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Transition Into Fall with a Pretty Sweatshirt

August 9, 2021

Happy Monday, dear reader. I’m so glad you stopped in for a little style inspiration. While here in Cincinnati we’re hoping desperately for some rain to refresh our parched grass, on the blog we’re continuing to anticipate fall. Today I’m sharing a simple but oh so versatile fall transition outfit with a pretty sweatshirt. And much of what I’m sharing is 25% off at Talbots. Yay!

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links I potentially earn a commission on your purchases, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting my work here by shopping my links.

Transition Into Fall with a Pretty Sweatshirt
crewneck sweatshirt // v-neck t-shirt (another option at Talbots) // everyday relaxed jeans (consider sizing down) // black ReNew sport sandals // Tumi backpack (more economical option) // earrings // necklace in black drusy // sunglasses (more economical option) // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off your order)

So let’s start with the headliner. I love having a pretty, somewhat feminine sweatshirt in my fall and winter wardrobe. Not only does it get lots of playtime during the colder months, but this topper is handy on those early fall and spring days when the temperatures start and end cool but heat up in the middle of the day.

This light begonia pink heather crewneck sweatshirt from Talbots runs true to size and features side slits on the straight, ribbed hem, as well as a small front pocket. It’s a nice weight for a sweatshirt and a little on the long side, but not as long as, say, a tunic. It comes in two other colors and is available in petite and plus sizes, too. Of course, you can also check for your size in this similar sweatshirt, which is on sale. But both options are an additional 25% off the marked price.

Sweatshirt for Transitioning into Fall

Oh, and Talbots also has an animal print option and a golden honey surf stripe, which looks very autumnal. But I’ve found some great sweatshirts to choose from at other favorite retailers, too. I’ve filled a separate shopping widget with them just below. Remember, sale prices don’t always show up in these widgets. Also most of the styles featured in the widget come in multiple colors. So click through for the accurate price and additional color and print options.

Sale Alert: Today get 25% off your order at Talbots, including Red Hanger Sale items and new August styles.

Before we talk about styling tips, let’s cover the other noteworthy items that make up this fall transitional look. My relaxed everyday jeans are also from Talbots. They haven’t carried a relaxed fit jeans like this in several years, and I’m very glad to see this one. I’m wearing my normal size 8 here, but I’m ordering the size 6 today. I tried it on at the store and it definitely fits better for a slimmer look. I’ll keep these and wear them for a more relaxed fit (true to the name!) on more casual days.

Relaxed Everyday Jeans from Talbots

I love the raw edge hemline on these relaxed everyday jeans in the Eventide wash. But the darker Orion wash comes with a hemmed edge. But both pair fit the same. I’d suggest sizing down for a slimmer fit or going with your usual size for a very relaxed or somewhat oversized fit.

By the way, which should you get? Darker or lighter wash jeans? It’s a toss up really. Lighter wash jeans are definitely trending this year. But the darker wash will give you a more slimming effect. Personally, I’m planning on ordering both! I love these jeans.

Transition Into Fall with a Sweatshirt

The other two crucial parts of this outfit are a simple t-shirt and casual sport sandals. My v-neck tee is from Madewell, and it’s a good price for the quality. It may be a little on the thin side for some, but I’m very happy with it. However, if you’re placing an order with Talbots for the other pieces, per chance, and want to get a good tee while you’re at it, I suggest either this pima cotton v-neck tee or this embroidered cotton tee. Personally, I prefer the embroidered cotton tee because I love the slub cotton fabric and the embroidered detailing. But size down in that one.

But really any t-shirt that it’s good shape will work with this look. You just want to wear a tee that you don’t mind wearing alone if you decide to remove the sweatshirt as the day heats up.

t-shirt and sweatshirt for fall

I kept my jewelry simple for this casual look with just my Veronica hoop earrings by Kendra Scott, my Elisa multistrand necklace (also by Kendra Scott) and my Nordgreen Native watch. Remember, Nordgreen offers my community 15% off your order with code KAYHRMS. And you can purchase additional bands to easily switch in on all of the watches.

Transition into Fall with a Sweatshirt

Finally I carried my black Tumi backpack to keep the look very sporty and fun. Plus, backpacks continue to trend. In fact, I had my white leather sneakers in my backpack and meant to switch out my footwear at some point in this photo shoot, but I forgot. Tha dump dump. But you can imagine the effect, of course. Oh, and if you’d like to try carrying a backpack, but don’t want to pay the Tumi price, I suggest this traditional black pack from L.L.Bean. Or it’s available in other fun colors, too.

Sweatshirt with Jeans

Okay, let’s talk about some of the style points in this look. Here we go!

  • You can wear your sweatshirt over a tee, by itself, wrapped around your waist or tossed over your shoulders. That’s what makes this look perfect for ever changing weather.
  • Choose a current color of sweatshirt that suits you. Blush pink is definitely trending and pink is one of my signature colors. But this same sweatshirt comes in two other equally hot colors, zinnia orange and sage green.
Sweatshirt and Tee and Jeans for Fall
  • Sport sandals are really trending this year, and I think these black sandals will look seasonally appropriate as we head into fall, whereas more feminine or delicate sandals will start to look a little out of season.
  • And don’t forget you can swap those sport sandals out for sneakers. I was carrying these with me, but forgot to photograph them.
  • The backpack adds that casual, on-the-go vibe that blends well with the other elements in this outfit. But other options would include a hobo bag, large tote or fun crossbody.

If you’re interested, you can see a similar look I styled with a sweatshirt last spring in this post. In fact, it’s the same sweatshirt, just a different color. That look would be perfect for early fall, too.

Don’t forget, Talbots is offering 25% off your order today. And that’s on top of the sale price of the Red Hanger sale items and the additional 50% off you get on those. PLUS credit cardholders continue to get an extra 5% off Red Hanger sale items, too. So those are some pretty good deals!

Thank you so much for stopping in today. Let me know if you have questions about anything I’ve shown. Have a great Monday!

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Blessed for My Day

I know some of you would not consider me “old.” Ha! I think age is very subjective. But there are days I definitely feel old. Some days I feel past my prime, irrelevant and yes, tired. Not to mention achy. I’m sure you have days when you feel your age, too.

But the Word of God assures us that we can and should still be fruitful and significant in our latter years. We can absolutely still make a difference in this world, and, in fact, we are called to do just that. How will we make the most difference? By staying “planted in the house of the Lord.” Remember, He is the vine and we are simply the branches. But if we continue to abide in Him and worship Him, He will indeed use us to share His goodness with the world around us.

Planted in the house of the Lord,
They will flourish in the courts of our God.
They will still yield fruit in old age;
They shall be full of sap and very green,
To declare that the Lord is upright;
He is my rock, and there is no unrighteousness in Him. ~ Psalm 92:13-15

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24 thoughts on “Transition Into Fall with a Pretty Sweatshirt

  1. Just letting you know that when I tried to save to my Pinterest boards it told me the page was broken and it could not save any of your images. Not sure if it’s you or me problem! I love this outfit every single part. I have similar in my closet so as soon as temps start to drop I will be wearing this outfit!

  2. Hi Kay in edition to the sale at Talbot’s today, I get a birthday discount. Any other new or sale items you would suggest? I like the animal print Adirondack rain coat? Any suggestions?
    Thank you.

  3. Hi Kay,
    Love the relaxed fall looks, the only place I really dress up for now a days is Church on Sunday.
    Interesting how that one constant of wearing your Sunday best has stayed true.
    On another note,
    Have you heard of Stitch Fix online ordering?
    If so, could you comment on that?
    Thanks so much

    1. I have participated in Stitch Fix before but it was years ago. I liked it okay at the time but I’m assuming they’ve refined their process somewhat since then so it’s probably better. I personally like Trunk Club better because with a Nordstrom Card it’s completely free whereas Stitch Fix has a subscription fee. If you want to try Trunk Club through my link I think you get a $50 credit with your first purchase. And don’t be thrown by it being with Nordstrom. You get to set your price limits and they’re good at working within those.

  4. What a great outfit that you look so nice in! I have a good selection of lightweight sweatshirts in my closet that I am really looking forward to wearing. I also have light and dark colored jeans. I do have a question for you regarding sandals. I love Birkenstock’s and don’t mind paying the price for them. For transitioning into fall, they are showing sandals with faux fur/shearling lining that I really like, but I am wondering if they will be on trend or in style. What is your opinion? Thank you!

    1. Hi Ginger. I actually meant to mention that Birkenstocks would be another great option with this outfit. So thank you for mentioning those. You know, I don’t know about the faux shearling lining. I’ve seen it too. I do think we’re seeing lots of shearling in jackets, vests, shoes, boots, you name it. So if it is a fad, I think it will be around for at least a few more years. And really I don’t think they will look “out of style” anytime soon.

  5. I love your pink sweatshirt with blue jeans. Wonder would it look good with my sage green pants. My sweat I like to just throw on is a yellow one. Must be soft and loose. I like the ones with a pocket. They look a step up to me. I wear my White sneakers with my yellow one but if I get the pink, I’ll wear my pink ones. Waiting on boot weather!

    1. Hi Eve, I think we have to be careful about pairing pink and olive, but, that said, I think it’s definitely doable. And this particular pink sweatshirt would work beautifully because it is a very pale, blush, heathered pink. So yes, I think so.

  6. Good morning and happy Monday.
    Just love the Ohom coffee mugs you recommended from the Nordstrom sale.
    My husband and I each have one now and a phone charger by our chairs too ?

  7. I love the outfits that you coordinate, but I have the worst experience with Talbots tshirts. I get tiny little pinholes around the waist on all of their tees. They are very responsive to my concerns but the problem persists.

    1. Hmm. I’m sorry to hear that. The tee I’m wearing is from Madewell. I’m not sure if it would work any better for you or not. I had that happen with a tee once and determined it was because I had carried a very full grocery basket through the store holding it closet to my body. It had rubbed against the tee (or maybe it was a cashmere sweater, now that I think about it!) and a hole was the result. So I’m very careful not to do that again. Ha!

  8. Kay, Such a beautiful Seatshirt!! Thank you for the reminder today that e are useful in the Lord’s house even hen e are older and feel too old (or disabled like me!) to be useful to the Lord!! The Lord Jesus is so good to us!!

  9. Cute outfit for fall. I have a medium pink sweatshirt from last fall that I plan on getting out in maybe a month. Too hot yet for me for jeans and sweatshirt but Nice to see the fall things. Could you show some other Fall looks other than jeans and lantern pants? Maybe more utility pants or chinos. They are a little cooler. It is Humid here again today and going to be 82° thanks

    1. I will eventually Sherry. Unfortunately I kinda went crazy with the jeans looks in our last photo shoot. But I’ll get to them.

  10. Love the jeans and sweatshirt look. It’s my go to home wear for weekends. Even tho I can’t get the brands here in New Zealand and the seasons are reversed I get lots of ideas from your posts. Would love to see side by side photos of the smaller size jeans that you mentioned ordering with these ones – just to see the change in fit and how possibly that can change the look of an outfit as that is something I and I’m sure others struggle with.
    Thank you

  11. Just a question about jean length this year… do you think we can still cuff our jeans….it took me a while to catch on to this style. But now I like it, better than the raw hem ???

    1. Absolutely. You’ll notice if you click through that they have the Relaxed Everyday jeans cuffed, both styles. They just look silly like that on me at my height. But yes.

  12. Hi Kay. The BFMD put a smile on my face. I always enjoy reading them and they always resonate with me. I wanted to let you know that there is another small black back pack that your readers may enjoy by Bagallini. It’s the Boston Day Pack. It would be great if you could add a link on your website as another option. I have one little Bagallini purse that I use for travel, but I don’t have this backpack to offer any first hand knowledge. The style looks very current though, with a price comparable to the LLBean back pack. Also, can you add more sweatshirt links as well. Thanks!

    1. Hi Renee. Did you see the sweatshirt widget in the middle of the post. It has a LOT of sweatshirts in different price points. I’ll definitely check on the backpack. Thanks for the recommendation. I’ve heard good things about Bagallinis.