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Trying Some New Spring Trends with Target

March 8, 2021

Happy Monday! The sun is shining and it’s a good day to think spring. In fact, I’m taking one for the team today and trying out some new spring trends. But I’m also dipping my toe in the water by shopping for these trends at Target, where I always find trending clothes at a reasonable price.

New Spring Trends with Target

While I love a classic wardrobe, I also can appreciate the importance of allowing that wardrobe to evolve so that it stays current and fresh. One of the ways we can do that is by occasionally trying some of the trends that resonate with us. I probably try more than I would normally simply because of my role here at Dressed for My Day. It’s one way I can help us all to stretch a little. Plus, it’s just fun! Fashion is meant to be both functional and fun.

New Spring Trends with Target

I’ve been surprised at how much I’m enjoying the new high rise vintage straight leg jean silhouettes. While they’re not the most slenderizing cut, they don’t have to be. I’m not consumed with trying to look skinny. And I’ve discovered if you try on enough pairs, eventually you’ll find a few that actually look and feel good.

I’m delightfully surprised to tell you that these Universal Threads high-rise vintage straight jeans fit the bill. Of course, I’ve had luck with Universal Threads jeans from Target before, too. I did size up in these to a 10 because they didn’t have an 8 the day I was in the store. Plus they have just the slightest amount of stretch. These high-rise vintage straight jeans fit much more like the jeans of yore, so gauge accordingly. Actually, their size chart on the website pretty much nailed my size anyhow. And they’re just under $35.

New Spring Trends with Target

Now my retro sneakers, another raging spring 2021 trend, are not from Target. But I thought this outfit presented me the perfect opportunity to try wearing them. My Kickoff Trainer Sneakers are from Madewell and they’re styled in leather neutral colorblocks. Madewell has others like them in more interesting and youthful color combinations, but I decided to go for subtlety here.

These fun sneakers are “not your mama’s running shoes”… but they look like them! If you look to these to create a pretty look or to add refinement or femininity, you’ll miss the boat. But remember, one of the most exciting trends in fashion this spring and summer is “fun and happy.” You’re going to look just as fashionable adding a little whimsy and “woohoo!!!” to your outfits. And these Kickoff Trainer Sneakers definitely look joyful and fun paired with my Universal Threads high-rise vintage straight jeans and two of the brightest colors of the season.

New Spring Trends with Target

Also trending this spring and summer are the colors illuminating (yellow) and raspberry sorbet. This fun hooded sweatshirt combines iterations of these Pantone colors in a sort of tie-dye style. This 100% cotton hoodie comes in other colors, too, and I found it to run true to size. I’m wearing a medium.

New Spring Trends with Target

Underneath I wore another layer of the raspberry sorbet in this Universal Threads t-shirt. They just list it as “pink,” but it’s definitely on the bright but muted side. Again, I’m wearing a medium. I love Universal Threads tees for their soft hand, worn-in feel and great prices. These are the tees to buy when you’re trying new colors.

New Spring Trends with Target

Style Tip: Even if you have no plan to wear the sweatshirt, tying one around your waist is a great way to add interest and depth to an otherwise plain t-shirt and jeans or shorts outfit.

I reiterated the yellow in my sweatshirt by carrying this yellow satchel handbag, also by Universal Thread at Target. But this isn’t the last you’ll be seeing of this bag. I generally stick with my signature colors, and yellow is definitely not one of them. So adding a little of this trending color in a handbag, shoes or other accessory is the way for me to go. I’ll be carrying this bag as a pop of yellow with other outfits that don’t even have any more of this color in them.

New Spring Trends with Target

Finally, my disc drop earrings are another Universal Thread find from Target. I selected these because the dangling discs add movement. Call it another nod to the joy and happiness trend!

I know some of my readers will not particularly care for some of the trends I’m showing today. But if you’re one of my ladies who wants to keep in step and have fun with the trends, I can highly suggest these finds from Target. They’re sweet, fun picks that won’t break the bank…or set you back much if you end up not enjoying them after all. But remember, fashion should be fun! So why not try them out?

New Spring Trends with Target

By the way, don’t forget that you can shop the Target website and request your purchases be delivered to your local store for pickup. That way you don’t pay for shipping. Plus, my own Target is woefully low on inventory and doesn’t have fitting rooms open. So shopping online really is the way to shop Target right now in my estimation.

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Thanks so much for stopping in today for a little style inspiration. I hope you have a lovely day!

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The simple, seemingly insignificant Bible verse below struck me yesterday as my husband preached from Acts 15. The bigger story is that the Jerusalem council sent word to the Gentile believers in Antioch, Syria and Cilicia, assuring them that grace alone is required for salvation. They did not need to jump through hoops are observe Jewish traditions to have a relationship with God. Instead, they simply needed to rest in the finished work of Jesus on the cross.

But how encouraging those words were to the non-Jewish believers! They had been given grace. Grace always initiates with God. But then we have the opportunity to pass it on to others who need it also. The reason this verse resonated with me so much is because each week I receive so many gracious emails and comments from my readers. You have no idea just how much joy they bring me. Grace is not just amazing; it’s encouraging and empowering too.

And when they had read it, they rejoiced because of its encouragement. ~ Acts 15:31

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25 thoughts on “Trying Some New Spring Trends with Target

  1. Cute out fit on you, but for me the these jeans and the sweatshirt are too casual for me. I do like the tennis shoes, so cute. I might invest in a pair of Madewell kickoff trainer sneakers. I need a new pair of tennis shoes for walking .I have 2 fun fashion pairs. How are they for walking? Have a great day!

    1. Hi Sherry. I think these sneakers are okay for walking, but they’re not really made for power walking. They’re definitely more of a retro fashion sneaker.

  2. With my very causal and relaxed lifestyle now, I love this outfit. While I still like skinny jeans, they also aggravate me, so the straighter legged jeans are a trend I am trying. And Kay, you look great in it. I have been thinking about adding a yellow handbag to my closet since I cannot wear yellow near my face, unless I want to look sick. Target has been one of my go-to stores for years, especially when I want to try a new color or trend without breaking the bank. I like how you tied the sweatshirt around your waist, but I have never been able to do that without it adding way too much thickness where I don’t need it at all. Any tips you can share will be greatly appreciated! Love the BFMD!

    1. Thanks Ginger. Yes, those were my thoughts exactly when I purchased this bag. It’s perfect for adding that splash of yellow. I think the key to tying a sweater or sweatshirt around your waist is to only do it with a thinner shirt, not a real thick one. Also tie it at the thinnest part of your waist and let it aim down a little in the front, creating a bit of a V shape.

  3. I’m surprised to say I loved the sweatshirt! And I was amazed at the price. When trying something really trendy, I buy something less expensive, allowing the biggest portion of my dollars to go to basics and classics. I agree, there is no reason clothes cannot be fun. But you always keep the classy in fun, which I appreciate. I would love a post showing the differences between a fashion sneaker and a workout sneaker.

  4. Its the same way if I want to tie a shirt in the front, it’s all about the fabric whether it drapes or looks chunky. Just makes sense when you think about it. I love the new colors of raspberry and yellow. You look great in Target. Hmmm, I wonder. Heaven is hi rise, straight leg pants. Tired of muffin top, too tight in the leg, pants. Sanity has returned.
    When a prodigal goes home they have to take you in because you’re family. Same way with the church. When you repent, you are forgiven. It’s done. Amazing grace!??

  5. KAY. MY FIRST POST BUT I ALWAYS READ YOUR DAILY FASHION POSTS. THANK YOU for showing these fashions From Target. I love them and the lower prices are perfect for casual wear that I can wear daily. Can’t wait to try these jeans and sweatshirt and T shirts. ?. Bev Brown

  6. Such a cute, affordable outfit! The colors are perfect on you, Kay. The outfit is youthful without trying too hard. Perfect for running errands or a day of outdoor fun.
    BFMD is always encouraging and instructive.
    Have a wonderful day,

  7. Such a cute outfit! Great tips on trying new trends and colors from less expensive stores, too!! I just might have to try something like this! Great thoughts on grace too!! We all need grace!!!

  8. I just bought 3 light weight sweatshirts in this same style (different brand) because I love the fit! The length and hemline of this sweatshirt style seems to work well for hourglass shape women with petite leg length too! The soft color blocking is young but not overstated. Thank you for sharing your outfits Kay.

  9. The jeans are doing you no favors … you look like a mall walker. Mom jeans look great on the right age group and shapes. I see too many where the style is just not flattering at all but they still wear because they follow every trend. It could just be the brand too maybe try Levi’s.

    1. Well thank you for sharing your thoughts, but I like them. As is stated in the post, I’m not a slave to the need to look skinny. And I’m also not a slave to trends. I do not follow every trend but I happen to like this one. And your comment that I look like a mall walker is just mean spirited and uncalled for.

      1. It must be difficult at times to put yourself out there and have such a response. I hope you get more words of grace or at least tact and fewer “foolish” ones.

  10. I think you look great! The sweatshirt is colorful and I would definitely wear it. I also purchased the same sneakers from Madewell and received them last week. Thanks for suggestions on how to style them.

  11. Hi Miss Kay, I love reading your blog. It’s so informative and fun. I am very short,4,10, and I have problems with jeans that aren’t skinny. I would like to find a looser Jean or pants but because my legs and thighs are toned and thin they usually look too baggy. Then I look heavier than what I am. I usually do try to buy petite bottoms. What kind of straight leg pants do you recommend so I won’t have this issue? Thanks for any advice you can give me.

    1. Hi Debbie. I really don’t know what to suggest other than buying petites. And then you may just need to find someone to tailor your jeans a little. It’s definitely better that they’re a little baggy rather than tight. That can be fixed. I do know they offer tailoring at Nordstrom but you could look for a local tailor too. Other than that I think just trying on lots of jeans is the only solution. But I’ve discovered that we all have to try on lots of jeans. ?

  12. Kay, I’ve loved the skinny jean look, it’s always made me feel younger than a lot of my contemporaries who stubbornly stick with their baggy boot-cut cords from years ago. But you’re absolutely right. Definitely, staying modern helps to keep us looking younger. Including hair (I love yours – mine is similar) and makeup. So, as my daughters are all changing to the looser fit, straight-legged mom-style jeans and as I see on you, a more cropped length, I must clearly try this. When I looked up this type of jean, a lot have frayed rips. Is this a step too far for the older woman, Kay?? I can’t buy the same ones as you as I’m in U.K. And is the cropped look ok on a shorter woman. I know you’re quite tall and can get away with it , but I’m only 5’4”. I’ve shrunk a bit!!
    By the way, I had given up wearing any necklaces some time ago as didn’t want to draw attention to an ageing neck, but last week I tried a lightweight layered silver three strand necklace after seeing one of your videos. I just bought a cheap supermarket version to try out first. I love it! My husband even complimented me! Next week I shall see if my 13 year old grand daughter approves. She notices everything I wear and my makeup. Her opinion will be very important!! She thought I’d had eye lash extensions the other week! No. Just a combination of a well known mascara and my new heated eye lash curlers! Brilliant!
    Anyway, thank you!

  13. Thank you for this look at Target clothing. It shows how nice a person can look even on a budget.
    Since I retired, most of my clothing purchases have been through Dillards, Belks, and LL Bean. However, I do love Talbots classic styles. I’m glad I kept some of my professional clothing and a few dresses. I love to wear them on Sunday even though my husband and I still worship on-line with our church. I also love to look my best for Zoom Bible studies. I dress for me. It makes me smile when an outfit comes together.
    I look forward to seeing what you put together for the retirement capsule.

    1. Hi Phyllis. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks for letting me know. Yes, I think it’s important to dress for ourselves, too. We are worthy of that kind of self respect and it affects how we interact with people and conduct our day. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. ?

  14. I’m going to try the jeans. I have very long legs and never liked skinny jeans for that reason (I’ve just kept wearing flares). So I’m hoping these wider cropped jeans will minimize the length of my legs. I’m going to try the lighter wash which includes some distressing which I’ve not tried yet (I guess it’s been around long enough for me to now like them). Thank you so much for your help!

  15. I love the look. I like to dress casual and this looks fresh and bright. I have a silly question. What kind of socks to wear for the no show sock look. Also when you post add suggestions for different body types. I’m tall and slim so need ideas what would compliment me. I’ll be following.
    Glad you add options for low budgets.