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Feminine Floral Blouse + Jeans for Spring Date Night

April 13, 2021

Welcome to Dressed for My Day where my goal, with each and every post, is to encourage and help women just like me to simply get dressed – beautifully, authentically and appropriately – for our unique days. Even in our 50s and beyond we still have so much to contribute and so many reasons to show up. One of the places I sometimes have to remind myself that the most is in my marriage. My husband deserves to see me dress up a little for him occasionally…to put in a little extra effort and wear something flirty and feminine…just for him. So today I’m sharing a feminine floral blouse that I can easily pair with jeans or other things to wear for a casual date night.

Feminine Spring Blouse + Jeans
feminine floral blouse (TTS – wearing medium) // straight leg jeans (also in curvy fit) // sand suede slide sandals // gauzy wrap (similar) // Coach Cassie crossbody bag (worn with short strap) (economic option) // demi multi strand necklace // baroque pearl stretch bracelet // Veronica hoop earrings // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off your order)

Sometimes all it takes to look a little festive are some subtle frills and flounces. And this feminine floral blouse delivers without going overboard. It’s lightweight and fully lined except in the arms, where the sheer fabric makes the blouse look just a bit more flirtatious and feminine.

the blouse

This particular floral blouse is available at Nordstrom and at Macy’s. The only problem is that the blouse I received from Nordstrom is not the blouse pictured on either website. It’s the same fabric, but it’s made like the green floral blouse (also lovely) shown with it. Confusing! I ordered the blouse even though there were clearly two different blouses shown because I really didn’t care which one I received. This blouse at Macy’s would probably be the other pattern, but in different floral prints. At any rate, I’ve filled the shopping widget below with other options as well. I hate for this post to get hung up on the discrepancy in the blouses, but I knew I needed to point it out to you.

The blouse

Let’s get back to the gist of the post. Ha! While I tried on and liked this feminine floral blouse with my white jeans and white pants, I really just liked the juxtaposition it created with my straight leg jeans. I think the combination of a pretty spring floral and soft blue denim is so alluring and fresh. And I know this is definitely the combination my man would prefer for a date night.

straight leg jeans

By the way, at 5’8″ these straight leg jeans were really too long for me (in the regular length). I didn’t like the look of them rolled up, nor did I want them bunched up around my feet. So I just used my good sewing shears to cut them off at a length that works well for both heels and flats. I really prefer a raw hem these days anyhow. I think it looks more modern, youthful and fresh.


I think one of the loveliest trends to come out of the pandemic we’ve been experiencing is the wrap trend. In response to our need to dine and socialize outside more, the fashion industry amped up their production of beautiful wraps of all types. And I think this pink gauzy wrap (similar) is such a lovely addition to my wardrobe, working with so many things that I might wear for outdoor events. I’ve linked to several options in the shopping widget. Note that some of these are called scarves. But I just check the measurements carefully to ensure that it is at least 40″ wide and about double that in length so that it will drape on your shoulders nicely.

shoes and bag

James and I rarely go out late. Especially in the spring and summer, it’s usually still light outside when we exit the restaurant. So I felt like my sand suede slide sandals were the right shoes for this spring date night ensemble. This sandal comes in other fabrics and colors, by the way, and it runs true to size.

I carried my Coach Cassie crossbody bag with the additional short strap. Here’s a more economical option. The point really is to carry something besides your large carry-all that you use day in and day out. Even accessories communicate that this is a special event.

Feminine Floral Spring Blouse

I added dainty jewelry that has a feminine vibe. I meant to wear my baroque pearl necklace with this demi multi strand necklace, but I forgot it. I love layering on dainty necklaces and bracelets for a date night.

Spring Date Night

Because even the nicest restaurants that James and I frequent have very casual dress codes, this is the kind of date night outfit I’d wear to most anywhere we’d go during the spring and summer. And even if we’re meeting up with friends in their backyard for dinner or brunch, this feminine floral blouse paired with jeans would look appropriately festive and lovely.

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Blessed for My Day

I often lament that my life is not tidier. I want everything to run like clockwork, everything situated neatly in its place and emotions to stay pleasantly on an even keel. But life is rarely so neat and orderly. Instead laundry grows like wildflowers in the basket, dishes quickly mound in the sink, the car frequently needs to be cleaned out and interruptions keep my orderly to-do list unfinished and growing.

But I’m learning that a messy, full life is not necessarily a sign that I’m behind as much as it is an indication that I am blessed. So today when my a phone call from a loved one interrupts my work and the unwashed dishes glare at me when I step into the kitchen to refill my water glass, I’m going to remind myself that God has blessed me with meaningful work, love-filled relationships, a safe and warm home and an able body to do what I can…in the 24 hours I’m given. I’ll choose to rejoice instead of sighing. And I’ll carry on checking off as many boxes as possible, but not sweating the ones that go unchecked.

Where there are no oxen, the manger is clean,
    but abundant crops come by the strength of the ox. ~ Proverbs 14:4

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xoxo, Kay
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42 thoughts on “Feminine Floral Blouse + Jeans for Spring Date Night

  1. Very pretty blouse. I really like the color you are wearing, so going to try to order it and hope I get the right color. Did you send yours back for the right one? Loved your BFMD for the day. It was so true. We are blessed and should stop and smell the roses. Not get so hung up on whether we get everything done on our list. Bless you.

    1. So if you order the color I am wearing this is the blouse you will probably receive. It’s just not the same design as the one shown.

  2. Hi Kay, I really enjoy your daily post and your thoughts with scripture on being blessed for your day. It’d be nice to have a little scripture section even but how’d you find time only heaven knows! Lol. Anyway I do like the way you cut your jeans and at 5’8” I know my legs are the longest part of me so I don’t think I’d need to do this but if I did there’s a wonderful product called fray check that you can put on the bottom where you cut them to keep it from fraying. Unless you’d like them to fray and maybe curl up. Either way would work but I thought I’d throw that out there for you. Use the fray check, let dry and then throw them in the wash. It looks darker when you do it but once you wash your jeans you’d never know that it was there and no fraying! Great stuff! Last forever. ? Pam

    1. Hi Pam. Thanks for sharing. Yes I’m familiar with Frey Check. I’ve used it before and have some. But I actually want these jeans to frey. ?

      1. That’s great! I think either way looks nice. Anything goes now a days. I remember when distressed jeans were all the rage and my daughter wanted a pair. I told her to go get a pair of her jeans and I discressed them for her! Lol. I used all kinds of ways to cut scratch and bleach out them jeans. Her friends loved it! So did I as I had no intentions of paying for destroyed stuff. ?

  3. Love this outfit on you. Very fresh , youthful & slimming. Much prefer on you than the wider leg pants in previous posts.

    1. Hahaha! Well thanks but you’ll definitely be seeing the others again too. But I do like these Talbots straight leg jeans. They are sooo soft and comfortable.

  4. I just cut off a pair of too long ivory wide leg jeans that I bought over a year ago and never wore! I Googled several sites first for advice and reinforced the side seams to they wouldn’t unravel….washed and dried them, trimmed off the long strings and they look great and modern….went for ankle length. Looking forward to wearing them with a cute spring blouse like you.
    I really enjoy your emails…thank you for your inspiring words!

    1. Wonderful! I’ve done this to several pairs of jeans now and love the effect. Better than never wearing them because they’re not the right length. And so modern.

  5. Well Kay I put in Shop Style ? to get a sale alert! So feminine.

    Love these photos of you with the wind blowing in your hair…..all so natural and so pretty.

    Happy moving?


  6. I like the color and blouse that you are wearing. When I looked at all the widgets I could only find this style in the green. The websites show the pink floral but it has a wide waist and no ruffle on the V neck. Do you have any hints as to how to find the one you are wearing?

    1. Hi Peggy. Never depend on the shopping widgets for the color. Often products come in multiple colors, so always click through to see the color options and patterns. I ordered the pink floral with the waist band but this is what came to me. So I think the photo there is wrong. I think if you order the pink floral with the waist band you’ll get this shirt. From either store.

      1. Thank you for responding. I was hoping that would be so. But I think I’ll just go to the store in person.

  7. How clever to just cut the hem! I am petite and did not think about how that is in fashion now. I might try it!

  8. When a restaurant has a sign saying “No shirt, no service” then it pretty much tells you casual is okay. I like the way this looks especially with the pink wrap. Love the shoes.
    I have been known to wear a peasant blouse pulled off the shoulder, which I don’t like, just to please my husband. The original cold shoulder blouse.
    I make lists even for my daily housework. If it’s Wednesday, I Windex. Don’t throw me off schedule. I’m a mess all week.

    1. Hahaha! Yes, casual it is. That’s so good that you stick to your chore chart like that. I’ve tried again and again and never really have been able to, but I really admire that.

  9. Kay, you look very modern, and ready for a date night with James! Great choice of blouse. Appreciate your curating a wardrobe for us.

  10. I always enjoy your blog/ emails but this one totally nailed two that. One, dress for yourself and your spouse, he deserves to be proud of how you look. Second, jeans too long, cut them off, lot cheaper than a Taylor, and raw edge is trendy. You made a positive impact on my day, thank you!

  11. Kay, just want you to know how much I appreciate all your hard work searching, thinking ahead and smart shopping! As a pastor’s wife in Jackson Hole WY (where shopping is mostly for tourists ? or very overpriced) I look forward to every post! I’ve ordered from my bathtub ? and am so thankful for your Scriptures and comments. Thank you so much for your comments on dressing up for your man! Young couples so blessed to hear this!! Lastly…It’s so nice to intentionally shop for a coordinated closet and not have to overthink when choosing outfits…and I’m also one of those with ticklish feet enduring pedicures! God’s richest blessings over you and yours!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging remarks Sheree. Much needed and appreciated. Bless you! It’s so very nice to hear from you.

  12. Hi Kay,
    Blouse looks great on you! My question is regarding your nail color and brand on your toenails? Gorgeous pink!

  13. Kay…. you look like a breath of fresh air!!!! The pastel colors are gorgeous on you. This is one of my favorite outfits you have styled for spring…..and of course your hair looks amazing. Tell James that his photography is phenomenal….great photos. I’ve been working overtime for the last several months and I don’t comment as often as I would like so I want to thank you for always including your BFMD.

  14. While the blouse looks lovely on you, I need stronger colours. I look forward to your posts and want to thank you for your guidance, I have embraced most of your ispdeas and feel much more comfortable with my style now. I also find I have strong opinions on what I want to wear. Thank you for that. Marilyn

  15. You really nailed this one, Kay. Lovely blouse! I learned about you from a Facebook friend and have been devouring your blog history for over a month now. I feel much better in my skin and in my clothes with your guidance. Just ordered swim wear last night for the first time in decades! Thank you for your realistic, warm, feminine approach. And the BFMD. Keep it up!

  16. Love the blouse. I’m going to Macy’s to get one for myself. I have a question. Is your hair dresser in Cincinnati? Your hair always looks great. Thanks for all the great information on style, etc.

  17. Hi,
    I just started checking out your You Tube videos and like the different ways you put clothes together. However, I think I have an issue I’m not sure you can help with. I like putting different outfits together, but my height (4’9″) and age of 83
    can make a big difference in what I select. So I need a bit of advice. I’m an active person and like looking smart when I go out. I want to look modern, but not trendy, and I know that what younger women wear can often times not be right for me at my age. But I don’t want to look like a little old lady either. So I need so suggestions.
    Thanks for your help.

    1. Hi Dee. Good for you wanting to look modern. The best advice I can give in such general terms is to lean towards simple separates. They will serve you much better than fussy pieces. And choose a color palette you love and stay in it. I’m sure you look lovely already. Just enjoy what you wear and it will show. ?

  18. Hi Kay, I love the date night outfit and accessories ! I was wondering if you have ever shown hats for women over 50 ?

  19. This flora, pink, and jeans outfit is my favorite! It’s exactly what I like to wear myself. You styled it beautifully and gave some great tips. Thanks!!

  20. I love this outfit. The top is so feminine and lovely with the shawl. My closet could benefit from a few blouses like that. I have many shirts and t-shirts and too few soft, pretty blouses. Thank you for all the ones you provided in Shop The Look, and for your BFMD.