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Style Formula: Color Me Beautiful!

September 25, 2020

Happy Friday! Not only are we wrapping up another week, but I’m also sharing our 7th and final style formula. I’ll wait until next week to tie this series up with a bow. Now that I’ve taken each formula one by one, I have a few thoughts I’d like to share about the whole process of selecting and following a style formula. But for today let’s just check out the final formula, Color Me Beautiful!

Style Formula 7 Color Me Beautiful

Seven Simple Style Formulas

We’re in the middle of a style series I’ve titled Oh So Pulled Together. More than any other question, I’m frequently asked to share tips for creating stylish outfits. So I created this little style series to really hone in on how to put together outfits that make you feel and look Oh So Pulled Together. You can check out all the post in this series here.

Within the series I’m sharing 7 simple style formulas. So far we’ve looked at:

Color Me Beautiful!

The final style formula revolves around wearing a noticeable color that suits you well, one that tells your story accurately and works well with your coloring. The key to this final style formula is similar to the secrets that make all the other formulas work, too. Keep it simple! Have you noticed this theme throughout our series?

Color Me Beautiful!

While this formula is all about color, there are actually multiple ways you could work it. You could…

  • go monochromatic, wearing one color in multiple tones head to toe.
  • cross over the color wheel, pairing colors such as red and green, blue and orange or purple and yellow, that match up easily.
  • be a good neighbor and wear colors that are right next to each other on the color wheel, such as purple and magenta, red and orange or blue and aquamarine.

But the primary goal is simply to let the color captivate. You can find more tips for working with colors to create interesting outfits in this previous post in our series: Using Color to Create Cohesive Outfits. But for this final style formula, the main thing to remember is just to wear a color you love and enjoy.

Color Me Beautiful!

Working this formula can absolutely be as simple as topping your favorite jeans with a pretty, colorful sweater. Yes, you can wear a bold singular color like the trending grass green I’m wearing. Or you can wear a rainbow of colors. But the abiding principle is the same: let the color work its magic. Refrain from adding too many other things for the eyes to have to take in.

Color Me Beautiful!

I love the outfit I’m sharing here for its simplicity and ease on the eyes. Even though I’m wearing a vibrant green, this outfit is still easy on the eyes simply because I kept my accessories minimal and my only other color is a basic denim blue. Trust me, I had to practice a little self-discipline to keep from adding something “more.” But I love the way this outfit turned out.

Let’s look at the pieces of my outfit, in case you’re interested in any of them.

My Look

Of course, the star of the show is this soft 35% wool, 35% superfine alpaca, 30% recycled polyester sweater. Yes, the color is actually called grass green, and that’s exactly what it looks like. You may have noticed that green is really trending right now. And the good news is all greens are hot right now. I just happen to love, love, love this particular shade of green. So fun and happy! And the minute I saw it I clicked through and put it in my cart. But it also comes in sand beige, Pacific pink and black.

Color Me Beautiful!

The sweater is expertly cut for a loose, relaxed fit that’s still pulled together. It features soft relaxed balloon sleeves and a slightly cropped length, so it’s perfect to wear with mid to high-rise pants. Those of you who don’t like to tuck your tops in but still want to create those pleasing proportions? This is the kind of top you need to look for!

I’m wearing my favorite skinny jeans in a dark rinse wash. You could absolutely wear black jeans and black shoes or booties with this pretty green sweater. But, speaking of color choices, I love pairing blue and green. This combination is ultra easy on the eyes because the two colors are close together on the color wheel. (To refamiliarize yourself with the color wheel, see the post Using Color to Create Cohesive Outfits.) I wear my true to size 8 in these skinny jeans. And don’t let the name of the jeans fool you, by the way. They feel and wear like skinny jeans, not leggings.

Color Me Beautiful!

I chose to wear my blue suede buckle mules because I wanted to wear something that didn’t detract at all from the blue and green combination I had going. These mules stay on my feet so well that I forget I have them on. They also come in a pretty Parisian clay and they fit true to size. If you’d prefer a classic flat, however, I can suggest these pretty Francesca driving moccasins in indigo blue.

Sale Alert: Talbots is having their Fall Style Event with 30% off your entire purchase. My jeans and mules are from Talbots, but you can find my other favorites here. PLUS today only, you can save $50 on every $200 spent, and these offers are stackable. Discounts appear in your shopping cart.

Color Me Beautiful

Like I said, I intentionally kept my accessories very pared down, allowing the color of my sweater to capture the limelight. But I also chose accessories that I believe are very elegant and classic. I’m wearing my brushed gold teardrop earrings (I went with large earrings since I didn’t wear a necklace). They’re very lightweight, by the way, and also available in rhodium (silver). And don’t you just love this gold tone coin stretch bracelet I recently ordered from Chico’s? They just have the best jewelry. Coin jewelry is really trending, so a bracelet like this is a very safe and elegant way to participate in a trend and add a modern touch to your outfit.

Color Me Beautiful

Because my shoes are blue suede and I didn’t have a belt to worry about, I was free to carry just about any neutral shade handbag of my choosing. But I love the way this mid brown hobo bag pairs with this look. Unfortunately this particular shade is no longer available in this hobo bag. (This snake embossed bag in a similar color is 25% off right now, however.) But isn’t this similar Rebecca Minkoff suede bag stunning? And here’s a more economical option.

Color Me Beautiful
relaxed balloon sleeve sweater // skinny jeans (TTS) //

I really like the way this outfit turned out. Looking at the photos, I don’t think it would have hurt to add along pendant necklace. But really I kind of like it the way it is, too. What do you think?

What’s your favorite color to wear when you’re letting that color steal the show? I’ll be sharing next week more about the trending colors for fall. Hint: you’ll see this outfit again!

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19 thoughts on “Style Formula: Color Me Beautiful!

  1. Who knew I could find an idea outfit and morning “bible study” in one place!!! I just discovered your blog this week on Pinterest. As a Georgia girl in my early sixties, your stores are my stores! However, I hate to shop so I need the inspiration and ideas. Just wanted to say how much I am enjoying the outfits and your daily message! Thanks for the hard work you put into this – a blessing on many levels. Best, Julie

    1. Welcome! I’m so glad you came this way. Thanks so much for introducing yourself and for sharing your reactions. I’m glad you are enjoying the blog. Have a lovely day, Julie. ?

  2. So cute!! Green is my favorite color so I will be ordering this sweater. How does the sizing go? Since I frequently wear the same size as you, did you get the small or medium? Thank you!

  3. Good morning! ? I am so much enjoying your blog posts and YouTube videos! I came from Faith and Flower.
    I also am in my young 60s! I appreciate your sweet personality, your style tips ( so far I have purchased bootleg jeans, a denim shirt and the lovely green sweater!) and your testimony of God’s Grace and goodness! Thank you!!

    1. Wonderful to meet you, Annette. I’m so grateful to Robin for introducing so many of her viewers to me. I’m glad you are enjoying the blog. Thanks so much for sharing. And thank you for shopping my affiliate links. That is so helpful to me and I am appreciative. Blessings!

  4. One weekend I attended a scrapbook retreat and the theme was Divas. We were to bring an outfit and come up with a diva name, decorate our tables and we had a ‘fashion show’. It was hilarious ! I decided to carry that theme the entire weekend by wearing my ‘diva drag’ all weekend. I packed only shades of turquoise/ teal or blue/ green t-shirts, shorts and pajamas. I had the best time wearing only my favorite color. Since then I stopped buying colors I didn’t particularly like and only buy colors ( and some neutrals to mix and match with them) that I really like. I’ve gotten rid of the colors I did not like and realized many of them were items that hung in the closet or drawers and got passed over anyway.

  5. Kay, I like everything about this outfit on you! I have several colors that I like to wear, and they are, coral, pink, and teal because they brighten my skin tone and make me happy. I need to print the color wheel to use as a reference to help me step out of my safe box more. I am wondering if you have any of the So Slimming pants from Chico’s and if they run true to size. They have a pair of girlfriend jeans I am considering. Thanks! Great BFMD. Have a beautiful day!

    1. Hi Ginger. Your color choices sound beautiful to me. If you want to step out of the box some, I would just suggest using one of those three colors but then pairing it with a color close by on the color wheel. So maybe wear the turquoise sweater with a scarf that has some green in it. Or you could wear a pink t-shirt some red and pink earrings. I have worn the Chico’s pants you’re referring to. In fact the utility pants I’ve been wearing from there are part of the So Slimming collection I think ?. Anyhow yes they do run true to size, but I’d say that if you fluctuate between two sizes go with your larger size. They are great pants.

  6. My sweet Kay, I found your blog and youtube posts yesterday and have been binge watching them! Love, love your style and easy listening chitchat. I am a 64 year old, going grey, Mimi and you are helping me to not feel dowdy. I am embracing all that God has given me and I thank Him for you. Hugs!

    1. Ah that’s so wonderful. Thanks so much for introducing yourself. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the channel and the blog. Blessings! ❤️

  7. I am going to have to find me a “grass green” sweater because I absolutely love the one you have on. Unfortunately, I can’t wear wool or cashmere at all. My mission will be to find a cotton sweater just like this one. I am so very introverted, so statement necklaces or long pendants are not my thing. I love the simple less-is-more look…it is so me. I would wear my simple diamond solitaire necklace and earrings with this or a simple chain necklace, which is so popular now. I don’t add bracelets when wearing long sleeves because they just seem to get in the way. Such a great look today.

  8. Another beautiful outfit and BFMD lesson! Again, you look radiant in grass green as well. Is there any color that you can’t wear well? Elegance and simplicity!
    Have a blessed weekend,

  9. Dear Kay,

    Once again I’d like to chime in as one of your admirers, Kay, and let you know you are making a difference!

    You are a blessing to me, and your posts are such a joy to find in my in-box. Your video with Abby was a delight, to see the way you and your daughter interact. The love between you is palpable. The mother-daughter bond is a gift from God! While visiting our family recently, I shared your blog with our daughter, and she was so pleased to know her mama has found YOU, a trustworthy and reliable friend and resource.

    In the many months I’ve subscribed, you have encouraged me spiritually and relationally, helped me curate my look with confidence, and become a better steward of myself and the resources with which God has entrusted me. I deeply appreciate all the research and study and preparation you do on our behalf. We all see the world around us changing, and even welcome changes can be bewildering without a guide.

    I see the life season we’re in as fruit-bearing, not simply aging. I know our lives consist of more than the latest addition to our closets, but we women have the opportunity to speak messages of approachability and kindness to one another via our appearances and manner, and God cares about even the smallest thing.

    May our Lord continue to bless you in your life and your work.

  10. This is a beautiful look with pretty grass green and blue. I also love the sage pants and pink top from a few posts back. I think I’m happiest in certain color combos. Although I certainly have my “don’t mess with me” neutral days too. ?