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My Fall Blue Jeans Lookbook for Women Over 50

September 17, 2021

Hi ladies! I’m so glad you stopped in this Friday for a little style inspiration. I’m actually starting up my weekly How I Really Dressed for My Day series again this week, but I’m going to be posting those on Saturdays now. So today I’m sharing the blue jeans I’ll be wearing this fall. Most of them are still available, but for those that aren’t I’ll be careful to link similar offerings. This is my fall blue jeans lookbook for women over 50.

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links I potentially earn a commission on your purchases, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting my work here by shopping my links.

Fall 2021 Blue Jean Lookbook for Women over 50

Because of my job as a fashion blogger, I own a lot more pairs of jeans than I would need to otherwise. I try to keep a variety of denim styles and washes so that I can provide you with different looks here and in my videos. Plus, I try to keep jeans in my closet from a wide range of brands and retailers so that I can share jeans from the brands my diverse readers love and shop occasionally.

So this post is not about the jeans you need to have in your wardrobe. I’m simply sharing a rundown of the jeans I’ll be wearing this fall (and probably into winter)along with why I chose these particular ones. I’ve tried on hundreds of pairs of jeans in the past year or so, and these are the denim I love and feel comfortable and stylish in. I’ll let you know if each pair is in my personal wardrobe or my office closet.

Straight Leg Jeans

Talbots Straight Leg Jeans

I’ve loved straight leg jeans from Talbots for years. And these straight leg jeans in the shore wash are definitely some of my favorite now. They’re in my personal wardrobe.

Styling a Green Blouse
straight leg jeans in the shore wash // See the original post for details.

I’m wearing my true to size 8 regular misses in these straight leg jeans, but I did find them to run a little long for me. I simply used my sewing shears to cut a little less than an inch off for a trending raw edge finish. They come in petite sizing and also a Plus Size Exclusive. Currently they appear to be sold out in the curvy fit. I’m considering purchasing these same jeans in the darker solstice wash because I think this length will be especially nice for winter. They’ll work great with a variety of footwear, too. And since jean silhouettes are trending toward straight legs, these will get a lot of wear.

Wear a Shirt Jacket with a Colored top
straight leg jeans // See the original post for details.

What I Like About Them: They have a nice amount of stretch but still feel like blue jeans. That’s important to me. You’ll see that same comment throughout this post. But they also don’t stretch out terribly. I love the straight leg silhouette and the longer length. And I actually love the raw edge I created by cutting them off.

Madewell Perfect Vintage Jeans in Enmore Wash

I purchased the Madewell Perfect Vintage jeans in Enmore wash last year and they became fast favorites. Mine have a high rise (11″), but they are almost sold out. Surprisingly, they have more size options at Nordstrom. Madewell has re-issued these jeans in a midrise of 9.5″. They will work great especially for women with a shorter torso, but they should work pretty nicely for others, too.

White Linen Blazer Outfit for Spring
Madewell Perfect Vintage jeans in Enmore wash // See the original post for details.

I haven’t worn these Madewell Perfect Vintage jeans much this summer, so I had to pull out a photo from this spring. But I put them on yesterday and it was like a reunion with a good friend. These 99% cotton/1% spandex denim jeans feel old school, with very little stretch but a nice heft and just enough give to feel comfortable. I’m wearing a size 29 comfortably. My daughter says to always size down at Madewell.

Sale Alert: Madewell is having an Insiders event with 20% off everything. Not an Insider…yet? Sign up! It’s free.

What I Like About Them: I love the straight silhouette, the raw edge, the mid wash color and the high rise. I also, surprisingly, like the minimal amount of stretch. They don’t feel stiff like some jeans that have such a small amount of spandex. They’re very comfortable. By the way, the inseam is the same or maybe has a .5″ difference between the jeans I have and the newer edition.

Everlane Way-High Jeans

The Everlane Way-High Jeans has a fuller leg, but it’s still considered a straight leg jean. This high waisted features a 12 1/8″ rise, so it really accentuates your (or at least my) true waist. The 98% cotton and 2% elastane denim really holds you in from waist through the hips and then the fuller but straight legs skim the body.

Greens & blues
Everlane Way-High Jeans // See the original post for details.

Again, I haven’t worn these jeans much this summer, so I had to pull up a photo from the spring. But I wore them frequently then and I’m looking forward to putting them on again today.

Everlane Way-High Jeans

I’m wearing a size 30 in these Everlane Way-High Jeans.

What I Like About Them: I actually love the slight ironed in seam down the front of this particular wash. The jeans come in other washes that do not have that pressed seam, however. I like the way they suck me in up top and then create a straight but fuller leg line. I also like the mid to dark wash of these particular jeans, but they do come in other washes. I also love the vintage indigo wash.

Frame Le Sylvie Crop Raw Edge Jeans

The Frame Le Sylvie Crop Raw Edge Jeans are a cropped straight leg jean with a good bit of stretch. I picked these up in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and, guess what, they’re back on sale! They’re 40% off and available in all sizes, it looks like.

Transition to Fall Outfit with a Graphic Tee, Blazer and Jeans
Frame Le Sylvie Crop Raw Edge Jeans // See the original post for details.

These 44% cotton, 42% lyocell, 13% polyester, 1% elastane denim jeans have a lot of stretch, so you might consider sizing down. I didn’t. I went with the 30 and they just felt comfortable, so I kept them. I haven’t worn them enough to experience them stretching out on me, but I probably could have worn the 29 just fine.

Suit Blazer with Jeans and a Tee
Frame Le Sylvie Crop Raw Edge Jeans // See the original post for details.

These Crop Raw Edge Jeans have an 11″ front rise and a 27″ inseam, so while they are called cropped, they’re not especially short on my 5’8″ frame. I like that. I really like for my jeans to hit just above the ankle bone or right at it.

What I Like About Them: I like the length (for a cropped fit), the medium wash, the quality of the fabric (especially considering all the stretch they have in them) and the 11″ front rise. I also like the raw edge. (Hmm. I’m noticing a trend here!)

Kut from the Kloth Elizabeth Fab Ab High Waist Crop Raw Edge Jeans

I also purchased the Kut from the Kloth Elizabeth Fab Ab High Waist Crop Raw Edge Jeans in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and they quickly sold out. I guess they got some returns because there are now a few in very limited sizes.

What I Wore Friday (3)
Kut from the Kloth Elizabeth Fab Ab High Waist Crop Raw Edge Jeans // See the original post for details.

I really try to only keep jeans in my possession that are still available to my readers and viewers. Due to the nature of my job, that just makes sense. But even if these sell out again I’ll probably be keeping these High Waist Crop Raw Edge Jeans from Kut from the Kloth. They are made from 94% cotton, 5% polyester and 1% spandex, so they have a nice stretch, but still feel like denim. They feature a 10 3/4″ rise and a 28″ inseam and those are my sweet spots.

Elevated Summer Style
High Waist Crop Raw Edge Jeans // See the original post for details.

These Raw Edge Jeans are on sale again, but of course they are only available in a couple of sizes. But you can find similar jeans from Kut from the Kloth here. They are a good mid-price brand for jeans.

What I Like About Them: I like the length, the rise and the feel of these jeans. They just feel good on. I also appreciate the generous but straight leg.

Relaxed Fit Jeans

J.Jill Boyfriend Jeans

While I do like the J.Jill Boyfriend Jeans and will be keeping them in my office closet, these are not personal favorites simply because J.Jill pants and jeans don’t work great on my frame. But, aside from the fit, I do like these jeans and don’t hesitate to recommend them.

J.Jill Boyfriend Jeans // See the video for details and a better idea of how the look and wear.

I think these relaxed fit J.Jill Boyfriend Jeans actually look quite fine on me. But they just don’t feel good on me. But I would say they run true to size.

What I Like About Them: I like the medium wash, the relaxed fit, the length and the simplicity of these jeans. I’d prefer a high rise for my body, but the mid rise is a nice option for many women.

Chico’s Boyfriend Ankle Jeans in Seaside Indigo

I do like these Chico’s Boyfriend Ankle Jeans in Seaside Indigo a lot, and I’ve already worn them outside of the video I purchased them for.

Chicos Jeans
Chico’s Boyfriend Ankle Jeans // See the video for details and a better idea of how the look and wear.

These jeans fit true to size. I’m wearing a size 1, which is the equivalent of a misses 8. They have a good bit of stretch. My only qualm with these jeans is the length. I’d like them to be a bit longer for me. Keep in mind that I’m 5’8″. And of course, above I am wearing them with boots. So that may be one of the reasons I feel they are shorter than I prefer.

What I Like About Them: I like the minimal distressing, the trending light wash and the relaxed fit. These are great jeans for those very casual outfits.

J.Crew Slim Boyfriend Jeans

No, I do not need this many pairs of relaxed fit jeans for my personal wardrobe. But again, I like to have jeans from a very wide variety of retailers and brands so that when I show other clothing from those brands I can use their jeans. Really variety is important here so that I can create looks that resonate with my large readership.

Anyhow, I do indeed like these J.Crew Slim Boyfriend Jeans. They have a very relaxed feel and vibe, but you could size down for a slimmer fit.

J Crew Jeans
J.Crew Slim Boyfriend Jeans // See the video for details and a better idea of how the look and wear.

I’m wearing a size 30 in the classic fit of these Slim Boyfriend Jeans for a very relaxed fit. Size down if you prefer a slimmer fit.

What I Like About Them: These are just a nice basic jean. Like the Madewell jeans above, they only have 1% spandex and 99% cotton, so there’s not a lot of stretch, just a touch of give. They’re more worn in than distressed. I don’t know that these will get a lot of play time in my personal wardrobe rotation, but I don’t hesitate at all recommending them. I’m not crazy about the 9.75″ rise.

Talbots Everyday Relaxed Jeans

Of all my relaxed fit jeans, these Talbots Everyday Relaxed Jeans are my favorite. They feel like jeans I wore in high school. They do have a lot of stretch in them, so I sized down to a 6. These are in my personal wardrobe.

Talbots Relaxed Everyday Jeans
Talbots Everyday Relaxed Jeans // See the video for details and a better idea of how the look and wear.

I’m pretty sure I’m wearing the size 6 in the photos above, but I’m wearing the 8 in the photo below. I also have these relaxed everyday jeans in the darker wash. On my frame, I think I prefer these jeans unrolled instead of cuffed. But you can definitely cuff them.

Transition Into Fall with a Sweatshirt
Talbots Everyday Relaxed Jeans // See the original post for details.

What I Like About Them: I love the relaxed fit of these. They’re a little baggier in the back of the leg than the other relaxed fit jeans I have, and I kind of like that, especially for a casual vibe. I also love the wash on these jeans and in the darker version. And while the rise is a midrise, it does feel comfortable around my waist.

L.L. Bean Signature Organic Denim Boyfriend Jeans

Because they’re still packed away, I almost forgot about these L.L. Bean Signature Organic Denim Boyfriend Jeans. But I’ll at least have these in my office for styling in nothing else. And I say that because obviously my personal wardrobe is getting crowded with jeans at this point. Ha! These are great jeans at a great price.

L.L. Bean Signature Organic Denim Boyfriend Jeans // See the original post for details.

What I Like About Them: First of all, I love the price. And the 98% organic cotton 2% Lycra® elastane denim feels great. They fit a little lower on the waist than some, but still they’re not low. And the 30″ inseam really helps me to be able to wear boots with them comfortably. They have a nice darker wash, too. Of course, they’re available in other washes, too.

Skinny Jeans

I’ve been trying on skinny jeans again lately and I’m just not feeling it. I know a lot of my readers do not like the fuller leg jeans, so I’ll probably stay away from those for the most part when styling for the blog. Instead, I’ll opt more for the straight leg and relaxed fit jeans. But I will indeed style skinnies here and there. They are not as on trend as in years past, but we will continue to see them and wear them. And I may really enjoy them once the weather turns cold and I’m reaching for boots frequently.

Vineyard Vines Jamie High-Rise Indigo Jeans

I picked up these Jamie High-Rise Indigo Jeans from Vineyard Vines last winter when they were marked down. I have them in the medium wash…

Versatile Camel Blazer Outfit
Jamie High-Rise Indigo Jeans in medium wash // See the original post for details.

…and the darker wash. You have to click on the words medium wash or dark wash to see the different rinses on the website.

Winter Classics Outfit for Casual Friday
Jamie High-Rise Indigo Jeans in dark wash // See the original post for details.

I’m wearing a size 30 in these jeans and they are very comfortable. This is premium denim with a premium price. But I’ve decided that if I’m going to wear skinny jeans, I want them to be good ones. I want skinny jeans that have enough heft in the fabric so that they don’t look like tights. Know how I mean? I don’t want them to look like leggings.

Camel Blazer outfits

What I Like About Them: They have a comfortable 10″ rise and a 28 3/4″ inseam. Again, those are perfect for me in a skinny jean. I don’t have to hem them, but they work great with flats, boots and heels. And the rise hits me at my true waist, so they feel comfortable, not like they’re falling down all the time. I like the heft of the fabric and the silhouette.

Talbots Denim Jeggings

I’m also holding onto my Talbots Denim Jeggings. They are no longer available in this particular wash, but the twilight wash looks very similar.

Color Me Beautiful!
similar Talbots Denim Jeggings // See the original post for details.

I’m wearing my true to size 8 in these Denim Jeggings. Don’t let the name fool you. They feel and wear like skinny jeans, not leggings. Talbots also has them in this dark wash. And those are even available in long lengths in some sizes. The Denim Jeggings come in petite and misses sizes. The dark wash is additionally available in plus and plus petite sizes.

What I Like About Them: I like the authentic denim heft of the fabric even though they are actually 91% Cotton, 8% Polyester and 1% Lycra. I like the length and the 29″ inseam. I also appreciate the mid to high rise and the darker medium wash of these Denim Jeggings.

Bootcut Jeans

Bootcut jeans are not my favorite even though I do agree that they are very slenderizing and classy. I think they look great. I just don’t enjoy wearing them a lot.

Supremely Soft Pull-On Bootcut Jeans

But when Soft Surroundings reached out recently for an Instagram campaign, I purchased (with my own money) the Supremely Soft Pull-On Bootcut Jeans. (That link will take you to the homepage. Just enter Supremely Soft Pull-On Bootcut Jeans in the search engine to locate the jeans.) These bootcut jeans are really amazing.

Wear a Shirt Jacket with bootcut jeans and a tee
Supremely Soft Pull-On Bootcut Jeans (put the name of the jeans in the search engine to locate the jeans) // See the original post for details.

Not only are these Supremely Soft Pull-On Bootcut Jeans truly soft, but they have a great silhouette. They’re pull-on jeans, but you’d never know it from looking at them. The website says to size down, but I went with my usual size. I can’t see where it offers a rise or inseam length on the website. But they’re long enough for me to wear with boots (and I’m 5’8″) and they cover my belly.

What I Like About Them: I love the soft fabric and the silhouette. And I appreciate the length because I have such a hard time finding this silhouette in a long enough length.

Black Jeans

I’m actually looking for a pair of new black jeans. But I just remembered that I also have these black slim ankle jeans stored away. So I may cease my search.

Black Talbots Slim Ankle Jeans

Sweater Weather Outfit
Black Talbots Slim Ankle Jeans // See the original post for details.

I know that the Slim Ankle Jeans shown above do not look as dark as the jeans at the website, but those are indeed the jeans I ordered. So keep that in mind. I was looking for a darker rinse jean, really a midnight black with no lighter speckles in the fabric at all. But I’ve discovered that every time I try solid black jeans on, I don’t really like them. So I think these are going to continue to be my Slim Ankle Jeans of choice.

Sweater Weather
Black Talbots Slim Ankle Jeans // See the original post for details.

As with my other straight leg jeans from Talbots shown at the top of this post, I did have to cut these Black Talbots Slim Ankle Jeans off for a raw edge. They’re supposed to be ankle jeans, but they originally were quite long on me. I’m wearing a true to size 8 in these jeans. They also come in a curvy fit, and those are offered in petite sizes, too. The regular fit Black Talbots Slim Ankle Jeans come in petites and long lengths.

Sale Alert: Right now Talbots is offering Buy One Get One 50% off. That could make a dent in purchasing jeans from there.

What I Like About Them: I like the color of the wash, the fit, the rise and the overall silhouette of these jeans. They’re not a true skinny jean, but a slim fit jean. And honestly, that’s more on trend than a real skin tight jean.

Black Everlane Super Straight Jeans

Everlane has sold out of my black Super Straight Jeans, but I’m still holding on to these, too. I wore these Super Straight Jeans so frequently last winter and they’re just too comfortable and classic to give up. Everlane says on the website that there’s always the chance they’ll come back!

What I Wore on Our DayTrip
Black Everlane Super Straight Jeans // See the original post for details.

I guess I was hoping to find something a little dressier looking in a straight leg silhouette. But looking at these photos, I’m quite pleased with how these look really. They just feel good, too.

Red Sweater and Jeans
Black Everlane Super Straight Jeans // See the original post for details.

You might want to check out Everlane’s other straight leg black jean options. They have the Original Cheeky Jean (for which they are “famous”) in black, and they are a straight but slightly slimmer leg. I may order a pair to check them out myself. And they also have the 90s Cheeky Jean, which is 100% cotton, so they won’t have any stretch to them, maybe just a little give with wear.

That’s a Wrap!

Just looking in my closet and around my office, I know I have other jeans here. But this little exercise of listing my jeans for you has helped me to inventory what I do have and what I really want to keep. So I’m definitely going to be donating some. Also, if you, like me, have extra jeans in your closet, you can take a pair to Madewell for $20 off a new pair. When my daughter was visiting recently she took an old pair of my jeans to Madewell for that discount and they coupled it with her birthday bonus for a great deal.

Thanks so much for dropping in today. I hope today’s post really helped you see a variety of jeans from a wide range of brands and retailers. I do indeed like denim from Loft and Ann Taylor as well as a few other brands that my brain can’t think of right now. Oh, yeah. I enjoyed my Levi’s from last year, too. But since they’re sold out I’m letting go of those. Okay! I need to get this baby loaded. Have a great day!

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25 thoughts on “My Fall Blue Jeans Lookbook for Women Over 50

  1. I really enjoyed viewing all your jeans and your input on each. You look fabulous in every jeans outfit. Thank you for sharing.

  2. In the photos I thought the L.L. Bean dark was jeans were the most flattering…but I know looks aren’t everything!

    1. Well they are nice jeans. And I agree they look good. They just don’t feel quite as comfortable on me as some of the others. But I’m sure I’ll be wearing them.

  3. Kay, Thank you for te he Blessing of the Day!! I can only say Amen!!!Amen!!!! You don’t understand ho much your encouragement means!!

  4. Love your videos but, the one today about different jeans bothers me a bit. Everyone’s body is so different and what fits you may not fit another. Trying jeans on is like trying on a bathing suit. Each brand is so unique.

    1. Exactly. That’s really the point. I’m pretty sure I said a few times that this post was NOT about the jeans you should have in your closet. It was more a personal inventory and sharing what I liked about the ones I have for me. But I was also sharing the different jeans from different brands, too. I get requests for lookbooks like this a lot. Many of my readers like for me to group my photos like this so they can see things organized in different ways instead of just by outfits. I certainly hope I didn’t offend you in some way. That was not the purpose at all.

  5. Kay, You doing this post is good for me because I have way too many pairs of jeans in my closet, and I know it. However, I have not taken the necessary steps to donate some of them especially since I don’t wear jeans every day. I am going to commit to trying on every pair, sort them by leg style, wash, length, etc., then eliminate some of them. So, thank you for doing this jeans review!

  6. I love the bootcut jeans on you! I think Soft Surroundings clothes are really made for taller women. Wish they had a better return policy!

    Question – I didn’t notice any distressed jeans on your blog today. Was that intentional? What do you think about distressed jeans?

    1. Hmm, a few of them actually are slightly distressed. The Chico’s jeans and the Talbots everyday relaxed fit, for instance. But I didn’t show any very distressed jeans. I still like them and I think they are certainly still in style. I do have some I purchased last year in the NSale, but I don’t know if I’ll be wearing them a lot. I didn’t wear them a lot last year. I think it’s just really up to personal preference.

  7. Happy Friday! I had many many errands to run today, and when I got home I couldn’t wait to put on my hot tea, and and read today’s post! Always delighted, never disappointed, and blessed by you EVERY SINGLE TIME! It is virtually impossible for me to find a pair of jeans that fit me. As a matter of fact, I have never found a perfect pair! Thanks for showing so many fits, washes, rises, and options! The hunt continues!

    1. You know Cynthia, I’m always surprised to learn that even slender model-types have a really hard time finding the perfect jeans. I think we women assume that everyone else is able to find those elusive jeans better than we are. But I’ve tried on hundreds of jeans that don’t fit or don’t work right for one reason or another. I’d say I probably try on a dozen pair that don’t fit for every one pair that does. So I learned just recently that if I want to find some good jeans I have to be willing to try on a lot. And that’s frustrating…because it’s no fun! But I just wanted you to know that everyone really does struggle with this. It’s not just you. Have a blessed weekend!

      1. Thank you so much for that response! Depending on the brand, I am a 0/2, And the Talbot’s trouser jeans I have seem to run a little loose. I just want to look put together, and I can’t seem to find any that are high rise (10.5+) AND straight leg! I am one of the few that prefers my jeans to hit the top of my loafers. I don’t know why, that’s just how I like them! I even ordered a pair of Isaac Mizrahi trousers in a 0/tall, and they fit perfectly, lol and I’m 5′ and a 1/2″! It’s comforting to know the ratio of try-ons to keepers! I will keep trying! If you or your lovely daughter have any brands that come across your mind with someone built like me, I would love to hear about it! Love and prayers for you and your beautiful family

        1. Hi, Cynthia. About 12 years ago I gave up the hunt for the perfectly-fitted pair of off-the-rack jeans and ordered a pair of made-to-measure jeans from Indie, which, sadly, went out of business shortly afterward. However, they have been my go-to jeans ever since because they fit PERFECTLY. After all these years they are looking a little distressed, but that came into fashion just about the time I thought I’d have to let them go. Because they were so successful (by now the cost-per-wear has to be infinitesimal), I’m getting ready to order another pair of made-to-measure jeans. Several companies now offer them, some with traditional denim fabric and others with stretch. Just do a web search for “women’s made to order jeans;” maybe you will be able to find something that works for you. Good luck!

  8. Your jeans look great. Talbots has a black noir and a black in slim ankle. Did you order the black noir? It looks more like what you have on in your post.
    Thanks, enjoy your weekend.

  9. I like them all. Jeans are like God and Jesus, tee shirts and sneakers. Some things are just sacred. I wouldn’t wear overly tight, ripped or the shorties but God bless America. We still can choose.

  10. Thank you! I just ordered the soft surroundings pull on bootcut jeans. They also have a 25% off coupon with your first order so I took advantage of that. Pull on jeans and pants work best for me as my hips are an 8 and my waist a 12, making size 10 work 🙂 You inspired me to pull out all my jeans and organize. I have recently lost weight and need to pull out the ones that I’ve avoided due to the COVID 19 pounds…

  11. I love Talbots clothes. Tops jackets etc., but I can’t wear their pants or jeans they don’t fit me right. I do love J crew jeans. I have three pairs of them in different styles and I like my bootcut jeans, though I don’t wear them very often
    They look really nice on you. I also like my Vineyard vines Jamie high cut jeans. They fit so nice and are so comfortable. Jeans are all about trying them on. EvenThe same style, size and brand can fit differently. Thanks for all the choices. Have a blessed day.

  12. Hi Kay….I really like “Dark Washed” Jeans the best….they are so slimming. But don’t get me wrong, I will still wear lighter ones and don’t mind a little distressing on them.

    Great post by the way! You always deliver?


  13. Thanks for the review-I was impressed by the number and types of jeans you covered. Some of them were already my favorites. Others are new to me. I do love wearing comfortable jeans, and could wear them every day, all day. With all the new styles and varied washes and silhouettes, they never get boring. One type of jean I have loved wearing that works well for my petite frame are Eddie Bauer’s boyfriend jeans in the slim leg. I have these in the light and dark wash, and wear them more than any others because they are so comfortable. Again-thanks for such a comprehensive review of jeans. I might check out the Everlane jeans-my daughter loves hers.

  14. Wow that’s an exhaustive jeans review!!!oh my!?I am 45 years old but I do love how you style jeans particularly.And your overall looks are so classy and classic!I am on the classic side too.Classics never fail?.Great job,Kay!!!