!! But these caught my eye!

    1. Hi Katheryn. Mine are the bossy beige. I’m actually wearing wide pumps and I don’t normally. They don’t slip at all in the heel, very secure. That said make sure you use their measuring system, especially if you have bunions. I think you can order or download and print a measuring guide?

      The shoes actually feel good the longer I wear them. When I first put them on each time they feel a little snug but then they start feeling great within minutes. They feel somewhat like a glove on my foot.

      Also did you see my video on Calla shoes? Those shoes are made for feet with bunions. They may be a better option for you and I found them to be very good shoes too. Beautiful Shoes for Women with Bunions

      1. Actually, your Calla posting was how I first discovered your site!! My sister knew my “shoe dilemma” and so she sent me that link when it came out! She also sent it to her other friends with shoe issues!! Anyway, that’s when I started following you! We ladies certainly appreciate you!! ❤️❤️ Blessings to you!

  13. I am so happy to have found your blog – as a 60 plus woman who actually committed to losing weight during the COVID-19 lockdown I am loving re-building my wardrobe. I appreciate the classic looks with an edge and so much of what you wear is also me! So glad that pearls are “in”. I have diamond studs that my husband gave me on our 25th anniversary that I had always wanted but find myself wearing the pearl earrings that were a present for our 30th much more often – again classic but with a modern twist, you really can wear them with everything. Thank you for your inspiration – and your Bible reflections – helps to make us well-rounded women.

    1. Hello Isobel. What a lovely name. I’m glad you found DFMD too. How wonderful to be rebuilding a wardrobe that fits you. Thanks so much for sharing a little about yourself. I always enjoy meeting my readers. ☺️

  14. I’m loving reading your blogs and seeing your outfits. I hate shopping and trying to coordinate clothing. I have a tendency to buy a particular piece of clothing in multiple colors and I always dress the same except for colors. I’m getting a lot of ideas from you. So glad that I came across you. I wish that I could take you shopping with me!

  15. You are such a ray of sunshine Kay! I enjoy reading your posts, borrowing your fashion ideas 😉 and think it’s a great idea to include some inspiring quotes from the Bible to think about.
    All part of looking after ourselves and those around us 🙂

  16. Hi Kay

    Finally!! A fashion blogger that “gets me”. You’re fresh, funky, relevant, young, stylish and age appropriate! I’m newly 54 and really struggling to regain my style after the pandemic, leaving my job as a fitness instructor (more like losing) and living in fitness/athlesiure wear for (too) many years. Loved your blog entry about how clothing should fit from a couple years ago too.

  17. Hi Kay, I have just found you and so thankful I did! You are such a blessing and absolutely darling. I love your fashion sense and the way you present it. I haven’t been shopping because of Covid but I am ready to go and find me an Easter outfit. Your ideas are getting me excited about shopping again! Thank you for sharing all about you! God bless you!

  18. I’m so sorry to bug you – I should’ve ordered the light pink sweater (was it linen?) you advertised a bit ago. Have searched and would love to order if it’s still available! No rush! Know you’re a busy lady!!