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Saturday…In the Park…Here’s What I Wore

March 16, 2021

Well, it wasn’t the fourth of July and the man wasn’t singing Italian songs. Since St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow, they were actually piping Irish jigs throughout Washington Park in downtown Cincinnati last Saturday. If you’re lost already, that simply means my title didn’t trigger Chicago’s popular 1972 song Saturday in the Park to hum through your head. Ha! Let’s start over. Here’s what I wore to the park Saturday.

What I Wore to the Park

Many of you know that since moving to Cincinnati in July of 2019, James and I have been getting out to explore our new part of the country sometime during the weekend of every second Friday. There’s nothing magical about the second Friday. It’s just an easy way for us to calendar and outing that we might otherwise neglect to take. Plus, the second Friday rarely falls on a holiday weekend.

What I Wore to the Park

And I’m frequently asked what I wear on these outings. Truth be told, because we do frequently take a set of blog photos during these outings, I mindfully dress a little better than I probably would otherwise. But that’s just the kind of push toward fashionableness that I welcome. (And that’s exactly why I made my Private Facebook Group into one where YOU can post your daily outfits, too. I know that kind of accountability is mighty good for us!)

What I Wore to the Park

I generally dress casually for these monthly outings because they frequently include a good bit of walking. Also I just want to be comfortable. But I do want to look nice. These are our “date days” so I try to wear something James will like, too.

What I Wore to the Park

This Saturday we headed to downtown Cincinnati and visited a couple of parks. First, we actually stopped into Coffee Emporium for a cup of really good coffee and a couple of goodies that we split. Neither of us had eaten and it was almost 2 o’clock. We sat outside and enjoyed our coffee and bakery treats and took in the sights.

What I Wore

Then we strolled through Washington Park and later Piatt Park. Washington Park has a large dog park, an outdoor tavern, broad lawns, a bandstand and a large expanse that transforms into an ice rink during the winter. Obviously this was not a prime time to visit the park; the flowers were just budding a little, few were blooming. But there were plenty of barking dogs, laughing children, sipping couples and strolling friends.

What I Wore

Piatt Park is a charming stretch of cultivated cement on two blocks in the heart of downtown, with lots of shade, benches, and room for a lunch-time picnic or chess game. I have a feeling it’s more abuzz during the week. Plus it was a little chilly on Saturday.

What I Wore on Saturday

I wore my vintage straight stretch chinos from J.Crew. Mine are in honey brown and I’m wearing a regular fit in size 30. From the look of these photos I might could have worn my usual 29, and these are indeed a little stretched out at this point. But hey! I was comfortable. Hahaha!

What I Wore

I topped my chinos with a happy looking long sleeve slub cotton T-shirt in blue and white stripes. This lightweight tee comes in several other nice color combos, too. I’m wearing a medium and it’s quite roomy. I wore my Levi’s denim jacket and white leather sneakers (more economical option) to round out this casual Saturday-in-the-park look.

the bag

I carried my few things in my canvas and leather trimmed camera bag, also from J.Crew. We’ve seen these nice little camera bags for several years, but I think they’re taking the place of other crossbody styles this year. And I really do like these so much better than flatter crossbodies. This camera bag, also available in several colors of leather, is just the right size to carry my glasses, keys, phone, lipstick, mask and a small lotion.

I wore large gold hoops and my pearl ring from Kendra Scott (that I’m LOVING!). And I wore my Fitbit to keep track of all the steps I got in that day.

What I Wore

After we walked through the parks and part of downtown, James and I headed to Scotti’s Italian Restaurant for an early dinner. This restaurant is over 100 years old and run by the fifth generation of the same family that has owned it all that time. Our food was delicious. If you go to Scotti’s be sure to make a reservation at least a week in advance. Due to the pandemic and social distancing mandates they only have ten tables available right now.

We finished our day up at Simply Rolled Ice Cream. I had the Buckeye Madness and James got the Mint Chocolate Mania.


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Blessed for My Day

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God can heal your hurt heart, too. You absolutely do not have to live with the scars from your wounds. Scars tell the story of your hurts. But a divinely healed heart tells the world about your big and amazing God. It will take time. And it will require you wait upon the Lord and spend time in His healing presence. But you absolutely can have a healed and healthy heart so that you can once again engage and trust and love. Pray for that, dear sister. And settle for nothing less.

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21 thoughts on “Saturday…In the Park…Here’s What I Wore

  1. Casual, cute, comfortable, hard to beat that. A good look.
    Love the white shoes, perfect for that outfit, I thought. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Haha Kay. The Chicago song was in my head as soon as I read the title of your post. Chicago is one of my favorite bands and I’ve had the opportunity to see them in concert. I love seeing your day trips, my husband and I are finally taking a long weekend away . Something we have not been able to do since last year. I’m trying to chose my outfits now. Like you I want to be comfortable but stylish! Love the BFMD today.

  3. Love seeing these outings Kay…….as I’ve mentioned I grew up in the Cincinnati area but have not heard of either of these parks… the one with the music to sit on the grass and just relax…..that’s my kind of Saturday!

    Your outfit is so cute for your trip… your stripe top and jean jacket together.

    Just a question Kay… you think you will get a dog once you move in your new house?


  4. Thank you for sharing your most recent outing with us, while also letting us see how you dressed for your day. Your outfit looks very comfortable, modern, and gives you that extra air of confidence. I really like the BFMD!

  5. Thank you for today’s “Blessed for My Day.” I had been praying about the reason behind my sometimes sharp responses to people. Yesterday, recalling scripture verses after a remark angered me, I suddenly recalled Psalm 34:18. Your uplifting comments about it were encouraging to me. God bless your day!
    I look forward to and enjoy your daily posts! Love you!
    In Christ,

  6. Hello Kay, I love this outfit except for the shoes. I love how the blue striped shirt looks with the jean jacket! I know that I am in the minority in that I dislike the look of white sneakers even though they are supposed to give an outfit a “modern” look. I know that I am hung up on this trend because white running shoes make me think of gym classes when I was younger. (I also think that white running shoes or sneakers make people look like they have short, stumpy legs.) My question to you is this, knowing that you are planning to walk a lot while wearing this outfit, what other shoe would you suggest that is not a sneaker? Please, please, please don’t think that I am disparaging you or your outfit as I truly am stymied. I want to look on trend but not with white sneakers. This time of year also stumps me as where I live it is too cold to expose bare feet or toes but I feel boots or booties look too winterish. Thanks for all that you do.

    1. Hi Bev. I understand your hesitation about the sneakers because I’m learning that a lot of women see pieces of clothing and accessories through the lens of the past. Women feel similarly about jeans, pants lengths and sweater vests, depending on how those pieces or styles played a role in their past. The only other shoe I can imagine wearing with this outfit and still looking modern while also not baring my feet would be my loafers. In fact I almost wore them that day. But the loafers would not have been nearly as comfortable of course. No disrespect intended here at all, but you really might want to rethink the white sneakers. These are not your 8th grade gym shoes. These are fresh, modern leather sneakers that look and feel so appropriate and current with a casual outfit like this. They’re are the very element that makes this outfit appear casual and relaxed but still pulled together. Just a thought. But yeah, loafers would work too. Thanks for sharing Bev. ?

  7. Sounds like you and James had a very good time on your outing. I am anxious to get out and do this also. Loved your casual outfit for this outing. Looked comfortable and stylish. The denim jacket is such a workhorse and goes with everything. I to have trouble sometimes wearing white tennis shoes, but for the outing it was so appropriate and I might have worn loafers. Thank you for the other suggestion.
    Sometimes you seem to quote a scripture that hits home for me. I was hurt yesterday by careless words and this helped me as I read it today. Give it to God. Thanks Kay

  8. Forgot to mention that I ordered the straight leg khakis in the honey brown and waiting on them to be delivered. Anxious to wear them with this idea and another one you posted all ready. Think I have some ideas too. Think these will be a workhorse also,

  9. Just found you on Pinterest. Where have you been all my life?! I live the simplicity of these outfits and how just small additions can make such a difference. Looking forward to receiving your emails!

  10. Looks like a fun day out in the perfect outfit! I just bought some similar white sneakers from Walmart — they’re inexpensive so if they don’t feel like “me”, no problem! I’m ready for happy, light, colorful spring outfits (but 40F here brrrr).

  11. I have a pair of golden brown pants that look like the same honey brown color of yours. This has become my favorite color of pants. The outfit you wore yesterday and this one would mix and match so well. Sadly, I have to store my jackets away now, we were 80 today and I afraid we are headed straight to Summer.
    Would you consider doing a post on what to substitute for a third layer in summer. A top and pants just do not look pulled together on their own.

  12. Good morning Kay! I really enjoy your posts and am looking for your upcoming retirement post as I recently took an early retirement offered by my company.
    I have a silly question. Is the jean jacket supposed to be able to close or is it be left open?

    1. Hi Patty. Thanks so much for saying hello. You can wear a jacket that closes or not. Really up to you. If you don’t ever plan to wear it buttoned up (and why would you really?) then it doesn’t need to be able to button. Just wear what looks best on you.