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8 Ways to Wear a Shirt Jacket

September 2, 2021

You might assume that I’m always early to jump on board with trends. But in fact, I hesitate to embrace some new styles just like most of my readers do occasionally. And honestly, the jury’s still out on whether or not I’ll actually wear this shirt jacket. But I do feel like part of my job is to share trends and how to wear them. That way if you do want to wear a trending garment or style you’ll be able to rock it. So today I’m sharing not five, not six or seven, but eight ways to wear a shirt jacket. Yeah, I got a little carried away!

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8 Ways to Wear a Shirt Jacket

Because I’m still not sure I want to participate in the shirt jacket or shacket trend, I didn’t want to spend too much for one. I found this corduroy oversized shirt at Amazon. I’m wearing a medium, and it comes in sizes small to extra extra large. I’m wearing the brown shirt jacket, but it comes in ten other solids and two plaid combinations, too.

8 Ways to Wear a Shirt Jacket (2)

As usual with these “ways to wear” posts, I started out to show five ways to style a shirt jacket. But then I kept thinking of additional ways to wear it. So let’s see those eight ways to wear a shirt jacket.

Wear a Shirt Jacket Post Workout

Now this first style isn’t something I would necessarily put together as an outfit, per se. But I wanted to see how the shirt jacket would look over my leggings and tee for a post workout look. This is something I could definitely feel comfortable wearing to dash into the grocery store after a workout.

Wear a Shirt Jacket Over Workout Clothes

Of course you could wear your running shoes here, too. But I thought it would be fun to switch those out for some post workout sandals. And I flipped my reversible black tote so that the leopard print shows. Isn’t this a fun look?

Wear a Shirt Jacket with Jeans and a Tee

Of course, you can absolutely wear a shirt jacket with jeans and a solid tee. This outfit will look effortless but still on trend. Resist the temptation to over-accessorize. But I did elevate this look a little with a leopard print belt and brown lug sole booties. Also I added a little interest to the look by selecting a Henley tee rather than a plain neckline.

(I apologize for the photo quality…or lack thereof. I can’t figure out why sometimes my photos look good and sometimes they don’t! Ugh.)

Wear a Shirt Jacket with Jeans and a T-Shirt

I purchased the brown lug sole booties at about 40% off in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, so they’re quite high now. But I’ve linked to some more economical ones in the shopping widget below. You can see that my Talbots Relaxed Everyday jeans cover the narrow shaft really well.

Wear a Shirt Jacket with Chinos & a Tee

When I bring a new item into my closet I search for as many things as possible that I can wear with it. Sometimes a pairing requires a little thought before it really pulls together. I’m not sure that my lightweight chinos are the best partner for this fairly rugged corduroy shirt jacket. But completing the look a belt and mules (more affordable option) in a similar color help the outfit look a little more cohesive in my estimation.

Wear a Shirt Jacket with chinos and a tee

And I intentionally chose the crewneck t-shirt for a slightly elevated look. I think with the chinos, belt and mules, the crewneck tee really works. And the corduroy shirt creates a pretty frame for it. But I also snapped a photo of the shirt untucked for those of you who prefer to wear it that way. With this cropped length tee that definitely works, too.

Wear a Shirt Jacket with Dress Slacks

I love the color combinations of these slimming demi-boot pants and spiced red mockneck top with the brown shirt jacket. I think the other two pieces are sharp enough to hold their own with the more casual shirt jacket . What do you think?

Wear a Shirt Jacket with bootcut slacks and shell
slimming demi-boot pants // spiced red mockneck top // Joss Knit Booties in chocolate knit // shirt jacket // pendant necklace // earrings // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off your order)

I purchased the chocolate knit Joss Knit Booties in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, so of course the price has gone up considerably. But they work so nicely with these slimming demi-boot pants from Chico’s. And the spiced red mockneck top is currently marked down. This sleeveless shell is so soft, lightweight and perfect for layering under jackets. It comes in other colors, too.

I don’t have a shopping widget for this look because I couldn’t get images to load for one of the retailers. But you can shop through the pink highlighted words, too.

Wear a Shirt Jacket with Bootcut Jeans

Since the above demi-boot pants looked so nice with the shirt jacket, I thought I’d share a look with my boot cut jeans, too. I think the fullness of the shacket balances the flare in the jeans nicely. These jeans are from Soft Surroundings. They’re pull-on jeans! But they are so amazingly comfortable and look great. Don’t you think? I don’t even have an affiliate link for these jeans, but I just wanted to share them with you because they’re that great.

Wear a Shirt Jacket with bootcut jeans and a tee
brown lug sole booties (more economical option) // jeans // similar t-shirt // shirt jacket // earrings // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off your order)

My leopard print tee is old and sold out, but this one is somewhat similar. Or maybe everyone has one in their closet by now! Again, no shopping widget. But you can shop the links in the caption above, too.

Wear a Shirt Jacket with a Graphic Tee

Of course you know I love a great graphic tee. And this is a definite match-up for the casual vibe of the shirt jacket. I’m wearing my Sadie + Jane graphic tee and my black jeans from Everlane. They’re no longer available, but I hear great things about these original cheeky jeans.

Wear a Shirt Jacket with a graphic tee and sneakers

I finished this casual look off with my Madewell sneakers and a Victoria Emmerson boho cuff bracelet. Fun, huh?

Wear a Shirt Jacket with Ponte Knit Pants

I think ponte knit pants are another good option to wear with a shacket. I wore them with a slightly polished lace up tee. Mine is no longer available, but this one is similar. Of course, it’s about sold out, too. But the idea was simply to wear something with a little interest at the neckline.

Wear a Shirt Jacket with ponte knit pants
ponte knit pants (TTS) // similar lace up tee // loafers (similar and slightly more economical) // shirt jacket // earrings // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off your order)

I think the moral of the story here is to choose a shirt jacket in a color that will work well with your wardrobe.

Wear a Shirt Jacket with a Colored Top

As I looked back over my outfits I realized that most of them were comprised of neutrals. So I thought I should try out a colored top under the brown shirt jacket. My rosebud colored sweater was gifted to me by Soft Surroundings for an upcoming collaboration. I think this muted pink looks lovely with the brown shirt jacket.

Wear a Shirt Jacket with a Colored top

I also like the length of the rosebud colored sweater with the shacket. They’re almost the same length, so that works out nicely with my full length straight leg jeans and booties.

So what about you? Will you try the shirt jacket trend? I looked for a few other shirt jackets to share with you and, indeed, the one I shared today is about the least expensive I found. But you can check out the others here.

UPDATE: After a few readers commented that they’d found a great shirt jacket at L.L.Bean I checked it out. I actually found several that would qualify there and I’ve added them all to the shopping widget below. But I think the ladies in our community are talking about this straight hem corduroy relaxed shirt. It comes in 8 great colors and is just under $50. I think it would be an especially good option for petites who want to participate in the trend.

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69 thoughts on “8 Ways to Wear a Shirt Jacket

  1. You look great with those belts under the field jacket. The field jacket color is great on you, too.
    Looks so great to run into the store, too, and looks very complete enough to go to the MD office, etc etc/
    Perfect little jacket when you cannot think of anything else…on those kind of days.

    You make me laugh as you come up with such cute stories!

  2. I use to wear shirt jackets but as I matured began to prefer a more polished style. I started wearing blazers and other dress up or down jacket types. But, you have inspired a renewed interest in your subject today. I think you look fantastic in these and the way you make them very attractive to me. They are casual without looking too much so. I have a few of these in my closet and intend to follow your lead. It just goes to show we really do need to approach fashion with an open mind. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and for your refreshing and honest approach to everything you cover.

  3. I love how you show us the trends and share your honesty about them. I’ve ordered a shacket and will see how I like it. Thanks for all the style ideas. I’m anxious to try them. And I love the reversible tote. I need to own it!

  4. I love every look you showed in this post. The shacket you picked is so cute and the color is perfect for fall and it’s a great color for you. You are such a gracious woman and I really admire how you portray that in you blog. It has to be hard to not feel the arrows people sometimes feel the need to fling at you. Love you and your blog!

  5. I think you look great in these looks, Kay. I know it’s not really your style, and it’s not mine either, but I would be willing to try it with the looks you have shown , but I am only 5’1” and I am certain it would overwhelm me. Not every style is for everybody, or “every body “, but I appreciate that you try things to help readers who might want to wear a certain trend.

  6. You look darling in every outfit! I agree that the shacket likely won’t make it’s way into my closet, but I have a chambray shirt that I wear similarly to some of your suggestions. Also glad to see that you have an upcoming collaboration with Soft Surroundings. I have the most gorgeous maxi dress that I bought there several years ago. I receive compliments every time I wear it. I often consider other items, but with no store nearby and their lack of a good return/exchange policy , I haven’t purchased anything. A review from a trusted source like you may prompt me to give them a try again.

    1. I agree with you on Soft Surroundings return policy. I love their style and purchased a robe at $100+. When washed 1 time on gentle, in cold water it started to fall apart . Soft Surroundings would only return $25 because it had been washed.

  7. I’m actually shocked that I liked this as much as I did! When I read the intro in the email I get, I had in mind that it was going to be just “wearing a shirt without buttoning it”! And I’ve never liked that look… the ones I’ve seen just look like blouses mis-applied! But your choice looks great! It seemed like it had enough “weight” that it really did have a “jacket vibe” to it! And I loved each of your choices and the way you styled them! This has been one of my favorite looks for you! And I’m inspired to try it for me!! I like how casual, yet put together, it made the outfits come across! Thanks for all your hard work on these posts! I rarely comment, but my sister and I read all of them and we’re constantly talking about you!! Are your ears burning!!? Even our husbands know your name! I think they think you’re a legitimate person we get together with for lunch or some such!!

  8. Thank you for sharing the many styles of this shirt jacket. I tried a few on at the Nordstrom sale but just didn’t care for the plaid ones. I love how you styled the brown one and at a reasonable price. I didn’t want to pay for something that might not be in fashion next fall. However my hubby has one fleece lined from years ago. The man NEVER throws anything out. Which is sweet in a way, still has the clothes I bought him our first Christmas 32 years ago. Oh my goodness. LOL. Have a blessed day.

  9. I’m always torn on this look…You have made it look great though! I might try it again. I remember having a purple corded shirt like this when I was in high school and I think I wore it one time…. lol.

  10. I think you look great in all the different combinations and you should definitely wear your shacket! Thank you for coming up with so many clever, wearable ideas, I wouldn’t have thought of half of them.

    I don’t understand why some people have to make such snide, unkind comments (you mentioned you got some on the most recent video) to bloggers. You do a brilliant job inspiring us over-50 women to dress stylishly and stay modern and I just love your blog and videos. It must be very hard, but try to ignore the sad people who have nothing nice to say. Carry on doing what you’re doing!

    1. Thanks for that encouragement Sarah. I really appreciate all you ladies being so positive and gracious. I don’t know why the complaints of the few seem to rise above the gracious comments of the many, but I guess that’s just human nature. However I’m definitely trying to minimize their effect on me. ?

      1. Re nasty responders: You know I think being rather anonymous (email, texts, etc) has made people rude. I wonder sometimes if they would actually say those same things to your face in person.I don’t get it. Back to style: Funny to see the Shirt Jacket again. I tried it years ago but never liked how it looked, always baggy. You wear it well but you look more stunning in the field jacket from the other day. Loved that one

  11. I recently ordered that same shacket, even the same color, so I appreciate the ideas you posted. Being retired, these more casual looks work great for me. Thanks!

  12. I’m intrigued by this shirt. My favorite look is the one with the leopard print tee. Just wondering about the quality of the shirt. Some reviewers said the quality is poor. What are your thoughts on the quality? Thanks!

    1. Hi Teri. The quality is good enough for what it is. Know what I mean? It’s a casual over shirt. ? Plus when I compare the price of it to all the others I found, I’d say you get what you pay for. So for the purpose it serves in my wardrobe I’d say it’s good quality for the price. Now, who knows how it will do when washed. But I probably wouldn’t wash it until absolutely necessary.

      1. The LL Bean shirt is also a straight hem on the bottom instead of the shirt tail. I think that takes the look up even more and could be why we’re not all sold on the Shacket look.

        1. Thanks for the input Tammy. I’ve added it to the shopping widget since so many of you seem to like it. I checked it out and I love the colors it’s available in. Not a bad price either, especially considering that the quality is probably a little better than the one I showed today.

  13. You look great in all these styles, Kay, and I love how you paired the brown with red. At 5’3″ with a fuller bust, the shacket isn’t for me as I need less bulkiness under the arms so cardigans and blazers work much better. I love how you showcased all the pant styles and I am definitely getting me one of those reversible handbags ?! As always, thanks for another great post. Enjoy this great Thursday!

  14. I remember a shirt jacket I had for years! I was thinking I would skip it this go round, but you’ve inspired me. That’s you’re job, right? I’m sorry people are sometimes unkind. I appreciate all you do, especially your honesty and transparency.

  15. I liked how you styled this shirt jacket. The color brown looks so nice on you too. I found years ago when the shirt jacket was in that I needed a structured blazer or jacket. Like the lady that said she was 5’1”, I am 5’3” and They overpower me. They look nice on you because you are tall and can carry it off. I don’t buy a lot from Amazon because of the quality in clothes but If you want to try something out because you’re not sure of the style, that’s the way to go.
    Like the BFTD. We have to be kind to people and watch what comes out of her an out of our mouths. Have a blessed day.

  16. I wasn’t too keen on the shacket trend until today, but I ordered it in blue and look forward to trying it. Thank you for all your hard work on our behalf. I love starting my day with you. And by the way, like Kathy, my husband also knows your name, although his eyes glaze over if I show him too many OOTH photos at one time. He just doesn’t know what he’s missing. Ha

  17. I was not on board with the shirt jacket trend either, but I love the look on you with the bootcut jeans and leopard shirt!

  18. I so appreciate you trying new trends. I’m the same age as you and I was a pastor’s wife for about 20 years! I know that some are afraid to try these new things as they feel they will look like they are trying to dress like someone younger. I do think that there’s no limit on most looks. You incorporate new trends with your very own style and I appreciate it. Just as we are to be solid in our doctrine, we are to be relevant in the world. Thank you!

  19. I’ve worn “shackets” for years. They weren’t called shackets though. They’re just flannel and corduroy shirts. I also wear other button up shirts over tees or other shirts. That’s just me. Now it’s a “trend”. I’m 5′ and I don’t buy anything that looks sloppy on me. I like this “trend”.

    1. Hi Marsha. Yes, I’ve long loved a button up shirt over a tee. I think the reason they coined this term is because some of these are a little heavier and bulkier than a shirt you could potentially wear alone or even tucked in. The one I showed is a little thick. I wouldn’t be able to tuck it personally. But some are even more jacket-like.

  20. I’ve worn “shackets” for years. They weren’t called shackets though. They’re just flannel and corduroy shirts. I also wear other button up shirts over tees or other shirts. That’s just me. Now it’s a “trend”. I’m 5′ and I don’t buy anything that looks sloppy on me. I like this “trend”.

  21. I really like all 8 ways that you styled this “Shacket” and each gives everyone an opportunity to try it. I’ve worn a shacket for the last 5+ years during the fall, so I didn’t realize it was a new trend. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to your posts for everyday ideas of how to dress. I might not use all of them, however, I’ve purchased items that I was somewhat hesitate to purchase after I saw how you styled it. One in fact was the joggers, got those from J.Jill and love them with a blazer, so cool and up to date. Thanks

    1. Wonderful. You’re just ahead of the curve and I’m behind on this one. Ha! They have indeed been around for several years. I’m just late to the party on this one. ☺️

  22. I don’t understand your reluctance in trying this jacket as all these looks look great on you. I also want to commend you on trying new trends. Some bloggers just show the same old jeans and a tee over and over. And it’s up to your followers to give each trend a try or not. Thanks for all the work you put in to these posts. You are an inspiration. I ordered it in blue. ?

  23. Hi Kay,
    Thanks for this post. I bought a black corduroy shacket earlier this year, but it is a little tricky to figure out how to wear it. I appreciate your examples. I particularly appreciate the details, such as, pairing with bootcut jeans (which I think look particularly good with your shacket), and staying within the ‘vibe’ of the shacket (season, casual) works the best.

  24. Every year to transition from no sleeve to a cardigan, I have sturdy denim shirts in lots of colors. They are oversized and I wear them as lightweight jackets. I especially love the faded reds and greens. What I don’t like about the shacket is all the volume around the shoulder and upper arm. My oversized denim has a little but not like that. I love the brown over red but I don’t think I’ll get a Shacket. I’ll stick to my thick denim shirts as a third layer.

  25. You look great in all of the ways you have styled the shirt jacket. I’m not sure if I can carry it off though. I tend to wear sweaters or blazer type jackets for a third element.
    As always, thanks for an excellent post!

  26. I love ‘shackets’ and have worn them for ages. Glad to finally have a cute name for them! They fit my retired lifestyle perfectly. I’m wondering what makes this shirt any different from the lightweight linen one you modeled earlier in the summer? Wouldn’t you classify that as a Shacket too?

    Thank you for getting me to really think about what I buy and to stick to a color palate and to pare down my closet. It’s an ongoing project, but at least I’m making headway!

    1. Hi Meme. Good question. For the most part, shirts that I’m seeing classified as shackets or even shirt jackets are heftier than a simple button up shirt. And a linen shirt is definitely lighter and airier. I love wearing my chambray shirt over a tee, for instance. But the bulk of these shirt jackets makes them look a little lumberjack-ish to me. Hahaha! But I do like the ways I styled it. So we’ll see if I actually wear it or not! ☺️

  27. You look great in the shacket. The brown/reddish combo looks perfect for fall weather. Of course, the others are good choices too and I like the belt vs. no belt option. Reversible Tote is a bargain and a nice size.
    The new shacket is not for me since I have a small frame. Without structure, clothes hang on me and look poorly fitted. The dropped shoulder adds to the loose fit on narrow shoulders. I will try one just to see since I do try not to say no to a new look. It works well for you!

  28. Thanks for showing us some great ideas on how to style a shacket. Not sure I will purchase one. But I did just order the vest from Ann Taylor that you wore in your most recent video. I think it will be a great wardrobe enhancer for the fall and winter.

  29. Kay, you styled this new trend perfectly. I am not really into them but nice to see how to style them if I do. ? I wanted to let you know I have enjoyed your videos each week and soo look forward to them! You have taught me so much about fashion and how to quit buying fast fashion and stick to quality pieces. It is going to take me awhile to completely refresh my closet but it will be well worth it when I do.

  30. I think it looks quite good on you! As a casual trend, I thought it particularly suited you with jeans and casual shirts, but that’s just my opinion, take it as you will. 🙂 I’ve used button-down shirts as “shackets” for a while, particularly my chambray, since I prefer to wear layers but it’s difficult to wear jackets in Texas much of the year. Some shirts do better than others flattering my figure, so obviously it requires experimentation. But I think your experiment here was a success!

  31. Good afternoon Kay! Like you, I was u sure about how I would feel about the shacket, so I ordered the exact same one you have, after seeing it on Cyndi Long Spivey. Because I ordered my larger size, I am going to order another color in my smaller size to see if I like the fit of it better. I like every way you styled it, but surprisingly to me, my favorite is the off red top and dark brown pants. I am going to check out the pull on Soft Surroundings jeans. I hope that you have had an awesome day! In case you don’t know, Jo-Lynne Shane’s husband is having a colon resection surgery tomorrow, so she and Paul can use our prayers.

    1. I guess it depends on the skirt but I don’t have one I’d wear it with. I think you would have to be careful of it all looking really blousy and voluminous.

  32. Shackets aren’t my racket but I give you high marks for presenting so many very flattering, casual ways to wear one! You are a true professional and I’m grateful for your willingness to try new trends and all your insights on style for women over 50. Currently there are 3 shackets online at TJMaxx that are extremely economical for those on the fence about trying one. Two are from Bagatelle at $24.99 and the other is from Tahari at $39.99.

  33. This is the first shirt jacket I have seen a blogger style that I like. I’m not a fan of the plaid ones. The dropped shoulders aren’t as prominent on this shacket and I like that there are no pocket flaps/buttons. It reminds me of a suede jacket I had years ago, though it didn’t have dropped shoulders.

  34. Kay, I love every style you created with the shacket! I think it’s a great piece and I’ll get me one! Thank you for sharing this. God bless!

  35. Kay: Thank you for putting together these outstanding outfits; you look great in all of them. I love how you finished out the looks with shoes, purses and belts. Great overall combinations! While I won’t be wearing the shacket, I will apply what I learned from your post to other outfits, especially for how to accessorize. Thank you so much for showing the various pants that I did not know existed but want to try. Your posts are such a blessing in so many ways, from top to bottom and start to finish!

  36. Since retiring in the Pacific NW, we have adapted to a very casual dress vibe——think LLBean and outdoors. Dress is very casual even for things that didn’t used to be, including all things church. Shirts/jackets are what fill my closet so I loved this post! I would look very out of place in my former wardrobe with slacks, blazers, suits.

  37. Kay! I was not a “Shacket” fan until this post! You look great in all the outfits! I’d keep it, if I were you! Wear, be hip, and enjoy! Now I just have to figure out a “Shacket” color for me! Have a great 3 day!

  38. Kay, you made me laugh with your comment about us all having leopard print tops by now. I do for the first time ever….and I love it! You have definitely helped me to step outside my comfort zone. I will be trying the shacket based on how great all of these outfits look on you. Thank you for all you do to keep us over 50’s relevant. God bless.

  39. I’ve never been a fan of this look, but you are tempting me now! I thought each way you styled the shacket was great! Since I work mostly from home, my wardrobe is much more casual than it used to be. Perhaps I’ll give this a try! Thanks for sharing – I love your posts and videos!

  40. Wow, I didn’t know there was a fashion term for this style. I have been wearing it for YEARS, usually wearing a chambray shirt over another shirt. Due to a physical condition my arms/hands are cold all the time so it is a great way to add an extra layer of warmth without wearing a blazer. I really like this one and wouldn’t mind adding it to my wardrobe.

  41. The black jeans and graphic tee combo is the only one that appeals to me- yet I ❤️ that combo! Thanks for the style tips!

  42. You look terrific in this shacket and I am inspired to order it for myself! I’m not sure about sizing however. You are in the medium…does it cover your back side? I would want that for wearing it with leggings. I am would want it oversized but not enormous. Thank you!

    1. Hi Julie. Yes, the shacket completely covers my rear. That’s why I like it as a post-workout look with the leggings. Thanks for reading!