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Why I Love a White Blazer for Spring & Summer

March 9, 2020

Happy Monday! I’m tickled pink today because my son Daniel and I drove from Georgia to Ohio yesterday drenched in beautiful sunshine. Yay! And it was warm enough for us to sit on our back deck when we arrived home. Of course, today the clouds are back, but I am encouraged that spring is on the way. And I’m sharing all the reasons I love a white blazer for spring and summer. PLUS, you’re not going to believe where I got this amazing white linen jacket!

why I love a white blazer for spring and summer

Everything in today’s outfit is from Target. I’ve put together an eclectic, interesting and very contemporary business casual look completely with pieces from Target. And each piece is versatile and easy to combine with other things for additional stylish outfits.

White Linen Blazer
black cotton crop pants // grey & white puff sleeve sweatshirt // pumps (similar) // handbag // white linen blazer // earrings

Unfortunately when I started looking for this feminine floral puffed sleeve sweatshirt on the Target website, I couldn’t locate it. If I find it sometime today, I’ll link it. Meanwhile, I thought we’d just shift our focus to the beautiful white linen blazer instead.

Sweatshirt and pants

These cotton cropped pants are the same ones I shared in this previous post. They’re 99% cotton and fit so nicely. Yes, they’re very casual pants, but can easily be dressed up for a casual business vibe. For instance, this look is perfect for a semi-professional conference, a casual Friday in the office or a professional appointment.

white linen jacket

Okay, back to the main attraction: that white linen blazer!

white linen blazer

My white linen blazer was definitely one of my favorite purchases of 2019, and it was a good bit more expensive than this one. That’s why I think this A New Day cream linen blazer from Target is such a great find. It’s a classic cut, somewhat long and completely lined blazer. It has a traditional lapel and two front buttons with a vented back.

white linen blazer

Check out how I wore my white blazer in the following posts:

A white linen blazer can dress up a basic tee and jeans, but it also pairs beautifully with colorful blouses, animal print or spring and summer dresses.

white linen blazer

This white linen blazer from Target runs true to size; I’m wearing my usual size 8 comfortably.

white linen blazer

By the way, my shoes and handbag are both from Target, too. The shoes are no longer available, but these are similar and the same brand. The grey handbag is also available in other pretty colors for spring.

Again, I regret that I couldn’t find the link to my puffed sleeve sweatshirt. But alas, the linen blazer really is the star of the show. And it’s such a great investment for spring and summer.

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7 thoughts on “Why I Love a White Blazer for Spring & Summer

  1. I really like the combination of the floral sweatshirt, blazer and grey purse. So pretty. That sweatshirt is exactly the kind of thing I’d love to have in my wardrobe…of course! 🙂

  2. Good morning Kay,
    This lovely sweatshirt is exactly what I’ve been on the hunt for. I’m not much of a regular tee shirt or sweatshirt fan, but this winter I’ve discovered sweatshirts “with style” and I’m all in! Hoping to run to Target to look for the sweatshirt and blazer, perfect combo.
    You mentioned freeway anxiety. I’m right there with you and thought I was alone in this . So glad I’m not! We drove to Florida and back this winter, we live in Ohio, and my poor husband had to patiently tolerate my gasps and watch outs for hours. Guess we will be staying put until we both recover!

  3. What a lovely look, Kay! Very soft, very pretty, very classy, and very affordable. The sweatshirt functions as a beautiful blouse and the accessories add a bit of softened color to the entire ensemble.

  4. What a fabulous outfit from Target, Kay! If I needed another nice sweatshirt, that would be one I’d search for. I am still seriously considering those pants, to give me another good option in place my jeans. I am right there with you on being on any interstate! For 32 years I drove 25 miles, one way, on I85 in the metro Atlanta area, to get to/from work. I’m scared to death of the truckers because so many of them drive way to fast, as does so many regular motorists. When we have to make the 3 1/2 drive to ATL now, we stay on back roads, which is much more enjoyable. I am an awful passenger! Due to the neuropathy and the side effects of Larry’s cancer meds, I do 95% of the driving now, which helps me. We need to make a trip to the St. Louis area to visit family, which I’m dreading only because we will have to use the interstates. Maybe we could get a military tank to travel in! Ha! I’m glad y’all had a good week in GA and made it home safely.

  5. I’m fine. I just put on my imaginary brake, grin and bear it. My husband is a very good driver but I’m always surprised when we arrive safely. I love all three looks but the pretty blouse is my favorite. I’m seeing more color around too, especially pink and yellow. Or maybe it’s just the usual spring colors but they just look so wonderful after a winter of navy, gray and black. White linen and me don’t compute though. I’m going to get it stained first time out, guaranteed,

  6. I’m right there with you on the versatility of a white blazer and being slightly anxious in the passenger seat. I purchased a white blazer from Banana Republic a few seasons ago. I love that it is still classic and crisp with so many ways to style it. And BFMD is right on target! I work with teenagers and I’m always encouraging them to make sure that they “THINK” before they speak (or post): Is it True, Honest, Inspiring, Necessary, Kind? Thank you for the encouragement and the reminder to be respectful, always.

  7. Beautiful outfit, Kay! It seems I may be in the minority here but I LOVE those pants! Of course bootcut jeans never left my closet, and I’ve been wearing Loft “kick crops” for years…the silhouette just seems more balanced to my eyes than a tapered pant. Anyway…I know you don’t have a fashion crystal ball, but do you see the wide leg crop staying around for a while? I need spring pants and those look perfect!