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Crushing on Blues and Greens for Spring

March 22, 2021

The color of the year may be a vibrant yellow, but the hues that have captured my heart this spring are earthy blues and greens. Today I’m sharing my color crushes in an easy breezy casual outfit featuring some favorite pieces from Everlane and J.Jill.

Blues and Greens
way-high jeans // stone blue super soft mockneck tee // modern barn jacket (more economical option) // patchwork print square scarf // similar bracelets // soft curved gold hoops // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off your order) // Dune Straw Satchel (more economical option) // Born Inlet sandals (comparable more economical option) // sunglasses

Well, there’s nothing especially new about blues and greens, huh. Except that this year I’m gravitating to this particular color combination more than in the past. And I’m especially drawn to the more mellow shades of these two earthy colors. That’s why I love this outfit of way-high jeans, my stone blue super soft mockneck tee and the light mineral green modern barn jacket.

Blues and Greens

I’ve worn several iterations of this outfit in real life lately. In fact, I’d say that currently these Everlane way-high jeans are my hands-down favorite. They feel so modern and fun, but also a little classy and more mature than some of the fuller leg jeans I’m seeing. I generally wear 29s or 30s in jeans, depending on the amount of stretch. And in these way-high jeans I’m wearing a 30 very comfortably. I also have the flax colored way-high jeans in the same size.

Greens & blues

I especially like the pressed in crease in the front of these jeans, the raw hem and the oh-so-slight distressing. Everlane has these way-high jeans in other washes and colors, but only these have those features.

I topped my way-high jeans with a stone blue super soft mockneck tee, also from Everlane. This mockneck tee is very lightweight and cool, so it’s a great piece for layering. I’m wearing a medium and it fits softly, not hugging or binding. The tee does lay close on the body, but it doesn’t squeeze. I also have the mockneck tee in the laurel green and love that color, too. But I chose to wear the blue on this day to create a sort of column of blue under my green modern barn jacket.

Blues and Greens

I shared this J.Jill modern barn jacket previously in this post. And actually that outfit is very similar to this one. But I went ahead and styled and shared today’s outfit because really this combination is more “me.” Yes, I can appreciate the casual, relaxed aesthetic of the J.Jill pieces I shared in the previous post. But the more modern vibe of the Everlane mockneck tee and way-high jeans more accurately reflects my personal style essence.

Style Tip: To create looks that reflect your distinct style essence, combine pieces from more than one brand, creating a look that is uniquely you.

Blues and Greens

On the day we took these photos it was in the 40s, so I welcomed the addition of this patchwork print square scarf. This lovely, gauzy scarf is marked down, by the way. And they’re giving you an additional 30% off that will show up in the cart. My soft curved gold hoops are also available for over 40% off today. My bracelets are no longer available, but these would work just as nicely and they’re on sale.

Style Tip: There are so many ways to wear scarves. And they’re always in style. Wear you scarf in a way that best work for you, considering your bustline, your neck, your hairstyle and the other accessories you want to wear. But right now one of the “coolest” ways to wear your scarf if just letting it drape loosely around your neck.

Blues and Greens

I’ve not really been able to wear them out of the house yet (in real life), but I’m already loving these Born Inlet sandals. They are super soft and comfortable, but I especially appreciate the light nude shade of these. The Born Inlet sandals come in two other shades and run true to size.

Style Tip: Remember, flesh colored shoes elongate the leg. They’re an especially great choice when wear ankle length pants, which can otherwise make the leg look chopped off. You’ll also enjoy wearing flesh colored sandals with shorts, skirts and white jeans.

Straw Handbag

Let’s talk about this bag! I’ve been wanting a classic straw bag for years. I mentioned last year that my mom had an Etienne Aigner straw bag when I was growing up that had the classic leather trim and satchel straps. I’ve long wanted one that looks similar. So last year at the end of the summer I purchased this Dune Straw Satchel from Brighton and promptly tucked it away so I could break it out brand new this spring. Woohoo! I love it. For me, it’s the perfect size, very classic and just screams sunshine and sea shells and summer breezes.

Final Photo
way-high jeans // stone blue super soft mockneck tee // modern barn jacket (more economical option) // patchwork print square scarf // similar bracelets // soft curved gold hoops // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off your order) // Dune Straw Satchel (more economical option) // Born Inlet sandals (comparable more economical option)

I love the way this relaxed outfit with earthy blues and greens came together. It’s how I’m really dressing this spring (when it’s warm enough!). I’ll definitely be wearing this combination to lunch with friends, out to run errands or even just working from home.

What colors are you crushing on this spring? What combination are you especially enjoying? Do you also love the blues and greens this spring?

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Blessed for My Day

Whenever spring rolls around I start itching to grow things. You, too? I’m not really much of a gardener, but I like the thought of having vegetables, herbs and flowers growing in my yard. But, living in Arizona for 15 years and then renting for the past two, I’ve not been able to cultivate a garden in my own yard. I’m hoping to do that when we get into our new home.

Meanwhile, I’m reminded that I absolutely do have the opportunity to plant and grow godly traits and habits in the soil of my life. And in fact, if I want to be characteristically godly in my behaviors, attitudes and words, I’ll need to plant and tend to those things. Attributes like kindness, gentleness, graciousness and faithfulness do not grow like wildflowers. These varieties must be planted and nurtured instead. And if I’m not careful, the weeds of a critical spirit, jealousy, bitterness and selfishness will take over the landscape of my life.

What are you planting and cultivating in your life today? How do you go about tending to a garden of godliness so that weeds of worldliness do not grow instead?

Trust in the Lord and do good;
Live in the land and cultivate faithfulness.
Delight yourself in the Lord;
And He will give you the desires of your heart. ~ Psalm 37:3-4

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xoxo, Kay
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10 thoughts on “Crushing on Blues and Greens for Spring

  1. It seems a really big battle to cut away the ungodly traits and cultivate good. Quarantine has made it much more so. I really am so blessed by your devotional at end of post.

  2. Love your outfit. I ordered this barn jacket and scarf along with a tee shirt in the light blue from J Jill when you had this in the past post. Love it! Do not like high necklines, turtlenecks, etc so ordered the regular tee instead. The scarf is beautiful and will be able to wear the pieces several ways. Love born shoes so am ordering the sandals. So cute with this.
    Love your BFMD. Our pastor had this same verse in his sermon at church yesterday. So uplifting. Have a great day!

  3. Your blue/green outfit is beautiful, and I love the sandals and straw bag. I know you mentioned in one of your recent posts about trending prints that older women should probably stay away from calico, but I went ahead and bought JJill’s dusty blue calico henley top, and I really like it. It’s very soft. I think I have less of a modern essence and more of a bohemian one, but it’s about staying true to yourself. I’m now considering a bolder print top. Thank you for your hard work. My New Year’s resolution was to look my best every day. I’m still working on it during these pandemic times, but you have helped me immeasurably. God bless you, Kay

  4. Thank you for your love for women in both DFMD and your verse for the day! You are a treasure 🙂

  5. I4’m so glad you told us about the sale on these items today. I loved the scarf , well the whole outfit, the first time you posted it. Today I made it to the mall and scooped up the savings on the scarf. I have some dark olive pants, a lt olive jacket and a blue 3/4 sweater. So for $13 I scored a whole new outfit. And the scarf is just as lovely as it looks online. Thank you for all you do to serve us so well. I only regret they are not set up to credit your account when we buy in person. Pls let us know if that changes.

  6. I love these outfits. Your hair always looks great. Could you do a day on hair and your cut and styling ideas? I live in Virginia with heat and humidity and am always having to deal with frizzy hair. Thanks!